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4.1 out of 5 stars23
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 5 August 2013
I have come to review this as I feel strongly about the quality of this 5th volume of Anjunadeep. I own the previous 4 and have followed the direction this series has been going in. Consequently, before release I had an idea about what album may sound like, and not only was I right but it has surpassed all my expectations. This is why I am surprised to read some of the other comments here, as to me this album represents Anjunadeep at the absolute peak of it's interpretation of deep house. This album is clean, crisp and razor sharp. Throughout the journey, it is littered with taught, tight, percussive beats, meaningful majestic basslines, and dreamy vocals. Sophistication is the word that runs through the music on this production.

The earlier volumes are good but have not been my favourite in terms of sound. When I heard volume 4 last year it quickly became my favourite of the then 4 albums, however if Anjuna have been travelling along throughout the last 4 albums, then they have reached their destination with this 5th release. This is classic Anjuna sound, quirky but consistent and surprisingly emotive. This is the sort of dance that will be appreciated by young clubbers and dance music veterans of all generations. Weirdly, I could even imagine my parents liking this, I guarantee I could put it on and they would like it, however I don't think I could do that with the first 3 albums. If you want a feel for the album, go and youtube two songs, 5 and 13 from disc 1. These are stand out tracks from the off, and have become two of my all time favourites over night. In particular, track 13, Way You Know (Feat. Tania Zygar) - Matt Lange, this is one of the deepest, sexiest cleanest tunes I have ever heard. Perfection.

I have been wondering why there are some negative comments in some of these reviews. I think maybe this could seem like too clinical an album for some. Like all things in life, it is quality not quantity, and in truth most of the tracks here are simple. However that works and fits in perfectly with the Anjuna ethos, they can get away with going simple and scaling things back when what you do have is so good. If music could be likened to food, then Anjunadeep 5 is a fine dining michelin star affair, which won't disappoint.
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on 29 July 2013
If you have been fans of previous Anjunadeep albums then you will either love this 5th outing or listen to it a couple of times and forget it (as most of the reviewers appear to have done already). The reason why you will love it is because it is upbeat, soulful, and full of high quality house music, maintaining a fluid beat throughout the 2 CDs.

This is Anjunadeep more similar to the first release than any of the other ones, keeping it simple with a no frills deep house mix, less complex, less concerned with reinventing the wheel and more concerned with getting the listener to tap their feet and lose their self to the infectious beats. This could be the sound of the summer, which may sound surprising for an album with 'deep' in the title but deep house doesn't have to be restricted to being down tempo, dreamy, and immersive music, it can be appreciated just as much for being catchy, emotional, and joyous. This is how Anjunadeep should sound, with many of the tracks incorporating rich piano chords, silky smooth synths, and punchy bass lines. It's fair to say it is a more 'housey' vibe than expected (with layers of clicking hi-hats dominating most of the tracks) but that's ok with me, it does just as good a job of providing a blissfully chilled experience than previous 'Deep albums, only now this is an album that could just as easily be used as a summer party soundtrack.

This is undoubtedly the issue that will divide fans - is this an attempt to play it safe? It is definitely not as varied and complex as previous outings and because of this it may not be appreciated as much but do not confuse complexity with difficulty - this deserves just as much praise for track selection and production quality. That being said, the mixing at times is a little off with a handful of tracks fading out to make way for the next (again keeping it simple) but I don't think it takes much away from the flow of things.

Overall then this is undoubtedly going to be remembered as the marmite Anjunadeep which is probably going to reflect the 3.5 star average rating it will receive but I for one am just happy that 'Deep has made me forget how bad Anjunabeats 9 was. Yes it does sound like other deep house mixes (Renaissance Master Series for example) but the overall production quality and emotional focus still singles this out as another excellent (but different) Anjunadeep release. 4*/5*
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on 25 July 2013
If you liked the other volumes in the Anjunadeep series and have't listened to any previews of the tracks in this one, I suggest you do. It's far from what the series sounded like until now. Anjunadeep05 takes a housey approach and with Jody Wisternoff (instead of Jaytech) on CD2, leaves behind the progressive trance sound.

