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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2014
I love my I-pod - so much so that I tend to wear out a lot of earphones (one set every six months or so!). I have tried most makes from the very cheap right up to the premium brands. It doesn't seem to make any difference, they all fail with the same faults - either one of the earphones stops working and you end up listening in one-sided mono or the cable breaks or frays at the jack-plug. So until some bright-spark invents wireless earphones which actually work without distortion (NOT Bluetooth), I am resigned to replacing mine every six months to a year. After reading the reviews for the 'Symphonized NRG' Wood earphones which were mostly positive I decided to give them a go and, so far at least, I am really impressed. The sound quality is excellent, the ear-pieces are light and comfortable and they certainly live up to the 'Noise-isolating' claim. As to their longevity, only time will tell :-)

Well, as above, the right-hand earphone failed after eight months. A little better than most but still not brilliant - would reduce the star-rating to 3 based on longevity.
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on 2 April 2014
Although I was happy with the sound quality, all of a sudden one of the ears stopped working after less than a month. I was in the middle of listening to a podcast, sitting still and nothing got caught or tangled. It left me unhappy and unimpressed.

However, the seller (Royal Diamond) got in contact and kindly offered to send an unsolicited replacement that I am awaiting now. I was very much impressed by the speed and quality of service of Royal Diamond and by their courtesy in dealing with the issue. It was rare to see a company take responsibility like that, so massive kudos to them.

To reiterate, I was happy with the quality of the earphones and their stylish and classy design before they broke down. If the replacement ones last longer I'm happy to add another star or two to the review.

Hopefully the breakdown of my first pair will prove to be an anomaly. These things can happen...
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on 17 February 2014
I work as a Film Director and started my career as a Recording Engineer so am pretty into sound.

I have been looking for a set of in-ear noise isolating headphones and after a lot of research, went for a pair of these basically because at £17, it was worth the risk.

The sound from these headphones is far better quality that I expected and they are not bad at isolating you from extraneous ambient noise. Of course, anything really noisy is going to bleed through but because they are a pretty good fit (and you get three different ear piece fittings depending on your size of ear), I find I don't need to listen at such high levels any more to drown out unwanted noise.

I give these headphones five stars as for £17, they are far better than "cheap and cheerful".
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on 9 August 2015
Great all around! These headphones came nicely packaged with a good selection of earbuds (small, medium and large in both clear and black) and a matching bag for storage (which conveniently fits my mp3 player perfectly!). The plug has an obtuse-angled L-shape, meaning that it doesn't stick out from your phone or player at an awkward angle, and the cord has a fabric casing on it that allows it to bend and coil without fear of snapping the casing or the cord inside. When listening to music with these headphones, the sound is very clear and the carved wooden chambers allow perfect resonance. I strongly recommend them for the price! The only downside is that the earbuds are a bit stiff, so don't fit my ears perfectly (but that could be due to my ear canals, rather than the product).
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on 22 April 2015
Well... First off I hardly ever write reviews unless I'm either amazed or disgusted by a product, but I'm a bit of an audiophile and love good headphones/earphones n so even my old bertrons which were great value for money didn't get a review coz I'm lazy... But with these I HAD to write a review...

At first I saw the £45 to £10 price drop (at time of purchase) and was a bit put off thinking there was something suspicious, there were not enough specifications on frequency ranges etc, but they looked alright and had great reviews so I thought screw it... I'll go for it, firstly it arrived a day early on free delivery which is always great, the box was a bit annoying to open but the earphones look GREAT, the wire is a nylon cable, kind of like red rope which looks GREAT and is great coz it won't damage as easily as plastic. The bit of plastic that the wire leaves the jack from (the male jack that goes into your phone or music device etc) is at a slight angle, not 90 degrees or 180 kinda in the middle which is surprisingly useful, I have not tested the mic yet but I'm not expecting anything amazing, I will update this later, they are very comfortable and fit my ear very well. The noise cancellation is great, could be better but more than enough to block out train sounds, cars etc. The earphone heads themselves are big compared to most but in a good way, they sort of like beats earphones but better coz I hate that overpriced B logo lol.

