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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 1 March 2016
The game is a hit or miss style sadly, this review is based only upon 10hours or so playing, but i think i have gotten a good enough idea how this is going to say what i think.

The art/animation, this is something i rarely mentioned, mainly due to i have little to say, in this case however, i have both good and bad.
The sprites look great, i love the design and whilst i wont deny it does take some getting used to from the standard Neptunia or Xillia sprites, they do look great, kind of reminds me of an anime in some parts. The downside here is the animation, ignoring lip sync's non existence (it's a small issue which even Atelier games are only just getting right, and yes this is with Japanese voice, aka the original), characters seem to have to do actions when talking, the constant out of place arm movements to leg movements is a bit off to me, it feels so cheap and out of place. I think they wanted to show it was more alive but if still sprites wasn't their thing, go for Neptunia style, they breathe, react when needed and have facial expressions but DON'T randomly move arms around and pull random poses. The camera is awful as well, the Drake following you bounces of scenery which looks so cheap and stupid, it also pushes you making it look ugly and badly animated, he is flying, why are invisible walls a problem for him? The rotation feels odd, it doesn't help your character needs to turn to say hi when you rotate the right stick, yes i see you, no need to turn around.In short, the camera angles are bad and terrain movements is bad when near edges, especially with drake.
In short, they tried to be more than needed, the art is nice but the animation ruins it, so i can't give it the praise much there.

Music... oddly is complimented by many, i found it annoying, most field music is fine though the loop is too short, all RPG musics usually loop but not play like 5-10 seconds and loop, but no real issue there, it's the music in your house, during cut-scenes and talking segments, the music is so cheesy, yes the game feels that way but it really is just horrible, i got tempted to skip through so much scenes just to end the music. Voice is worse, as mentioned i played JP voices, this is always a safe bet, a lot of games have only partly dubbed voices and honestly, english casts are just bad in JRPG's for some reason, they never feel fitting. I didn't try the english cast but the Japanese is horrible, english can't be so bad, surely? The guy/main dude drives me insane, his horrible cries out give me headaches and i commonly skip his pointless lines just to silence him.The friends are a bit meh as well, though Toki was quite well done, towa wasn't all bad either.

Battles at first felt unique, if it isn't apparent yet, i play a lot of JRPG games so i am used to lots of styles, so a new one was welcome. Sadly it got old quick, shoot x amount of times, dodge, magic ect, it gets old, there is no life to it, you learn enemy attack patterns after a single battle making it more boring quicker, sadly due to enemies being grouped but only letting you hit one at a time, it gets boring even quicker. As you level, you change between Touwa and Toki, this feels like a sad novelty to me, it was fun for 3 levels but why can't i just play my favourite of the two, i don't care for Towa, the badass over innocent never worked for me and her hair bugs me (she isn't a bad character don't get me wrong, i just like Toki more), you find levels playing people you don't want to, and other than Towa being good with close combat and Toki being better with a gun (which is more useful with it being the default method of combat anyway) there isn't much difference and it just feels sad. The games story apparently apparently is different by which you are at the time (I guess it means the scenes dialogue) but that means grinding to play the next segment as your favourite. In short, it feels like a strange but pointless feature which only lasts about 15 minutes before boring it's user.

The story is cheesy which is fine but it tries to be funny, it's really not, the jokes feel so overused and feel like they are written to infants. Other than that, returning in time to stop the death of your husband (to be) was kind of fun, it wasn't too well written but a little creative and original at least.

In short, the game is fun but only if you are in need of something cheap and quick. The battles get old quick, the soundtrack isn't great and the story is cheesy. It's not a bad game but i would say better exists. If you want cheesy and funny, try Neptunia, it's turn based but the art is great and smooth and the plot is cheesy but has some fun laughs, it doesn't get too old quick like Time and Eternity. If you want a fun realtime battle with good story, try Tales of Xillia, very good battles and great story with up to (and more than) 100hours gameplay. there are more but you get my point, i as said love loads of JRPG's but whilst this wasn't bad, it sits in the lower end pile sadly. I give it 3/5 as it is okay for some side fun and isn't all bad for £15-£20
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on 20 November 2015
I wish I could give this game a 5 star but I am sure many people may disagree with such a score if they played it although I really liked it despite its flaws. The best aspect of thing game is being fully hand-drawn; the animation looks gorgeous and even if the game had a very weak story, I would play it just for its aesthetics. The music was fine and the story was sufficiently engaging but not too interesting. The game has mutiple endings as you can't get the better ending in your first playthough which made me play it a second time on a higher difficulty from beginning to end to attain a trophy. The weakest link here for me is the battle system, which is slow and repititive despite being real time because you can only battle one enemy at a time; you have to be alert though to avoid enemy attacks. I would recommend trying this game first hand by renting it or borrowing a friend's copy as watching a Youtube video about a repititive battle may cloud one's judgement about the game overall.
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on 2 July 2013
I could be lynched for writing this but I actually enjoy playing this game.

