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on 21 August 2014
Used these for the first time today and my first impressions are that they are superb. I have tried many other bluetooth headsets in the past and gave up on them. They were uncomfortable and didn't stay in my ears. The biggest issue I used to find with them was that the volume was nowhere near loud enough even on full volume. In the end I gave up on bluetooth and came to the conclusion that the bluetooth technology was still not sufficiently developed to a satisfactory, useable standard.

I am finding no such issues with these so far. The sound is crisp and very loud! The sound is as good if not better than my wired in the ear headphones. I prefer the in the ear type as I think walking round with huge earphones over your head looks absolutely ridiculous and is a bit of a pet hate of mine.

They are very comfortable and stay in place, in part thanks to the very useful little attachments that come with them which go around your ears. You can also move your head around freely from side to side without the earphones pulling and feeling like they could come out. They also connect and pair with no issues.

For £35 these are seriously good value.

The only thing I can't yet comment on is battery life as I only used them for about 40 mins to try them and then turned them off.

So at the moment, I give these earphones 5 stars. I just hope the battery life isn't poor and the things don't develop any faults otherwise I may have to edit my review.
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on 20 July 2013
I never normally leave reviews for products (even though I probably should) but I simply have to for these headphones. Lightweight, secure in the ear (many headphones fall out of my ears), faultless bluetooth connection and great sound. If you're looking for some bluetooth headphones for running/exercise then look no further! Lots of different accessories included in the hard carry case to best suit your needs. I just wish I'd found them sooner!
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on 10 November 2013
I bought this product for long distance running, in preparation for a marathon. I've used them a number of times on long runs and I had no major issues with them. It's a great product with a good price, but it has some flaws. For me specifically, I was looking for a way to listen to music without having to touch my smartphone. So first, bad points:
- it has buttons for volume up and volume down, which if you long press become Next song / previous song. I really really wanted to modify the presets to change songs on a short press, since I change songs much more often than the music volume. I looked in up on the internet, there is no information. So that was a bummer, I had to settle for long pressing the button for 2-3 seconds (while running).
- documentation isn't great, and like I mentioned there is nothing that I found on the internet. There is a leaflet with usage, though.
- the cable stands behind your neck and it often gets annoying while running long distances - eventually you get used to it, but not always.
- sound quality isn't spectacular.

However, there are plenty of good points to consider:
- this is one of the cheapest products I could find - I congratulated myself on not paying more than double for similar products on Amazon that essentially have the same features.
- although quality isn't spectacular, it's more than enough for running and it does a good job at drowning traffic
- they're easy to set up and use, bluetooth connection is simple to achieve with a smartphone (Samsung S3 in my case)
- the signal is strong enough, I got maybe 5 seconds' worth of signal interruption in total.
- strong and durable, resistant to sweat.
- the earbuds are pretty comfortable, they won't fall out of your ear by themselves, and even if they do you have rubber thingies to keep them in place.
- battery life is more than sufficient - they never ran out, my longest run took about 3h and I never had an issue (with prior recharging)

All in all, this might be the best choice when looking for wireless headphones. There's no perfect product on the market yet, but this is good enough.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 September 2015
Since I've stopped heavy-duty gardening my use of earbuds has dwindled, but I still use them to cut the dullness of my exercise sessions, and any time I'm walking somewhere. I love the lightness and ease of simply slipping them on, as opposed to fitting bulky headphones over my head. Unfortunately my ears are difficult to fit, and most earbuds I've tried refuse to stay put, especially if I jump around. This Sonixx X-Fit headset seems to be the exception. I've put it on this afternoon as soon as the strimmer came out of our shed, and I must say it's doing a very good job of minimizing the snarling outside!

As far as sound quality, I thought it was a tad sharp at first, but I'm getting used to it. I love the clarity and the volume is so loud I've had to turn it down a lot. I'm hearing layers and detail, but for me the bass is disappointing. I guess I prefer a rounder sound.

The Bluetooth performance is staggering. I have tested dozens of Bluetooth devices and I'm familiar with the usual cut-off limits. Our house is made of stone and these thick walls could stop a bulldozer. Normally the Bluetooth signal can cross one wall and a half, then it cuts out. With these I was in the kitchen, two full rooms away, before I lost the audio. Also, I turned them on today meaning to connect to my tablet, but before I knew it, they had paired with my laptop in another room and across a thick wall!

The packaging deserves a mention. This headset comes complete with a very attractive hard protective case, tiny but big enough to house the headset, the charging USB wire, and a range of additional fitting accessories (3 sets of ear tips, 3 sets of stabilizer wings, and 2 ear clips). The manual is basic but understandable. When I was offered these sports earbuds to evaluate, I did not expect a lot, given the price. Having done a bit of testing, I really like them.

I don't have a compatible phone to test the answering capabilities, but I do appreciate the voice indications of “Power Off”, “Connected” etc. I really like the supple wire connecting the two ear pieces, which makes them essentially independent, but is also short enough not to get tangled up in things or in my hair when I leave it untied. With some models, the wire is stiff and too long for my head, and it makes the ear pieces pop out, which I find highly irritating. I also like the sweat and water resistant design (the USB input is sealed by a rubber cap).

