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4.6 out of 5 stars341
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation4Change
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on 27 May 2014
Before release I had a feeling Wolfenstein was going to be good. The feeling was so strong that I pre-ordered even though Watch Dogs was barely a week away. What I didn’t expect, though, was a 10/10 experience and a game that is now my favourite on the PS4. The gameplay is smooth and fluid, the aiming accurate and the blood-splatter suitably gory and over-the-top. The guns feel heavy and satisfying, and when a Nazi literally explodes leaving nothing but a rifle to remember him by, it leaves you feeling decidedly gleeful. There are plenty of collectables to search for and lots of trophies for the hunters among us. The story is solid, interesting and, at times, thought-provoking and emotional. The cut scenes blend in nicely with gameplay and are graphically outstanding.

The game runs at 1080p and 60FPS. I admit numbers like this don’t do a lot for me. I’ve no idea how the same game would look at 30FPS, for example. What I can say is that on my 47” TV, it looks fabulous. Detailed scenery, realistic skin and environmental textures, no juddering, no popping in and out – just smooth graphics that run with absolute perfection. It’s a beautiful looking game. The sound, also, is damn good. I used headphones so I could slaughter my enemies without disturbing the neighbours. It really is an immersive and intense experience with the sound cranked up and so I apologise to my neighbours for the intermittent screaming and war cries. It seems I may have disturbed them after all.

There is a wide range of difficulty levels that make Wolfenstein incredibly accessible. It means the game is fun, exciting and challenging for all skill levels, from total beginners to hardened First Person Shooter enthusiasts. If you don’t want to get shot in the back and die 20 times per hour every hour, there is a difficulty level for you. No one will ever be alienated by overly-hard gameplay, and those who need it good and hard will most certainly get it.

My only gripe is that Blazkowicz is not a massively agile character when it comes to flying leaps, so on the very rare occasion that you are called to sprint and jump, he often doesn’t make it. It almost feels like his physical bulk and the weight of his many guns is too heavy to carry him over any substantial gaps. Then again, it could just be User Error or User Too Excited Shooting Nazis to perform the jump correctly.

There is no multiplayer to extend the life of the game, but I am thankful for that. I don’t think every game needs a multiplayer option (and some developers need to concentrate on getting the single player campaign right first). It is worth noting, however, that due to a horrific decision you will have to make at the beginning of the game, there are two timelines. I’ve only played one all the way through so I have no idea how much the other timeline differs, but it does mean you have a good excuse for a second play-through.

Wolfenstein is a solid buy. You just can’t go wrong. Gameplay, graphics, sound, story, accessibility – boxes all ticked and money well spent. I had planned to trade this in next month, but I think I’ll hang on to it.
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on 21 May 2014
I didnt expect Wolfenstein to be this good. Im finding it really enjoyable game and a lot of fun. It is quite challenging in places which will keep me entertained for a while. A shine game on ps4
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I used to love the original Castle Wolfenstein, one of my earlier gaming memories in fact so it has been sad that the series has been pretty terrible for years. I skipped The New Order expecting it to be equally mediocre and I was very much wrong. It takes many of the more old fashioned shooter mechanics and mixes them with more modern story telling and character resulting in an extremely well made and above all fun game.

The story starts in alternate 1946 with the allies doing a last ditch assault on a Nazi general known as Deathshead. The allies are losing the war and this is all or nothing. You play a US Ranger B.J Blazkowicz, he has history with Deathshead and hopes to settle the score. The assault doesn't go to plan though and Blazkowicz ends up with shrapnel through the skull leaving his brains scrambled. Fourteen years later in 1960 he wakes up in a Polish psychiatric hospital to find the Nazi's not only won the war, but they rule the world.

The plot is kind of bonkers but that's part of the joy. There are mutant soldiers, robot dogs, you even go to the moon to fight them but strangely it never feels silly, there's a tough grittyness about it. The characters all have their own personalities and troubles and are developed really well. About half way through the game Anya, Blazkowics's girlfriend, starts reading from her sisters diary in excerpts and it's really quite sad the tale they weave for her.

The gameplay itself is completely old school but in a great way. Health doesn't regenerate fully, you get a number counter up to 100 (more later with upgrades) that goes down as you're hit. You need to explore and find med packs or armour pieces to absorb damage to keep yourself going. Weapons you find on any level are kept on a wheel system, you can swap between them as you see fit. Find a second gun of the same type? Keep it, you can dual wield everything including shotguns or secondary fire rocket launchers on your assault rifles. It's awesome fun the carnage this can raise.

