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4.7 out of 5 stars290
4.7 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens|Change
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on 17 January 2016
This is one wonderful camera. My last SLR was a (film) Minolta from the 90s, but with the advent of digital I stopped using it and bought a digital 'point-and shoot' Olympus. After 12 years faithful service the Olympus died and, still missing the power and creativity of an SLR, I decided to look for a new one. So, whilst far from being from a pro photographer, I'm not a complete noob either. I was looking for something with full manual control combined with a fair bit of hand-holding.
After reading countless reviews and watching hundreds of YT videos, I chose this...and what a good choice it is proving to be! There are really only one or two competitors in this price range and I must admit that I did a fair bit of procrastinating. But, my final decision was crystal-clear. This is perhaps no longer one of the latest and greatest 'upper-entry level' DSLRs when comparing numbers alone. However, when viewed as a complete, user-friendly package, it is, in my view, still unbeatable. A few pros and cons for you...

++Probably the most user-friendly albeit complex tech I've ever owned
++Incredibly easy to use; switch it on, select full-auto, take a picture and a beautiful image will be displayed on the monitor
++Full built-in support to help and guide you with every selection and choice (switch-off the help if you wish)
++The design of the camera simply encourages you to move from full automation to full manual control in small (or large if you wish) stages
++So good to use, you'll find yourself picking it up all the time and taking more and more shots of everything from cats to carnations
++The screen, wow, so good, so intuitive, touch-sensitive, clever, you can focus and take shots with you finger if you like! 'Fully-articulated' ie flips-out and swivels, very, very useful, I can't now imagine being without it
++High-quality, silent, fast-focusing 'kit' lens
++I didn't buy this camera for its video capabilities but I can tell you that crisp 1080p video is available at the flick of a switch with decent sound from the built-in stereo microphones. You can plug an external mic in too
++Great ergonomics and build
++Good-quality bundled Canon software including a disc of photography lessons and a program to organise and edit your RAW files
++Lenses; tons of aftermarket lenses are available at reasonable prices

--I can't really think of anything at the moment. There's no wi-fi or GPS so you may want to bear that in mind. You'll need to budget for a bag, memory-card and whatever else takes your fancy

I'm thrilled with this camera and I thoroughly recommend it
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on 31 October 2014
Very Impressed so far with this camera. I upgraded from the old 400d that I have had for quite a few years and the quality leap in the photographs produced is very good indeed. The touch screen interface is brilliantly thought out and intuitive, within minutes I was changing apertures and shutter speeds with a swipe of a finger. The kit lens is far better quality than the one I received when I originally purchased the 400D and is in fact a very useable product. All my accessories from my old EOS camera fit and work fine with the new body (lenses, flashes etc) but the battery is different so I can't keep my old battery as a spare and the memory card system has changed from the old compact flash system to the more popular SD standard. The camera does not come with an SD card so make sure you order one otherwise you'l have a camera with no way of storing any photographs. I purchased a reasonably priced average 32gb card off amazon for about a tenner and it is fast enough and big enough for my needs.

This body has an "APS" sized sensor as apposed to the "Full Frame" sensor in high priced more "Professional" EOS bodies like the 5D but these bodies are more than triple the price at least. The APS sized sensor actually has some benefits over the "Full Frame" ones if you are considering wildlife photography because all the lenses crop by a factor of x1.4 which means you get closer to the action for less money. Ideal if you are on a tight budget :).

The camera has various shooting modes which range from a fully automatic "pick up and click" mode which requires no thought whatsoever, through a fast "sports" mode with focus tracking and 5 frames per second shooting bursts, "Portrait" mode for warm skin tones. "Landscape" mode for lush vistas... all the way to fully "manual" mode where everything from shutter speed, aperture and ISO light sensitivity are fully controllable... plus various other other modes in between.

I have not really tried the movie recording side of the camera because i've always been of the opinion that if you want to film decent movies then buy a movie camera not a stills camera. I have taken a few clips and the results are crisp and sharp with fairly decent sound from the onboard stereo microphone.

Overall the 700D is a very creative, versatile piece of kit at the top end of Cannon's amateur EOS DSLR range. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone wanting to take photography fairly seriously but can't warrant spending thousands on a professional body.

I think it will take quite a while to outgrow the capabilities of this body and expect it will last me about 4 years before technology makes it feel a little dated.

