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4.7 out of 5 stars128
4.7 out of 5 stars
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 15 March 2013
This DVD reminds me what an evil, twisted mass-murdering psychopath the Joker really is. Completely without a conscience and utterly unredeemable. Since Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (Region 2), we kept being shown glimpse of the Joker in a lunatic asylum. Finally the Joker hatches a plan for one last showdown between him and the Batman. This is dark, twisted and BRUTAL!!!! This one thing I do not understand is the fact that after all this time Batman has obviously gotten older and lost a step of two; whereas the Joker seems to have gained a step like he has just come into his prime. He is physically a match for Batman. The closet version of this Joker is in Batman: Under The Red Hood [DVD].

The other villain of the movie is Superman. Yes Superman. I think in the era when the comic was written Superman stood for "Truth, Justice and the American way". This is taken to the nth level as Superman has become an attack dog for the President. Who sums it up perfectly "We have God on our side; or the next best thing ;-)". Not being a Superman fan I always love when he is put back in his place and nobody does it better then Batman. Basically the president feels Batman working outside the system his upsetting the establishment so he tells Superman to "fix it".

Great movie just wish it was not so extortionally expansive. I am tempted to take a star away for the crazy price tag. Also my DVD came with the synopsis on the back in German. Not really a huge problem. I would recommend any to buy this DVD, but when the price drops a bit.
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An animated Batman movie that is an adaptation of the graphic novel Batman Dark Knight Returns TP. A work that was one of a few that helped redefine the comic genre back in the 1980's and was one of the first 'graphic novels'.

You should be able to get into this if you've not read said graphic novel. But this adaptation is a two parter, and this dvd is just the second half. It follows right on from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 [Blu-ray] [Region Free], and doesn't do much to bring new viewers up to speed. So start with that rather than this.

Parents do note this is a very violent movie and well worthy of the fifteen certificate. But as they said when the graphic novel first came out: 'DC Comics aren't just for Kids.'

The story sees the forces of authority putting ever greater pressure on Batman to end his war on crime and submit to justice. As he fights to keep Gotham safe in the face of increasingly strong opposition, he has other problems. The Joker's back. The world is edging ever closer to nuclear war. Plus an old friend is now a government lap dog. And he has orders to bring him down.

This is basically a four act story, and there are great set pieces in each. Michael Emerson [Ben from 'Lost'] voices the Joker and turns in a brilliant performance, full of understated crazy menace. Mark Valley [Christopher Chance in the tv show 'Human Target'] also makes a great impression as Bruce's old friend. A sadder and wiser take on said character than we're used to.

As an adaptation it's pretty faithful, managing to get a lot of material from the second half of the graphic novel into the seventy three minute running time. The pace is superb as well, keeping you really hooked throughout.

Certain political elements from the 1980's do show up, and as a result do feel rather dated. But that's only a minor complaint.

A superb adaptation of a classic work in it's field, these two dvds are well worth a watch.

This dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, French, German, Castilian Spanish.

Subtitles: English, Castilian Spanish, French, German.

The only extras are two trailers/previews for other dc comics animated movies. One for part one of the Dark Knight returns. And one for the new Superman movie 'Superman unbound'. Both run roughly nine minutes each. As usual these don't show footage from the films, but use images from the comics and interviews with cast and crew and some soundbites.
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on 27 March 2015
After a decent but not classic part one we get a much more exciting,action packed and better story oriented second part that nearly brings a tear to the eye a few times i must say.
If you seen the end of the first part Batman has brought down a group known as the mutants and Gotham City's residents feel safer than before but with a new commissioner who wants to stop Batman's vigilante ways and the return of his arch enemy The Joker things are not as safe as you would think.Clark Kent a.k.a Superman is ordered to stop his great rival from doing his vigilante work but before he turns up for their upcoming showdown the evil Joker makes his return by killing people on a tv broadcast which leads to the dark knight having enough of his arch nemesis and decides to take him out once and for all where they have a vicious but emotional meeting at a fairground and in all the battles they have had this is the strongest scene for me between them.After battles with the police and a electromagnetic pulse which disrupts all power in Gotham and the rest of the States we reach what we have all been waiting for the meeting between Batman and Superman who has been told to bring the caped crusader down.I won't give away the ending but they have one hell of a smackdown that sees both heroes engage in their most brutal and tiring fight they both have ever had before a extremely upsetting finale that is similar to the last few scenes of The Dark Knight Rises.

