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Battlefield 4 (PS4)
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on 16 June 2015
It's alright, nothing special at all, coming from someone who has played Battlefield games since 2005 it has a lot to live up to. Map Design is shocking and massively reminiscent of a mixture of Call of Duty and a selection of either Valleys or Open Plains. The game should be called Battlevalley 4 to be honest.

Seems like every map the makers have made choke points and bottle necks just to ramp up the carnage, which is ridiculous. If you compare these maps to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on PS2 they are so far off in comparison it's unreal. Please, please, please remake BF2:MC and don't add any of this overhyped CoD influences like auto aim, over extensive add ons or colour additions to guns and also get rid of the lock on knife kills.

Graphics are decent, albeit could be better in this day and age. Many of the maps have very good looking "Levolution" set pieces, allowing you to change the layout of the map at will for example "In Flood Zone, you have the ability to blow up a dam, allowing all the water on the other side to come rushing through and covering a major part of the map, which was a town of low and hise buildings, which makes you rethink your tactics for the game" Good idea and at times a good spectacle, more than once i've a few people on both teams standing and watching the "Levolutions" while mid way through a game! However, wouldn't be a great loss if they got rid of them and added in the Destruction Elements we all saw in Battlefield Bad Company, as BF4 has almost zero Destruction.

This game has also been completely dumbed down in the wrong areas and people are still allowed to camp and snipe from areas which they're not helping their team and are untouchable unless you're in a helicopter and seeing as everyone wants to be in them, it's hard to just jump in one whenever you like, so for the most part, these camping snipers get left alone for an entire game.

The fact that the first bullet hit means absoloutely nothing anymore is leading me in the direction of not playing Battlefield games anymore. If you have the fastest firing gun you'll still win gun fights even if you get shot in the back, as you can turn around and spray a 1000 round per minute gun at the opposition and kill them, even if they've hit you with 3/4/5 bullets already.

EA and DICE don't seem to realise that these are GUNS these people are using and regardless of what gun you're firing, a single shot to the face and head (most of the characters aren't wearing helmets) at a distance of at least 20 yards or less will kill in one shot. Not two shots to the head from an ASSAULT RIFLE which they have only just re-introduced in the latest patch.

Granted it can't be all total realism but the balance needs to be a hell of alot better.
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on 27 January 2014
Before I begin I want to let you know that I love Battlefield, and have done since Battlefield 2 on PS2. Bad company 2 was a particular highlight for the series and showcased what could be done with current gen consoles. I would also like to point out that my rating is only really based on the multiplayer (as that's what Battlefield is all about right?).

So why only 3 stars? Firstly, it's now over 3 months from the game's release and bugs are still very visible. For example there is always a good minute at the start of each game where I have no audio, hardly game-breaking I know, but still an annoyance and unacceptable really for publishers with the budget of EA. Another, much more serious bug, is the intermittent lag that is very frequent in 64 player games, even though I have a rock solid 60mbps fibre connection, which my PS4 is hard-wired in to. It happens even though I only go on games hosted in europe and the best ping. The game isn't broken by any stretch, it's just not what it could be.

This is all the more annoying, as when this game works it's fantastic. When you're in a helicopter gunning people down in a 64 player conquest game, all at a silky smooth 60 fps it is breathtaking. However these moments are all too rare, and the game could be improved so much by ironing out the bugs.

However, the bugs aren't all that is keeping this game from greatness. Some design choices seem to be contradictory to what battlefield is all about - playing with your mates in a squad!! DICE have decided that it used to be far to easy to play with your buddies (all joining a pre-game lobby and then going into a game as a squad on the same team), and have now made it so that you have to go into into a game separately and then use the in-game menu to all join the same squad. Words cannot even describe how stupid and ill-conceived this idea is. Firstly, half the time when you join you get put on the opposite team to your friends - meaning you have to quit and rejoin and endure the lengthy loading screen once more. You then have to repeat this procedure until you finally get on the right team - hoping that the game doesn't fill up before you do.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who loves battlefield, or anyone who likes fps games and has some patience - Battlefield will reward you greatly!
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on 30 May 2015
I'm totally bias, but this is the best game I've ever played. Since I played Battlefield Bad Company I rarely play anything else!
I've been through everything since Wolfenstien 3D and Doom back in the day to COD, Halo and Farcry.
The thinking console gamers choice.
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on 14 July 2014
Battlefield Battlefield.. This game upon release was an unfinished buggy glitchfest of a game it became a laughing stock and EV/DICE have indeed lost many fans because of the state of this game. The multiplayer had terrible issues with the netcode causing terrible lag, the game crashed very very often in both single player and multiplayer, single player crashed could result in loss of progress.

