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4.7 out of 5 stars202
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2003
Supertramp emerged from the ranks of mainstream 70's rock bands to superstardom in one fell swoop with the release and subsequent massive success (and critical acclaim) of this seminal album.
The stand-out tracks on this album are the famous title track 'Breakfast In America' and the Ivor Novello Award winning track 'The Logical Song', but even they do not do justice to the quality that is evident throughout the rest of the album. From a musical point of view, this album is truly flawless. With near Swiss precision, Supertramp demonstrate the sort of skill that previous albums could only hint at. But it's in the song-writing that the real revelations become apparent. It's no secret that this album represents the high water mark of Supertramp's achievements, and as such, the tensions within the band were at their most strained, and (ironically) their most productive and fruitful.
One listen to the lyrics of 'Child Of Vision' ("There's no reason to fight, because we both know that we're right") or 'Casual Conversations' ("It doesn't matter what I say, you never listen anyway") illustrates perfectly how the song-writing partnership of Hodgson and Davies was disintegrating. How ironic that their best work is on this album... 'Gone Hollywood' summarises the experience of a British band relocating to the mad world of L.A. succinctly and perfectly, whereas Supertramp are in unusually casual and nearly optimistic mood in 'Goodbye Stranger' and the brilliant 'Take The Long Way Home', a track that is as life-affirming as it is enjoyable to listen to..
But, being a purist, it is hard to detract from the sheer song-writing brilliance that is 'The Logical Song'. This is near flawless music, from the lyric to the performance by the band, so it is no wonder that this song was such a massive hit and continues to be a staple of radio channels the world over. It is a charcteristic of any classic album (of which 'Breakfast In America' is a certain alumni) to have a classic track such as this, but this album has another.. the title track is a bona-fide classic, originally penned by Roger Hodgson in 1969 (10 years prior to the recording of this album), but virtually unchanged from his original ideas, which is staggering in itself.. the lyric to 'Breakfast In America" is one of the most famous in 70's rock.. "Take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got; Not much of a girlfriend, never seem to get alot.."
"Lord Is It Mine" is nowhere near being as preachy as some others may lead you to believe. Alternatively, it is a personal and quite uplifting track that is Hodgson through and through, and a quietly powerful track that stands head and shoulders above many of it's peers. Also, Rick Davies' tracks 'Oh Darling' and 'Just Another Nervous Wreck' are as accomplished as the rest of the album, and help to make this album one of the most essential of the 1970's genre.
It's rare to find a 10 track album in which all 10 tracks are so well crafted, so well executed, and so enjoyable to listen to.. but please don't just take my word for it. The quality that you've no doubt heard in the famous tracks are extended throughout the whole album, and before you know it, they too will become treasured favourites. It's no coincidence that I have lost several copies of this CD to friends, and have ended up buying the album again and again, because no record collection can be complete without it.
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on 31 December 2013
Supertramp's Breakfast in America has some iconic songs on it made even better via Blu Ray Audio streaming at 24/96. I'm really pleased Amazon have embraced this format as it is an audiophile's dream. This disk has three listening formats LPCM Stereo DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD but all mastered in stereo staying true to the original recording. I am however not knocking the 5.1 remasters I have on other Blu Ray Audio disks they sound awesome done right. If you are running your Blu Ray player straight into your tv you will not get the advantage of this format. If however you are running 5.1 through a good surround AV Amp then be prepared to be blown away by the sound quality. To all you knockers of 24/96 who think that CD quality of 16/48 sounds as good then you really are missing out. When studios bring out a new format there are always people who say "we don't really need 24/96 CD's are plenty good enough" I say this if it were left to people like that we would still be listening to mono recordings. My ears aren't 100% but I can hear the difference, the bandwidth of a Blu Ray disk is massive compared to a CD. Come on Amazon you must have some clout in the market have a word and get them to release more rock titles etc. I really hope Blu Ray Audio goes ballistic.
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on 5 October 2010
Poor Supertramp: Musical outcasts for 30 years, their blend of catchy, inoffensive, radio-friendly, melody and hook-driven tunes are about as fondly remembered as the Austin Allegro and Three Day Week. Their crime was to reach their creative zenith at the very epicentre of naffness - the mid-70s. Breakfast in America was their commercial peak and allowed them to grace the world's stages, straggly hair, white floaty-shirts, tank-tops, wispy beards and flares intact, long after changing tastes made such things punishable by lifelong ridicule.

None of this would matter if the music was as cheesy, mawkish and bland as is often assumed. But 'classic' era Supertramp had two golden nuggets - an outstanding feel for melody and good old fashioned creative tension between the Lennon and McCartney of the attractively challenged, Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies.