Time and Eternity is a Jrpg (which apparently means Japanese role-playing game... but aren't most of them jrpgs?.... i don't understand the difference between regular RPGs and JRPGs) and I like this game. Its not a Final Fantasy (no-where near), Tale of Graces (not a hope) etc. But if you can get past any pre-conceptions - its a lovely game. I chose to ignore the wince-worthy sections of dialogue (mostly a very inappropriate blue dragon) and focus on the fun and often lovely bits instead.

The graphics are nice and hand-drawn. I've read other reviews that critise the graphics - but i like the style. The characters are 2D and the environments 3D - it does take a moment (or twelve) to get used to. Its a strange combination and I recommend changing the camera (R2 seems to pull back the camera a bit and you can see your characters in full). It is Not a "A new class of hi-def animation RPG!" - because unfortunately Ni No Kuni (another stunning rpg) was released earlier in the year. At best - its pleasant.

The three main characters - you get fond of. Toki is sweet (a bit sickly) but is offset by Towa; who is fantastically harsh and brutal (my favourite). The dragon will start off as a creep but i've played it for 15hrs so far and he kinda grows on you - he has moments of insight. The writing (dialogue) could be better but its not awful.

The music is nice (composer Yuzo Koshiro) and I don't mind listening to it for hours. The 'fight' music manages to be really energetic but not irritating. I really liked the music - its not intrusive.

The combat system can be repetitive but it definately keeps you on your 'realtime' toes. There's also a thing called Time Magic which initially I ignored but later on - it will save you. The skill tree is good and helps alot.

Side Quests - I've gotten addicted.

Overall - It's an ok game. It won't win awards and by the time I've finished it...hopefully Tales of Xillia will be out. But if you want a bit of harmless fluff - its worth a gander. Honestly...I don't think the game is worth £34 - but if it drops to £19 or lower and no other rpg is available - Carry on my Wayward Sons (and daughters) and ditch any preconceptions. It's kinda fun. I know i've used phrases like 'Its nice' / 'not awful' and 'not intrusive' - i might as well write 'the company should try harder next time' - But! It's enjoyable and (brace yourself) - Different. I've never played a game quite like it.
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on 1 November 2014
I bought this last year & I'm still enjoying this game. It has everything an RPG gamer wants. The 2 main characters immediately make you care about them & you want to see a happy ending. The battle mechaniks can be a little clumsy but the main part of the game is the fact that you end up emotionally attached to the characters. Something I've never had with Final Fantasy but have with Dragon Quest & Tales of Graces f & Xillia. It is well worth your time if you are an RPG gamer
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on 23 July 2013
if you like hand drawn anime like dragonball z then you'll like this as its all hand drawn and really well done, havent played much of it so far but it has a good story line and the fighting mechanics are simple to pick up without making you press loads of buttons for help and tips. seems pretty long too at least 30 hrs i'd say if you're like me and cant help doing a few side quests along the way.
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on 2 August 2013
Bought it since it looked pretty interesting, the result is rather disappointing.

Nice hi-res sprites though the animations are pretty bad and the backgrounds remind me of PS1 days.

The premise of going back in time to prevent your fiancée from being killed is pretty cool and a break from the usual lets save the world thing.

Combat is in real time and is probably the best part of the game. The rest of the game involves walking through uninspired quest areas and selecting people to talk to for quest from a map screen. It's functional but just incredibly boring.

Dual audio is nice. The Japanese cast don't seem to involved in conversations and the English V/O is suitably cheesy.

Its functional at best. If you want to play a JRPG, I'd suggest waiting for Tales of Xillia
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on 2 March 2014
This game try to innovate and it does it. Is fun and I think is a step on the right direction, if we support their developments buying it, maybe we will see something great in the future.

Deliver was fast and the product arrived in perfect conditions.
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on 22 July 2015
Wasn't a bad game, just very repetitive actions when it came to fighting. Great story though with multiple endings
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on 3 November 2014
It was pretty fun! The story was really wacky but I enjoyed my time with the game.
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