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I'm a fan of Cambridge Audio kit having already purchased from the Minx range for my surround sound. I've been looking for a decent, low cost, bluetooth travel speaker for a while so as soon as I learnt they'd released a Minx travel speaker I snapped it up.

I've not been disappointed, this is a fantastic little speaker. It looks great, matching the existing Minx speakers with the glossy black finish, and it comes with a little bag to pop it in on your travels.

Sound quality is very good for the price. I've found many speakers at this price point to sound a little tinny, and while this doesn't sound as good as a £300+ travel system it does sound really good for the price.

Very easy to set up, you can use bluetooth or a headphone jack, and it comes with everything you need. Although it'll pair with a number of devices it will only be actively linked to one, so if someone else wants to use it you need to disconnect the first device before the second can connect.

Great for travel, the garden or just as a little bedroom speaker.
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on 18 January 2015
Being fussy about sound quality I read reviews, listened to a number of rival products, and generally thought quite hard about this purchase. Sure, there are other wireless speakers that sound better (its big sibling the Minx Air 200, for example, which I have too, and the new B&W T7, to name but two) but they cost well over 2x the asking price for this unit. I bought it as a fill-in speaker for a sitting room, and with a view to taking it away with me on holidays.
It's small size surprised me when it arrived - I guess I was expecting something nearer the Minx, but it's 'biggish tranny radio' size. The bluetooth connection works well (especially if you're sending AptX codex info to it) and connects easily. The little light behind the speaker grill glows different colours to show what kind of input it's getting, and flashes when pairing. The sound via cable (aux in) is even better than Bluetooth, as you'd expect.
Be careful on two counts, however. First, like all speakers, never judge it until it's run-in. The sound quality relaxed and bedded-in after a few days of use. Second, it is very (very) fussy about placement: that's what you put it on, and how near a rear surface it is. Positioned in free space and too near to you, it can sound boxy and lack a lot of bass information. Put it on a solid non-resonant surface about 9" from a wall and a couple of metres away and it springs into life, with a good level of detail, a nicely balanced frequency response, and a capacity to go loud without shouting at you.
Position it carefully, feed it some HD music through a decent cable and this unit will delight. Or just pop it on the kitchen window ledge and play the radio through it from non-AptX bluetooth from an iPhone and it still sounds good.
It's a nice sounding speaker at a very good price. Firmly recommended.
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on 28 August 2013
I had a Squeezebox setup, and now Logitech have decided to disown a decent product I wanted a replacement. Something the whole family can use, no dependencies on software or hardware, and deliver a good sound that for the most part acts as background noise for my own music collection as well as Internet streams. I'm not looking to pound the neighbours in to submission or ponder the delivery of each note in an audiophile style.

Numerous reviews said that for the price this product delivers, so here i am.

If it interests the packaging is nice, not over engineered but clean and appropriate. It comes with a soft carry case, 1 page instructions, power adaptor and a 3.5 cable to connect via wire your devices. Instructions suggest charging for 4 hours before use, which I managed to do amazingly, the indicator light stayed solid red until charged.

Build quality is nice and clean, it's not premium materials but I appreciate the simple looks and with only 3 buttons on it, vol up/down and on/off, it can't really be simpler. There is a stand on the underside which swivels out, perfectly functional. The unit has weight (which is nice) and is easy to move around rooms taking advantage of the portability. Battery will apparently last 18 hours on a single charge listening on moderate levels.

Pairing is nice and easy, double press the power button and scan using your chosen device. I connect using a mixture of android devices and an iPod. It will recall up to 8 devices so once paired everyone is set.

My music collection is mostly 320k CD rips and I also use Tunein radio for a mixture of stuff. Sound quality was great, really great, I've read a fair bit about bluetooth bit rates on Android (4.2) being reduced but i can't honestly say i can notice. The sound is nice and full, Tried a varied array of music so far, guitar led, classical, motown, electronic, all sound great. Pound for pound i really couldn't be happier. It's my first Cambridge Audio piece of kit and will definitely look at them again.