The visuals to Wolfenstein: The New Order are pretty good if not mind blowing. Some of the textures are pretty basic, and smoke and fire effects do the job but they're not hugely exciting or anything. The great set pieces, level designs and enemies make up for it though. Destroyed, bridges, bomber assaults, submersibles, prisons, lunar bases, it's all there.

The game is played in chapters, sixteen to be precise of varying length. It probably took me about a dozen hours or so to finish. Each level is littered with various collectables such as enigma code pieces, gold treasure, health upgrades, and occasionally alternative history music. (Listening to The House of the Rising Sun in German was genuinely awesome).

To sum up I had pretty low expectations going in but The New Order is a surprisingly well crafted shooter that stands on it's own two feet rather well. It's both silly in the right places yet serious and respectful in others but above all it's just good fun.


+ Characters are surprisingly well realised.
+ Dual wielding all weapons is fun.
+ Old fashioned med packs and armour encourage exploring.
+ Great levels.
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on 21 May 2014
I like the original versions, but this is something else, this game brings the PS4 to life. It's far better than I was expecting by a massive margin. I has a uncomplicated story line, plenty of action and thrills, and the graphics and gameplay are superb, it's certainly made me use the PS4 today. They have really done an excellent job making this game, okay there's no online play, but the single player is so brilliant I'm happy to sacrifice the online mode.

I cannot praise it high enough, Though early reviews have been very favourable, I'm just surprised it wasn't rated even higher than it was, but I suppose it depends what one likes in a game. I can't believe I almost didn't pre-order this, it's an amazing game which will likely get played more than once.. A SUPERB GAME.

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on 4 July 2014
The New Order does to first-person shooters what Escape Plan did to action movies: it simultaneously reminds you of what was so great about the old ones (and what's so lame about most new ones) while transcending their limitations in its own way. That this is done by an entry in the franchise which started the genre just makes it all the better.

New Order does away with many of the annoying tropes of modern shooters. Health doesn't regenerate all the way up like in other games: it regenerates in blocks of 20, meaning that if your health gets down to 22, it will regenerate up to 40, but if it gets down to 19, it'll regenerate up to 20. It's sort of like how health works in Mass Effect 3, sans the shields. There's also armor, which lessens the damage you take but doesn't absorb it completely.

There's no 5 differently-named weapons that are all machine guns, like in Killzone and Bioshock Infinite. There's one machine gun, along with other standard weapons like a handgun and a sniper rifle. Also: a laser weapon which can obliterate everything on screen when fully charged. Awesome.

Last, but certainly not least, there's no 2-weapon limitation. New Order allows you to carry all the weapons you find throughout the level. But wait, there's more! Not satisfied with merely restoring weapon carrying to what it should be in a shooter (because you know, we want to be SHOOTING things), the developers went one step further, thinking: what's the opposite of a 2-weapon limitation? Why, letting you carry 2 of every weapon! That's right, you can dual-wield any weapon in this game. Wanna run around shooting two handguns, Max Payne style? You got it. Wanna use twin rocket launchers to take down massive robots? Go right ahead. Wanna use two sniper rifles simultaneously? Why the hell not! It's a great mechanism that allows you to balance between accuracy and damage as needed, and it comes in handy in the very fun boss fights, another element of classic shooters that's absent from most modern titles. And to fully underline just how old-school this game is, in very yo-dawg fashion, you actually get to play the first level of the original Wolfenstein 3D, with the controls and character graphics of New Order.

Strangely enough, there's an actual plot to this game, and stranger still, it's pretty damn good. The game takes place in an alternate history where the Nazis won WWII, and main character B.J. Blazkowicz wakes up from a coma in 1960 to find the world dominated by them. While the game never shows any remorse towards the Nazis - as it should be - it does portray Blazkowicz as a somewhat tired man, who is getting sick of the life of fighting and killing. Along the way he meets a woman named Anya, herself an anti-Nazi fighter and a much better female character than a game like this can usually be expected to have. The characters in general are quite solid, and you actually feel something for most of them by the end of the game.

