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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent and lightweight device
Bought this on the day it was released in the UK. Amazon shipped the day before and it arrived on the day of release.

I've owned many Garmin devices in the past but never a dedicated car 'satnav' - previously used an old Garmin Oregon which must be about 10 years old now (also own treking/outdoor hand-held Garmin devices).

This Garmin (2597LMT) was...
Published 14 months ago by D. Davies

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3.0 out of 5 stars Slightly disappointed Garmin customer.
Pre ordered mine and very pleased that it arrive on day of release. Having previously had years of great service from a basic TomTom One I was a reluctant convert to Garmin but so many bad reviews of latest tomtom products persuaded me to make the change. I really only wanted to add Europe for a long driving holiday and the old tomtom didn't have that.

I have...
Published 13 months ago by M. Curtis

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1.0 out of 5 stars Chucked it out the window (really!), 17 Feb 2014
Imagine driving along with this thing in a city you don't know and just when you get to a junction it turns off. This keeps happening, and then it doesn't turn on again and when it finally does it says 'Don't use this whilst driving!", Health and Safety over the top. Also it keeps zooming out automatically so in a city with lots of small roads you can't tell exactly which turning you should take. Also it tries to take me down one way roads which have been one way for ages. I've used it in Paris and London and it just added to the stress of driving that I eventually threw it out the window in anger and used my android phone instead.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Not Impressed !!, 3 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought it so we could use it for our holiday to Spain.
Very slow to acquire satellites and kept freezing en route.
Got us lost numerous times and maps are not up to date.
Requested a replacement but, having subsequently read the review about it freezing in France, I'd be sceptical about using it abroad.
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1.0 out of 5 stars One star because you can't give none., 26 Feb 2014
The Scribe (Shropshire UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have had this item for a few days and tried it out for the first time yesterday. It often told me to turn into a road just a few yards after I had passed the road, and completely missed out traffic islands. I was told to take the wrong exit on the M6 Tollroad. Fortunately I knew exactly where I was going on the Tollroad, but the road I went past was in an unknown area and it was miles before I could turn around. Very disappointed with this purchase and am trying to find out if I can return it.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Maybe I was unlucky, 18 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Garmin nuvi 2557LMT 5 inch Sat Nav with Full Europe Maps, Free Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic Alerts (Electronics)
I bought this GPS to replace a 6 year old Garmin, having deliberated as to which model to order for some time I was very pleased to order a newly announced Garmin GPS that seemed to be rich in features offering a specification I wanted.

The unit is pleasing to look at having a slim contemporary design. The menu system seemed reasonably intuitive and configurations seemed easy enough. I had read horror stories about the length of time updating maps to the latest version can take. I connected the unit to my PC, went through a registration process and received the message that the maps are fully up to date, so no problems there.

Fitting the device into the car is easy, the mount is secure and the unit easy to afix to mount.

I thought I would trial the unit on a 15 mile journey I know well, the route includes motorway, A roads, B roads and plenty of turns. Here is where the problems started and why the device has been returned. The route was calculated quickly, however the highlighted route disappeared and reappeared at random from the screen, spoken turn instructions were rare, the unit didn't even tell me to get off the motorway. Very few of the advertised features seemed to operate, for example, PhotoReal and BirdsEye Junction View and Active Lane Guidance. Also the speed limit was not displayed for any of the roads I travelled on. As a navigation device, it's useless. Maybe mine is defective and I will try a replacement but that was very disappointing.

In it's favour, I am sure this would be a good device should the it work properly. The ability to search on places of interest such as rail stations, cash points, restaurants etc was very good, much better than my previous old GPS. There is a useful side bar that can be configured to pop up showing what lies ahead in the next few miles - petrol, food and cashpoints, this seemed a nice feature. Pity the primary function of navigation simply didn't work.
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5.0 out of 5 stars fabulous GPS, 22 Aug 2013
P. D. Appleby - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This garmin does everything that I want and more. It even tells me if i am exceeding the speed limit. A relatively fast acquisition of satellitdes. Good display, junction and lane positions shown.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Unit OK but has some glitches, 26 July 2013
I bought this unit (Garmin 2567LM) to replace my ageing Road Angel Navigator 9000 (which was a good unit but sometimes was unreliable and subscriptions expensive and expired). I have only had the Garmin unit for about a week but have covered over 400 miles with it. The routes chosen are generally more sensible than the road angel although some errors do occur such as stating the wrong lane at junctions (the map (so far) shows the correct route). Delivery was on time. The Garmin Speed camera subscriptions (Cyclops database) for the UK is only 17/year (still to be purchased). Ordering on line (Amazon) allows you to have a 10% discount on Garmin purchases on their website once the product is registered for up to 30 days from purchase date.

