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on 30 April 2014
I am very satisfied from this purchase because this TV is full of features, good value for money and offers brilliant colours,contract and fast refresh rates even at full HD 1080p. Please note that the refresh rate of this TV is 100Hz, where most of the other 42" TVs have 50Hz because of which they are £50 or so cheaper. But a faster refresh rate means the screen doesn't flicker while watching fast paced action/sports scenes as it refreshes 100 times a second instead of 50. This was one of my main reasons for spending extra money on refesh rate and I do not regret that! The color reproduction is amazing, along with a great contrast. On one day I was watching a full HD wildlife video and I was amazed by the sharness, colors and contract of this TV. The assembling (TV stand) and installation is very easy and I got it up and running in 10-15 minutes. It has two HDMI ports which is good. I have an internet streaming device attached to one of those and a laptop (sometimes) on other. Although this isn't a smart tv (internet enabled), I have a full HD Roku (internet streaming) player with a fast broadband and I watch HD videos from netflix, youtube and BBC iplayer and I havent found anything to complain about this TV, in the last 20 days I have been using it. The TV also has a nice lightweight TV remote which doesn't require line of sight, and USB port for watching media from USB drives. Highly recommended!
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on 16 October 2013
After using a 37" Samsung for 5 years without a problem we decided to upgrade to a bigger screen with the full 1080 HD Freeview. At this price there was nothing else to compete and following the already excellent reviews we decided to take the plunge.

This set in its box will go across the back seat of a Fiesta so don't worry about carriage. The actual set is only a couple of inches wider than our old 37" because the bezel is only 1cm wide. It's also very light and must be half the weight of our old LCD set. The base is 24x55cm. I comes with a 2-pin power lead and a remote with batteries.

Set up is a doddle without any need to refer to the manual. By the way the manual is on the tv itself via a menu and you only get a brief paper version but really you don't need it for regular set ups. Some reviews said the stand was tricky to install. What? If you can put Lego together you can put the stand on. Lie the tv face down and raise the bottom bit with a couple of fat books to attach the stand. Fit base plate to round bit with 4 screws and round bit to tv with 4 screws. Easy.

It found all the channels quickly and perfectly first time and we only have a small set top type aerial in the loft and we are 10 miles from the transmitter. HD pictures are simply stunning. I find myself watching anything just to marvel at the clarity. As an example on Strictly Come Dancing you can see every jewel and every line of stitching in the costumes (and every line in Craigs face). Pictures are bright and vibrant with no shimmer or flicker. There are numerous adjustments you can make to picture and sound but I have just left it at factory settings except I have turned the tint on the red down by 10 as some reds were getting overloaded. I have also turned on Tru-surround as this is better in my opinion. I normally spend a lot of time getting the picture tuned but with this set I have not had to. Viewing angles are very wide and the screen is not shiny to cause reflections.

For anyone in the UK who has never used FreeviewHD there are only 4 HD channels available at present and these are found on 101-104 so BBC1 is on 101 and C4 is on 104 etc. More HD channels are coming in 2014.

Standard Freeview scales up to the higher resolution very well although the HD channels will spoil you and you will notice the lack of resolution on the normal channels. Sound is perfectly acceptable for normal use although anyone into their movies will want a proper surround sound kit. I couldn't even tell you where the speakers are on this set as they are well hidden! The remote is small with big buttons and easy to use with one hand.

Now for a slight negative for anyone who likes to connect a pc to their set. You can only get sound from the pc to the set via HDMI. Amazingly there is no audio in jack for a computer. The only way to get pc audio is through HDMI so you either need to get an adapter for your computers VGA/DVI socket or have a pc that has HDMI output. Having said that I would strongly recommend that you connect your pc via DVI/HDMI and not with the blue VGA socket. The picture is just so much better and audio through HDMI is extremely sharp. It is important that you select on the remote - source/arrow to your required input/tools/rename and select pc-DVI (or whichever from the list) to get the computer to show then set the computers resolution to 1920/1080. It makes a superb computer monitor and BBC iPlayer live streaming at full screen is like watching standard Freeview (as long as you have got fast broadband of course).

I have not tested the set with any other external equipment.

So for the money there is simply no other tv in my opinion that comes close to this 42" F5000. You won't regret it.
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First of all, why did I buy this particular television and not one of the many others in this size / price range?

There are several reasons:

- the reviews about quality were very positive
- I have seen 3D and it wasn't a feature that I particularly wanted (do I really want to wear glasses over my glasses? and do I rent Blu-ray discs - no to both)
- I didn't want a "Smart" television as I have a PC permanently connected Lenovo VE74AUK Q190 Ultra Small Form Factor Desktop PC (Black) - Intel Celeron B887 1.5GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, LAN, WLAN, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8); a really excellent PC designed for just such a role and which can be updated as time goes on, whereas the Smart function is going to get more and more out of date as time goes on, and is far less flexible - my advice is to find an old PC and just connect it rather than buying a Smart TV, or buy the Lenovo at the same time if you can afford it.

