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3.2 out of 5 stars580
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 April 2015
Bought Jawbone and loved it. Until it failed after about 6 months. Jawbone replaced it. The new one has lasted another 6 months and failed, just after the one year warranty. I shall not buy another one.

The weakness on both wristband is the button. When new, it actually clicks and you know it is working. With time, the action becomes less precise - seemingly as if the mechanism has retracted into the moulding although it may just be full of dried sweat. Eventually, you cannot press it anymore and the device is dead. Mine no longer responds to anything - no lights, even on charge.

This is a pity. The device is a good idea. But my wristwatch doesn't fail every six months so neither should modern, wearable technology. Luckily, there are now other options available to do the same - even a wristwatch
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on 12 February 2014
Tl;dr: The 2 Ups I had, died after 6 weeks and 5 months; the average lifetime of this device is 100 days, and customer support is horrible.
I challenge you to Google "Jawbone up battery problem" before buying this product.

Had it for 6 weeks. The step counting was great and very motivating. The sleep tracking is nice in theory, but the sensor or algorithm that analyses it is not good - on nights when I had gotten up and walked 10 meters to the bathroom and back, the app would say I slept solid through the night and did not wake up once. How can it track walking around as "light sleep"?
The best compliment I can give overall is for the app actually - it is gorgeous looking.


After 6 weeks the device suddenly would not charge anymore. A soft reset and a hard reset didn't help. Jawbone apparently only has a US site (there was no UK or european site), so I contacted their customer support. 2 days later, got a reply describing some steps I should take to reset the device, and they asked where I had bought the band and if it had been exposed to water (it had not). I replied that the steps had not helped and the band was still not working.

No reply from them to that. After 3 days, I made a new case since they hadn't replied to my first one. No reply to that either. Then I found out, via hear-say on Google+ (since Jawbone keep this e-mail adress secret) they have a EU Support email adress and I emailed that, this time mentioning upfront I bought it via and describing the steps I had already taken. Within 1 hour, I got a reply:

" Based on the information you've provided, your Jawbone device needs to be replaced. Please contact the original retailer where you purchased the Jawbone device to request an exchange. Jawbone retailers are responsible for processing exchanges. "

That's it then - gets the flack for Jawbones defective devices and pays all the shipping and other costs of replacing it. At least turned out to have excellent customer service - after a quick chat they immediately shipped me a new Up and I could send the broken one back.

Avoid Jawbone. The MAJORITY of Up users have had their band die on them. The results of a poll among users (you can look it up on the Jawbone Up Google+ Community) was that their bands had an average life of 97 days (!) and users had been through an average 2.6 replacement bands. That sums it up.

--- UPDATE 15 FEB 2014 ---

Replacement band arrived and in use now, I will keep you posted on how long this one lives....
NOTE: I WILL **NOT** USE THE SLEEP MODE ON THIS DEVICE, since apparently the reason so many Ups only live 100 days, is the button you need to press for switching between steps mode and sleep mode - it's the button that's defective and breaks so soon. So I will use this Up just as a pedometer and without the sleep function. We'll see if that can make it survive longer than 100 days.

--- UPDATE 18 FEB 2014 ---

So NOW, after 3 weeks, Jawbone (US) has finally replied to my mails. As opposed to the "within 24 hrs" they advertise on their website... Well since they were not only incredibly late, but also less usefull than a random stranger on the internet was to me (THREE TIMES, in all my 3 e-mails, they ignored my question about getting an EU support adress) I won't be using and lost all my trust in them.

--- UPDATE 22 JULY 2014 ---

2nd band died this week after working for 5 months (had it from 15 Feb - 18 Jul). And I didn't even use the sleep function / touch the button at all on this (the replacement) band! This time it was a battery problem; suddenly the device would go from 100% to 0% charged in 4-6 HOURS instead of the 10 days it is supposed to last.
I just threw it away, am not even going to get a new one from (Jawbone themselves to nothing for the customer) this time, since the devices last only 2-4 months (AVERAGE LIFETIME OF THE UP REPORTED ON THE GOOGLE GROUP IS NOW 92.3 DAYS).
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on 8 December 2014
Mine lasted for 14 months and now the button has stopped working so I cannot track sleep etc. It is now nothing more than a glorified step counter. It was great while it lasted but am certainly not going to buy another one. A few other friends purchased around the same time and theirs have also broken.
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on 22 February 2015
Great idea and I enjoyed using it whilst it lasted but they are dreadfully unreliable and as a company, they just don't care.