Now after 8 MONTHS! it finally is a decent game though still not perfect, I haven't played the single player since release and aside from crashes I personally got through the campaing ok except one part where I had to ignore a firefight and just run through an area since if I engaged the enemy the game would crash.

The netcode has been patched and they plan to improve it further, the multiplayer is tons of fun and you never cease to be amazed at some of the crazy stuff that can happen at any moment. There is a pretty steep learning curve to the game but level 1 guys can take out a level 100 guy as easily as a level 1 on level 1 fight if the conditions are in your favour. Just like 1 man can take out a tank if you have a chance and some C4.

It is easy to hate on DICE and I still am sore about the state this game has been in but I'm glad they are finally fixing issues, I feel a bit ripped off about buying premium really and don't think it offers enough for the money, also levelling up is very slow, even with XP bonuses I have been playing for around 150 hours and am only level 50.
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on 12 April 2014
I recently purchased a PS4 having played BF BC2 and then BF3 on the PS3 and 360 consoles, and I still play BF BC2 on the PC.

I wanted to like BF4, but it feels like it doesn't really offer anything new from BF3. Especially playing the Second Assault expansion pack. There are more gadgets to add to weapons, a few customizations. But apart from that, nothing feels new unfortunately. Even "levolution", it may as well not be there. It adds a new element on some maps, where a storm or rainfall takes over mid way through, but apart from that you rarely notice it.

There are STILL a few annoying glitches months down the line - when starting a new game, the first spawn, textures, sounds and weapons can take up to 30 seconds or so to load before they pop in to existence - it's quite frustrating at times.

I haven't really played Conquest Large (64 Players). I don't know if it's just bad timing, but all the CQ Large servers have been very laggy. I haven't noticed this when playing Rush, TDM or Obliteration. So I eventually gave up on CQ Large.

Also, the team/player matching appears to be extremely one sided. Either you get paired with not so very good players and every round is a white wash. Or you get placed with extremely high rank players and you're on the winning end of this. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this? I'm not the best BF4 player by any means, but I do consistently make top 1-4 places and it's frustrating when your team mates don't seem to have a clue how to attack an MCOM and you're the only player doing so.

Overall, BF4 is an enjoyable experience and still has it's moments, but I can't help but feel the developers rushed the production just in order to release it in line with the next gen consoles.

The graphics are a big step up from previous gen consoles, but PC gamers like myself will be somewhat used to or expectant of how the game should look.

Pretty much the only FPS available on current gen, and it's definitely enjoyable although slightly frustrating at times. The fun factor of BF BC2 isn't quite there, but there is still plenty of replay value.

I hope a bit more time is spent on BF5, and hopefully some of the elements that made BF BC2 so much fun will return.
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on 20 February 2014
Being a general fan of FPS with no preference to companies/developers etc, having played both BF4 and COD: Ghosts - the two games should not be classed as direct competition. They're two completely DIFFERENT shooters! The only similarities are you are on a team, you kill the enemy, and you hold a gun in a 1st person view.

BF4 is great if you have the time. Games can last up to an hour, sometimes more depending on servers. It's massively team based, with each team split into squads. A gung-ho approach will not get you far in this game.

A lot of players are obsessed with vehicles and refuse to play if they cannot get in one. With the size of the maps, it would be long and tiresome without a vehicle, but there seems to be too much emphasis on using vehicles. At the end of the day ,it is a FPS not a vehicle war.

The graphics are good but not mind blowing for next gen. The building destruction is ok, but i hardly notice it when I'm in-game. When I do, it just looks like clunky minecraft blocks flying through the air.

The map/hud on screen is clunky and and hard to understand if your new to the series. You can enlarge it in the settings but this takes away some of your view on screen and you may not notice some enemy because they could be behind the hud on screen.

Loading times could be improved. It does seem to take forever starting the game up and getting into a battle.

Not a bad game, but most definitely does not deserve the "superstar" status hard core fans brag on about.

Lag is a big issue in BF4. I don't think I've played a game yet where I have not experienced any lag.

I read a lot that COD players complain about snipers. This game is no different, and even could be worse. You get just as many campers as you do in COD. This will always be the case as it is the mentality of some players.

FPS are all about getting stuck into the action, not taking a back seat somewhere on a hill in the distance picking people off.

As I said earlier, COD and battlefield should never be classed as FPS competition. They're two completely different games, completely different tactics, completely different player mentality.

If the two games continue to be classed against each other, then you may as well throw in Killzone, Aliens and such - at the end of the day, they're all FPS and can be played online. but the main thing is they are all completely different to each other.

The biggest shame for Battlefield is EA - the worst company in the world that milks its customers for every single penny they earn without much in return.
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on 16 January 2014
Battlefield has always been better than the competition and on the PlayStation 4 the difference is even more dramatic.