Breakfast in America perfectly balances Davies's catchy introspection (Just Another Nervous Wreck, Oh Darling, Goodbye Stranger) with Hodgson's perfect pop (the title track, Take the Long Way Home and the awesome Logical Song). If this collection is singles-heavy, lacking some of the proggier ambition of Even In The Quietest Moments or Crime Of The Century, it is still one hell of a satisfying album.

This remaster sounds gorgeous - a real improvement over the previous 2003 issue. Rich, broad, clean and vibrant - exactly fitting the music. The bonus disc features tracks from the 1979 tour, although we're given no further sourcing details. Four tracks overlap with the live Paris album - Logical Song, From Now On, Breakfast in America and Take the Long Way Home - albeit these are different recordings and sound very different. I have no idea how much post-production work was done on Paris, but this disc sounds a lot less cleaned up. Paris sounds brighter, but the vocals in particular are drenched in echo, giving a cavernous and somewhat impersonal sound. By contrast, Disc 2 here sounds more intimate, less polished and probably more fun. It's also nice to know they occasionally mixed up some of their interpretations on the tour - unlike John Helliwell's literal and witless intros.

As ever with Supertramp, you can never be sure how much conflict has gone on behind the scenes: on the live CD, every Hodgson song is followed by a Davies one; the otherwise excellent 36 page booklet glosses over the war between Hodgson and Davies - you'd never guess, for instance, that Davies fought to call the album something else and objected strongly to the inclusion of the title track. Davies is the only band member not to provide lengthy, current quotes in the booklet. Too busy nursing his grievances maybe. Such conflict is the grit in the oyster of the best bands, but just seems a bit petulant and silly in a group whose bedrock is harmony and melody. It half makes you wonder why exactly this reissue missed its 30th Anniversary by a year.

So there you have it; outstandingly melodic, infectious and somewhat escapist music that is about as likely to return to critical favour as Richard Stilgoe or The Nolans. I only hope it sells and they embark on a Deluxe version of Crime of the Century. Hopefully before its 41st Anniversary.
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on 2 December 2012
I am old enough to have bought the original Vinyl version of Breakfast in America, and for me it's still a fantastic album with no dud tracks. although this was the sixth Supertramp album, this one ended up being the biggest seller, Although anyone new to the group should also check out Crime of the Century.
I have bought many deluxe versions of my favourite albums and on the whole they have been pretty good, some containing not only a extra CD but a DVD as well. For me things have started to go down, since my purchase of Tears for Fears songs from the Big Chair. The packaging is nothing but awful, Universal have decided to get rid of the plastic slip case and replace it with a piece of tape wrapped around the box, which you have to cut to get into the set, and if you try and remove it(as it looks tacky now) it takes of the plastic cover of the picture!.
As for sound of disc one it appears to be re- mastered by Greg Calibi and is fantastic, however while searching on Amazon I found it has been issued as a stand alone so you do not need to purchase this deluxe version to enjoy the fantastic re-master. The second disc is live tracks of most of the album, however, they are technically inferior to the Paris live album, which is fine, but to be fair there is not much to interest a hard core fan here. If you wish to spend your money wisely my advise would by the single disc and then buy Paris live, you can not go wrong at all.
So to sum up although Breakfast in America is and Outstanding five star album, the deluxe is not an improvement on the original, and the packaging at full price is very bad, shame on you Universal, and bring back the plastic slip case!
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on 6 July 2004
I discovered Supertramp on a set broadcast by John Peel in the early seventies which I recorded and loved. Next time you bump into Mr Peel remind him that he gave them this early break. He'll be thrilled. After seeing them perform "Dreamer" on BBC2's "Old Grey Whistle Test" I rushed out and bought the album. I loved it. We all loved it. Even my parents loved it. I saw them whenever I could. I bought the subsequent albums and even when punk came along and I had to pretend not to like them anymore I still bought and loved "Breakfast In America" - their finest hour. Having worn out the vinyl original I didn't listen to it again for another, oooh, twenty odd years.
Last year I had a craving to hear Supertramp again(nostalgia? morbidity?) and went out and bought the "Greatest Hits" which I played for my kids on a car trip through France. They loved it. I've now bought on cd the four classic albums and I'm amazed how well they have stood the test of time. I love them again. Rarely credited, the backline of Dougie Thomson and Bob Siebenberg are inch perfect, melodic and inventive holding everything together. JAH adds the icing on the cake of Davies' bluesey voice/piano and Hodgson's jangly voice/piano/guitar. The album is full of cracking songs but I am always moved by Rick Davies' "Oh Darling" which is the only unambiguous love song they wrote during this phase. The seventies ended with "Breakfast in America" and "London Calling" - it's been downhill ever since.
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on 24 March 2014
Postscript on 06 April 2014: after reading some comments about the Getz /Gilberto albums, I have to agree that you might be better off buying the CD, especially if you do not have a Bluray player already as a separate item or as Bluray player and the software to play the recordings integrated to your laptop or PC. The investment in new equipment and software might not be worth it as the 320kbps MP3 download sounds just as good to my ears and you can replay this format or the CD for that matter on all types of player or a computer. £10.50 was not too much for me to pay for the Bluray version but many of the other titles are much more expensive and are available on CD much cheaper.

