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4.7 out of 5 stars27
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 March 2013
UFO fans will be increasingly thrilled or frustrated with the arrival of yet another retrospective live release. Many will already be familiar with the material here and it was the inclusion of the DVD that mainly tempted me to purchase this latest box set. For fans of Paul Chapman, 'Tonka' features heavily and there's a truckload of fine performances - which include his short-lived partnership with Michael Schenker.

So here's a quick fly by what's included here (and some of what isn't):

CD1 1974

5 In Concert tracks from the Hippodrome, Golders Green on 6/6/74- a show which featured Michael Schenker and Paul Chapman together (although Chapman isn't credited). 3 of these - "Built For Comfort","Rock Bottom" and "Doctor Doctor" - appeared on the BBC CD released in 1992. (That disc also has "Shoot Shoot"). The two 'extra' tracks here are "Oh My" and "Space Child". On the previous BBC release, "Built For Comfort" had some crackles and sounded like it had been transferred from vinyl to CD. The CD's have all been remastered and this one sounds quite different - the crackles have almost gone (as has some of the audience, which alters the atmosphere). The booklet promises that "Every effort has been made to improve the overall sound quality" and adds "we hope that any audio flaws do not affect your enjoyment ..."

3 Bob Harris session tracks, which appeared most recently on the Chrysalis Years 'Vol.1' box set.

CD2 1975-77

6 In Concert tracks from the from the Paris Theatre show on 11/12/75 - The BBC "The Archive Series: In Session and Live in Concert" (1999) release had included "Let It Roll", "Mother Mary", "Out In The Street" and "Shoot Shoot"from that live show. The two 'extra' tracks included here are "Doctor Doctor" and "Rock Bottom".

3 John Peel session tracks, which appeared most recently on the Chrysalis Years 'Vol.1' box set.

CD3 1980

A live show from Hammersmith Odeon on 4/2/80, which which appeared recently on the Chrysalis Years 'Vol.2' box set spread over 2 discs. 8 of the tracks had previously appeared on the BBC single CD released in 1992.

CD4 1982

A live show from Hammersmith Odeon on 28/1/84 and the original broadcast version - included previously in the Official Bootleg Box Set (so without "Lights Out", which was included as a bonus track on the expanded Regenerator version of that CD).

CD5 1985

Live at Knebworth 22/6/85. A Friday Rock Show broadcast - previously unreleased on CD. 8 tracks featuring 'Atomik Tommy M' on lead guitar. "Blinded By A Lie", "Heavens Gate", "Wreckless", "Love To Love", "Night Run", "Only You Can Rock Me", "Lights Out" and "Doctor Doctor". Despite the line-up changes, I'd say Phil Mogg carries this one off with aplomb (although never having actually seen a plomb I can't be certain).

DVD 1979-82

"Doctor Doctor" and "Cherry" from the Old Grey Whistle Test 16/1/79 (with Tonka).

3 Top Of The Pops appearances:

"Doctor Doctor" from 1979 - although mimed, it's not to the live 7 inch single from "Strangers ..." with Mr Schenker on lead guitar - it's a reworked version with Tonka.
"Young Blood" from 1980
"Lonely Heart" from 1981

3 numbers from the Oxford Road Show 1982:

"We Belong To The Night"
"Let It Rain"
"Too Hot Too Handle" - the tv credits cut the live visuals before the end and the DVD continues as audio with live stills.