I've played every battlefield ( and most COD ) title(s) since Battlefield 1942 over various platforms and this is shaping up to be the best yet. I say shaping up, because as with all BF titles they seem to be under pressure from above to rush them out, but over the months that follow they patch it up. Saying that I've experienced only about 3 crashes and 1 glitch in 50 hours of online gameplay.

What you can always rely on are great graphics, unbeatable sound, varied gameplay with vehicles and the ability to work together properly as a team. Now some people ignore the team element and run around doing their own thing, but when you work together you build up bonuses, you can revive each other if a medic is handy and in a fight 3 beats 1.

The new maps are stunning, Paracel Storm is probably the best map I've ever played in any of the series.

New players need not worry also, the weapons they start you with are all very good and you get a set of sights and other gadgets to work with straight away. You can then unlock other specialisations and weapons to customise your gameplay. Quickstarting a match also attempts to keep players of a similar skill level and rank to you together also. Even if it doesn't, Battlefield is a game where a rank 1 can kill a rank 100.

The weapon balance seems good too, there isn't one gun that destroys everything else. Everything has a role.

If you like mindless run and gun, camp in a corner, small arena online play ( and many do as they don't want to think, just shoot ) then you're better off with COD. If you like dynamic, strategic, evolving gameplay, proper team play with more mature players, full on vehicle 64man epic battles with stunning graphics and sound then this is your game.

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on 31 December 2013
This is an amazing game and really is one of the best PS4 games out at the moment!

The graphics are amazing and photo realistic. I really feel like I'm where they are and the destructibility is so fun! Imagine the feeling of 4 enemies hiding in a house shooting you and you can just blow the house down and take them all out in one foul swoop! Awesome!

The campaign has the best story of the PS4 release games and although there aren't many missions they are a good length and are really fun to play! And being able to see your friends scores for each mission while your playing makes even the offline game mode competitive against your friends as you really want to be above them in the mission leader board!

Being a huge fan of Boardwalk Empire I was thrilled that Michael K Williams was cast as Irish for the campaign but beyond that the casting for the story in general is very well thought out and makes you connect with your squad a lot more which is good when you're virtually fighting alongside them.

The online is fun and better than Battlefield 3 for the limited experience I've had so far with BF4 online. I do have a slight problem with other players camping around spawn points and killing players the second they re-spawn and don't give them a chance to even take a step forward but thus far that has only happened to me on one map (not sure of the name though)

The campaign by itself is enough reason to buy this game and it is the best shooting game I've experienced! This makes me very excited for what is possible in future shooting games but for the moment this is THE shooting game on the market!
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on 2 January 2014
I can try to describe this game in one sentence: 'A golden palace with holes in the ceiling'. The rich opulence of the graphics and the raw processing power are present; but the holes as such, the bugs, the rushed ignorance are there also. Let me elaborate, there is a major bug; was halfway through the campaign, save and exit, turn of console; turn it back on again and guess what it's deleted my save data and apparently I have to restart the campaign from the start. What a way to annoy somebody than to quite frankly waste ones time. I know the campaigns not the heart of Battlefield, but if it's full of bugs (I.e. Plenty of game freezing errors, game data deletes, ect) it could be argued they might as well not have bothered.

The multiplayer is a lot better (hence the 2 stars as an oppose to one); the maps are diverse and large in scale; but it still favours assault classes; and recon snipers will probably find it hard graft initially with the underpowered sniper. There is also a major flaw that you cannot form a squad with friends in the lobby and have to instead revert to getting all your friends on the same server (lengthy queues), same team and squad which is usually very troublesome indeed.

In conclusion, an unpolished, unfinished game of high potentially but very little deliverance. Yet again disappointed by what seemed initially as the great games of the next generation of consoles.
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on 23 January 2014
This game really is a joy to behold when everything is working as intended and although the crashes and glitches are far fewer than earlier in the games life I have to knock a star off because they still do occur.

Single player - Fairly standard fps story that is fairly boring worth playing through for the weapons for multiplayer use mind you. Bug occurs where the save file can become corrupted.

Multiplayer- A technical marvel. I still find it astonishing how 64 players on conquest works so well(Operation Locker aside) , apart from said map the maps all work well for this mode plus there are plenty of vehicles and hidden weapons on the map to try out . I would recommend changing air vehicle controls to veteran as the new controls are a bit iffy. Rush can be a pain on some maps like Paracel Storm , for example on said map if you dont hit the first two bomb sites quick it becomes very difficult to progress. The close quarter game modes like tdm and domination also make for a pleasant change of pace.There are some problems with the net code however. There will be instances when you will be shot round walls and hit detection can be great for a few games then out of nowhere its very bad although this is getting better.

In summary this is the best multiplayer game on the market despite the few problems and I would recommend this game over any fps on the market today.
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