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4.7 out of 5 stars423
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2002
When i saw this film on the shelf in this shop i wipped it straight into my basket. How could i resist? I couldn't! This is the most fun loving film with a meaning behind it and you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it. To describe it in 3 words, they would have to be: Exceptional, Dedicated & Chunk! This packed full of action film is one for everybody. Go on, make it appear on your shelf, you'll thank me for it.
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on 24 November 2004
Well, what is there to say that hasnt been said already. This was constantly on my video when i was a nipper, and now its on dvd, its great. I love the idea of the hidden treasure, the bad guy brothers (who play off each other brilliantly), and the gadgets and secret passage ways and. . . . Just watch it, because you will love it, however old you are!!!!
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on 21 January 2010
Growing up in the 80s had its standout cinematic moments and this was one of them. Along with E.T. this film keeps you enthralled from start to finish.

Its the story of a group of friends who call themselves 'The Goonies'. They are threatened with their houses being bulldozed to make way for a Golf Course, unless they can get the money together to stop it. What ensues is a fantastic adventure film for everyone to enjoy from 8 to 80.
I think what helps bind this film together is the way all the kids bounce off eachother....its like they've known eachother for years.

It doesn't surprise me that the story was written by Steven Speilberg. The man is a genius when it comes to films about youth and adventure. This for me is up there with 80s classic Back to the Future which Spielberg also had a hand in.

Every time I watch this film it reminds me of all the great times I had as a kid. For fans of Steven Spielberg's films this is a must. Looks good now as it did back when it first came out.

Although I certainly feel that you need to watch this for the first time when your around 10 years old its still a great family film to enjoy on those relaxed Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons when you don't wanna leave the matter what age you are.
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on 28 April 2014
Wow, I watched this for the first time with this Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray and now it's my favorite movie of all time!

Firstly the exclusive Steelbook is just beautiful, and a great price for such a class item! So glad I chose this over the standard Amaray case! The embossed logo and front and back pictures are cool to look at!

I'm so glad they used this front cover painting of the group hanging onto each others legs from the jagged rock, over the awful cover drawing of the original VHS and DVD with the picture that doesn't even look like any of the characters! The back cover is another gorgeous painting of them looking up front the bottom of the well. It has the Production Credits and Studio Logos at the bottom of the picture. The paintings used look exactly like the Characters in the movie.

Oh then you open the Steelbook and it has the gorgeous picture of the gang on a rock looking at the Pirate Ship at sea! No detail is missed out! The rear of the case as an Obi type card strip with the synopsis and details on, which is removable!

I can't believe I've never seen this movie until now! I'm very lucky to have it on such a great format in such a stunning package!

I love the special features, especially the Cyndi Lauper -Goonies R Good Enough Music Video! Also several Deleted Scenes, including some of the alternate scnes that appeared in different TV broadcasts for different reasons. Namely the ‘Convenience Store’ and ‘Octopus scene’, and Data’s extra gadgets! My favorite feature is the Picture In Picture Commentary feat. The Main cast and Director! It is so funny and interesting to hear their little stories throughout!

The Menu is straightforward and easy to navigate, with the choices on a map with a picture of them in the cave in the background.

Okay the picture quality is superb as a whole, I find a few scenes to be a little subpar in quality such as the scene we see Mikey sitting at the window and yawning before it cuts into his room and he falls back onto his bed. The foreground is clear but the backround in which he is in is blurry and out of focus. Although thinking about it that may be intentional?

Also the scene in which Mouth is hilariously mis-translating what Mrs Walsh wants to tell the Housekeeper! It is a little dark and grainy and the picture is just not as clear as in other scenes! Another scene in the house where Mikey is stood behind Brand on the chair, the background appears out of focus again. Also when Mouth is sat in the sink, the right part of the picture is clear yet the left where Mouth is sitting in the sink is rather unfocused. Some of the skies in the background are grainy at times, especially when the boys are climbing up the hill on their bikes in front of the restaurant.

Though these minor faults are nice as the preserve the original charm of the movie, and don’t make it to clean and clinical as some Complete Restorations of movies can. It feels like we have a HD of the original movie that millions have enjoyed since 1985! This won’t feel like a totally different movie to the one you may have enjoyed on a treasured VHS as a kid!