I did have a question which I directed to them on their Website, logged at 23:20 and had the response from them by 9:30am the next day.
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on 26 March 2014
Just received this item today and have been blasting out all sorts of music. i am not an audiophile by any means and tend to enjoy just casual listening, radio mostly. i have loved the sound from this product. at the higher volumes it does lose a bit of clarity imo but it would have to be in excess of 80 - 85% of full volume. so it still gets plenty loud with near perfect clarity to my ears (untrained ears admittedly). i was extremely happy with the sound from this product it would fill a small to medium sized room with ease and for the money i cant imagine getting much better than this.

I paired up my xperia Z to the speaker and while browsing the music without anything actually playing there was a lot of intermittent popping distortion coming through. as frequently as every couple of seconds when bad. apparently this is common with this product, which unfortunately despite my research i overlooked. once i began playing audio though the noise and popping either got masked or disappeared. so although annoying during down time its not an issue while actually playing audio. when connected to aux though the sound is flawless as expected.

I had been looking at the bose soundlink mini and im sure it would have been a better product in terms of audio output however for my needs i could not justify the extra €70 above what i paid for this product.

-Sound quality
-Ease of use

-Bluetooth connectivity not perfect.
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on 25 April 2014
Nearly bought the Bose Soundlink Mini and very please I did not. This is a fantastic speaker.
Connected to An Airplay adapter ( Airmusic ) and steaming from my Ipad the sound is superb, Bluetooth is great but not the same quality as streaming over WiFi.
No wonder it was portable speaker of the year ( What HiFi )
Looks good, sounds even better and for the money unbeatable.
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on 25 August 2014
Updated Review - MINX GO V2:

(See below for a review of the original MINX GO. V1)

After using my first MINX for almost a year, the battery had reduced in life to about 1 hour of play-time. I contacted Cambridge Audio, explaining the issue, and they sent me a brand new MINX V2; the latest model. Amazing customer service - yet another reason to purchase this device.

The V2 is a perfect upgrade from the original MINX. All the little niggles I had with the old model have been corrected, including:
- the useless rotating mini leg has been removed.
- the glossy, fingerprint attracting plastic has been replaced with matt case.
- there are now buttons to chose between aux and Bluetooth, no more auto-flipping between the two, which was really annoying.
- NFR integration.

Most importantly, the Bluetooth strength has been increased tenfold. The original MINX struggled to remain connected at a straight line 3 metres, with a clear line of site in between. The V2 stays connected to about 8 metres, with 4 walls in between - I'm yet to test straight line distance.

The sound quality is still just as good, if not better. I've used both a Bose a JCL and this MINX, and this, to me, is the nicest sounding. Bose attempts to pack a heavier bass sound, but the size of the cones means it feels overdone and I noticed distortion at high volumes. The JCL just doesn't compare in terms of sound quality. The MINX has a perfect balance of treble, mid and bass, for this size speaker. The sound is clean, vibrant and true.

Overall, a great purchase, and the upgrade to V2 just makes this little speaker even more of a pleasure to use.


I have owned the JBL Charge for about a year, and bought this MINX GO a few weeks ago. This review is not aimed to give you an extensive review of the MINX, as plenty of others have done that, but as a comparison between the MINX and the Charge - as they are both similarly prices, and I certainly did not know which one would be better.

The JBL Charge is a great speaker - I purchased it without massive expectations, as I am a bit of an audiophile, and am fussy about sound quality. But the charge really did impress me; the quality is good, clear and loud.The high-end is not tiny, and and bass is not fuzzy. Of course, being a speaker considerably smaller than a toaster, it does not blow you away with bass, nor volume, but you have to be realistic.

The MINX GO is damn good, in terms of sound quality. Far superior to the Charge, in my opinion. The high-end is really crisp, the mids are clear, and this speaker packs a surprising bass to it - due to being slightly larger - but not so bass heavy it distorts the sound. In fact, if you turn this speaker up and play bass-heavy music the entire unit will slowly vibrate across the table.

So the MINX gets my vote for sound, but it has a couple of small drawbacks, mainly in the unit design. The JBL Charge is a very sturdy unit - its cylindrical body means it doesn't get chipped, scratched or fall-over if knocked. The MINX, on the other hand, stands up with only a small, uselss pull-out foot to hold it up; this means that it is much more susceptible to knocks, bangs and being knocked over, as I have experience a few times. The Charge is great, as I could just chuck it onto the bed and let it play, the MINX, however, I have to place down carefuly to make sure it doesn't fall over. This is not an issue if you're using the unit on your desk, or kitchen table, but I take my speakers everywhere, and this is a slight drawback for me.