Now onto the important bit... They sound AMAZING for the price... Now don't expect insane quality but I have to be honest, I was VERY surprised with the immersive quality at this price tag... I understand some people don't wanna spend a tenner but trust me if you're gonna buy a £4 pair of crap earphones u might as well put in the rest and buy these. The £45 price tag however will ONLY be justified IF the mic is good and the earphones have good longevity and I simply haven't had them long enough to tell....

The bass is strong and punchy, powerful, the treble is pretty decent, unfortunately the mids are sort of quiet and mushed out a LITTLE by the bass, but it's clear and not tinny at all, it's overall pretty excellent to be honest (the sound quality) oh and the overall volume is great, no need to crank up the volume as it's already considerably loud.

Now you're probably thinking... Damn that sounds amazing, what's the catch? So far I haven't found one. But trust me if I can't find one... No one can.... I will be buying more and I hope there are no issues with any others, but if there aren't, these are easily the best budget earphones I've EVER seen even besting the £30 soundmagic e10s in my opinion, I've tried everything from sennheisers, beats, audiotecknicka (however you spell it) to turtle beaches to Sony, panasonics, monoprice, skullcandy, you name it I've tried it...

Trust me BUY it if you're on a budget, even if you can spend 20-30 buy these!
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on 24 February 2016
Great headphones - Apple iPad ones sound muffled in comparison. Fine treble, and instrument separation; decent bass, if earpeices into ear enough. Not five stars because the nylon cable transfers noise into the music if it's rubbed by eg clothing near the earpieces end; and they're not fantastically loud...although probably as loud as Apples. I'm being picky - I can't imagine others being as good except if you go way up in price. These are a bargain.
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on 9 September 2014
I bought these as expecting some quality headphones that lasted longer than your average in-ear option. I can't fault the sound quality - it's great and up until last week I would of given these 5 stars. They fit well and they feel nice too which is great.

Despite this I've had them barely three months and one of the earpieces has given up and died already. I use headphones all the time and I can safely say these are the worst headphones I've ever had - I'd rather have mediocre sound and not have to replace them every 2 and a half months than have to be constantly buying new headphones. Buying these headphones has turned into a really frustrating and disappointing experience. I would recommend these to occasional listeners perhaps but anyone who commutes, travels or just really loves music, podcasts etc. I would encourage to avoid!
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on 19 June 2014
So far so good. The sound quality obtained by fitting the correct ear bud size is awesome for such low priced buds. I was looking for something that wouldn't be a total financial disaster if I left it on a bus that was OK sound quality and decided to give them a punt.

I don't know if the wood thing is a gimmick or not but the rich base is definitely there and it doesn't swamp the rest of the audio range. These phones are an enjoyable listen and block most of the ambient noise very well.

For the price I can't see you finding a better sound experience. If you want stonking base but to be able to hear all the instruments in an orchestral piece for easy money these are a good buy.
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on 31 October 2015
The first thing I like is the colour – deep yellow, which is exactly what I ordered, and a complement to the wood earbuds. In spite of other people saying that there is excessive cable noise this is not an issue on my set. They are extremely comfortable to wear and the sound quality is excellent, with a responsive bass and good sound quality throughout the range.
Dislikes: The lack of a volume control is annoying and makes the in-line mic pointless for me; also the fact that I wear my earbuds looped over my ear from the back puts the microphone a touch below my left ear! The only point for me of the in-line mic is that it helps me to distinguish left from right (the left bud is on the line-mic side).
Improvements: An alternative without an in-line mic would be beneficial to me.

This is not a comparison review with the Brainwavz Delta (which I have reviewed elsewhere) but, for what it is worth, the Symphonized have a much better sound quality than the Brainwavz.
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on 2 March 2016
Prior to this set of earphones, I have used primarily Creative and Sennheiser's cheaper range. The problem, though, is that I use my earphones so often that they usually break after a year. As such, price was at the top of my mind when I made this purchase.

I know there are far more sensitive ears out there than mine, but I would say that the sound is perfectly fine. It is slightly different from my other earphones, but I am not discerning enough to really say which is better. And I do not think this lack of discernment is all that unusual. As such, for non-connoisseurs, this set of earphones will be perfectly fine.

I also really like the start/pause button it has. Extremely convenient for listening to music on the go, as I do not even need to remove my iPod from my pocket.
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