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4.4 out of 5 stars53
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 21 August 2013
Have long had Thomas's 'Truth Agenda' book (recently updated) and was interested to see what new angles he could put on the conspiracy stuff in this new book - the answer is; a lot. I'm impressed with the depth on knowledge on display here about conspiracies that many people may have heard about, but probably don't know the detail of. This tome will definitely help fill people in on some pretty important areas. Don't believe the official inquests on Princess Di, David Kelly and 9/11 without being aware of this information first.

Something about Thomas manages to capture the essence of an argument in a very clear, readable way, without ever over-simplifiying things. He never exaggerates for effect either, leaving the reader's intelligence respected; with the arguments laid out so plainly, people will make up their own minds without any forcing.

The opening discussion of the pros and cons of the conspiracy mindset is also valuable; defending it whilst also being realistic about why it gets attacked. Thomas's arguments as to why theorists should be taken far more seriously, whilst not having to subscribe to every single one of their beliefs, hits the spot perfectly. Anyone who doubts the existence of the 'New World Order', for instance, will realize just from the background detail shared here that it is in fact a verifiable and genuine entity of some kind at least, even if some of the very worst fears may be born from paranoia, which we can only hope they are. Admirably, Thomas never dismisses anyone's point of view and always allows proper consideration.

This is probably the best book currently available on hardcore conspiracy theories, covering virtually every major area in one way or another in a balanced and well-reasoned way, and giving it all historical context too, which I found very helpful.
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on 24 October 2013
We are all entitled to an honest analysis of so called 'conspiracy' theory. Thomas gives us a principled and deeply researched view on the truth, or lack of it. Those conspiracy theorists who insist ' don't take my word for it,go and check it for yourself' miss the point. Why should we? We are effectively paying them for their point of view, by either buying their books or attending their lectures. Thomas does not patronise us in this way, rather he offers us a balanced and well researched analysis, in a convincing and honest manner. He deserves the worthiest consideration, and rises far above the mediocre offerings we are often asked to take seriously. In a swamped market of uninformed 'opinion', Thomas deserves credit for a thought through offering. Without a too 'reductionist' analysis, this is a contemporary and honest effort, worth reading, worth keeping and worth recommendation. Conspiracies
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 February 2014
Clear, concice and impartial, I enjoyed this overview of some of the more popular conspiracy stories. Mr Thomas lays down the scenario, throws in a few options and concludes with summary for/agin, without judgement.

For anyone new to 'conspiracy', there's a very helpful overview at the start. Main points explained and summarised. The book then goes on to examine a significant number of popular subjects; Kennedy, 9/11, Diana, UFO's, Kelly, 7/7 and many more. Rather than an hysterical and judgemental exposition, the accounts here are limited to the most significant facts. Any reader should be challenged to consider whether their view is informed by what actually occurred or by the way in which facts were presented by numerous media. No definitive answers, ofcourse; where would the conspiracy lie then? But a lot of food for thought if a reader has any inclination to challenge or doubt 'official' facts. This book is balanced, informed and very easy to read.
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on 22 March 2014
The author attempts to present a reasoned view of different events that have attracted 'alternative' explanations. He tries to present these in an historical context, seeming to argue that because conspiracies have been know to occur (and of course there have been conspiracies) this of itself is evidence somehow for any given outlandish theory.
Some are so completely whacky (commercial jet aircraft are using their vapour trails to poison the atmosphere to kill millions of people) that any attempt at balance looks unhinged.
But no new killer evidence here, in the end less than promised.
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on 24 June 2013
This book is the best overview of conspiracy theories that I have read. I'm interested in the idea that the world doesn't run the way we are told in the tabloids, but I find much of the available material either too long, too sensationalist or overly lightweight and dismissive. `Conspiracies' is very different and manages to be intelligent, accessible and utterly compelling all at the same time, without ever once bashing the reader over the head to make them believe anything. The facts are allowed speak for themselves and each chapter ends with useful lists of pros and cons to various theories.

