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on 29 December 2013
wow!! if your unsure if you should read these books then just read them you will not be disappointed!!!

All the characters are beautifully described and just a short sentence you know who's talking without it being stated, as the books go on you know just by there smell :)

Sang has a horrible upbringing and these nine guys all swoop in to save her. Each guy has something different and yet i still can't pick which one she should be with.

Kota- the well built geek who knows what needs to be done and makes sure it happens.
Nathan- very muscular, loves the outdoors and knows what sang wants before she even does.
Victor- extremely wealthy and a concert pianist and all round sweetheart
Luke- loves playing pranks and is the the one who looks most like a model.
North- the dark and brooding type one of the best built and defiantly scary but has a heart of gold
Silas- not very talkative and is the biggest of all the guys and would do anything for sang (but then again they all would)
Gabe- the most outgoing by far, always the one making her laugh and has the best fashion sense around.
Dr Green- very flirty and charming and is actually a real doctor.
Mr Blackbourne- has piercing eyes that can read what your thinking and has a very definite air of authority.

which one would you choose!!!!

honestly you will not be disappointed with these books!!!

They start off very YA but you understand why as it wouldn't make sense for Sangs character to be really outgoing but as the books go one you get closer and closer to more touching and holding and flirting i can't see any of the boys keeping their hands off her for much longer!!!! I of course have a favorite guy and that is Mr Blackbourne don't ask me why but it just is, i think its the confidence and authority he has but Sang is slowing breaking him down with just one look!! However even though hes my favorite i still couldn't pick just one of her to end up with forever when you read you'll understand. I love the way the books are heading from the special A report at the end of the 4th book, its nothing like i've read before and i don't want to spoil anything but i am definitely intrigued to watch it play out!!

cannot wait for the next book!!

Thank you C.L.Stone keep them coming.
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on 14 September 2013
I'm about halfway through this second book in the series but couldn't wait to share my thoughts. I don't think any of the men are at all likeable and Kota and his gang are disrespectful of personal boundaries the way they are always touching Sang from the moment they've met her, I hope any young women reading these books don't think that is appropriate behaviour in real life. I also find Kota et al to be very controlling, grabbing at Sang because they don't like her hair. Though not a sexual story it does seem to portray a very weak and submissive young woman dominated and controlled by numerous men which I find off putting. Sang's mother is just plain awful with seemingly no redeeming attributes and Sang's father is barely there at all. Despite this I am very intrigued to find out what the big secrets are and want to continue with the series though I hope it's not a disappointing cliche such as vampires.
So as long as you don't take it all too seriously it is a fun mystery story and I'm sure you'll get addicted.
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on 18 February 2014
After reading the first academy book I thought I would read the second an once again I've been left on a cliff, wondering what will happen to Sang and the gang next. I can't wait until I can buy the 3rd book!! I hope C.L. Stone will make either Book 6 or Year 2 because I don't want these to end.
This book took me about a day to read (but I'm a very fast reader). This book is the type that has you gasping and almost crying at certain things and laughing at others. I was very help us of Sang and her friendships in this book! But overall it's a brilliant read.
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on 21 August 2013
First Days is definitely better than Introductions. More things actually happen in this book and the mystery is built further. The characters are still the best thing about the book. There are not one but NINE gorgeous guys and I'm not sure who I like the most. Probably either Kota or North, or maybe Blackbourne, or Luke :P Don't worry though, this book isn't some crazy giant love triangle and the focus is on friendship rather than romance.

This book answers some of the questions brought up in book one but in a way that only creates more questions. If you don't like spending a good portion of a book not knowing what is going on, then this series probably isn't for you.

The revelations at the end made me even more eager to find out more. I need to know exactly what the academy is and also what is going on with Sang's family. Luckily book 3 will apparently be released by the end of August so I don't have too long to wait.
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on 27 December 2013
As soon as I finished book 1 I downloaded the other three (at the time) knowing I was hooked. I am writing this having read all four books (so far) and knowing how each one develops the characters. It was well worth investing the time reading.

I would never want to ruin anyones enjoyment by telling the story so my review doesn't tell you anything about the story. Suffice to say the author develops the characters in a beautiful way and it is well worth continuing reading the series......
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on 19 September 2013
I was immediately hooked on this series. The writing is excellent and the plot intriguing. As the series moves on you find out a little bit more about the characters and why they do the things they do. The Academy boys are drawn to Sang and are almost over protective and after the life Sang has had,it isjust what she needs and soaks up the attention. Her Mother is ill but won't let Sang or her sister out or associate boys and is very cruel.

Definitely recommend this series
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on 23 February 2014
This book is alluring and exotic. The story is very exotic and has the exact right amount of balance of the genres. There is no proper romance but all the same he book makes you have butterflies in your tummy. The action scenes were AWESOME! I would thoroughly recommend it to all teenagers. It is now one of my favourite books and C.L. Stone should be given a lot more fame and credit for her amazing writing.
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on 4 January 2015
I loved the first book so much, and the only way to be able to get this book I had to tidy my room. I would do that any day to get my hands on the next book!!! The plot as engaging and it is half two in the morning as I couldn't put it down after I started at 10 30!!! One of the best books ever!!!
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on 19 October 2013
Loved the story and series lots going on great characters bought the first one then immediately bought the next two have read all 3 multiple times already eagerly awaiting the next one lots of potential for more books as there are several main character's give it a try you wont be disappointed xx
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on 3 December 2015
Very captivating, absolutely loved it.I literally had to ban myself from buying the next one for 3 days where I wanted it so bad, as I read Ghost bird 2 within a day haha! couldn't put it down. If you loved Ally Carters Gallagher girls then this is the book for you.
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