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on 8 May 2013
This tv is incredible, got a good deal on it from richer sounds, i took a chance on this set based on last years reviews on the LG cs460, i went to currys with two tvs in mind, samsungs latest smart tv the 39in f5500 and this lg, comparing the two side by side the picture on the samsung seemed somewhat dull and grainy so i took a trip to richer sounds to pick up the lg, had it 5 days now and i'm not dissapointed.

Setup: I can't say how long it took to set it all up as i had to remove old equipment put up a new stand and put some equipment back so it took me a while, after plugging the set in it took a few mins to go through the options and scan for freeview channels, a very simple straight forward process.

Picture: The picture quality on this set is amazing, very clear with good sharp colours especially with hd content and blu-rays, standard freeview channels give a good picture too but older and b&w shows/films aren't that clear but i expected that, i've had a good look at the screen and can't see any ghosting, blurred motion on fast movements, bleeding or cloudiness.
it does have a few preset picture settings, vivid, standard, eco, game, cinema and two expert modes for use with the picture wizard to create your own through a very easy step by step guide, i've not played with the settings much as the standard settings are very good.

Sound: The sound is impressive for two small 10w speakers, has a nice amount of bass and doesn't sound tinny, i was going to purchase a sound bar to go with it but the speakers are good enough, as with most tvs now there isn't any audio out connections on the back apart from an optical out.

USB: I've thrown every file type at this mkv, mp4, 3gp, avi etc and they all play, if you are downloading films to watch make sure you get high quality files of 3gb and over, lower quality files are okay but they don't do the set any justice, low quality avi files less then 1gb can look a bit messy. You can't record via the usb but that's not a problem for me. i have noticed that DTS audio through the usb isn't supported and will display an error message.

Gaming (ps3): This set works well with games and i can't notice any real lag, GT5 is absolutely stunning in full HD, with BF3 it seems to be a little clunky and feels heavy, i think it might just be me having to get used to a full HD widescreen tv (my last set was a 1080i compatible rear projection 42in samsung that wouldn't display a real widescreen picture via component and would only go to 576p), saying that the game looks smooth and the detail really stands out. *Update 22/5/2013*: After a hard time with BF3 issues i went through the tv settings to try and improve the gameplay, changed the input label to pc, turned off tv features, tried game mode etc and it made no difference whatsoever, i altered the ps3 display settings and unchecked 1080i and 720, playing the game in 576p has removed all lag issues, every other game i've tried in hd gt5, f12012, cod, dead island etc all play fine without any issues.

DLNA Capabilities: There is an ethernet port on the back for system updates etc, i don't know how far the dlna capabilities go but i can't try streaming content from my pc as it's an O.A.P now, i have tried through my phone (galaxy s3) to stream content to the tv, the phone will find the tv to share content with it but i can't figure out how it's done, the user guide doesn't explain either.

Overall i highly rate and recomend this tv, friends have commented on how clear the picture is and how good the sound is, the set feels very solid and stable on the stand and is well built. Sorry if this review is long winded it's my 1st review for a product and seeing as there are hardly any reviews for this set i thought it be best to go into as much detail as possible, hope this review helps some of you.
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on 14 June 2013
I don't usually write Amazon reviews for products I haven't purchased from Amazon directly, but I spent hours researching TVs and found it to be more frustrating that I imagined. Although I purchased this from another seller (Only reason being I could get it on credit) - I hope this will be of use to someone.

I've had a 37" LCD Samsung for nearly 4 years now, and it finally conked out on me. When I went to research new TVs, I was quite amazed by how out of date I was! I was aware of smart TV's and 3D compatibility, but I hadn't realised that LED TVs were now the norm rather than the elite.
Anyway, I simply wanted a near as I could replacement - Wasn't after smart or 3D functionality. After some head scratching, I opted for this one.

This TV is very easy to set up, no longer than 10-15 including set up and auto-tuning. I love the minimal, almost edge-to-edge design it has, in fact it takes up less space than my older 37" Samsung did - It's also very light. For a 39" inch TV, which for me I can't imagine going any bigger, it has a surprisingly low profile.

The quality of the image is superb, I can't find any reason to fault it at all. I use it for gaming, TV and watching DVD's and Blu-Rays, and I have no complaints what-so-ever. There are a good amount of personalisation and technical options for video settings, and I'd recommend new users at least use the Picture Wizard tool to get the right levels for them.

As for the sound, it's actually not that bad. I find it's actually better than my older Samsung was by a long shot. I would encourage any new user to create their own sound profile using the EQ options - Boosting the low frequencies by about 70-80%, heightening the high-end by about 40-50% and raising the mid ranges a few notches provides the best overall sound. Of course, in comparison to monitors and soundbars there is obviously going to be a difference. However, in my view the sound isn't so bad that you HAVE to be thinking of buying a sound bar after buying this TV. If you are used to surround sound or decent 2.1 systems, it will be much poorer yes, but It's perfectly fine for everyday use. Volume and clarity is actually very surprising for a flat screen TV, and the using EQ options you can actually get an acceptable sound out of it.