If you cannot remember the late seventies then this one of the most played albums. Nearly everyone had a copy of the LP or the audio-cassette. LP was still king and in 1979 we were still waiting for CD players. Supertramp was being played everywhere; at your friend's house, on AM radio, on FM radio, on the telly and at the disco and nightclub. The music is great; it is very much jazz influenced and is a little bit symphonic. The musicians and music are great too and so are the lyrics. Breakfast In America has all the liveliness redolent of the USA but the music is very definitely European in style. Supertramp were big on the continent as well as the UK and USA.

I have an original 1979 copy of the LP. The record has survived the years very well and plays almost without surface noise and clicks and pops. I felt no need to buy the CD.

So why did I decide to buy the snazzy Blu Ray version and what was I expecting?

First of all, Blu Ray disc audio is a relatively new format and I thought I would give it a try.

I was expecting the best of pop music to be delivered at the highest quality of sound reproduction. I was expecting only two channel stereo as this was the original format of the music . I do not believe it was released in quadrosonic or quadrophonic four channel audio.

I was also expecting a high quality download either in 320 kbps MP3 or in Flac lossless audio.

I was not disappointed in the music as I am obviously a fan. I was impressed by the quality of the sound reproduction and the music came out of my speakers sounding far better than I had heard this music before from any source. If you go back to 1979 all music lovers had separate HIFI systems and the quality of the equipment varied considerably. None of the turntable sound reproduction that I can remember matches this version.

Why is this? It is not because the delivery mechanism is "HIRES" 24 bit / 96 KHz ( 24/96) but it is because it has been mastered so well and the music retains the dynamic range of the original recordings. The audio has not been compressed and you are hearing the music as it was originally intended. 24/96 is great for digital recording and manipulation of the master recording in the studio but for general distribution 16 bit/44.1 KHz recordings or CD quality is plenty good enough.

I played the Blu Ray disc through my player which is connected to an amplifier via audio line outputs and the music sounded fantastic. But so did the 320 kbps MP3 download, which came with the package, when I played it back through the USB interface on the same player. Some of the MP3 tracks are from different masters and you can hear this difference. But the others sound the same. I also cut a CD from the MP3 and played this back through my Blu Ray player with similar results. The 320 kbps sounds as good as the "HIRES" but this is no real surprise - read on.

Then I connected the Blu Ray player to my HIFI Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). The Blu Ray player optical digital output re-samples the music to 24 bit 48 Khz. You might expect a reduction in quality but quite the reverse. My HIFI DAC reproduces music better than the DAC in the Blu Ray player.

If you are expecting HIFI nirvana from 24/96 or 24/192 "HIRES" music than you will be disappointed. No-one has been proven to tell the difference between "HIRES" 24/96, 24/192 or SACD sound reproduction and 16/bit/44.1 CD quality when all other parameters are equal - including the same master recording and audio reproduction equipment at the same volume. I cannot do this nor can any of my friends.

Of course, some people may be able to do so and the journalist Justin Colletti would like to hear from you to try a scientific double blind test and find out if and why anyone is able to hear a difference. Type this into google search: Think You Have Golden Ears? Take the Scientist Challenge! The results could be used to make HIFI sound better for all of us.

Lastly, I played the LP record and it sounds almost as good as the Blu Ray and the download but I could hear a little bit of extra harmonic distortion but that is to be expected after all those years.

I am not knocking 24/96 music; the sound quality is excellent and if this is the only way that music fans can get hold of uncompressed music, which is very well mastered, then I am all in favour of it.

I hope Blu Ray disc audio is going to be successful and will take off, especially as you have the opportunity to download a 320 Kbps MP3 too. A third of households in the UK have a Blu ray player so you do not have to buy a specialised player and you can play the audio back through a high quality AV system or through a conventional HIFI.