So, my conclusion is that I am very happy with this headset. It works well, pairs easily with all the devices I have tried, it fits my ears and stays comfortable for long periods of wearing it, the sound is above average, the price (currently under £20) is pretty low, the tiny case is easy to carry around, and the battery life (about 8 hours) is extremely good.
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on 28 May 2013
Great sound, easily connects, loads of ear adaptors/options. Battery on first charge still and now at 4hrs play with 90% volume. love them, buy them.... great warranty.
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on 15 December 2013
After years of getting through earphones, ear plugs, sports headphones and several mic headsets every other month, I've finally found something long lasting that works! Simple to use. Free from tangle. Comfortable to wear. Great sound. Good mic. Fair range of distance. These have absolutely and totally changed my day to day experience using my iPhone. I speak on the phone a lot, and am always listening to music. Sonixx X-Fit frees up my time as well as my hands. No more untangling. No more loose connections. No more shelling out for replacement headphones. Mo more callers I can't hear. Obviously, the mic is less likely to directly pick up your voice when speaking in noisy environments like on a busy main road or on a bus - but that's more to do with my phone etiquette in public - rather than a fault with these headphones. I can't recommend them enough. Love. Them.
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Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

This set of Bluetooth earphones comes in "eco friendly packaging" nice to see that, in the box you get the phones, a hard case, 3 sets of ear fins/silicone tips, a micro USB cable for charging and a set of "ear hooks". Straight out of the box I found the fitted tips to be spot on for my ears, adding the fins (or bat wings as I call them) helps to ensure they don't fall out but these hold firm even without those added.

Quite a few features on these earphones you have voice prompts, they can be paired up to two devices simultaneously which is nice to see. Controls are on the right hand earpiece top button for power on/off and play/pause this also deals with the many call functions (accept/end/transfer/mic mute) it will take a while to get used to that but the manual is quite clear on how to use these, albeit in a rather small font.

I takes about 1 hour 50 minutes to charge from flat, I tested the range at 9 metres which is quite good for smaller Bluetooth earphones. Music playback I got approx. 6 hours at moderate volumes that's above average for earphones most conk out a few hours before that so a positive experience here. Pairing is very easy press and hold the power button for a few seconds a blue/red LED flashes when in pairing mode. Operation is quite easy the +/- buttons are quite small but stand proud quite a bit easy to find with your thumb. Volume is changed via quick presses on these buttons, track selection is a longer hold usually it's the other way around (most people don't change the volume that often but the tracks more frequently) one possible area for "tweaking"

Sound quality was decent though not mind blowing. Very good clarity and clean across the range good mids and highs fairly smooth definition. Bass was quite firm, though it's more "upper bass" rather than deep low frequencies so if you want a really punch heavy bass these might not be the earphones for you. Noise isolation wasn't bad about average others will hear them when music is playing I've used worse here but some do better. Saying that I found the sound "pleasant" and enjoyable and more than "good enough", they're just not the best sounding earphones I've used in this price range. On-board microphone worked well no issues to report there.

Quite a nice bundle, good battery life and reasonably good sound the fit is a strong point very comfortable and even doing some fairly aggressive cycling over bumps and hills no movement at all well suited for outdoor activities. Overall a 4/5 for me not top level but a nice offering in this segment.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 June 2015
As a first time user of Bluetooth earphones I was not sure what to expect. I was seriously impressed.

The quality of the hardware is good for the price and they tuck away nicely into a great case after use which keeps everything neat and tidy and out of harm’s way. The sound quality is fantastic.
While in use, these earphones are aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well as being extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. You hardly notice that they are there. More importantly, with the multitude of attachments, they do not fall out of your ears when exercising or out on a long run.
These earphones were very easy to set up and use. I have used them with a number of devices e.g phone, kindle etc. and for many uses whether it be listening to music or taking a call. I am especially pleased with the hands free connectivity with the phone and think they make a great alternative to a hands free phone car kit. I have found the battery life to be very good using for them for 4 – 5 hours without having to recharge.

All in all I am very impressed with the product and would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody. I therefore give these a rating of 5 out of 5.

I've uploaded some photographs so do have a look.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 2 August 2014
The headphones are lightweight, easy to use and comfortable (in my ears). I wasn't able to test them running though as there was no way to position my iphone to give a consistent signal. The only way to get a strong signal was to hold the phone next to my ear, which kind of eliminates the benefit of wireless headphones... Signal cut out every couple of seconds even when standing still and holding the phone in my hand!

Unsure if there is sample variability here as some people seem to love them. Given the performance of this pair I can't see how. Not fit to be sold.
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on 27 April 2014
I bought these headphones for running as I find the lead from my usual 'phones get in the way. Overall I'm happy with the product, and they come at a good price, bar a few problems - especially sound quality - which is why I've given them three stars.

Fit - Everyone's ears are different but I find these fit fine and stay in for running. They come with numerous clips for getting a good fit if they don't work so well for your ears.

Bluetooth - Connects and works fine with my iPhone 4S. When running, I need to have my phone on the right hand side of my body otherwise the signal is blocked. This is clearly stated in the instructions and isn't really a problem for me.

Battery - Seems fine, easily does a few hours between charges. Comes with a USB lead for charging.

Noise Reduction - Not bad, I can hear the music but still can hear traffic so good when crossing the road. Not as good as other in-ear phones but, see my comment about fit.

Sound quality - Quite a let down on these phones. The bass is deep and clear, middle is not bad but the treble end is very poor, leading to music which sounds flat and lifeless. This could be about fit and using an EQ might help.
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