Well worth a purchase :)
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Style Name: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When buying an entry-level DSLR, there are many brands to choose from; Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax. However there are 2 things to consider. Once you "buy into" a brand, you generally are stuck with them due to the compatibility of lenses, flashes etc. Secondly are you going to progress beyond that level? Arguably only Canon & Nikon cover the higher ends of the market. Sony represents exceptional value at the entry level but perhaps offers less at the pro-amateur level?

Personally I have concerns about the quality of some of the Canon products. My 17-85 IS lens failed me after only a couple of years.
This camera is a perfect replacement & upgrade for my old Canon 350d which has served me well for over 7 years. I also have a 40D which is much heavier but offers faster shot rate, more pixels, expanded ISO range etc.

The 700D is the latest in the "amateur" Canon DSLR range. The reduced sensor cameras go something like this; 1100D, 100D, 700D, 70D & 7D. After this, comes the full frame sensors.

The 700D is based on the 650D but uses a AF system designed to work better with the new STM lenses; 18-55, 18-135, 40mm pancake.

What you get...
You get the body, a 18-55 IS STM lens, charger, a couple of CDs, a strap and simple USB data cable.
The manual is 400 pages thick(!) and you don't get a handy reference guide.
The battery was supplied 2/3 charged but a full charge is recommended which initially should be overnight.
This uses a full size SD card. I recommend a faster class 10 card with a speed of 45mbps to accommodate HD video recording to prevent buffering problems. 32Gb is enough for over 3000 shots and should be enough for a few hours of video,

Appearance, Build & Ergonomics
There are only minor cosmetic differences between this and the 650D, there are major differences from my 350d This actually appears to use the same body as the 650d; it is made of a lighter plastic and feel less sturdy than the 350d BUT is it lighter & I don't think it would break easily. It has a robust rubberised grip unlike the 350 which had a thin rubber coating which wore off over the years.
Good weight & well balanced with lens attached, this should be fine with a larger lens. The buttons are well placed for those with average sized hands but if you have large hands, you may find the button layout a little fiddly, which is the draw back of the reduced sized bodies.

The screen is side hinged & can be viewed from a multitude of angles; overhead, waist level, folded out, folded in or folded away. One neat trick I found is that when taking a "selfie" and you rotate the screen to point towards the subject, the camera automatically goes into Live View mode. The quality of the screen is excellent. Colour, contrast & brightness are very good. The touchscreen is fairly responsive & the interface is easy enough to use.

Controls & Interface
All of the major controls are via buttons with some fine-tuning using the touchscreen. This is a major improvement over the 350d, enabling more freedom to experiment with settings quickly such as TV, AV & M modes. It took a little getting used to perhaps a more visual GUI may have made more sense.

The supplied 18-55 F3.5 - 5.6 lens is image stabilised and uses the newest stepper motor. This new motor is extremely quick and completely silent, unlike the old USM lenses. This kit lens is certainly a major step-up from the old 18-55 non-IS lenses they used to supply with their kits. It's a little longer than the previous 18-55 USM. It takes a filter and lens hood but neither are supplied.

Taking photos
Anyone who is familiar with the use of Canon DSLRs will immediately feel at home with this item. The addition of an intuitive touchscreen makes tinkering of the settings very easy hence I found I tended to experiment more with my photography.
The supplied kit lens provided respectable results. The photos were a little soft compared to, say, my Canon 17-85mm
My "test case" was a close-up of a flower in my garden. I find this to be a good test of focus, level of detail, colouration, contrast etc.
The supplied lens did a respectable job but once I had swapped over to the 17-85 and compared this against the 40D, based on my initial test, I was truly impressed by the results.
The AF is super fast & accurate. The metering was OK in evaluative mode but on Spot the results was excellent. The level of detail & colouration on the photo was very impressive.
When using the 17-85 f4-5.6 IS USM lens, the results were better than the 40D by some margin. When using the kit lens, they were comparable. Essentially this means my 40D is obsolete!

Live View - what to expect
The camera has a live view function. Unlike my 40D, this can autofocus in live view. This is a real luxury on a SLR as it enables some additional creativity during composition but it is NOT a direct replacement for the viewfinder. The additional lag in moving the mirror & additional AF time prevents this being used as a good point & Shoot camera. If this is a real problem for you then I would recommend a mirrorless camera system like a m4/3 camera.

