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4.7 out of 5 stars876
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 December 2013
Purchased as part of the Amazon Black Friday sales for a very reasonable price.

If you have a desktop PC and are looking for speed improvements an SSD drive is one of your best investments. Prices of SSD drives have decreased significantly over the past 2 years and you can now get a decent size SSD for below £150. I already have an SSD drive as my master drive (for Windows and core programs) and purchased this as a secondary drive for music / photos.

If you are installing into a desktop, be aware you may need to purchase an SSD mount on which to install it (couple of quid from Amazon). You simply attach the SATA cable and the power cable and start up your PC. As this was a secondary drive, I had to go into Windows Disk Management to set up the partition and initialise the disk (otherwise it will show up in your device manager but not in Windows Explorer.

Once you have initialised the drive, it will appear in Windows Explorer under the drive letter you assigned, and you can then copy data across to it as required.

SSD drives are silent, efficient and fast – so would highly recommend.
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on 19 August 2013
Having worked my VAIO SR Series into the ground over the 3 years I've owned it, I decided to replace the HDD with an SSD to breathe some new life into it. At first I was a little sceptical about how much of a difference this would make, but I can honestly say that the M500 SSD has made a world of difference to my laptop. The startup time has been cut from about 90 seconds to only 20, programs start almost instantly, and the computer runs Adobe CS5.5 Master collection without even a hint of difficulty, something I could only have dreamed of before upgrading.

In terms of installation it was extremely easy, I purchased an OCZ upgrade kit with the M500 which gave me the necessary software, cable and enclosure in order to do a clone of my HDD. None of these items were included in the box with the M500, so you'll need to get them from elsewhere as I did. To clone, there's just a few easy steps:
1. Put the SSD into the enclosure and connect it to your computer using a USB cable.
2. Run the cloning software and select the source and destination drives
3. Sit back and grab a coffee while it clones the whole contents of your HDD, this takes a little while!
4. Shut down your computer and remove all power sources including the battery, remove the back panel and swap your HDD and SSD over (you'll probably need to find some instructions from your manufacturer on how to do this correctly)
5. Start up your blisteringly fast computer!

You can then use your old HDD as an external drive, or if you have any spare bays, as a secondary drive in your computer.

In summary, the M500 is an SSD that oozes quality both in its construction, as well as in its performance. It pulled the Hard Drive rank on Windows experience index up from 5.4 to 7.7 and has made a huge difference to my computing experience. I simply can't recommend it highly enough!
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Before tossing away your ageing laptop, you might want to consider upgrading to an SSD. This could work out as a much cheaper option considering that the decreasing prices of SSD drives. I do feel that SSD drives in general are still slightly overpriced when considering the fact that these are now mainstream and no longer belonging to a niche market. Yet to be fair, it could still work out much cheaper than buying a new laptop or desktop computer.

The Crucial M500 is definitely a proved and tested, fast and very reliable drive. It is not the fastest SSD, yet it makes up for that in the reliability department. After all what is the use of having a blazing fast SSD if your data could be compromised. The controller houses an numerous capacitors, so in case of a power failure, there is enough juice stored to write the otherwise lost data. Another crucial factor is that the drive is fail operational. This means that if a single nand fails, the drive will still remain functional. On many SSDs if a nand fails the whole drive fails. This technology is referred to as RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) or "cross-die redundancy". (It has to be noted that SSDs use nand flash to store data).

+ Very fast and reliable drive
+ Super easy installation
+ Light on batteries (great for laptop use)

Cons: (Applies to all SSDs due to the large number of writes)
- In order to achieve longer drive longevity, indexing should be turned off

I have not disabled indexing on my drive. My system is on 24/7 and the drive has been installed well over a year ago. Drive performs flawlessly.

○ To use the drive to its full potential, AHCI Mode must be enabled in the bios, and motherboard should support SATA 3.
○ Not as fast as a Samsung EVO

SSD technology is the future, and these drives will improve and prices will continue to decrease.

If you need a very fast reliable drive, than the Crucial M500 is worth serious consideration.

Highly recommended
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on 10 November 2013
This was the single best purchase I've made for my PC in years. I plugged the device in, configured it, then cloned my entire operating system onto it using Macrium (which is free). PC is now blazingly fast loading up anything. For example games and even Photoshop taking just a second or two from what used to be ten seconds plus. Great job Crucial.
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on 22 December 2014
This drive came well packaged in a small cardboard box, with instruction booklet, screws and a plastic packer. This box packed in standard rip-open Amazon packaging. Arrived in good time.

The drive installed quickly with no additional drivers required on Windows 7 64 bit and W7 was installed quickly and easily. The drive has a very good reputation for speed and reliability. I can't attest to the reliability as I've only had it a few days., However, the speed is awesome. No need to sleep your PC now - just reboot it in a few seconds. No waiting around for any apps either - great performance from my new PC now. As it's a standard 2.5" size, it would make a great replacement laptop drive as well.

