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4.3 out of 5 stars113
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2014
I've bought many books about people making the break to Greece and was looking forward to reading this one but, oh dear, this turgid Chick-lit drivel with its sixth form prose is just about unreadable. I stuck with it to the end to see if it got better ( it didn't). My wife actually gave up after 60 pages and declared it to be rubbish Which it is. Its not really about Greece at all - its the author moaning about the men in her life and stumbling from one improbable "romantic interlude" to the next. There are quite a few good books about people taking on the Greek lifestyle. This isn't one of them. Please don't waste your money on it . Seriously, it is that bad.
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on 1 October 2013
Read this whilst on holiday in Greece: I enjoyed the bits about Tilos and the Greek way of life but oh dear, Ms Barclay does rather go on and on and on about the men in her life (she rarely seemed to mention any girl friends) and the constant heartbreak! I found it rather tedious after a few chapters.
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on 13 January 2014
Although this is a nice, gentle read about Tilos, it struck me as a rather romantic view of things generally and a bit shallow, rather as if the author couldn't decide whether she wanted to write a romantic novel or a realistic account of her time on the island. I have no doubt it was all true but I was rather put off in the beginning by the 'understanding' of her boss when she wanted to take a month off from her job to go abroad simply because her relationship (of less than a year) had broken down - it was all rather over dramatic I felt (and I can imagine what most bosses would say, not to mention colleagues!). However, having been to Tilos (and about 40+ other Greek islands!) it was nice to read about it although there was quite a bit I didn't recognise as well as some I did. (The beach when we were there wasn't nearly as nice as she describes it!!!). I think she was indeed lucky to have such a wonderful time there because I feel in reality it wouldn't be that idyllic as a woman by oneself on a remote island such as Tilos (as well as seemingly living only on tomatoes, feta and oranges when she catered for herself!). Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh but didn't find it that satisfying really, although a pleasant enough light read.
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on 1 June 2016
I don't write reviews often but I felt compelled to stop someone else buying this book. My favourite book is The Island by Victoria Hislop and although I knew it wouldn't match that, I thought a book about living on a Greek island would appeal to me... No way! This book is so self-centred, mostly about men with a few island bits thrown in. What annoys me overall is it so disjointed with many errors throughout, so much so I was so annoyed I could not finish it! I don't believe the earlier reviews of it being 'a great book'. I wonder how it was published!
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on 3 April 2013
This is one of those books that makes you take a close look at your own life. Jennifer's tenacity to follow her dreams despite all the odds is uplifting and breathtaking. I wont spoil it for you but there are moments when you may want your tissues on standby! The descriptions of Tilos and Greece transport you there effortlessly with her fresh heartfelt writing you warm to Jennifer her predicament and the Island so much so you find yourself day dreaming about running away to a Greek island! (Well I did) A joy to read and a must for travellers and dreamers alike. Pack this one in your suitcase!
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on 19 March 2013
Prior to her time on Tilos, Jennifer's life has followed a familiar, modern day pattern for a young, single woman : study hard, work hard, struggle through relationships, rinse and repeat. All accompanied with a growing sense of dissatisfaction and a frustrating search for that elusive state of happiness.

Jennifer decides to take the helm and change that pattern because "Life is too short not to reach out for what makes you happy". When her current partner backs out on sharing a new life together in Greece she forges ahead alone and moves to the tiny Greek island of Tilos. Brave, I thought.

Having spent several months at a time in the Greek islands and from my home here in Cyprus, I could really identify with life on Tilos; the energy-sapping heat, the ubiquitous goats and citrus trees plus the heavy scent of herbs and grilling meats which fills the air. The enormous generosity and welcoming nature of the islanders shines through - the Greeks even have a word for it: 'filoxenia'. Jennifer writes of a life I know and love; of what is important. Spend time with and care for other people. Eat, drink, laugh, play. Slow down. 'Siga-siga'.

More than anything, this book is about simplifying: live with few possessions, eat simple foods, respond to the seasons, retain hope and take time to discover what sort of person you are and what makes you happy. I know I would love Tilos - from the unchanging scene on the webcam (yes, it is working...) to Irini's offering of out-of-date yoghurt (Is OK?)

The text is simple, the words uncomplicated and this style beautifully conveys Jennifer's gentle integration into island life with her obvious delight at finding joy in simple pleasures such as swimming, walking and enjoying the views from her house. Of course, the path is far from smooth and Jennifer writes candidly of broken hearts, betrayal, self-doubt and her desire to have a child.

This book is an account of Jennifer's island life experience but holds a message for us all; are you living the life of your choice?
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on 9 August 2013
This book is somewhat disappointing in that there is too much of the authors personal life included. However, the description of the island's flora and fauna, and that of the locals is very interesting.
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on 28 August 2013
I purchased this book after reading an extract in You magazine (with the Sunday paper). Just the extract was enough to make me buy this book. Saved til last on my holiday I was not disappointed and I couldn't put it down until I got to the end - disappointed that there wasn't more.
Jennifer Barclay writes with feeling about her travels around the greek island of Tilos, coupled with an insight into a life where one remembers that we make our own luck and are in control of our own destiny. I especially liked the fact that Jennifer is writing about herself and actually lives on the island. She has a blog where she continues to write on about her life on the island, coupled with pictures and further details which just make this whole experience more enthralling. Her descriptions and vision makes you see the colours of the seas she is swimming in and almost feel the lemon juice running down your chin.
Buy this book. - you will not be disappointed but after will feel compelled to get out there and do something!
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on 18 April 2013
I was warned I might not like this book. How delighted I was that, on putting it down, I could inform the naysayer how wrong they had been.

For a travel book (and all the limitations that genre holds), 'Falling in Honey' succeeds in weaving together myriad themes to create a truly sensational read: the nature of love; the history of Greece; the strength that it takes to book a one-way ticket and just GO. Jennifer Barclay knits these concepts together with the skill of a novelist, but she underlines it with something much more profound - that this is all real, has happened - and her ability to fly phoenix-like above it all will leave any reader at once in awe and jealous.

While the evocations of Greece are sumptuous and the characterisations three-dimensional, the real treat in this book is the life-affirming chorus of refrains ... 'happiness is easy sometimes' ...
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on 9 July 2013
... and feel the sun on your back and the warm sea lapping round your body BUT, I wasn't terribly interested in Jennifer's personal life - hence only three stars.
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