- Quick to register on the Garmin express website, however the initial map/software update did take about 2-2.5 hours but was easy to do (windows 7 with IE 10 + 13MBps broadband), just followed on screen instructions and did not use the PC for anything else during the update process. Once complete you are left with about half the units memory (~3.5GB of 7GB) this is for UK and W Europe with one map update (done on purchase), not sure if it adds to memory usage each time you update or replaces it so it may not take many updates before you need an external micro SD card (slot in bottom of unit) to expand the memory, will need to see if this is the case - especially as this is a lifetime map updates product.
- Finds a satellite signal very quickly (so far < 1 minute each time), I park in a underground car park in Birmingham city centre.
- Routes are usually sensible including use of high speed (60/70 mph) A roads where applicable as opposed to just sticking to motorways with long detours as my old unit always insisted on.
- Time to destination is quite accurate.
- Mapping is quite clear with auto zoom en route, you can also choose UK road colours (Motorways blue, A roads green, secondary A roads red etc.).
- Spoken voice is clear and can be set to quite a loud volume (but some street names are pronounced incorrectly).
- Photo real junction view is quite good (and quite realistic), these are only on motorways and appear automatically on approach to the junction (~0.5 miles), they are static and disappear once you pass the junction.
- Includes a postcode search, UK 7 digit and you do not necessarily need a house number (good for industrial estates - just bypass the house number step).
- You can display "total distance to go" in navigation map display mode.
- Over speed warning - a couple of beeps and the displayed current speed goes red, speed limit is also displayed (not 100% accurate though)
- Speed camera warning - you can select audio warring in the stet up menu, if done so it beeps when you are near the safety camera/zone (~0.2 miles), if you are below the speed limit only one audio warning is made on approach but the visual details are displayed in top right hand corner of screen (in red) and on moving map (red camera symbol displayed in position on the road), if you are above the limit it beeps fairly regularly to remind you (as well as the visual display), the higher your speed the more urgent and frequent the beeps. So far verified on fixed cameras, average camera zones, mobile camera zones, red light cameras and variable speed limits (only where the camera exists on the gantry, confirmed on M6 J10A - 8 both ways), I have not updated the unit yet using the optional Cyclops subscription, the warnings described above are supplied with the unit as standard out of the box (once menus are set up).
- So far speed camera database seems fairly accurate, especially locations.
- You can detour by 0.5, 2.0 and 5.0 miles to avoid upcoming roads (if you know you want to), this requires manual selection but is quick to do.
- The unit is quick to execute commands on the touchscreen (may be a sign of the times)
- Can connect to your mobile for more services (you need a smart phone for this and a data package) the services are traffic, live safety camera information etc. (2567LM or Bluetooth unit only)
- Can connect to a mobile for phone calls. (2567LM or Bluetooth unit only)
- Can search for local facilities in any town (bit complicated to do but good for petrol etc.)

