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on 21 June 2013
When I first browsed the web for a new case I was torn between spending £20 on a premium case with heavily mixed reviews, and spending £2 on the TeckNet slim-fit case. However, the simple decision to spend a mere £2 on a well-reviewed product that would protect my new £400 phone was a no-brainer.

When the case arrived I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, which appeared to be better than any previous case I've spent much more money on for my iPhone 4.

The TeckNet case sports a matte backing (semi-opaque) with gloss edges. It really is slim-fit, too. With a 3-4mm thickness there's not much to this case at all. 'Unreassuring', you might think, considering that its main task as a protective case is to protect your new mobile telephone from knocks and scrapes. Well, fear not my friends. After three days of owning the Teck-Net case I decided to take my new Galaxy S4 on one of my regular jogs across town. Unfortunately I fell over quite severely not so long into the run.

After my severe yet comical fall to the ground, I hobbled off to safety and proceeded to inspect both my battered knee and my battered phone. The results were surprising. My knee was horrible. Luckily however, my new phone remained completely intact. Not a scratch on her curvaceous body. Considering the force with which I hit the ground, and the noise my phone made when it hit the tarmac, I was surprised to see such positive results.

End of story, for two quid you can't go wrong. I would've paid a tenner for this case and not been disappointed. In fact, I think the low price might deter some people from buying it, but it really is such a great product.
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on 23 May 2013
Pros - Seems quite durable, doesn't actually look cheap, allows you to show off that sexy phone of yours.

Cons - Maybe it was just me, but the stupid #2 tab on the screen protector didn't come off properly on both that came with the case. Had to use a bit of oil to get the sticky backing off, which was quite annoying.
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on 15 August 2013
i dont use the screen protectors that came with the case but the case is fantastic dont even notice its on very slim design but also adds good protection
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on 6 August 2013
I owned first a spigen neo hybrid case. Very nice case, but I didn't like it because it made the phone a little bit bigger, and more square-ish, like an iPhone, and it was very slippery when left on a surface.

Then I decided to buy a cheap case, this one from TeckNet.

- it is thin, but firm. I dropped my phone twice and no sign of damage.
- it doesn't add any bulk, and can still be stored in the pocket.
- it keeps the shape of the phone
- it protects the bottom and the top, as other similar models don't, probably to make it compatible with other accessories. But I don't need it.
-it has a soft mate back side, nice to touch, but a rubber frame, what helps placing the phone on the side and prevents it from falling.
-the border of the case on the screen comes out by 1-2mm what protects the screen if it is facing down.
- holes perfectly aligned, for headphones and micro usb.

- I would like to have more grip on the back and not only on the side.
- if the phone gets hot, you can feel it on the back, but that is common to many other cases.
- I had shipped to Germany, and the cost was like half of the price of the case.

The first day I remembered saying how I was going to dispose it quickly, just by looking at it. I put it on, and started using it, and I felt the difference with the size and shape. And I finally kept it.
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on 20 July 2013
Initially I had some sketisim over this case due to its price. However, all that negative thought had been thrown out of the window when I recieved it today. This product comes with 2 screen protector, needless to say paying £2.50 which would have been just the same as buying a stand-alone screen protector on amazon is a nice bounus.

Now, the actual case itself. It is nothing fancy. However, it does not look cheap either. It fits perfectly well, so I advice you put in your sim card or SD card in your phone before trying this case on, because it will give you a hard time to take the case off once it is on! That's how well fitted it is!

Do note that the edges is bound to have some bits. This is probably caused by the manufacturing process. However, it can be easily removed and smoothen out with a small worker knife, just as I did. All done in just 5 minutes.

The phone case arrived within 3-4 days (3 days after dispatch letter and arrived to my door, or 4 days if you count the dispatch day).

Highly recommanded if you are first time phone case buyer. If you don't like the case after you bought it, consider that you've simply paid £2.50 for the screen protectors, which is just the same price on the market.
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on 3 June 2014
I ordered this the day before I got my S4, so it turned up perfectly on time. It fits like a glove and doesn't detract from the lines of the phone at all. Haven't dropped it yet, so don't know how much it will help if I do, but I had a similar case for my old S2 and that took the impacts from many drops! It goes in the pocket of my jeans most days and hasn't discoloured so far. Would highly recommend :-)
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on 7 June 2013
After suffering a software crash on my previous phone, luckily after I was due an upgrade, I became the geek-girl proud owner of a new shiny Samsung Galaxy S4 fresh from release. Now clearly, the sleek design would require a case that would both protect, be durable and fit the phone. In addition because the S4 is slim but smooth, I would need a case that gave me a bit of grip.
I was initially drawn to Samsung's own branded case but at roughly 8 times the price did not think it was a neccesity, having said that the extremely low price of this case made me dubious as to it's quality. However, all the reviews gave me confidence - and I can only add my weight to this.

The quality is unbelievably good, the fit is snug and I especially like that there is a cut out around the sleep button which means pressing the button is not difficult as in other cases where you have to push harder to get through the casing.

The only thing I would say is that the actual colour is not as light blue as in the photo - it is more a royal blue, but I actually prefer this so am dead chuffed with TeckNet!

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on 12 February 2015
When i bought S4 year and half before i thought i need some expensive case for such expensive phone. I could not find anything useful, because for me cases like Otterbox are just ridicolous. So in meantime i decided to purchase something and i found this simple Tecknet case , i bought it and it is just amazing. My phone has fallen in all ways possible and nothing happened. I am pretty sure Tecknet used some secret army material to achieve this durability( just kidding). Case is very slim a phone looks nice with it. Second best thing besides guarding the phone, is the raised grip you get with it, there is no chance that phone will slip out your hands, because everyone knows that S4 is little bit slippery when holding. I am currently on my third case, but because the other were not good, but just because i wanted to change colour. And the price ? Thats sounds like some of kind joke, but for money you paying you get 120% product. Highly recommending.
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on 31 May 2013
Fantastic value for money. You get a perfectly fitting case, a plastic screen protector and a cleaning cloth.

The best way to apply the screen protector is to set yourself up on a table away from any dust, wipe down the phone with the cloth, and then get a strip of sellotape and keep taping and re-taping over the screen. If there is even 1 bit of dust remaining you will get an air bubble.

Remove the first bit of plastic and start at the bottom gradually applying the protector, use a credit card to remove any bubbles as you go. You will still have a few air bubbles visible but most of these should disappear when you take off the 2nd layer of plastic.

Provided you have got rid of ALL dust, any left over bubbles will disappear over the next day or two.

The plastic case is very easy to fit the phone in, nice and snug.
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on 10 May 2013
This protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is well made to fit the phone, provides exellent impact protection and also feels good in the hand. There is also a screen protector included in this pack that adds to the maximum protection of the phone. Because this case isn't very thick or heavy it wont change much of the profile of the thin and light phone, however this case does make the phone easier to use with the large screen.

The best thing that I find about this case is the included microfiber cleaning cloth. This is surprisingly very high quality not just for the price, I've never seen such a great quality phone cleaning cloth let alone one that comes free.
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