Now, why I am so delighted?

- the picture quality is probably the very best I have seen; it's sharp, contrast is great; very little blurring; it is stunning
- the HD freeview channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 and CH4 at the time of writing) look especially good
- 2 x HDMI plus a SCART means that I can connect everything I need to connect
- sound quality is good; often this can be an issue with flat-screen televisions
- remote control is well thought out and easy to use (I have a Toshiba and the EPG seems to be in a totally random place...)
- installation was a doddle (you need a Philips screwdriver to attach the base, but the electronic installation is completely guided)
- standby energy consumption is very, very low
- it is by appointment to the Queen and if it good enough for her, then it should be good enough for me!!!

So, no downsides that I can find and all good.

Highly recommended.

===== UPDATED =====

A few people have asked about the SCART connector as I mention one in the review above but neither Amazon nor eBuyer mention on their websites. To confuse further, the images do not show a SCART connector.

Just to be totally clear, I have bought this and it definitely does have a single SCART connector on the back. I have also uploaded a couple of pictures of the back of my TV to show the arrangement. It is very different from the Amazon picture of the connectors on the back.

Also, for info, the Samsung website tech spec does state is has a SCART input, but their pictures are incorrect as they do not show the back of this model....
review image review image
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on 11 April 2013
This is the new and improved version of the EH5000, I have never seen the old model in action but the F5000 is supposed to have a much better video specification, apart from this the technical specs are the same. I chose the new and more expensive model because of the better video specs, because it's a slim model with a narrow bezel (the EH5000 is chunky at just 2 cm thinner than my 8 yrs old LCD Tv) and because I change TV every 7 or 8 years and so it made sense to buy the latest available model. One word of caution: do not buy this model because of the Ethernet port as this is completely useless, it's only for software updates; this TV is not DLNA compliant. Not an issue for me as I think Smart TV's are 90% marketing and 10% functionality, at least for now; an Android TV box or a media player will give you a REAL smart Tv for an extra 80£.
Back to the TV: coming from an 8yrs old LCD 26" Tv I have to say that the F5000 gives an amazing viewing experience. It's great when watching Tv channels but, OMG!, I loaded Avatar on dvd and the image blew me away! I cannot comment on audio as I use an external theater system.
Fantastic TV, if anything I regret not getting the 37" but wife wouldn't want to hear about it!
In a nutshell, this is the 2013 update on the EH5000 (now discontinued) with better video specs, slim design and a narrow bezel, plus a Ethernet port for updates only. Image quality is outstanding, looks good in the living room, discrete and non-invasive! Recommended.
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on 4 April 2014
This TV is great and has all you will need. I'm currently using it both as an external monitor for my MacBook Air and as a TV linked to a Roku box. The sound is not thin at all and even the bass that comes out is decent for a TV this size. The image is brilliant.

It's got 2 HDMI in, headphone out, SPDIF out, and all the shenanigans you'll need.
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on 24 January 2014
I did lots of research before buying this TV and I am glad I did as this is just what we wanted. Fantastic picture, good sound quality and easy to use.
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on 25 January 2014
Having been recommended this Samsung tv by my son. l was indeed grateful that he had, as the picture is fantastic.
l was able to set it up myself and am very pleased
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on 13 January 2014
Just put up this tv in my bedroom, picture quality is incredible from all angles and the picture for my xbox looks amazing and no blur on games like fifa and grand theft auto. Sound quality is great too, was thinking of buying a soundbar but don't think I really need to now!
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on 2 August 2015
It is a great looking telly. The sound is fantastic, the display is easily as good as the high end expensive brands. But beware the inverter or the diodes go just like that which means that you will turn on your telly one day and the sound is fine but you will be watching a dark screen and can just about make out movement... You will know it when you see it. Trust me on that!. If your lucky the fault will go within the warrantee but these things are designed to fail at about 13 months. Mine failed at 15 if anyone is interested and no I had not bought extended cover so I will have to shell out another £300 for a telly. Really unhappy.

Doesn't deserve the star I had to give it. All flash no bleeding substance! Didn't even last a year and a half and this is the replacement to the one that failed inside of the warrantee!
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on 13 June 2013
When my four and half year old 40 inch LCD Sony died of panel failure I was forced to seek a replacement. The Samsung brand was one of the front runners when it came to recommendations. The overall dimentsions of this 46 inch TV was not too different from the Sony as the TV per se is almost all screen with a thin margin. I had no need of a smart TV as the Samsung would get its signal from a sky box via a HDMI connection to a Onkyo receiver and this set-up met all our needs. Once it went up on the wall (easy as it is so light and it could be fitted to the old fittings etc) everyone was amazed at the quality of the image. Year 2013 LED is certainly a significant step-up from 2008 LCD. No hesitation giving this product 5 stars. Hope it lasts longer than its predecessor.
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