The rest of the movie has no major faults and is stunning in detail. Namely the scene in which they are under the well with the sheet water. The shots of the town Astoria are beautiful and natural looking. The colourful props such as the contraption in their front garden that opens the gate, and the Overall the colors are vivid and the picture is crisp.

It seems to be a HD scan of the film with some noise reduction filtering and slight clean up, rather than a complete restoration. Perhaps we'll see that further down the line? It keeps the nice natural grain found in film, and there is no major noticeable dirt or artefacts. Except for one scene there is what appears to be a piece of film dirt in the part where Mikey and Chunk with his mouth full are squabbling over the Statue.

To date this is the Ultimate edition of the Blu-Ray! The only way it could be better is to have the Package of the USA 25th Anniversary Edition with the Outer Box with items such as a Mini board game and booklet with storyboard cards etc. It's a nice package inside a nice presentation box. The Disc itself doesn't have any new features or different transfer to the standard Blu-Ray or this Limited Edition Steelbook. Besides, the Box contains the Blu-Ray in a standard Amaray case, not this beautiful Steelbook case you can purchase here!

Goonies never say die!
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VINE VOICEon 6 January 2006
For my generation this must be the most loved film of all time, came out in 1985 and demands to be rewatched whenever its repeated. For those who don't know the story revolves around a gang of kids (The Goonies - Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Data, Chunk Andy and Steph) finding a treasure map and searching for the treasure to save their town from demolition. Along the way they encounter the villainous Frateli family, a monster, twisting passages, a pirate ship and booty traps (I mean booby-traps ((THATS WHAT I SAID!))). From start to finish this film cannot fail to entertain from the brilliant characters (I know most peoples favourites are Chunk or Mouth but my favourites always been Data), to the action and the dialogue (Why didn't you use the stairs - Next time do it with your eyes open - HEY YOU GUYS - This is my dream, and it never came true so I'm taking it back) I just can't big this film up enough. For those of you who havent seen it - its as good as you've been told.
As for the extra's they are absolutely class, theres are a few deleted scenes including the octopus scene mentioned at the end which didn't make the final cut (I always though they were joking about this). The behind the scenes is short you'll miss it if you blink and the Cyndi Lauper has dated horribly. However the commentary is excellent, I was worried about who would and who wouldn't be on it but they managed to fit on all of The Goonies (although Sean Astins only there for the first half) and Richard Donner (Director). As expected the most vocal is Corey Fieldman and it does come over that they are all enjoying themselves.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 September 2011
In an effort to ward off property developers and save the Walsh's from having to move away. Mikey Walsh, Brand Walsh and their intrepid friends, set off to look for pirate treasure they believe exists after the discovery of a dust covered map.

Fun fun fun! Treasure, pirates, booby traps, crooks, weird cellar dwelling humans, water slides, wishing wells and budding teenager romances The Goonies has it all. Directed by Richard Donner and written by Steven Spielberg and Christopher Columbus, The Goonies is one of those rare animals that thrills the children and bewitches the adults in equal measure. Romping along at a fair old click, the film never stops to pause for breath, thus dragging the viewers along for the ride. There is no expense spared with the production (the sets are delightful) and the cast are mostly engaging, some minor annoyances aside {the girls are adventure caricatures for instance}. To leave a film that once loved in childhood, will hopefully stay far beyond into your adult years. A junior Raiders Of The Lost Ark perhaps? Maybe not, but still one wholly satisfying action adventure picture, one that's standing the test of time for many of us with our fondly nostalgic glasses perched delicately on the end of the nose. 8/10
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on 28 November 2000
Nearly everybody I know cites this as their favourite film ever which is quite a claim if you have seen Jaws.Sure the film is simplistic and sentimental but lets not forget that it is meant for kids and not cynical critics.I think the films appeal lies in its great characters.We can all identify with one of the kids be it the fat kid,the nice kid,the lippy kid or the one with all the gadgets?My favourite is Mouth played by Corey Feldman but he does get all the best lines.The best compliment I can give the film is that it I could watch it every day (and I do) and I am still not bored of it.
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on 16 August 2004
It's something every kid wants to do. Have a close group of pals who go in search of a legendary pirates treasure and find more than we bargained for.
There was something magic about the goonies. Maybe it was just the plot...or the traps set by the pirates...or the treasure...getting tailed by a family of theives (admit it,everyone was scared of Mama Fratelli!)
I couldn't belive it when I saw Sean Astin in Lord of The Rings. I had always remembered him as a skinny wimp with braces! Each character in this film is unique and I loved them all. I thought Chunk was hilarious especially when he's trying to tame Sloth!
I don't know anyone who doesn't love this film, and it's classy 80s costumes (esp Brand and the shorts over trousers!) If you're a child of the 80's and haven't seen it think shame on yourself. Get it and make amends pronto!
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on 23 January 2002
This superb adventure leads a group of friends (The Goonies) through many dangerous situations in search of 'one eyed willies' treasure. They work their way through booby traps, puzzles and the persuing threat of the dangerous Fratelli family in search of the treasure that will save their homes from redevelopement.
This DVD contains many extras including the infamous octopus scene which was cut from the cinema and vhs version of the film in the uk.
This film was the launch stone for some very talented young actors/actresses, including Sean Astin who played Samwise Gamgee in the massive Lord of the rings Trilogy, and Joe Pantoliano who went on too star in numerous films including The Matrix and the tv series The Sopranos.
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on 25 March 2012
Anyone currently in their late twenties up to their late thirties will remember the Goonies and the vast majority will love it. Its a coming of age film which a lot of people can relate to. Also for all those 80s music fans out there the soundtrack, (Cyndi Lauper : The Goonies R Good Enough) is great.