I've had 4 in 2 years, none of them lasted more than 6 months. Customer service is slow and sparodic and they just won't admit that they have a quality problem. They say they ironed out the problems from version 1, but they have replaced mine with version 2, just the same problems as described in other reviews here. Stops syncing, stops charging, button breaks, no amount of hard or soft resets will work.

Really don't bother wasting your money. They refused to replace my last one which was replaced last year, even though it was less than 12 months old (because my original was over 12 months remember.I've had 4). I offered to send my current one back so they could see the problem and improve there product, they were interested, I told them to look at the amazon reviews to see the amount of dissatisfied customers on this is there response below.

Thank you for contacting Jawbone Customer Care.

The UP wristband is an innovative product. There are no real problems of its reliability, but some units encounter malfunctions, fortunately they are not numerous. Many users of UP would not experience any problems whatsoever from the initial purchase. We are aware there are some negative reviews of the product online, however this would largely be the case for any product of this nature - that its faults would be highlighted first and foremost on a customer feedback forum or shop comments page.

Hello Nigel,

Of course I will collect your feedback.

Regarding returning you UP band, I think it is not necessary. Our development team has enough feedback regarding this particular issue.

If you have more queries, please, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

Jawbone Customer Care
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on 24 April 2015
I read a lot of reviews saying their bracelet stopped working after x days, but I persevered, because I wanted something with idle alert, and nothing in this price range has that. Well, I wish I hadn't. The product failed fresh out of the box. Spanking brand new. Fresh out of the box, and it fails. I actually work in production and we go to great length in quality control. I understand sometimes defects slip through one safeguard or two, but not to the customer and certainly not spanking brand new. How do they have the mothercunting cheek to sell a 44£ bracelet that fails on the first startup! Urge you all to check youtube "up jawbone lost clock hardware issue" or google "jawbone up battery problems" Do not buy under any circumstances!!!!
review image review image
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on 28 July 2013
I love gadgets & I do believe that this type of technology is going to be the future key to health & wellbeing however the technology isn't there yet, the accuracy of this device is hit & miss, so much so that I've sent mine back for a refund as it just doesn't perform the way it should..... E.g. In the space of a week it has only once recorded my sleep accurately, most nights it tells me that I've woken up & stayed up around 4/5am which I know isn't true as I've actually been woken up by it vibrating on my arm at 7am. I did some research & found loads of other people complaining about the same thing with the suggestion being that perhaps it gets knocked out of sleep mode when one is moving about in sleep. Maybe so, but last night I put it to sleep mode at midnight & then read for a while so no moving around except this morning it informed me that I'd not turned it on until 3.30am. I'm not convinced the alarm function works properly either, unlike other reviewers I found that vibration was strong enough to wake me up but it always woke me at the absolute last time I gave it maybe because it had stopped tracking my sleep a few hours before! That said how was it even waking me up if I'd knocked it out of sleep mode?

Another inaccuracy is that I did an exercise DVD & straight after I plugged it in to see whether it had recorded the movement or if I manually needed to do so & it told me I'd achieved 100% for moving that day...... following day did the exact same DVD, plugged it in & it told me I'd only achieved 50% - that's a huge difference, a few percent I could have put down to me being a bit slack the second day but not half as much! I never tried the reminders to keep moving as sometimes my job requires me to be stationary for a long time so it'd just become annoying if I was trying to focus on a report only to have the band telling me to get up & move about. I also didn't find it that comfortable to wear but my wrists are quite bony so perhaps it was rubbing on them.

On the plus side the app is excellent, really well designed & the bar code scanning is brilliant, adding food manually is a bit of a chore but the tips it gives are quite interesting. I know some people have found plugging it in rather than using bluetooth a pain but this didn't bother me especially as it means you have to charge it less often, although the charge didn't last 10 days for me.