Excellent product with good support, a good reputation/review and fantastic performance. 5/5
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Size: 120GB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I guess there are two main reasons to consider upgrading to an SSD, one is the performance since a solid state drive will usually outpace any standard hard disc drive (especially the slower drives usually installed in laptops) and the other reason is the resilience since with no moving parts they're less likely to suffer damage in a portable device you're carrying around with you. It's worth knowing therefore that there's a big performance difference, especially for write-speeds, between the new M500 Series SSD's depending on which size you go for - the smaller capacity drives write data much slower than the higher capacity drives. All the M500 series are rated at 500MB/s read-speed but the write-speed of the 120GB (which is the one I have) is rated at 130MB/s, the 240GB is rated at 250MB/s and both the 480GB and 960GB are rated at 400MB/s. This could make a big difference with tasks like video-editing which consistently generates large files, so consider saving up for the larger capacity options if write-speed is a critical feature for you.

The drive unit itself is well-made and lightweight and comes with a useful spacer frame for installation in enclosures built for a standard 9.5mm thick drive. The sizes quoted in Amazon's product description seem to be for the cardboard box it comes in and not the drive itself - it's 7mm thick without the spacer and not 1.9cm! The SSD does get warm during use but never worryingly so, certainly less than most HDD's I've had toasting my lap. If they do overheat the M500 drives will automatically reduce performance and cool off but when installed in place of an existing HDD they should be fine.

Crucial have included an onboard hardware encryption option but this only seems to be available if you set it up using Microsoft's BitLocker on a compatible system (Windows 8 preferably) and isn't as simple as it could be - I found an article on AnandTech ( about how to enable it. Note that hardware encryption isn't available at all on Mac's, at least not unless Apple add support for it in future versions of OSX. Another onboard feature is the Active Garbage Collection which tries to maintain the performance of your drive by actively removing data that's no longer needed. This feature is a fallback option in case the TRIM function is not available on your system, for example on Mac's which don't activate TRIM by default on non-Apple SSD's. For Active Garbage Collection to work your drive has to be idle, with no data access happening, while still connected to a power source - therefore note that you might have to prevent your drive automatically going to sleep to allow the garbage collection routines to run. There's more about Active Garbage Collection on the Crucial forums here:

I installed my 120GB M500 SSD into an external USB3 enclosure (with its own hardware encryption system) and I'm getting read/write speeds of around 120MB/s which isn't bad - it's actually almost twice the speed of the internal drive in my new iMac! The drive should be even faster (especially for read speeds) if installed internally and I'm tempted to try it out in my ageing laptop as it should bring a new lease of life to that. However installed in an external enclosure it gives me a speedy and very resilient portable drive I can throw in a bag without too much concern - and that's exactly what I needed. Excellent.
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on 14 February 2014
Bought this to replace a hard drive in an old 2010 macbook pro - wasn't really expecting to see much performance improvement. I had just bought a 2013 macbook pro also and had been blown away but the performance on that.
Fitting this inside an old macbook pro was really simple and very quick (videos on youtube). Switched it back on, and my old macbook which used to take about 30 seconds to boot up, was up and running in under 5. Totally speechless. Performance is amazing with programs now opening after 1-3 bounces (apple people know what the bounce is) and this now brings my old macbook well on par with the new model. Definitely recommended.
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on 5 January 2014
I own a 2012 Macbook Pro and have needed to use it to do photo and movie editing on the go. I already upgraded my memory to 16gb using Crucial memory. Photo and especially video editing have started to be a real struggle so I looked at SSD drives to help quicken everything up. I went for this drive due to the good price and also my confidence in Crucial products. The drive arrived well packaged on next day delivery. I used a usb3 docking station and CCC software to clone my hard drive which didn't take to much time to copy over 600gb worth of data. Once this was completed I booted from the SSD (still connected to the dock) to make sure everything worked OK. I then swapped the drives in the laptop to complete the swap.

The increase in performance is astonishing!! Everything now happens instantly. With the old drive I would fire up Final Cut Pro X and it would take around 1 minute to load everything up. Now it's a few seconds! iPhoto loads instantly, web browsing in Safari is again instant. I really can't believe the performance improvement that i've got with this disk.

If you are considering buying this drive, stop considering and get it, you won't regret it!
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on 12 May 2014
If you'r looking for an upgrade to your gaming PC, home desktop, laptop, I would definitely recommend this SSD.

I bought this SSD as an upgrade to my gaming rig that had been dragged down by a basic HDD it's three years old and was starting to get a little slow on boot up/ load times. This SSD completely removed that sluggish response I was having.

I done a lot of searching and reading of reviews before buying this SSD and there are others out there in the same price range but after much deliberation I bought this one and I'm very happy with it!

I opted not to buy any cloning software and went for a fresh install using a usb ISO version of my Windows 7 after a little failing on my behalf and my PC not playing ball I got it all installed freshly and it works a charm.

I would recommend booting for USB if possible as booting from disk tends to hang and take a long long time.
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on 23 March 2014
As my computer got slower and slower, despite Windows 7 turning those inner wheels, I decided that it was time for drastic action, hence the purchase of this drive.
Allied with a download of Windows 7 from the Windows website (to avoid the OEM junk that came with the original disc) it was a simple matter to fit the item and install the operating system. What an incredible difference these drives make in terms of speed of loading on start up, subsequent use and close down. That speed up is, assisted, of course, by not having insalled the PC's manufacturers junk programs, AKA bloatware. It's like going from a biplane to a jet aircraft.
Hint, if you're going to do as I did, make sure that your keyboard and mouse connections for the exercise are USB2 ports rather than USB3. Initially drivers for the latter are not loaded automatically.
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