There are faults to this game. The cutscene graphics are decidedly last-gen, despite the game looking great outside of them. And while the plot is good for what it is, it's disappointing that outside of newspaper clippings, one rarely gets a glimpse of life under a Nazi world government. That's the one place where New Order sticks to old shooter conventions when it probably shouldn't have. The game is also on the short side and, despite a choice made in the beginning which alters some things about the game, replay value remains rather low, especially given the lack of multiplayer or co-op campaign. A future sequel with better graphics and more exploration, possibly with Anya as a playable character, could be really great. Add in split-screen co-op and it could be game of that year.

The game's faults are significant, and given the option, I would have given New Order a 4.5 out of 5. However, I can't bring myself to give this game a 4; not in a world where a game like Bioshock Infinite gets 9 or 10 out of 10 from most reviewers, and this game wallows just under 8 out of 10. New Order is a great old-school shooter that deserves to be played by any fan of the genre - although if you're hesitant, maybe a rental is in order.
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on 21 May 2014
A huge healthy reminder of why we play games. As much as I like your CODs, Battlefields and Killzones - lord knows they do take themselves very seriously. This game? You spend much of your time with a huge grin on your face, laughing at just how ludicrously OTT it is.

I chuckled at the references to WW2 films (I've got Where Eagles Dare and Inglourious Basterds so far...) and the cartoon violence. The physics of the game feel great, the guns feel solid. Constant 'what ifs' give pause for thought.

There's no multplayer. But another favourite game of mine, Tomb Raider, did have MP. And it was shockingly bad. So it's not always
a bad thing. And I think the price of the game
reflects the fact there's no MP.

So treat yourself to a loud, brash highly enjoyable FPS and singlehandedly stop the Nazis jack booting through an alternate 1960. Achtung!!
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on 26 May 2014
It takes awhile for it to take ahold of you, pulling you into its world and everything about it, but in the end its one of the best shooters in a long time. I so recommend it, the less anticipated you are, the better. I wasn't expecting much, but the characters, the voice acting, the story from start to finish are highlights to a great game.
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on 28 April 2015
How angry, frustrated and upset would you feel if you had been in a coma-like state for years then to wake up and be told, the nazis won the war.

The scenes which lead up to Blaszkowicz finding this out are heart wrenching to be honest, and 'the choice' scene is gruesome and very stressful, but in a good way.

I feel obliged to say this, given its based on a subject that could have effected us all. If you have little knowledge of WW1 and WW2 then go and read up on it. Roughly 20 million men and women from around the world gave their lives during WW2 so we could have a future free from the Nazis. The enemies you fight in this game are loosely based on what the nazis wanted, technically superior armies and weapons, extermination of 'undesirables' and world domination. Show those people who died fighting for us the respect they deserve by learning what they did to protect us.

Anyways, back to Wolfenstein. I have always wanted a game that focuses on annihilating nazis, it's strangely satisfying. Even my grandparents enjoyed seeing nazis explode, even with the odd expletive popping out. (In their old age they still have deep seated hate for nazis)

I enjoyed the story very much and i felt like each of the characters you meet is feeling the same way you do, pissed off at the nazi rule and willing to die to destroy the nazi empire. This game makes you feel like a hero, a man of pure granite who can take anything on and win. The game has some quieter, more slow paced moments and like I said before the characters are all ones you feel a connection with, even Max Haus. This game has two timelines, you choose which one you want to play in-game during 'the choice' mission near the start. Both timelines are fantastic and do differly slightly from each other. There are also various levels of difficultly, for which i was initially mocked by the game itself. You'll see what I mean when you select your difficultly.

Games nowadays tend to focus too much on FPS and 1080p, HDMI, CD/DVD ROM, 100000000 TB of DATA storage, miniture statue special edition, DLC, Payment Protection Insurance, Super huge massive multiplayer team deathmatch zombie nazi love-in, A cat mask, A tin box, A rubber ball, A gimp suit (breathe) basically games focus on all the stuff that is just frills. There is no multiplayer, thankfully. The whole studio developed a campaign and look, 5 stars! Do you catch my drift Activision, Treyarch, Miltary shooter games? Theres no silly 4 different types of special edition just the game, at a good price I got mine for £30, now its more like £13 new, buy it.

This game is not open world but the mission levels are big so it feels open world. The game also mixes in some funny dark humor which, for me, adds to the realism of people trying to stay positive during crisis. The enemies are well equiped and the AI are polished.

The main antagonist Deathshead (Totenkopf) is a very scary, deadly aggressive, armed to the teeth nazi psycho doctor. He is the head of the Wunderwaffe and Supersoldaten programme basically so he is the creator of the twisted frankenstiens you see in game.

