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5.0 out of 5 stars Blu Ray plays on UK Blu Ray player, 29 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Ninja III: The Domination [Blu-ray] [1984] [US Import] (Blu-ray)
Never seen this before but enjoyed Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja so decided to give it a go. Not watched the film yet but for any UK based customers interested in getting the US Shout Factory blu ray it appears to be region free. I have a UK Panasonic blu ray player that is not chipped or modified and the blu ray plays ok.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Possessive Ninja Action, 27 Aug 2014
Timelord-007 (The Eccentric Wanderer) - See all my reviews
Ninja 3 :The Domination

DVD Info.
Region 2 Import
Language: English, German
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1
Number of discs: 1
Running Time: 89 minutes

1)Shô Kosugi is an actual Ninpo practitioner & was also the movie's technical advisor and fight co-choreographer in numerous other 1980s ninja movies & appeared in each of the films in Golan-Globus' Cannon "Ninja" series but playing different characters.
2)Despite being the third & final entry in the Ninja trilogy, this film has nothing to do with the first two films Enter the Ninja (1981) or Revenge of the Ninja (1983), despite the fact that they all star Shô Kosugi (but playing a different character in each film).
3)Ninjutsu is "the art of invisibility". The martial art is also known as Ninpo & Ninjitsu-Ryu.
4)Lucinda Dickey was cast in the film because she had worked on the "Breakin'" films, which were both directed by Sam Firstenberg & she had the physical presence to do all the stunts during the film.
5)To date this third Ninja movie has yet to receive an official UK DVD release.

Shô Kosugi as Yamada
Lucinda Dickey as Christie
Jordan Bennett as Billy Secord
David Chung as Black Ninja
Dale Ishimoto as Okuda
James Hong as Miyashima
Bob Craig as Netherland
Pamela Ness as Alana
Roy Padilla as Winslow
Moe Mosley as Pickwick
John LaMotta as Case
Ron Foster as Jiminez
Earl W. Smith as Jefferson
Carver Barnes as Nicholson

What's The Story.
A female aerobic instructor named Christine is possessed by an evil spirit of a fallen ninja when coming to his aid, The spirit seeks revenge on those who killed him & uses Christines body to carry out his missions.

The only way the spirit will leave the aerobic instructor's body is through combat with another ninja in the guise of Ninja Master Yamada.

Timelord Thoughts.
Wow, Lucinda Dickey I had a huge crush on this woman growing up & seeing her in very sexy guises throughout this film meant it was hired frequently from our local video shop, plus it's a cracking fun 80's Ninja movie starring marital arts sensation Sho Kosugi doing what he does best kicking Ninja ass what is the final part to this loose Ninja trilogy of movies by Golan & Globus.

The plot sees a man enter a cave looking for a hidden sword & eventually he finds it but the sword has power & transforms the man into a super ninja (a bit like Prince Adam turning into He-Man) who then goes on for no given explanation a frenzied killing spree & is shot by cops & here meets a young woman named Christine to which events get very weird.

The evil spirit within the sword possesses Christine who becomes a bad ass Ninja who goes on a revenge killing spree on the people that shot the first ninja guy.

From here on in we see Ninja Master Yamada whom seems to know what's going on (glad he does), who keeps showing up at key locations to try & save Christine's soul from the evil Ninjas possession.

The plot makes little sense but what makes this film entertaining are the excellent fight sequences & Ninja weaponry superbly choreographed by Sho Kosugi who again is excellent as the Ninja who delivers some spectacular fights throughout the movie, while Lucinda Dickey is a stunningly beautiful woman complete with 80's hairstyle & looks like she can handle herself & gives the movie a sexiness to which I have too thank God for.

I'm disappointed that this hasn't yet received a official UK DVD release as both Enter The Ninja & Revenge Of The Ninja have had a uncut DVD re-release.

Overall, Ninja 3: The Domination features lots of ninja action & shootouts with a story full of plot holes which is utter nonsense, but who cares as what Ninja 3 delivers is pure enjoyable escapism & is a action packed Friday night no-brainier that is a very enjoyable 80's Ninja movie & a fitting end to this loose Ninja trilogy to feature the excellent Sho Kosugi.

