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4.1 out of 5 stars37
4.1 out of 5 stars
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22 of 25 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 24 April 2013
In vogue with most other rock bands, Whitesnake have saturated the market with live albums in the past few years. Hot on the heels of the vintage "Live At Donington 1990" we get a more recent offering recorded in Japan. Don't let the unimaginative title put you off, after all, David Coverdale's old band Deep Purple recorded the definitive "Made In Japan" and NO live collection bearing the same name will ever top it. Couldn't they have given a little more thought as to what to call it? The past few live albums have been pretty repititious. This one differs in that it contains live tracks from the previous two studio albums "Good To Be Bad" and "Forevermore" and very little from the early days, only two tracks predate "1987". The DVD is entertaining enough. A single live CD was always going to miss out a few favourites, which is disappointing as the long drum solo loses it's impact without the visuals and could easily have been excised. I can't imagine listening to it more than once. The bonus CD is worth having as it contains "soundcheck" recordings of songs not performed at the show. They even left in the between song banter between the band members. All in all, for the price here which is good value for a 2 CD/DVD combo, very worthy of a punt.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
So there i am walking along in Glasgow,have a quick look in the second hand shop,there it is, Whitesnake's new release,its been out 2 days,£7 for a 3 disc set!!,what do i do,its been a while since 'Snake releases would be an automatic purchase,is it that bad that someone ditched after 48 hrs?,its a bargain price,cant have been played that much,i'll take the chance.

Well so glad i did,this buries the last 'Live' disc,superb sound,Coverdales voice.really good,suspiciously so,the Dvd is excellent and the carrot is the bonus disc of soundchecks ,really excellent.

Although my preference would be Whitesnake circa 1980/81,music and musicians,i still like a lot of the 'Modern Snake',ha ha modern,he been like this since '87,all ramped up ,blues a thing of the past,in the main though he's still produced the goods,that the case here...

opening with a metallic monster version of 'Best Years' followed by an amped up version of 'Give Me All Your Love..',theres no time for subtlety,straight for the throat,highlights are definitely the star turn of 'Steal Away Your Heart' and 'Forevermore' and i quite like the lusty version of 'Fool For Your Lovin'

There are a couple of negatives,plain madness to include a drum solo,the guitar solo while excellent should have been omitted as well,a couple of tracks have that irritating I'll start singing but the crowd can finish the verse/chorus game.On the whole though its a decent live disc.

The Dvd is well shot and captures the moment well and the bonus disc is fabulous,very few duplications of tracks and some superb renditions of tracks from the last studio disc.

I can certainly recommend this.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 3 May 2013
I was really looking forward to this but the sound on both the cd and dvd make it sound as if it was produced by the drummer's proud mum! I have played the cd on my hi-fi systems at home and in the car, and the dvd on a soundbar system. Each time I feel as if I have been bludgeoned! The drums and bass totally dominate, turning the bass level down still doesn't really improve things.

So - great songs but I won't be playing or watching, either very often! I'm really disappointed.
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15 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on 29 April 2013
Having been a fan of Whitesnake for more years than I care to remember I was looking forward to seeing if DC still has what it takes in the vocal department & also to see if this current line up of musicians were up to scratch (at the time of writing this the line up has changed yet again). Taking the same title from the most seminal live album of all time I thought was a little dangerous if not down right rude as nothing was ever going to live up to the MKII Purple offering from those halcyon days when British rock bands ruled the world!
So does it measure up?? The answer is an emphatic NO!!
The concert itself is just a barrage of noise filled with unnecessarily long solos (I am a drummer myself & even I find lengthy drum solos boring even with the added circus tricks of using chopsticks, etc). I assume this was done to give DC a break to rest his larynx which was seems a tad ridiculous as his vocals are drowned out by the rest of the band in the horrendous mixing of this album. Staying with the mixing I have my doubts if this is the actual live recording as DC doesn't seem to be singing in sync with the video & at times his microphone is so far away from his mouth it's a wonder it managed to pick up his voice at all ... also when he speaks the volume of his voice goes up a few decibels & becomes crystal clear???? This is supposed to be in stereo & 5.1 surround sound so when I placed it into my home cinema set up I was expecting a selection in the menu to choose which option I would like to listen to ... there is no selection option & I remain unconvinced that this isn't a pseudo 5.1 mix as nothing was coming from the back speakers plus the separation is virtually non existent.
All in all this album is a total disappointment with the small exception of the bonus CD which was quite interesting & it's price point ... maybe the clue should have been there for me that a DVD + 2 CD's if they were of a superior quality would have carried a much higher price tag.
My advice would be to avoid this like the plague or perhaps download some of the bonus material for the pure fun of it & save yourself some money because none of the live tracks in this very short set list are any improvement on the studio versions of the same songs, in my humble opinion they are far inferior.
I remember as a child that if I was bought a toy that carried the words "Made In Hong Kong" it invariably turned out to be cheap rubbish that didn't last very long ... maybe that would have been a more apt title for this offering.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 13 June 2013
As a lifelong Whitesnake and David Coverdale fan I thought the value for money was great. However, the sound mix is not really up to the standards that I exected and, even as a pro musician myself, I find it difficult at times to hear the key and tonal centres. Individual players are of course top quality. Pity; better sound engineering would have given it 5 stars in my view.
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 1 May 2013
Many people seem to dislike this new Live release; while I agree that the setlist is a bit short and that I could have done without yet another version of "Is this love", "here I go again" and "Fool for your loving", I think the rest of the set (including the solo) is really good. It's heavy and raw and really LOUD!
Brian Tichy is a damn fine drummer and his sound is not far from the lates John Bonham or Cozy Powell.
I have to admit that I like the down-tunning of the songs as well (must be the only one though!).
DC delivers some great, rough, raspy vocals. He's absolutely amazing in the newer tracks (especially the beautiful Forevermore).
And as a bonus disc you got a whole album of rehearsal and acoustics versions of newer tracks from the last two albums showcasing a more relaxed band and giving both a feel of intimacy and laidback attitude.