This second part was a much stronger movie that introduces more big name characters than before apart from the before mentioned Joker and Superman we also get a brief appearance of Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman who like Bruce Wayne has aged and put on weight and towards the end fellow DC hero Oliver Queen a.k.a Green Arrow helps Batman in the fight with Supes.
There is a lot more for Carrie Kelly to do this time and helps her mentor heavily in the end tussle,we briefly see Alfred but he makes his moments count.The Joker here is nearly the best i have seen him with true menace and not a hint of the silly 60's version as we get a cold,calculated evil psychopath who seems only cares about getting to Batman and killing people for no reason will of course make Batman furious and thats exactly what old smile face wants,their meeting is truly incredible with the scenes leading up to it proof of why The Joker is psychotic and their face to face battle is hard hitting stuff and really can't imagine Jack Nicholson doing this scene even if this version reminds me more of Heath Ledger,their final scene together even after all what he did is quite emotional and game changing.
Batman here is like in the previous part a older more rounded but more violent less by the books good guy and strays on the psychopathic himself even if in a way this is how the best versions of the character are and such a long way again from that 60's abomination or Joel Schumacher's late 90's turkeys and quite frankly i don't think Batman is Batman in that 60's trash,this is true Batman and so cool too.

The action and set pieces are quite possibly the best i have seen outside of the live action movies especially the simply showstopping blockbuster between the Bat and Supes with both of them kicking each others butt all over Gotham as they smash into buildings,cranes and quite literally tear up the city and because of a armored suit Batman is on a equal playing field as Superman gets beat up quite a bit here unlike normal battles which he usually is boss,if the upcoming live action Batman V Superman film is anything like this it will be sensational stuff.The other fights are great too with the meeting between Batman and The Joker a bone crunching affair and is a great finale to their rivalry,The Joker's scenes are very strong outside of the Batman meeting with the moment he gasses people truly chilling and by far the most evil version of him yet,his meeting with Selina Kyle though brief is excellent and nice to see two famous Batman characters meet again.Another top action scene is when Batman battles with the GCPD on the roof of the studio where Joker is at the time with Batman using stealth to pick off the officers one by one a bit similar to how he dispatched Harvey Dent and his men in the first part of the Dark Knight Returns.I also love the opening scenes where Batman is disguised and trying to bring down a bad guy,this is also the first appearance in Gotham of Superman.

The visuals are like before very dark and brooding and even more a frighting place to live than other depictions of Gotham City which is normally a darker version of New York but here looks like a post apocalyptic version of what we usually see but this animation brings it to life so wonderfully and is the best looking animated Batman or any other comic book property yet.

I don't have any real bad things to say about this apart from i prefer the Batman animated series and one of its films more The Mask Of The Phantasm but this is brought to life more vividly and is a very faithful version of the graphic novel.

A rip roaring and excellent animated movie with wonderful visuals,three stunning fights and real emotional moments especially at the end and nice to see Batman face off against both his rival and his arch nemesis.

Over to you Batman V Superman.
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on 22 July 2013
Set in an alternate 1980s where Superman is now a lapdog of the American government and who answers directly to the POTUS (President) and helps to ensure that the world follows the American Way, TDKR part 2 is a violent epic based on the 1980s Frank Miller comic.