Timelord Rating.
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5.0 out of 5 stars NINJA 3 the domination...third instalment of 80's ninja classics., 6 Jan 2013
Well here we are probably the most entertaining ninja movie ever made alongside its predecessor "Revenge of the ninja".
NINJA 3: The domination...the third instalment of the legendary cannon group/sho kosugi franchise of the 1980's.

This film definately dominates most ninja films and many martial arts movies due to its very diffrent storyline plot
The exorcist meets ninja comes to mind, and even though that seems laughable, thats because it is...but it works !!
its so typical ninja cheese washed with pure gore,fun and excitement that its just pure genious only the 80's produced.

The fighting sequences are fantastic throughout and the special effects are like something out of spielbergs "poltergeist"
just like the end fight sequences in "revenge of the ninja" with all the dappy mystic magic and impossible moments galore
like this they just make you love this movie forever and even scenario...either love it or hate it...or both !!

I personally cant say enough for this movie and that is why i paid a fortune to own it on vhs and also hope to get a release
copy of it on dvd in the near future....come on cannon release the beast ?......its been far too long now ?
Anyways the characters play really well for their roles....and listen there is a twist we have a gorgeous female leading role,
(lucinda dickey) is perfect as a posessed evil ninja...and is very fit....the master good ninja (sho kosugi) takes a step back.
but he is always one step ahead as we expect when it comes to his ninjitsu skills and awareness while others run amock.
although queen evil ninja's partner is a very irratating cheesy police man who loves himself,he also fits in remarkably.
we also see a very small part with the lengendary mystic demon vampire "lo pan" from the classic movie " big trouble in little china", as the spiritualist that has no power in helping (lucinda) escape the evil ninja in steps(sho kosugi).

MEN of the warned....make sure you watch this movie alone first as i am not sure many ladies will appreciate it
if you catch my drift ?, if you have seen it you will know what i mean...but nonetheless if they do enjoy it, that is a bonus for all us ninja square heads out there and we can sit and enjoy it instead of constant abuse with sighs of "typical men ".
this movie should be seen, heard and not misunderstood as it is a one off classic that i believe wont and cant be beaten.

Overall this is a must see in my eyes and even on first viewing it might seem a bit too much if your a new to this genre... but trust me you will soon get into it and if you dont....its just not your cup of tea and stick to big money movies...that have no heart, no fun and too much blah ,blah,blah,drama,drama, my opinion you wont beat original eighties movies in any genre of this time.
even if you do hate it and still watch it till the will never forget it and that is why it stands out from many others
especially all the high tech so called ninja movies that are out today......grab this and get the real feel of what ninja movies are all about...silly,fun,fighting,exciting,action filled nonsense....ONLY a NINJA can KILL a NINJA !!

grab ya mates,grab your special girl,grab a beer,grab a chair but most of all you GRAB........NINJA 3 :THE DOMINATION 5*****
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5.0 out of 5 stars "This one time a ninja was eating in a restaurant and this guy drops a spoon and the ninja killed everyone in the restaurant..", 20 Oct 2011
Oh my me... This is great! This film starts at a hundred miles an hour, we open on a bit of a golf course ruckus.

SEE! A Ninja crush a golf ball with his bare hands!
SEE! Blow darts fired into the barrel of a gun!
SEE! A cop car kicked into a lake!!!

This is Ninja heaven... While yer reeling from the opening barney the ninja falls to the ground, the plot kicks in and we grind down a coupla gears. In a nutshell the ninja has passed on his spirit to a telephone maintenance women(!?) and through her, he goes on a revenge fuelled rampage against the cops that killed him. Fun fun fun!

Throw in an Asian mystic who, by the light of candles and swirling incense utters the immortal words "only a ninja, can kill a ninja". And a man from Japan with an eye patch who happens to be a ninja, and you know we're building up to a top drawer martial arts show down!

I love this film from its cheesy 80's soundtrack to the masterful execution of the fight scenes. Grab a beer and kick back, cinema don't get much better! Also the man from Japan, Sho Kosugi (for those that dont know!) is a martial arts legend having starred in most of the ninja films of the 80's! Also he contributed most of the motion capture in one of my favourite old skool games `Tenchu: stealth assassin' !
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