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3.8 out of 5 stars241
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Limited Edition|Change
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on 21 February 2014
I'm from Portugal. I order Battlefield 4 - Limited Edition for my PS3 on January 20 and the game just arrived on February 6. Till here not a big problem, delays can happen. When i open the box with the contents i realize that not Battlefield 4 Limited Edition but the Standard Edition, witch is more cheaper.
Hereupon, i contact amazon, and the solution they gave me is that i have to send the game back, wait even more and hope that ten days later the right game arrive in my mailbox. I didn't do that because i bought the Premium that includes China Rising. Otherwise i have no choice but to wait.
For me, the solution that amazon provide to this specific problem is not acceptable.
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on 3 January 2014
Bought for my OH but I have spent most of the time on it! We both love this game so it's difficult to share but we manage ;) If you haven't played it, play it now!
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on 11 March 2014
This is a superb game, alot better than Call of Duty, theres just so much more to do rather than just run round with a gun, e.g drive tanks, operate miniguns, drive jeeps, plant explosives and much more. The graphics are also so much better aswell, if you find like me you fancy a change after years of playing COD this is a better game to go for. As for improvements over Battlefield 3, this is definitely alot better, the graphics are lighter and clearer, the environments are bigger and better and the overall gameplay is stunning!!
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on 1 November 2013
This game is ok, as others have said the graphics are not good but may be for PS4 or XBONE it will be. I am playing it on PS3 and there is no difference from BF3. I have found it hard to make out the enemy and it seems I have to shoot the enemy more times then they shoot me (I am not that good so have not based the score on this :)).

My real problem is the constant crashes. It has frozen my console multiple times. My gun does not appear for a while with me being shot with out being able to shoot back. When I am killed the respawn screen does not always show up so I cannot change class and I seem to respawn right in front of the enemy constantly (again maybe my lack of skill) but the crashing out by having to hold down the power button because the system has frozen is not good even so early on and after a large patch already.

If they fix some of the bugs it would get an extra star from me.

I have now upgraded to PS4 and used the upgrade on this so I can use the PS3 disc. The game is so much better. It is now the game I play most.
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on 12 March 2014
I purchased this game as a surprise for my partner not knowing much about the game myself, however I had heard that the limited edition was suppose to include an expansion pack and so went ahead and ordered.
Game arrived, no expansion pack included, gutted.
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on 26 December 2013
I have been playing battlefield since number 2 and all the spin offs. I loved battlefield 2 and BC2. The game is clumsy looking by comparison to the newer titles but to be honest it really was fun and none of the rubbish. Battlefield 4 first and foremost never made it past beta in my opinion. Once they had finished rubbing their face across the keyboard to program the games multiplayer they released a half finished and UNBEARABLY BORING game. This game brings less than nothing to the table. Once you have finished paying twice for the game just to play it you are faced with flat, uninteresting, linear and painfully dull single player.

The story is so boring and devoid of anything engaging that once you come round from your coma to realise the game has finished you won't even be able to remember how you started. Or why. Characters are boring, predictable and leave you feeling you have seen all this before ... maybe with a 3 in the title somewhere. Hmm...

Multiplayer on console is almost unplayable. Once they have finished patching the patch of the patch of the patch of the first patch that fixed nothing and rendered your shiny new PS4 or Xbox1 to nothing more than an expensive blu ray player you have to battle through the truly horrific new layout. No longer can you get in a lobby with your friends and all jump into a game. Maybe we aren't supposed to have friends ? No longer can you set your kit up before going into a match. What a lovely touch. Now you can waste the first 2 minutes of every game making sure you have what you need set up rather that actually playing it ! Nice. The maps a plain, ugly and lack any form of creativity. EA have simply used darkness to avoid showing you how lazy the designers have been. Prepare for lots of darkness. If after all that you manage to keep hold of all your rage and play an actual game, be prepared to have your self booted out of a match at random (if you can find one in the spartan server browser) intervals thanks to a (known BEFORE release day) software issue. Make it past all that and all you have to do is put up with hit markers that sometimes exist, sound that catches up with you 2 to 3 hundred meters after you spawn, weapons that only show up 10 seconds after you spawn, fences that pop out of no where, some utterly lazy and profoundly dull "leveloution". I knocked over a chimney, big whoop. I blew up a dam that then dribbled 3 prints of water exactly 11 inches down the road.

All said and done, this game is brutally too expensive for what it is. Especially if you are stupid enough to buy the premium. It is dull, uninteresting, unstable and flat. You will spend more time trying work out how you died or why suddenly you have the urge to rip your own eyes out than actually play the game. If it will let you play. Time for EA to clear out the Battlefield staff room with petrol and a match and start again. Battlefield 4 is just a game that people willing to pay for everything twice and through the nose will enjoy. For a few days.

Oh well, at least you can unlock a flare. Always wanted one of those. How many times have I been shooting people and thought, you know what this needs, moderately bright red light for 45 seconds. Yep. that ought to do it.
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on 11 May 2016
I have been a fan of the battlefield series since it first appeared on the PS3 and this was still enjoyable, however I didn't feel that the story for single player was as good as previous games, increasingly this genre caters mainly for multiplayer maps. The graphics are good and don't appear as grainy as BF3. The missions are reasonable but the jet fighter mission seemed to add very little to the game. Not the worst I have played but certainly not the best
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on 3 January 2014
What a game!!! The online game is stunning!!! Massive worlds and incredible graphics best modern war game yet!!! Just sick!!!
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on 3 May 2014
Being a HUGE BF3 fan I resisted buying this game until now as heard/read there were too many bugs with it. I should have listened. The single player lasts about 6 hours and its OK but its all about the multi-player. After continuous freezing and crashing and having read reports of permanently damaging the PS3 i'm now back to playing BF3. It has also put me off BF4 on the PS4 as there are problems there too. Think i'm going to wait till BF5.
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on 12 November 2013
Great game just a pity the server keeps on freezing with online play and yet again the idoits from BF3 are hiring servers and waiting for you to get a good score and kick you off their server.
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