Can't comment on the dvd as I bought the Japanese version featuring two bonus tracks on disc II, but no dvd.

In short, a very good live album, very loud, missing a couple of songs. A complete different mood and style than (of course) LiTHotC and even LiTSotB.

Okay, some find the album title a bit offensive, but frankly I see it more as a nod to the greatest live album of all time!

If you like your Hard rock THICK and ballsy...Here's one for ya!
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 26 April 2013
I Saw Whitesnake twice on this tour , I was Lucky enough to see them at Hammersmith Apollo in June 2011 , and again when they returned at The Newport Centre on 7th December 2011 , this dvd shows Why Whitesnake are one of the hardest working rock bands , still touring 35 years after starting Whitesnake and David Coverdale's Voice Is Maturing like a Fine Wine , ARE WE Ready , YES WE ARE !!!!!!!!! and i cant Wait For May 26 th 2013 at the motorpoint arena , Cardiff , When i sample The Fine Wine For The 7th Time !!!!!
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on 16 September 2014
got this my Dad for a present, he loves it, was surprised how quick it arrived, it was also a great price
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2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 18 May 2013
Nothing new from one of my favourite bands, CD1 just about rescues the package music wise, as for CD2 the less said the better.
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9 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 27 April 2013
Well here we go again with another Whitesnake live album.
Unfortunately thee's nothing special about this at all.The last live album from Whitesnake suffered from a shocking production and loud crowd noise with the really only good points being the 4 studio tracks that never get played and are always neglected at the end of the album.
Whilst I'm pleased that the sound problems have been rectified on this album it is up for worst album of the year by far.

And here's why: The setlist is typical of Whitesnake over the last 10 years. 70 mins,loads of solos for Coverdale to rest his voice and the same songs year after year.
Like AC/DC-Whitesnake have always been predictable with the setlist and won't risk changing anything so once again we get the usual hits of 'Glam Rock era' Whitesnake-Here I go again, is this love, Still of the night, etc.
Of course we get tracks played from the latest album 'Forevermore' which to be honest is a fantastic album but the studio versions ar far better than what's on offer here. 'Good to be bad' is hardly represented of course and most other Whitesnake albums are not represented at all.
'Fool for your loving' is ruined further with a 'new intro' but at least not as bad as 'Don't break my heart again' which was destroyed on the last live album.
I'm guessing if you saw them on this tour then you'll enjoy this album as it will sound better than they did live as a lot of 'Studio work' on this LIVE album has quite obviously taken place.

The cover is the typical unoriginal logo of the band again as it has been for the last few albums albiet in a different colour.

The title is a joke. Unoriginal to say the least. To steal Deep Purple's title from their live legendary album of 40 years ago is an insult. What's their next album going to be called 'Machinehead'?

To have a 7 minute drum solo on an album by a drummer who's recently LEFT the band is again POINTLESS. Let alone the long widdly widdly guitar solos.

Overall this album is quite possibly the most unoriginal, bland album i've heard in years. It should have never been released.

So in summary...
If you want a Whitesnake live album then get 'Live in the heart of the city' they've never bettered it.

If you want a decent Whitesnake album then get 'Ready and willing' or for something more up to date then get 'Forevermore' (Worth it for the title track alone).

Or failing all that and if you're really want 'Made in Japan' then for gods sake get the Deep Purple this album isn't worthy of even carrying the same title.
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