The return of the now 55 year old Bruce Wayne has caused considerable embarrassment to the administration considering his refusal to take orders. Superman is instructed that should the Batman continue his one man agenda that he should be dealt with accordingly.

While this should be enough for any man to deal with, the actions of the Batman from part 1 has brought The Joker out of his slumber. The Joker portrayed in TDKR part 2 is pure evil, a psychopathic villain intent on wreaking havoc on the city of Gotham. Also, here is a warning: The 15 rating of this film comes from his psychopathic actions during his time on screen which just might be enough to push Bruce Wayne to `lose control'.

The brilliant story in this comic based on what many consider to be the greatest graphic novel of all time makes this a must have for any Batman fan. The casting of Peter Weller as Batman/Bruce Wayne is just epic. His voice is perfect for the role.

Fair warning though, this film is not suitable for under 15's due to the level of violence also the epic showdown at the end might cause some emotional trauma as two of DC's biggest superheroes go head to head.
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on 10 November 2013
I remember reading The Dark Knight Returns from a young age, it was the first comic book I read and I was completely fascinated with the idea of evil never dying and the principle that an aged Bruce Wayne would return as the Bat as he couldn't see his city become further downtrodden in his absence. After watching both parts of the adaptation, I can say it is amazingly faithful to the source material, it only rids of the controversial train- handbag bombing scene but other than that it is scene for scene accurate, although I had always wanted Kevin Conroy to voice Batman in an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, Peter Weller (ROBOCOP) is actually amazing as an aged Dark Knight, he commands authority in the role especially later in the film as Gotham falls into rioting due to a loss of power following Superman nearly failing to save the day, I also liked how the final sequence between Supes and Bats comes down, Batman ends up being seen as too radical and Superman being nothing but a government pawn, the final conflict leaves a clear winner. My only disappointment with both DVD's is that there is a lack of special features unlike the previous DC animated movies which were packed with them, I would have liked to seen why they chose to adapt the Dark Knight Returns but overall the movie is a fantastic adaptation.
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on 16 January 2014
I brought this as a present for my boyfriend. He's a massive batman fan and very fussy about what sort of stuff he likes but we both loved this! I was originally skeptical as I've never really watched an animated film like this before but it really was brilliant. Well worth a watch.

And as always, brilliant service from amazon. Emails letting me know the status of my order and very quick delivery.
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on 13 August 2013
This movie - along with Part 1 is one of the best Batman animated movies ever. Not for kids - this has Joker as he should be and is truly compelling - up there with 'Under The Red Hood'. Your collection is not complete without this one.
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on 6 September 2013
The Joker arranges to tell his story on a talk show, thanks to his fame seeking doctor and then proceeds to kill everyone in the audience with his joker gas - Batman has had enough of the Joker's killing and sets out to stop him once and for all - this was a nice twist as usually he just takes him to Arkham to break out again.

Superman is sent by the President to put a stop to Batman's antics and this is one of the best stories of the Dark Knight that I have ever seen (& I have seen them all).

The only downside is the poor voice actor chosen to voice The Joker as he is not right for the part, I would have chosen Mark Hamill, Troy Baker or John DiMaggio which would have made this film perfect.
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on 6 November 2013
A very good try at getting the Frank Miller comics on screen. Of the original comics, the first issue with Two-Face (covered in part one) was always my favourite but the Superman portion included in this film was a close second. (Brilliant time for DC comic fans in mid 80s with this, Crisis and the Watchmen!) The movie tries to emulate Miller's sparce style and works better in some places than others. Peter Weller convincingly voices Wayne/Batman but I would have like Marked Hammil to pick up the Joker duties (that said, Michael Emerson does an ok job).
Worth getting the Bluray I think, a few extras on the disc, including 3 cartoons from previous Batman series
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on 10 February 2014
The Concluding Story of Batman The Dark Knight Returns is Terrific, with the Joker seemingly Catatonic until he hears that his nemesis has come back, leaving him no option but to return also.5 STARS
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