The discs come in a 'clam shell' box, in basic cardboard sleeves, which for this price is as much as can be expected. A colour booklet includes photos and an interview with Phil Mogg and Paul Raymond, track details and some errors and omissions, as we've come to expect! A little more care over this shouldn't add to the cost and would add to the quality. For anyone new to UFO who's starting to explore the wealth of live material which is out there, Strangers In The Night is the one to visit first but after that, this collection neatly covers the classic years and beyond.
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VINE VOICEon 5 April 2013
As I have said many a time over, short of going to gigs, live albums are generally the best setting in which to hear a band. OK, sometimes the sound can be lousy (and indeed, can also be when you attend a gig!) but that most certainly has never applied on the numerous times that I've personally seen UFO live and, again, does not apply to this fantastic 5 CD / 1 DVD set all recorded at the BBC at various stages in the early years of the band.
Seriously, where can you lay your hands on so much excellent music for this kind of money?? And, yes, I know that some songs repeat over and over - but goodness me, this is from one of the best rock bands of the day, so you really cannot get tired of them.
For me though, apart from hearing the band at different line up stages, I would have purchased this just for the 1980 concert alone - I remember listening to it on the radio whilst I recorded it onto a cassette tape and I could have cried when that tape wrapped itself up in knots a year or two later on the car player rendering it as scrap, not realising that it would be 30 years before I would ever get to hear it yes, this has put a very big smile upon my face!
If you love UFO, then all the big hitters are pretty much here and, going over to the DVD - well, great for a chuckle just to see the fashions...!
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on 14 April 2013
this is a fantastic box set for fans like myself that refuse to submit to modern times such as downloading and all the other ways to just steal or buy music online, im still after 35 years of buying lps, 45s and then cds in the later 80s an addict to the psyical product if you are like me and you have been a diehard ufo fan like me since 1978 then i think you may want to purchase this little box set that is soooo awsome, first off there have been a lot of ufo releases the past 15 years since the late 90s of unearthed ufo stuff and most of that is all on here, this bbc box has all the tracks that the single bbc sessions cd has that came out back in 1998, what you are getting here that i have never had is the june 1985 knebworth show wich honestly was not my favorite era of ufo the 35 years i have been a fan, i still to this day feel the misdomener period of late 1984/85 and half of 86 was ufo at there worst, it was sadley obvious at that time that chrysalis records where giving ufo a huge push for the american market and mtv and you sure can hear it on the album from 1985, in early 1985 i heard some rough demos that phil and co had done and they where much more heavy and rough then the final product that gave us misdomeaner in october 85, the demos also featured robbie france on drums ( rip) not jim simpson so there had been changed along the line as that record was recorded, anyway live at knebworth sounds great i love the fact that ufo opened there knebworth gig with blinded by a lie from making contact, to bad there is not more live stuff out there from that tour in 1983, anyway one thing with the discs in this box set as another reviwer noted is you do not hear the broadcaster speaking between songs as you can clearly hear on the original 1998 ufo bbc sessions cd but still its all here, the dvd is great its 30 minutes of chapman footage wich suits me fine becouse I LOVE THE 4 RECORDS TONKA DID FOR UFO BETWEEN 1980 AND 1983!!!!! i love that stuff as much as the schenker stuff of the 70s, so to sum it up best what you get here is the knebworth 85 gig and that is the only thing previously unreleased in this box, michael sounds so fresh on these recordings as does tonka, it is to bad ufo did not get the justice they where due in the past 43 years they have put out records but im happy ufo are still flying, im not sure if we really need another ufo album since there are so many from quite a few different eras, live i still want to hear tonka stuff, i loved the high stakes album in 1992 id love to hear some of that stuff live again and i feel like i am the only fan of the 1970 --1972 mick bolton era ufo 1 is a classic hard bluesy rock record a great effort for its time, anyway if you are as much a ufo fan as i then i highley reccomened this box set BUT like i said if you are as much a fan as i you probably have all these bbc recordings and the video with the exception of the knebworth 85 gig, i got this to support ufo and well i never have a problem buying new ufo product, i hope to see ufo back here before 2013 is over, anyway enjoy thios box if you buy it, i know i do...................................
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on 27 April 2013
This box set features a number of recordings of the group for the BBC. Unfortunately some of the discs contents are available on the recent Chrysalis Years releases. The only real new addition is the Knebworth show which doesn't feature the classic line up. having said that, if you are a UFO fan and don't have the Chrysalis Year releases this is a nice set to have. Once again it goes to show what a class act the group was. Shame the classic Schenker line up can not get back together for one last tour and play all their classic hits for their fans. Buy this and crank up the volume and get the Flying V air guitar out!
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on 23 August 2013
For the price, this is another outstanding purchase for us UFO fans.

The CDs come in a nice wee box which opens up rather than being one of those ones where you have to slide the discs out the end. Each disc comes in it's own satin-printed "mini album-sleeve" card cover, too.

Further, you get a nice little booklet in which Mr Mogg describes why exactly he is a "barrel-chested hunk" ((c) Sounds), and Paul Raymond denies having smelly feet and thus earning the nickname of Kipper.

The DVD is a pleasant bonus, containing a few TV appearances that we all have on an old videotape somewhere up in the attic, having sat with the remote control in our hand to record them at the time. Chapman plays on the 1979 TOTP "Doctor Doctor", and the band sport matching Washburn guitars - highly obviously the result of an endorsement deal which also saw Mr Way abandon his trademark Thunderbird for a short period - in another clip.

It is somewhat nostalgic to once more observe on your telly the battle of noses as Mr Carter vies with Mr Mogg for most outstanding beak. I am heartened to learn that Mr Carter gave up this nasal warfare in order to become a proper music chap at a University in England somewhere. He must look back fondly on his time with these rock'n'roll reprobates, and slowly shake his head whilst grinning at the memories.

The music, by the way, is mostly available elsewhere. There are a few bits and pieces you may not have heard before on other incomplete releases. However, this is a must-buy because it will put another 2cm of UFO onto your CD rack. The winner is the first one to have wall-to-wall UFO, and that shouldn't be too hard at the rate they're releasing these things.

Nice to get the "Autorip" mp3 version for no extra cash, too, even if the auto-filenaming thing means you have to go through and manually rename each one on account of the ridiculous prefixes.

Can we now go back in time 20 years or so (or ... eek ... 30 years!) and get these released when they would have been hungrily devoured at 5 times the price by hordes of denim and leather wearing rockers?
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on 30 March 2013
Great release of sessions and in concert stuff. Mostly all available elsewhere but makes a nice collection all together. My only gripe is the fact on the two early in concerts they have edited out all the chat from the dj which detracts a little and loses some of the magic of these early shows.The chat was left in on the one disc bbc sessions release,released about ten years ago.But all in all well worth the price and any fan should add this set to there collection.
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on 22 April 2013
agree with others who have written about box set,good value for money, dvd added bonus (no schenker on it unfortunately,but tonka chapman makes up for metal mickeys loss) Live cd"s sound quality is pretty good,considering how production equipment and style change over the years,buy and enjoy.
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on 25 July 2013
This is the first box set I have bought and I am really chuffed with it. Attractive presentation throughout and a good booklet gives a great first impression. Then on to the music and there are some truly superb concert recordings particularly on discs 3 and 4. The DVD gives good variation and was useful for me because having seen UFO live recently it was interesting to see how the band looked when they were much younger. Some footage of the Michael Schenker era would have enhanced things further but not to be. This is a quality package which has been very well thought out and I hope it gets the sales figures it deserves.
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on 23 April 2013
This is a great album which takes you through the ages of UFO - Great to make the comparisons of their classic live hits to see how they change through the ages. Love it.
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on 30 March 2013
If you're a rock fan in general and a UFO fan in particular, you quite simply won't spend a better £12.50 this year.

This band was way ahead of its time in 70's and 80's and all the highlights from that era are featured here.

It really is a superb addition to any collection!
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