What a refreshing change it is to hear the author being honest about the drawbacks of some extremist conspiracy thinking, whilst at the same time pointing out the probabilities of certain theories which DO have substantial evidence to support them, whether it be about Princess Diana, the Moon missions, JFK or 9/11 and all points in-between. The chapters brilliantly pull all the threads together in a unified whole, so it isn't just a collection of unrelated subjects, and everything is given a very strong historical context, with some intriguing precedents from ancient and Tudor history being used to show the unfortunate repeating patterns of the centuries. Over and above, this book is impressively fair, and never damning of any viewpoint that has at least some evidence worth discussing. Even the example given of the bizarre belief by some that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike, which sounds insane on the surface, is treated with balance and reveals some very interesting `grey areas' which certainly make you think.

I was particularly taken with the opening chapter, which makes a strong case that conspiracy followers are very unfairly treated by the mainstream and academia, and this is neatly bookended with the closing chapter and epilogue which makes clear that if the establishment doesn't want to have conspiracy theories about itself, then it had better start cleaning up its act at the surface level, which few would doubt is riddled with corruption. What might be going on beneath, with the New World Order and all, is pretty worrying, but `Conspiracies' never sensationalises or tries to give false leads, it just tells things as they are.

Well-presented and excellently written, with an impressive economy of language that manages to say a lot in very concise passages without ever feeling over-simplified (I'm going to investigate Andy Thomas's `Truth Agenda' tome next, which sounds equally compelling), this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the way their world is run.
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on 30 June 2013
I got introduced to the possibility that the moon landings might have been faked so I browsed a few books on the subject because I wanted to explore this wacky idea and plumbed for this one. I got far more than I bargained for and I really had my eyes opened! I felt like I'd had my whole world-view changed overnight and from now on I will not take things at face value. It was a pleasure to read and Andy Thomas' style comes across as very balanced - he doesn't load the dice (I always find it a turn off when authors are dogmatic) but the evidence he has researched is very, very persuasive! This book not only covers the moon landings but also others that I have never come across before and, indeed, looking back through history it is now obvious to me that this is not just a modern phenomenon. I have already recommended it to my family and friends to try and get them to wake up too.
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on 25 February 2014
If you have any interest or curiosity about the "conspiracy" theory of recent history you should read this book. For very little money you will get a well written, balanced presentation of the subject supported by (and this is sooooo important..) what facts are known. Mr Thomas' presentation is calm, rational and credible.
One of the problems with many of the "conspiracy theory" books is that they quickly become a rant by the author on whichever topic he is interested in (and its worth pointing out that celebrity opinions on a matter ARE NOT EVIDENCE).
I personally feel that we have indeed been lied to by the ruling authorities about many of the significant events of the past century (or earlier...) BUT I do require a measured, rational presentation of the evidence: far too many authors lose sight of this goal, and of the facts of any particular matter.
Mr Thomas is an exception: this is good work, accessible and credible, backed up by referenced, checkable sources.
You will not regret either the money or the time spent in reading this book.
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on 27 February 2014
AT advocates keeping a balanced view of things, keeping your mind open to alternative views on everything from the New World Order to JFK to Moon Landings to UFOs... not that open that your brains fall out, just open enough to accept there are opinions that, although you may not agree with them, may have validity.

Although I've been interested in conspiracy theories for years (as much the seeming need for them, as opposed to the theories themselves) AT manages to introduce a few 'facts' - factual or imaginary! - that I was previously unaware of: no, no spoilers!

This book may not change your mind, but it is virtually guaranteed to make you think again about conspiracy theories, and the possibilities.

(Mind you, the idea that the Queen Mum was a shape-shifting lizard still strikes me as completely and utterly barking mad...)
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on 25 June 2013
This book makes you think differently about our world and how things that happen in it are reported and perceived. It's well written, balanced and factual. A good read for those new to Conspiracy Theories and for those who already have an interest.
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on 1 March 2014
I found this book really heavy going it could have been so much better but then again maybe the author and I are not on the same wavelength and you could find it really good but I don't regret buying it. It will make a good reference book.
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