I will buy one of these again in the future but a few models down the line when they've got the technology honed.
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on 17 August 2013
Initially I was very happy with this product. However, after the third charge it died. Not a glimmer. I contacted the seller but got no reply. I got in touch with Amazon and as usual customer service was excellent. They are refunding the cost. The Jawbone Up is a good idea but it just isn't reliable enough yet.
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The Jawbone UP is a movement tracking device with some clever software to help you track your day.

The band itself is a soft hypoallergenic plastic rubber that is comfortable on your wrist; its very light and and after a few hours I stopped noticing it was there even when typing. The band is fairly resilient you can shower in it though they suggest you avoid swimming with it. Once its on your wrist the UP has a great battery life as the the battery is rated to last up to 10 days. Getting the band on is very simple; the ends of the band arent connected but cross over so it just on your arm by opening the overlap in the band very easily (getting the right sized band is quite important though there are 3 sizes.)

There is only one button at one end of the device so its hard to knock and accidentally switch settings. You do need to remember a number of combinations to use some of the devices tracking functions or switch modes e.g. press and hold the button to enter / exit sleep tracking. There are two indicator lights that can change color but they are simply indicated day time or night night which it simple to understand.

At its most basic level as you move around during the day it tracks your steps and at night it tracks your movements in bed, Out of the box this was relatively accurate (compared to other pedometers I have tested) it overestimated by about 5% over 1500 steps; the UP has a calibration system and this made it considerably more accurate over the same distance. The UP Band itself has no screen or other indicators so you need to get the information onto your phone / tablet to see it. Jawbone recommend you do this twice a day. Connecting it up is very simple - you remove the cap and plug it into your Android Device or iPhone/ iPad's headphone socket and it sucks the information down. I haven't tried the Android software but the iPhone software is excellent with an excellent interface and great trends tracking. One extra feature besides loading up your activities you can easily track the food you eat by quickly inputting what you eat into the application; as you build up a pattern of daily consumption and exercise you can see the impact on your sleep and vice versa. The app also has an aide memoir to help you remember that its two short presses and one long one to take a power nap - it wakes you up when it thinks you will be rested - or after 45 minutes - based on your nightly sleep patterns.

Given that all the band really does is track your movement the UP actually stacks up a lot of great features; from monitoring exercise, reminding me to get up and move around whilst i'm working has made me feel less stiff at the end of the day. As an alarm clock its very discreet - it vibrates on your wrist waking you up without anyone around you noticing a thing . That said the UP isn't quite perfect for me; I wish it had bluetooth rather than plugging it into the headphone socket to sync data as it would be easier to get information to from it - and i would only need to take it off to charge I also wish it tracked your pulse - especially as you exercise - as it would deliver a better indication of effort. It isn't as visual as the NIKE device but it is smaller and lighter which makes it a bit more discreet and the 10 day battery life is excellent.

This UP is a version 2; and the polish really shows especially in the software 4 *'s mainly because of the lack of pulse monitoring.
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on 3 March 2015
Really disappointed, this is fragile! I've looked after mine really well, careful not to get it too wet so it's never been in the shower and taken off whenever I cook. I even given up wearing it in bed, but even so it only syncs once in blue moon, and that's usually after 5 or 6 attempts. Also it randomly refuses to work when you press the bottom, so have limited use of all the other functions. I've only had it 4 weeks.... Pathetic .
I did look on the up website for support but found it hard to get info, all I did find out was that this product has been discontinued. Don't waste your money!!!!
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I have a health condition improved by walking 5 miles or so per day. This clever little band keeps me on track and if come the evening I am short of my preset personal target then I take myself for a walk until I hit it. This I enjoy doing , in fact I am mildly addicted to the information i download to my iPad or iPhone. It is a revelation the miles covered in a day merely pottering about the house or doing a bit of gardening.
Seems to be pretty accurate for activities , but I am not so sure of the sleeping results. It appears unable ti distinguish between simply lying in bed awake and actually sleeping. For me this does not matter, but it may be important for some.
I am an IT illiterate in fact a total numpty, but I found it easy to set up and operate so it must be simplicity itself to do so.
I had a problem after a few months changing the daytime / nightime. modes and found the after sales service amazingly good. Having tried their various suggestions to solve this without success , they offered without argument a replacement which arrived very quickly.
A excellent product at a good price from a responsible company.
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