Its hard to fault much in this film as it makes me go all dream like. What I would say is it drags its feet alot until the plot really gets going. But you don't mind that because its full of jokes. - Mal, 'Translating,' for Martha the Spanish maid, Mikey getting sprayed at the sink, Chunk eating cream out of a can, Mal's burst bike tyres, Chunk knocking over the statue, (and about one hundred other things!)

The plot is all the kids, (the rejects known as the Goonies) are going to have to move to different neighbourhoods because their homes are going to be bought out by compulsory order and demolished. They find One Eyed Willie's treasure map and go on one final adventure through a mini Indiana Jones fun park, (so to speak) with at one point what looks like fantastic water slides!

As earlier mentionned there's a lot of funny parts in this film. Chunk has his fair share. When caught by the bad family they threaten to take off his fingers in a food mixer but then he starts crying and going through a whole array of times he had down bad things. - One time he was sick in the cinema and everyone in the audience ending up being sick! One of the captors ends up liking him and finds him funny! Also the other Goonies get him to knock down a door by taunting him about a made up photo of his mum in the bath!

Running through the movie are not just one love story but two love stories. The first love story, a traditional one, is between Andi and Brand, (Mikey's older brother). In one scene Andi mistakedly kisses, (with her eyes closed), Mikey and says to her mate. - I didn't realise he, (refering to Brand) wore braces! Its hilarious seeing Mikey's feet getting dragged across the ground. Its a satisfying love story because the jock, Troy, who Andi was initially spending time with doesn't get the girl. (That seems to be a long running theme in Hollywood movies).

The second, 'Love,' story is between Chunk, (aka Lawrence) and Sloth. If you haven't ever come across Sloth you can't have been on planet earth since 1985! - A terribly ugly looking character, (a brother of the bad family) but with a big heart. Personally, I believe the friendship between the fat guy and the ugly guy is a shared relationship and fight against the prejudices from society.

Its a film with a deeper meaning, certainly a sense of trying to change things :

In the Wishing well full of coins the girl who's lost her glasses says to Mal : 'You can't take the coins because they are peoples' dreams, peoples' wishes.'

Mal retorts : 'But this one here, this one right here was my dream and it it didn't come true, so I am taking it back.'

Mikey : 'Don't you realise? The next time you see sky it will be in another town, the next time you take a test in will be in another school. Our parents they want the best stuff for us, but right now they've got to do what is right for them, because its their time up there. - Down here its our time, thats over the second we ride up in Troy's bucket.'

At the end Andi tells Mikey if he keeps kissing girls like he did her, he will have no problems with them, (Mikey to his dad : 'Sorry dad we had our hands on the future, but we blew it to save our own lives,') Data's dad tries to take a photo of his son with disasterous results, Mal and that blond haired girl share a moment, everyone is reunited with their family and perhaps most touching of all Chunk tells Sloth he can live with his family. - 'Goonies never say die.'

Long after this film is finished you will have, 'Hey you guys!' ringing in your ears! A Speilberg 80s classic!
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