A second issue I have experience with the MINX is it almost goes "too loud" - what I mean is, it allows you to crank up the volume so high that it sounds as though the speaker cones are going to rip. Obviously, I have only ever done this by mistake, but it is worrying, and something that doesn't happen with the Charge, but I think this is simply because the Charge doesn't have enough power to do this.

The JBL Charge also has its issues, most notably for me was the Bluetooth connection problems I had. The unit would connect to my laptop fine, but not play sound through the speakers until I turned the speaker off-and-on. This was a massive hassle, and meant I often ended up using a AUX cable, instead of using the bluetooth feature. It may have just been my laptop, as other people who used the speaker with their laptop did not experience this issue, but the MINX has not had any issues for me - it connects to my laptop, phone, tablet etc instantly - and just plays - exactly as you'd want.

Finally, battery-life - both are fantastic. I think the MINX has a slightly longer life, by an hour or 2 (a total of about 15 hours), and only takes 4 hours to charge, which is awesome. But I haven't done a "scientific" test on either of the devices.

Overall, If I could only have one, it would be the MINX, hands down. The minor drawbacks of the design are made-up for by the fantastic audio quality, battery life and error-free bluetooth connection.
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on 16 January 2016
I really wanted this speaker to be good. On paper it shows real potential: nice feature set, nice form factor, great battery life, great heritage. The reality is that the sound quality just isn't good enough: weak, almost non-existant bass and confused mids, which worsen with volume.

Given the 5 star reviews and awards its won, I thought that I'd received a faulty unit; I'm now returning my second one since it suffers the same problems as the first.
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on 26 August 2013
Bought the Cambridge after reading all the reviews I could find and visiting a couple of stores to listen to various bluetooth speakers.

The JBL Charge was my first choice, but while the highs were good, the bass was lacking too much. Also listened to UE Boom, Jambox and some bigger, wired sound docks.

None of the wireless speakers I heard really did it for me, so I decided to go for the Cambridge Minx Go that seemed to impress everyone according to the online reviews. Unfortunately there was no store in the neighbourhood where I could hear it first, so ordered it online.

At first it did sound good to me and it absolutely sounded a bit richer and fuller to my ears than the wireless speakers I heard in the stores. But when I threw some more bass heavy songs at it at a reasonable, not too loud volume, it choked on it; the Minxo Go couldn't handle the bass and the vibration of the speaker ruined the experience for me. I let the Minx Go run at a lower volume for some hours to see if that would help, but it didn't.

My neighbour bought the Bose Soundlink mini last week which seemed like a really nice speaker, but I found it to be too expensive for my needs. Because of my disappointment with the Minx, I decided to set up a side-by-side comparison of the two speakers. The Minx does sound nice when listening to music with not too much bass and a normal volume; it has a clear, quite warm sound when keeping it at lower volume. But the Soundlink Mini is in a different league; the richness and bass, even at low volume, makes the Minx sound thin and underpowered; it really is so much better imho. And believe me, I didn't want it to be so much better as I wasn't a big Bose-fan, did all my research, chose the Minx Go and finally the price difference between the two.

After some debating I decided to return the Minx Go and bought the Soundlink mini. The Minx Go is a nice speaker for its price and beats some of the competitors imo (JBL Charge), but if you have the money for it: also check out the mini.
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on 8 May 2014
ok, it's obvious this a great value for money speaker
so i just want to mention two problems i have with it, although you should still buy it...
1. the auto-off - it powers down after 30 mins of no activity, in practice i have found this annoying
2. the incredible bass can be too bassy when listening to speech as i do often, i would have liked a wee switch to sort that
so - no big deal - buy it anyway
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on 1 March 2014
Bluetooth speakers are more expensive than they should be in my opinion. I looked at Sony, Bose and a few others for what they offer but couldn't justify their cost, even if they sounded great, according to their reviews. I decided to go for Minx Go because:

(a) It is a sub-£100 that had good reviews about it's sound quality
(b) It is battery powered, and supposedly lasts up to 18 hrs on a single charge
(c) It is small enough to fit anywhere
(d) It is built by a bunch of people passionate about music (or so it seems from Cambridge Audio's website)

I just got the speaker today, and I've got to say, I am impressed. It sounds good (not tinny at all). It looks good too. Go for it.
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