The Canon 700D takes full HD video, that's 1080p. You should be able to get a ew hours onto a 32Gb card. Just ensure you have a fast enough card. 45mbps was recommended to me.
One of the main problems with the earlier models was the noise of the lens motor during shooting. The new STM lenses alleviate this problem by having near-silent stepper motors. I can confirm that there is no noise from the lens motor whatsoever. The file sizes are huge; a 31s video took-up nearly 190mb. So you'd get 2.5 to 3 minutes per gigabyte?! The video quality was excellent with absolutely no judder. Sound quality was a little "thin". If you were going to use the video facility seriously, I would recommend an add-on mic.

Connections & Software
On my Windows 7 PC there was no need to download any drivers. Photoshop Elements saw the camera & simply downloaded the files into my organiser. If you don't own Photoshop or anything similar, then Canon provides their Solutions Disc which includes a downloader & organiser. I have not used this latest version, but the earlier versions for the 350D were horrid. My advice would be to purchase a good bit of software fairly soon after buying this. In the mean-time the Canon software is functional but just about bearable.
Mini-USB cable. Downloading is remarkably faster than on my 350D.. probably due to the speed of the card.

The 700D is a definite upgrade from the 350D & would perhaps even recommend from the 400/450. If you have a 1000D this seems a logical step don't bother if you have a 600/650. Currently this is the best camera for a reduced body Canon and even holds-up well against the older models of the next series up (i.e. the 40D)
I really don't have any negatives to speak of at this price. If you want extras such as a heavier metal body or weatherproofing then you will have to pay for it (and carry it around!)
Out of interest I sold my 350D for £100 which I'll likely put towards a new lens, possibly the 40mm Pancake or a 15-85 IS.
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on 11 December 2014
As a keen amateur I had a need to find a reasonably-priced but capable DSLR. The Canon has not disappointed. After some months of intensive use in all manner of situations, I have been consistently impressed with the results I'm getting. It is simplicity itself to use as a point and shoot, but hugely rewarding as you get deeper into its capabilities as a creative tool. I have found the kit lens to be superb; the low-light performance very good; battery life outstanding; anti shake completely effective, and the rest of the technical blah is mentioned in reviews by others far more qualified to comment than me. Perhaps the highest praise I can give comes from a professional photographer friend who has used all of the highest-end cameras and owns some eye-wateringly expensive ones: "probably the best results from the best advanced entry level DSLR I have seen". 'Nuff said.
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on 26 November 2014
Excellent for Filming and photography for a First year Student at University, it comes with excellent instructions. Lots of features including a touch screen, extras items can be brought including a microphone, I suggest buying extra batteries. A great buy!
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on 3 December 2015
bought this for my wife for Christmas she loves it it comes with a big user guide book so you can take every where with you which covers everything you need to know about the camera and how to set it up so you get best shot possible. the camera is well built take excellent photos day or night and my wife love s playing around with all setting and she got some really nice photos just messing around so once she gets the grip with it she be taking amazing photos. i know a wedding photographer who bought this very model for his sister as a starter camera for Christmas.
for the money this a truly excellent product i would recommend this camera to anyone
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on 6 January 2014
Review for Canon 700d with 18-135mm STM IS lens
I have slowly been getting into photography over a few years. I have owned a couple of Canon powershots and my last bridge camera was a canon SX40 which was a great bridge camera.
I have wanted a DSLR for years but I wanted to know more about photography before I took the plunge with such an expensive camera.
I decided on canon because I am familiar with the menu system and I think canon make quality products.
The reviews for the 700D were good and the 18-135mm STM lens also received good reviews.
I used reviews as well as youtube to make my decision. In the US the 700d is the T5i I used .com because the number of reviews is much higher.
The differences between the 650d and the 700d are tiny. A slight difference in the menu design and a slightly different dial on top. The 700d has an embossed dial and it can turn through 360! That really is it so if you can get a 650d cheaper buy it. It is the same camera.
The camera feels good in the hand and the large lens makes the whole setup quite heavy but not nearly as heavy or bulky as the more expensive canons in the range.
The controls are easy to use once you get used to them and the touch screen is easy to use and I love the flip screen though i don't use it nearly as much as I did on my SX40. I think that this is because live view (through the screen not the viewfinder) feels wrong on a DSLR.
I get better pictures using the viewfinder.