*Characters, stories, collectables to find
*Good AI, weapons heavy and powerful
* Graphics are detailed and add to grittyness of war
* This game is involving, thought-provoking and emotional
*Nazi killing
*Wunderwaffe (Lazerkraftwerk etc)
*Atmospheric, but rains hellfire at all the best times

* Erm ...


This game is so thought provoking, how would I feel if I was around when the nazis had won? What would my life be like? What would I like to think id do to change things? Would I even be deemed 'acceptable' in the Aryan race? It makes me thankful the right people in the world at the time stood up to Hitler and so many gave their lives to protect ours.

This game is truly one of the best all-round, well executed games I've ever played. It grasps you by the scruff of the neck and drags you into a worldwide battle and involves you emotionally, thats what a great game should do.
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on 24 May 2014
This franchise is beloved because it was one of the first in the FPS genre and most people my age will have played the original 'Wolfenstein 3D' and 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' on the PC in an era with the likes of 'Doom 2', 'Quake', and 'Hexen'. Saying I have fond memories would be a gross understatement...I loved these games. They were crushing hard and extreme fun. Most games now pale when compared with the aforementioned with the exception of one aspect - the graphic and resolution. So I was looking forward to 'Wolfenstein: New Order" but was wary as the last installment from 2009 was just so-so. I won't go into the story and game mechanics - better professional reviewers on all the major gaming sites do a far better job to give you all the necessary information. However, I will give you a gamers' perspective and it is this - this game is the best FPS of 2014 so far and I would recommend anyone who like first person shooters. Buy it and help make it a success

What makes it so good? A mixture of old and new gaming styles, great gunplay and a compelling story with lots of drama, memorable characters and, of course, Nazis in a game . If I hadn't needed sleep, I would have played this continuously over the last five days. There is a high replay factor with two timelines to choose from at the end of the first chapter, multiple paths in each chapter, and further difficulty levels to unlock. This is, refreshingly, a single player game only and this does not mean just a 4 or 5 hour campaign we have all become used to because that is what most developers now give us. This is a 15 to 20 hour campaign, double that if you play both timelines and even more if you try other difficulty levels and find all the goodies. Using the perk system and trying different playing styles will give even more play time. Game goodness!

The game looks lovely and the developers, MachineGames, have have done a sterling job with their research into the look of the era over a 14 year span, the weaponry, the enemies and the even little details like the rank pips of the various uniforms in the game. Equal attention has been given to the characters and the various actors who voice them as well as the musical score. Simply put, the work is exemplary.

Don't waste your time reading this or any other review anymore...just get the game and discover all of the fun that awaits yourself!

Update: 1st June 2014

Playing my third go on the 'Uber' setting but without the unlimited ammo and 999 health which are unlocked with the Enigma codes as a fellow gamer (Avatouir) pointed out. Even though some of the surprise has gone the game is still fun now at the highest level (without unlocking even higher difficulties still available) and this in my opinion speaks volumes about the quality of this game when compared with the recent COD: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 which I could not be bothered with out the initial play through. I like different genres such as RTS, RPG, Racing and of course Shooters and this game definitely has 'legs' like the games of the past and bodes well for the future if MachineGames and other developers note the aspects that has made this game this good this time round. It has been a breath of fresh air and the best value game so far this year for the sheer amount of fun I have managed to extract from it thus far and it is only single player!
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on 28 May 2014
Multiplayer games are OK with me but to be honest I'm a grumpy single player sort of bloke who just wants people to stay out of the way of the telly and not put me off my shooting and driving. Thankfully this is a big slab of colourful single player Nazi killing carnage with plenty gun tottin craziness and a great little weapon/skill upgrade system. The story does a great job of being fun and gung ho without trivialising too much how dark a world under Nazi rule would have been. They may be comic book evil rather than realistic but so unpleasant are their actions that they deserve every bullet you send their way.
The gameplay is well balanced and everything looks great. There's plenty armour, ammo and health about but by god you need it. I'm playing through on the medium setting and its plenty tough enough for me without feeling unfair. It should have plenty replay value though I'm only halfway through at present...
I have noticed a couple of glitchy moments with the occasional Nazis getting stuck on the environment and doing a bit of running on the spot. These were almost a relief in the torrent of bullets. They haven't impacted on the games playability thankfully and they are few and far between. Now if you' ll excuse me I've got Nazis to kill
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