However, a couple of points that might prove useful to any prospective buyers:

- For sound, be aware there is no audio output at all aside from an optical lead connection for a soundbar and the like. No headphone socket, no 3.5mm Jack or S/PDIF out. The only available output is for optical leads. This a great shame to me, and feels a bit like a squeeze by LG for you to buy a soundbar with your new TV.
This was a sour point for me, as a gamer I like to plug in my monitors via a headphone out socket for playing games through a TV. Again, if the native sound from the TV was completely awful, I would have sent it straight back because of this issue, But the sound being perfectly fine (with some tweaking) it will do until I can afford a soundbar or optical speakers.

- For gamers and film watchers, please just be aware of the following point: For the video settings, make sure you disable BOTH Energy-Saving mode (turn it completely off) AND disable Dynamic Contrast. If you don't, when there are dark scenes in a film/game, or loading screens, the screen will darken and then brighten back up again when more is happening on screen. This can get very distracting and annoying, and I spent 30 minutes wondering why it was still doing it after I had disabled Energy-Saving, only to realise Dynamic Contrast needed to turned completely off also.

In short, this is an excellent quality TV. A perfect size for me, a great quality screen, nice minimal design and strong customisation options. All with a nicely fashioned and designed interface, that is easily navigated. It probably is the best value for money in this range.
Basically, this is a great option for those who want a great quality TV, without paying a higher price for the bells and whistles of Smart/3D TV's.

The only real negative is the absence of any Audio Out connection, besides optical. But that really isn't enough for me to warrant marking it down a star.
With only a couple of minor adjustments, you can set this TV up nicely.
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on 30 December 2013
First of all, I purchased one of these from Amazon warehouse deals as "Like New" a couple of weeks ago for £310 which was £15 cheaper than a brand new one. I've never gone wrong when buying a "Like New" cheaper item from Amazon but the TV lasted around two days before it developed a fault (Turning off & on again every 2-3 seconds) which was a shame. Of course Amazon are great and gave me free delivery back to them and a quick refund even though it was Christmas.

I've now decided to buy a brand new version of this TV and hope I get better luck as I really did enjoy the two days I had with the previous one.

Since I had a really bad time of searching for a new TV (Size, quality, price), I thought I'd share with you the way that I went about buying this TV:

I set out with a £500 budget to buy a TV. I eliminated the 50" version quickly as it's far too big for a bedroom TV when you sit directly in front of it (Computer monitor). The price range on the 43" - 47" are all over the place and most of the time more expensive than 50" versions and 42" seems to be the new 32" when it comes to buying a TV in the 1080p resolution (Any larger can look stretched).

It was now a decision between a cheap brand smart TV, a well known branded normal TV (This one) or a well known branded smart TV (The 42" smart version of this). I knew this TV would be hooked up to a computer which pretty much eliminated the need for smart capabilities (Skype/Facebook/iplayer etc) and knew if I ever used this TV in the main living room we would have sky/virgin media in there to be able to watch iplayer anyway. I discarded the cheap branded TVs as they are usually developed to JUST match the standards for a TV (Colors, Brightness, quality, etc) and while they may look like a bargain, they usually only last a year or so anyway. Therefor in the price range of £300~ you will NOT find a better 42" anywhere.

As for the quality of the model, the quality of the on-screen image and the overall TV, it gets a 5/5 from me, even if the first set broken. Gaming on this is a dream (PS4). Watching 1080p videos are very detailed (vs my old LG 32" full HD TV) and the colors are just gorgeous. If you're looking for a TV (Dec 2013) at this size, this will be the #1 choice for sure.

Edit: After playing Fifa 14 on PS4 for a few days, you can see ghosting of the players quite a lot (Maybe 1-2 seconds behind/infront of the models on screen), I'm not sure if this is my TV or every version of this TV, but would be nice to hear if anybody else has any problems?
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on 11 April 2014
I based my purchase of this LG product mainly on the many positive reviews id read on Amazon and im extremely pleased I did so,i found it easy to assemble and fit the stand and found the stand itself to be substantial and solid in all respects,easily capable of supporting the weight of the more fragile screen and electronics.Setting it up was simplicity itself,you just cant go wrong unless you are an utter incompetent at anything with wires attached.As to the picture and response times,mainly I use it for watching films so my opinion is based purely on that usage,on both Blu-ray and ordinary cd's the picture is spectacular,on Alien and Oblivion I found the response times correct and the quality of transfer to screen quite startling in comparison to my older 32 inch Lcd screen.The sound I must admit to a slight disappointment with,i noted it to be rather muted and a trifle muffled initially,however cranking up the volume a few points has improved the quality but its not top notch by any means,more bass is needed.Regarding the quality of the item,i think its a very nice looking piece of kit thanks to the sheer simplicity of its design and with the narrow sides and wonderful black case,i think its rather beautiful from an engineering and design point of view.I cannot fault it in any way other than the quality of its sound reproduction.It is most certainly extremely good value for money.
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on 3 August 2013
This is an exceptional TV but is let down by one major flaw. It has very poor black levels. You don't notice this in the day but when the lights are dimmed in the evening it is very noticeable. Why are black levels important? Because it improves the contrast of the image. So when watching a blu ray you will notice the 'black bars' above and below the image are greyish blue. If you are buying an HD TV for watching movies I would recommend the Samsung F5000/F5500, Sony W653 and Panasonic E6B all of which have excellent picture quality and deep blacks.