The pictures I take are of friends and family mainly indoors and at this time of year so the light is often poor quality. The ability of the lens and the camera to find focus indoors quick enough to get the shot is great. I am getting loads of good pictures that I simply would never have got without a DSLR. This camera has 9 cross type focus points which means that it can focus quickly and it also has a clever flash function of a quick strobe before a shot in auto mode which increases the speed in which it can find focus. This is good and bad because I have yet to be able to turn it off in auto mode when I don't want it on.
I quickly left auto mode so that I could select the center focus point only which gives me greater control over the picture and composition. I use manual mode most of the time and let the camera decide most of the settings itself which are easily changed on the quick menus on the screen.
I am able to change settings really quickly which says a lot about the thought that has gone into developing this.
The pictures are fabulous but I am an amateur so I can't make comparisons with other DSLRs.
The lens I bought is a good all rounder with enough range to make it very useful in most situations. However every lens is a compromise as they all can't be great at everything.
The focusing motor (STM) is silent and I mean silent which is useful if you intend to use this for video as it would otherwise make for a noisy video.
The accessories that I have bought already (nearly all from ebay)
Are Neewar 560 flashgun for £27 off amazon.
Canon 50mm prime lens "Nifty 50" £71
Remote control. £4
Off camera flash trigger.£15
Collapsible light reflector. £6
Medium sized softbox for flash. £3
UV filters for both lens £1.50 each (to protect lens)
Rubber lens hoods which collapse for both lenses. £1.50 each.
Lens cleaning pen. £1.50
Two spare batteries £4 each
Lastly I can highly recommend this book which I find very useful. It has great videos and easy to understand sections for a beginner like me. I like his way of explaining things.
Tony Northrup's DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography
That is it so far as I already have a bag and tripod.
I will buy more things as and when I can afford/need them.
I have saved a lot of money by buying this stuff from Hong Kong and waiting three weeks for it. Some people insist on the best quality UV filters, batteries etc but I can't tell a difference so far and I don't have that sort of money anyway. I can always upgrade later.
The flash is the best thing that I have bought then the 50mm "Nifty 50" prime lens. (Prime means it can't zoom in or out it is a fixed focal length)
Both are fantastic and I really can't praise them enough.
The flash because it enables me to bounce flash (point at ceilings) and to have the ability to take good indoor pictures with low light. It does not have TTL (Auto power settings) though so I have to manually set it. You have to pay a lot more for TTL and many pros turn it off anyway.
The 50mm prime lens take great low light pictures as it has a wide aperture f1.8 (lower number is wider)It therefor focuses quickly as it is letting more light get to the sensor and it give great background blur or "Bokeh" because of its shallow depth of field.
Please check out reviews for this lens on you tube as it is a great buy for any canon.
I love this camera but I might have said the same thing if I had bought a nikon as this is my first DSLR it is a big step up in quality.
This camera take great pictures and I would look into what you want to use it for before you decide on what lens to buy with it.
The standard kit lens will do you just fine but you will want to expand after a while and I really want the 85mm prime which is great for portraits and Bokeh. Think carefully what you want to use it for because buying lens with the camera in a bundle can save you money.
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on 24 February 2014
I bought this camera as an upgrade for my 600d. There are some nice new features and overall I'd say it was a worthy purchase. The issue I had was it took 3 replacements to find a body that didn't have dead or stuck pixels. It would seem that pixel issues is endemic with digital slr cameras. But 2 of the 3 cameras I received had clusters of bad pixels. Amazon was excellent as usual but canon had little help to offer.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 February 2015
A tiny upgrade from the camera I already had. As I was using the 1200D my husband wanted my old camera so we got this one for me and I have toyed about with it. there are a few definite upgrades from the 1200D. The only issue I have is the auto focus is a bit too sensitive. I have missed a few shots from it changing and then not wanting to focus back on the subject I originally had it set for. Aside from that it does take brilliant photos.

I am a bit upset that it didn't come with an owners manual. For being a retail kit you would expect the manual to be in the box. And it had been opened prior to its arrival as the retail box was ripped. All is in proper working order but missing the owners manual.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 9 January 2016
Fantastic camera, the photos are just amazing. Easy to use, love the touch screen so I can always change the settings quickly. Perfect for everyday and professional use.
review image review image review image
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