- You have to use the supplied Garmin in car charger with integrated power cable, I hard wired mine in as it is neater and less to forget to put away in car parks etc., I used to have a 12V/5V USB (2 amp) charger and universal USB cable with the road angel, this does not work on the Garmin as it thinks it is connected to a PC and takes a few minutes to get going after realising there is no PC and does a master reboot, using the supplied charger works OK (no reboot) once wired in if that's what you want to do, be aware if you are considering using a commercially available universal non Garmin USB charger/USB power cable to use with this unit it will re-boot each time it sees power. you haver to use a Garmin car charger/power supply.
- My unit did switch off without notice today on the M6 South near J14 on a journey, it came to life automatically but was out of use for about a minute, OK on a motorway but not sure how I would feel if navigating in a busy city centre.
- Some speed limits wrong (mainly by a hundred yards or so - but be aware)
- If you have the speed camera audio warning you also get a warning for exceeding the speed limit in a non camera zone, this is less frequent but can be annoying when you are in a 70 zone but the unit thinks the limit is 50! Will have to see how I get on with that.
- You cannot display arrival time and distance to destination on the main navigation map screen at the same time, you can have one or the other (and other things like elevation, time to destination), although there is a sub menu to view both away from the main map (one menu press). I set it to display "distance to go" on the main navigation map screen as in the sub menu the arrival time is on the top of the list and quite easy to get to (view) when driving.
- Speed camera warnings are just beeps as are over speed and other warnings, the road angel told me (audio message) what camera type it was and speed limit (very accurate), you really have to keep an eye on the unit i.e. map for cameras etc. (or your speed!), but not bad considering the navigation and other functionality is so much better,
- Lifetime maps are actually only 4 updates a year for the "useful life of the product" however long that will be?
- Speed camera database will need updating using a wired USB PC connection and subscription, my old unit did it over the air

This is a good unit for a replacement to my old road angel it seems a good choice and so far has been fine (despite the differences in warning types + one off unscheduled reboot), these are differences that I need to get used to but find it is much better and easier to use and has the basic features I used to have for navigation. There are lots of features that I will never use but the basics that I am used to are on the unit and have mastered how to use them quite quickly. I have not used the smartphone apps (no smartphone) but used the Bluetooth for calls, this is not as good as the Bluetooth in my car but good for hands free if you do not have this feature. There are no instructions supplied in the box but they can be downloaded from:


The instructions do not provide many screenshots and how things appear but are suitable to get going.

To note: I have never used a Tom Tom, Navman or other satellite Navigation unit (apart from my old road angel) so cannot comment on how this compares to them (user interface etc.)


I have reduced the score to 3 as the unit seems to reboot or freeze randomly, sometimes twice in a few minutes, other times nothing for hours. Garmin support is OK but not really that good, also today noticed that I cannot update it anymore, you pay for updates and they don't work. Will see what Garmin come back with. Support is nowhere near as good as my old Road Angel
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great product poorly sold, 1 July 2013
Paul Smith (Roscommon, Ireland) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Good:
Very good satnav with lots of useful features and extras.
8G internal memory (~3.5G free) and SD slot for expansions.
Life time map updates (End of Life is when the maps wont fit anymore).
Full trip planning and routeing tools (not documented but they work well!)

The Bad:
Very poorly documented so finding out how to use anything other then the basics requires a certain 'savvy' and plenty of luck.
2A USB means connecting it to your computer for updates needs extra thought as many standard USB ports are only 1A.

The Ugly:
Garmin, as a Company, do not seem to understand the internet and are near useless to deal with. I originally tried to purchase this product through the web page and they accepted my order and payment details quickly enough. However, after a week where their web page still did not reflect my order status (it said I had no order) and my emails were not replied to, I tried to cancel my order. After another week, they acknowledged my original mail requesting status updates and while they talked of issues with their web pages, they did not tell me the status of my order. It was another week before they confirmed the cancellation. In the meantime, I had bought and recieved the unit from Amazon (if it goes wrong I have someone I can send it back to). If Garmin are unable to manage their web pages and unwilling to respond to emails, they should not attempt to do business online.

[Creating routes:- Use base camp to create a route on your PC(no spaces in the name). Connect Garmin to Basecamp. Right click on specific route and select 'send to' and select your Nuvi. After you disconnect the Garmin, go into 'apps' and open 'Trip planning', and your routes will be visible. You can select which route you want and it will ask which waypoint it should use to start form. Very cool and works very well!]
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32 of 36 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Garmin 2547 LMT, 8 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
So much faster than my ageing Garmin, although the Traffic updates/warnings are a bit on the slow slow side. Vastly improved GUI and screen. And to top it all free map and traffic updates for life.