Jame's disc starts off with the melodic 'Cardigan' which sets the quality bar very high. The mix moves slow, as it should, with luxury grooves and the usual deep house basslines. Halfway through the mix,things get groovier with 'Out of reach' and 'Nobody Else'. The 6 last tracks are pure bliss! James closes his mix with a Solarity track, with some electro 'deadmau5-like' chords,something like their 'Red' track on Anjunadeep02. Flaw: The transition from the first track (Cardigan) to the second (Let Go) is not very impressive.

Jody's mix is my favorite here, mostly because it is a dancier one and has a smooth flow. Every track is unique and I didn't find the overall mix repetitive, bland or boring at all. It's full of vocals and some nice lyrics. Although 'Alchemy' is a 2-year old track, Jody's remix sounds exciting and fresh, even though we never get to listen to the chorus. With 'Coming for you', Jody throws some UK garage,which surprisingly fits alright with the rest of the mix. Matt Lange's second track for the compilation, 'Only You', is also worth mentioning, mostly because of the chill vibe and atmosphere.Flaw: The mixing between the three last tracks could have been much better. The tracks just fade from one to the other.

So, even though it's different from the other volumes in the series, it's quality is on par with the preceding ones.
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on 26 July 2013
It's deep... but is it ANJUNAdeep? OK, that may seem like a bit of a pedantic or even a rhetorical question, as from the opening bars of James Grant's mix it's pretty clear that we're going to hear more of the pioneering new sound trumpeted my the dance music press around the release of 01 and 02 in the series. But here's the thing, the tunes on offer don't really surprise or thrill with the same immediacy as Grant's mixes on both 03 and 04.

It ticks over quite agreeably, if unremarkably, until Dusky save the day again (sort of) with their foray into a UK garage sound, Nobody Else. Trouble is, I've already heard this as far back as October last year, on their Radio 1 Essential Mix, so the pleasant surprise isn't such a surprise after all.

James Grant does display his production talents to the full, though, and his mix (with Andrew Bayer) of The Presets' "It's Cool" is the standout track for me, and I'm not usually the biggest fan of male vocals. Nevertheless, it transports me to a beach bar in Ibiza or Oludeniz much more than a party (of EITHER sort, if you know what I mean ;o) - before the mix ebbs away into Symbols by Solarity, a track so reminiscent of Red (the "Redder" mix) that you're left thinking, "Really?"

That said, I'd be happy if the Solarity/Dusky boys were to take over the curation of one of the discs on 06 (should there be an 06), as what comes next is a little bit of a shock for many of us who've been fanatical about this imprint from its inception.

Jody Wisternoff is an awesome DJ, producer and innovator, and what he's put together here is a mix that I'll be listening to again and again... and again.

HOWEVER, it's more beach bar than darkened room, often soulful yet happy-clappy and veering with gusto into hi-hat hell when it should be more stripped down. I wonder if that's the main reason release was put back so much, as the sound is very summery.

Opening track Ich Lass Dich Nicht Zurück by Peacemaker Project comes complete with a shimmering, uplifting sheen, courtesy of Jody himself (and the German-language vocal makes a pleasant, novel change, too) but brace yourself for a whole lotta vocals, including Aretha-style acrobatics at one point.

Wisternoff himself remixes Above and Beyond's Alchemy midway through the mix - it seems like A&B were included just to remind us that, yes. this IS an Anjuna release -- but that Jody had to reimagine it himself to get it to fit into the more familiar house vibe he's hitting us with on this disc.

In fact, you'll find his heavy fingerprints all over most of the tracks. It's deep enough, make no mistake about that, but I'm left with the nagging feeling that it doesn't sound distinct enough from the (many) deep house compilations now doing the rounds, quite possibly as a consequence of Anjunadeep's influence.

It would be silly to get all proprietorial over the series and suggest that Wisternoff "just doesn't get" Anjunadeep - clearly he does. But, to my ears, this - bar one or two tracks - is the deep house mix he'd have turned in for pretty much any label. And I'd have still listened to it. Goodness knows, I've battled through some really turgid "progressive" house releases by the like of Sasha and Digweed of late, while I looked at my watch and waited for Anjunadeep 05. I'll admit that even prior to release I was kind of apprehensive about it, as Jody Wisternoff's recent album, Trails We Blaze, left me completely cold - so on one level it's surpassed expectations.