At £10.50 Breakfast In America on Blu Ray audio represents excellent value for money and it arrived quickly from Canada. I recommend this highly.
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on 28 September 2013
It always seems to me that we're chasing a "better" format. We've now been presented with Blu-ray Pure Audio. My opinion of this is that we may have hit on a format for the masses. I've got this example as well as the Rolling Stones "Grrrr". Although these are both 2 channel examples of audio only discs. To me, and I'm no expert, these are great recordings. The sound is so clear and every instrument can be picked out. I've got quite a few concert 5.1 blu-rays and I must say I'm even more impressed by the 5.1 audio. Now, like anything it depends on the people doing the recordings and mixing them. When they are good, "Oh My"' it's so nice! A lot of people enjoy picking recordings apart. Saying, "this is too much" or " this was not enough. Not me. I just love music and if it sounds good to me that's all that matters. So, if you're looking for a technical review, I'm probably not the person to come to. All I can say is so far, I really like this format. As far as "Breakfast in America" goes, there's a feeling that good music, sounding good gives you. I have that feeling!!!!
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on 17 February 2008
Firstly, I will have to mention that Supertramp is a band I don't really like. I found their early albums (and their post Breakfast..albums) very boring and tedious. Their tracks were extremely longwinded if not anoying to me.

However, this album is superb in every way. Songwriting, performance, production.

Tracks like: The Logical Song, Take the Long way Home, Breakfast in America.Goodbye Stranger and Oh Darling are "Perfect Pop". It's like the best of Paul McCartney meets the best of Abba , and performed by Great Session musicians who fuse Rock, Pop,Hard Rock,Soul and Jazz to perfection. But where they play their Masterstroke, is that the songs here they never sound sugary like many top Pop songs do.

I believe the album lasts just under 50 minutes..but never a dull moment.

I heard this album last week straight after some 60s classics, "Pet Sounds" "Abbey Road" and believe me I felt that all 3 are world beaters all the way.

Finally, the Beatles have been and will always be my favourites, Pet Sounds was recorded in Heaven, I can't stand Supertramp, but "Breakfast in America" makes my top 20 best album list ever.

Strange but true!!
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on 2 August 2013
I have been searching for this blu ray audio disc forever!! It has been announced for awhile, but living here in the states blu ray audio has not quiet taken off (funny this is imported from the United States and Amazon US doesn't even list it). Since Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio faded fast here, I don't see Americans picking up on 24bit 96khz recordings anytime soon. Sad to see most of us satisfied with the old 16 bit format that is old as dirt. I am SO glad to see studios use the blu ray format as an audio only outlet. These recordings can sound fantastic just like SUPERTRAMP'S BREAKFAST IN AMERICA in the 24/96 realm. Even though I HIGHLY support multichannel surround sound, this two channel recording is awesome in every way!! I have been a fan of this recording since its 1979 release and this is simply amazing what they have done with this music. The highs are all here as are the low ends. My audio/video receiver allows for manipulation to make it matrix 7.1, but I choose to leave it in its original form because the two channel is so full in of itself.
I have only a few blu ray audio discs that I have ordered from Amazon UK and hope this format catches on. Once I discovered SACD and DVD-Audio recordings some years ago, I am hooked on these high end recordings.
If you are a Supertramp fan do your ears a favor by upgrading to this blu ray audio disc (and NO there is NO video content and you must have a blu ray player to enjoy).
Now if they would only release Supertramp's masterpiece CRIME OF THE CENTURY on blu ray audio. :)
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on 31 October 2004
Supertramp. like all top class bands had more than one top class songwriter this case Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies write the songs and the chemistry is amazing, especially so given the superb rhythm section and sax and wind instuments of Mr Helliwell...this album like all their best efforts (ie Crime, Crisis and Even In The Quietest Moments) is so impressive on SO MANY LEVELS....I suppose what makes this album in the superb mixture of the singles, particilarly Logical Song and Take The Long Way Home with the other stuff whiczh is EASILY of the same standard, in fact better in some cases...Lord Is It Mine is absolutely beautiful, lyrically and musically, the chaplain at our school once played this song in front of the whole school in morning chapel...i was blown away then and i am still am today! Oh Darling is possibly Rick Davies' most underrated song...bitter-sweet, utterly captivating and incredibly emotional....Child Of Vision has that tremendous piano plus a great lyric and Casual Conversations is beautiful it its heartfelt simplicity....and gorgeous melody...WHY CAN'T RICK DAVIES WRITE SONGS LIKE THAT THESE DAYS????? This ablum is jam packed full of uplifting music which this band would never sadly match again, good though parts of Famous Last Words Hodgson Supertramp I'm afraid is rather forgettable.....but for a period of 5 years from 1974 to 1979 this band could do basically NO WRONG and their four albums from this period are timless, not to mention the album covers which are among the best of any decade. If I have to think of who has produced four albums of such sheer brilliance, one after the other, I have to resort to Beatles Rubber Soul through White album or Dylan Blood On the Tracks through Slow Train Coming. That's how good this band was.
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