Edit- dropped to 3 Stars as traffic updates are rubbish
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 29 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Brilliant sat nav, very fast, instant re-routes, clear display and good mapping. No more “do a U turn immediately”! The sat nav menu system is excellent and intuitive. The window mount is good, and my satnav came with a soft case, but not all do, so check the supplier.
My Sat Nav came with maps pre-installed, but I did refresh them with a free update soon after purchase, this probably was not necessary but did it as it was a free update. The SAT Nav also needed its firmware updating, all very straight forward to do once software was installed on PC. The whole process including updating all maps took under an hour, and could be left unattended while it updated.
Bluetooth integrates easily with my Android phone to answer or make calls, access the phones address book etc. It’s worth exploring the settings, for example the audio mixer allows you to set different volume levels for different features i.e. phone loud, speed alerts quieter, and lots of other useful personalisation features.
Voice recognition is mostly excellent; you can speak the menu and easily select your menu options and get to the maps by voice control. It gets it right most time, even if the car radio is on. However mine is very poor at recognising street and place names using voice recognition, it gets it wrong 95% of the time, so I now enter destination manually. No real problem and you may not want to use voice recognition anyway.
Live traffic connects ok with power lead supplied, but has not shown any traffic warning information during first three weeks of use, but perhaps this is just lucky because I live in the countryside and have not been on any very heavily congested roads recently.
Nothing happened with junction at first, so was not sure it was working, but when on the motorway the junction view popped up automatically to show exit lanes. Very helpful feature.
Speed camera alerts are good, there are very clear visual and audible warnings for most of the likely locations, but be warned just a few established locations are missing. I subscribed to camera updates (only an annual subscription available for UK at about 16), now wish I had not bothered as so far it has made no difference, just as well have stayed with the pre-installed camera alerts.
I installed the free Garmin Android app, this gave a good connection to my sat nav and was easy to install. I was disapopointed that some of the potentially very useful App feature on the phone such as parking, safety cameras, live traffic all needed additional subscriptions even though my satnav came with lifetime map updates and traffic. I chose not to subscribe to these android phone extras.
Overall this is a great Sat Nav and I recommend it and price is very good value with lifetime updates. It is much better than any other satnav that I have owned.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Change Is As Good As A Rest?, 15 Sep 2013
G. HOLMES (Worcestershire, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
AS a former Tom Tom owner of a few years standing now, and having to regularly update my maps, and speed camera warnings was proving to be an expensive annual on-cost. As my current device was getting a little long in the tooth along with one or two niggles that were proving to be ever more annoying, I decided to cut my losses, and make a change.
I chose this Garmin, mainly for the free lifetime map upgrades promised.
Oh yeah? When things appear too good to be true they usually are. However this offer turns out to be genuine. But be advised that the traffic warning facility that comes as standard is only rudimentary.
Its only early days yet, but if you are familiar with Tom Toms you will discover that Garmins are a very different concept altogether.
Mine has taken some getting used to, but I think I am on top of it now. In many ways this system can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.
As a self-confessed gadget freak I marvel that for a single life-time fee of 15.49 I have an agreeable traffic warning system. Another 15.49 gave me a single life-time speed camera warning feature with regular updates. For additional single lifetime fees I can be given local parking facilities, and the prices; even weather conditions over my target.
Of course these are additional costs that might put a new user off, but when you eventually get used to this marvellous box of tricks that gets to know you and your vehicle, and your driving habits better than you do, it can be a little disturbing as it is impressive.
You can even get a free app for your smart-phone to use as a remote control. The inbuilt Bluetooth gives you freedom to make and receive phone calls using your Garmin as a loudspeaker where reception is acceptable even in a noisy motor in a sort of hands-free situation.
If you get your settings right it will even tell you everything about your journey down to how much fuel you've consumed, and how much it cost you. Like I wrote earlier, you can make this Garmin as simple or as complex as you want it to be.
I might like to have Jodrell Bank on my dashboard, but the Missus wants it plain and simple and not taking up too much space that could be otherwise be better occupied by a cuddly toy.
In conclusion: The Tom Tom is in the glover locker, and the Garmin sits smugly on the dashboard. What does that tell you?
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