But because the bar has been set SO high on previous outings, it's three stars from me. Good as it is, I wonder how many others are thinking, 'We waited 17 MONTHS... for that?'
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on 23 August 2013
I love anjunadeep02, 03 & 04 so was really looking forward to receiving AD05. But this is one of those cases where I should've had a listen before purchasing. It would seem the essence of what the anjunadeep sound is all about has been forgotten on this one.

Personally, I think AD05 is very different in sound and feel to the previous four. For one thing, I like to listen to anjunadeep if I want to relax, but AD05 just made me feel agitated. It seems to be full of tracks with "sine wave" based sub-basses and sounds, nothing wrong in these themselves, but reminiscent of dance tracks from the late '90s. It's more in-yer-face than kick-back and relax, well for me it is anyway. I know I wouldn't have wanted AD05 to be exactly the same as the previous four, I just think this is too much of a leap in a different direction.

However, there are four tracks that you should look out for on CD2 that are great: We are heroes, Alchemy, Only You and Move into Tokyo dawn.

Here's hoping anjunadeep06 (hopefully there will be one) will bring back the essence of what I thought anjunadeep was all about ... I'll be listening to it first before buying though.

Or course, this is only my humble opinion ... some of you are going to love it!
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on 2 September 2013
There is always a first CD for any party, a CD that creates and stimulates an atmosphere rather than dominate it, a subtle mix of groovy base-lines mixed with some up-tempo beats and a few uplifting vocals for good measure. My personnel favourite has always been for house, e.g. Journeys by DJ, Late Night Sessions and Nite Life to name but a few. There are many mixes across many genres and when it comes to Trance, I have always refrained from playing Trance to early, but hey... that's me, everyone is different. However, I would happily play Disc 2 on this release as a first CD at any party. Rare mixes and hard to find, this one will sit happily amongst the many few that I have found through out the years. Disc 1 is more suited to a lazy evening, well laid back and slow paced ( even my parents would like it as another reviewer presented ). I would expect that many a listener would be well pleased to hear this release, especially from such a well established label. It's far from ground-breaking and it does have its moments and whilst this may seem like a biased review rather than a technical one, all I will say is that this is proper grown up dance music and well worth the purchase.
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on 25 August 2013
I own all the Anjunadeep albums and love all of them and still regularly listen to them. This latest however is the best yet. Both the cd's are great, especially the last few tracks on CD1 which are brilliant melodic house tracks. If you have liked any of the previous Anjunadeep albums then you will not be disappointed with this latest release.
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on 24 November 2013
bye bye jaytech enjoy the letdown what the new anjunabeats is , not anjunadeep this label has caught my attention since day one , this music really is unique exiting deep house , shut your eyes whenever it be in the car , at home or even in a club at ear bleeding volume , this music is versatile and nothing comes close to this level. anjunadeep really is the very few compilations i will actually look forward to buying each year , anjunabeats has took a turn for the worse into a horrid trouse mess i thought anjunadeep would go down the same path but no thank god it hasnt it only gets better and better each year. i get fed up of the same rubbish on the radio all the time , labels like these need more credit in being unique and not letting the mainstream pull them in like anujunabeats suffered , buy this compilation , give it a try 9/10
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on 7 August 2013
Anjunadeep seems to have taken up the 'beaton' where Anjunabeats left off, now being where their best work is. This release for me feels like their best in the series, I'm sure I say that for each of them. No:5 is subtle and seamlessly flows from start to finish, submerging you in a deep, warm, sonic ocean, dreamlike, from which you emerge just wanting to take another dip. Can't add to that.
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on 28 August 2013
Excellent product in so many aspects - musically, it's simply Unique, James and Jody have done a pretty impressive selection of exceptional tracks including their own stuff, especially the exclusive cuts by Mr. Wisternoff. I should add that the unmixed format (both sampler EPs) are absolutely worth it!
Nice cover, great design! 10/10! Strongly recommended!
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