However, as the LG uses an IPS panel(reason for poor black levels)you do gain much stronger colours and better viewing angles.

The clarity of the TV is also stunning even when watching standard definition content. HD is stunning!

I was also impressed with the overall build quality. The picture adjusting tools are extensive and fun to use. Its clear that LG put a lot of thought into how to
give value for money.

To conclude...if you are someone who watches a lot of TV programmes and the odd movie I would definitely recommend the LN540V. If you are into movies and want to be blown away by the whole blu ray experience then you would be much better off buying one of the TV's listed above.

Update: 30/12/13 The F5500 is actually not as good as the F5000 for picture quality.

Here are some picture settings I found on a US website for a review of the very similar LN5300. They work great;

Picture Mode - Expert 1
Backlight - 65, 60 for total darkness
Contrast - 80
Brightness - 50
H Sharpness - 10
V Sharpness - 10 (You might want to notch sharpness up a bit for SD viewing)
Color - 58
Tint - G2
Expert Control
Dynamic Contrast - Off
Color Gamut - Standard
Edge Enhancer - Off, Gaming - On
Color Filter - Off
Gamma - 2.2
Color Temperature - Warm 2
Method - 2 Points
Pattern - Outer
Points - High
Red - 0
Green - 0
Blue - 0
Color - Red
Saturation - 0
Tint - 0
Luminance - 0
Picture Options
Noise Reduction - Low
MPEG Noise Reduction - Low
Black Level - Low, Component connected Xbox 360 - High
Real Cinema - Off
Motion Eye Care - greyed out

Read more: [...]
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on 23 February 2014
I chose this set for its size, physical appearance and that it had a 10watts per Channel audio output. All very good except for the audio output which would be ok if you liked it to sound as if it was trapped in a biscuit tin. The audio controls made very little difference to the tone.
I have wired in some external speakers to remedy this problem.
The picture quality is excellent.
I would rate it at around 4.5star if LG put some reasonable speakers in the set, there is room for something of fair quality.
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on 17 March 2014
I was concerned about buying this tv because some reviews say there is a slight motion blur while gaming. I have been using it for my playstation4 and experienced no issues on any games. Picture quality is amazing and the clearvoice setting really does help balance out programs when the speech is quieter than the effects.

I cannot find anything negative to say about the tv and I am so glad I didn't pay more for the alternative I was looking at as I can't see how it could have been better
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on 2 July 2014
Glossy and sharp, this TV has made a terrific replacement to my old set.

It's thin, looks great and works very well. I was impressed with the remote and the TV's menus which were all very easy to use. There are two HDMI ports, a USB port, 1 SCART, 1 Optical Out and your standard analogue aerial which should be sufficient for most people, although it's perhaps not the most full-featured. My old set had a base that swivelled which isn't present here, but it's also not much of an issue given that you can just tilt the entire thing.

Overall I've been very impressed with it and playing HD games as well as Blu-Rays look stunning.

Note: During set-up you will need a phillips screwdriver with a long neck as there are some tricky screws to get in properly. The only one I had around the house was short and stubby and it meant I couldn't put them in all of the way - which I ignored until a friend pointed out that my TV was leaning heavily forward and not looking stable!
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on 20 May 2013
I'll get the only negative out the way. The sound sucks. I mean it's really really bad. Shallow and tinny. Although it's probably no worse than any other tv out there these days. £100 on a sound bar and your sorted though.

Right, so out the box the TV looks stunning. Lovely big glossy screen, thin bezel. Only 2 hdmi ports, but that doesn't bother me really. One scart, and normal analogue sockets and an optical out for the sound. Good remote and built in HD freeview.

Picture wise it's great, pretty bright. In face that's the thing that needs getting used to the most. The blacks are nice and rich, HD channels look great. For the money I think it's a great buy.
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on 16 May 2014
I have found it almost impossible to get information about the Satellite Input on this LG TV so I thought I should let people know what I've discovered.
I only have a Satellite dish as a source so the TV had to have Freesat built in, The set is not advertised as having Freesat
(even on LG's product page on the website).
When you connect the feed from the dish and 'Auto Tune' the Satellite tuner it picks up various European free to air channels.
They are not automatically arranged in order as with a Branded Freesat device but you can sort them into order and lock out any of the channels you don't want to see in the EPG.

All in all - very happy with this set. Much less expensive than TV's that are advertised as having a Freesat Tuner.
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