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3.8 out of 5 stars129
3.8 out of 5 stars
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Going to a supermarket is never a particularly thrilling experience. There are the screaming kids begging their parents for sweets, the queues, the trolleys with the wonky wheels and of course those awful self-service checkouts that never really work. However, the one thing I've never experienced at Tesco's, is a shark swimming down the aisle, chomping at my heels.

In `Bait' we see just what happens if you let Great White sharks into your local hypermarket. It doesn't end well for anyone concerned. Great White sharks are less inclined to use clubcards and queue nicely at Customer Services departments while trying to exchange a faulty toaster; instead they tend to eat anyone who gets in their path.

Bait follows a long line of so-so B-movies, all with sharks as the main threat. However, whereas most of them are pretty forgettable, this one is actually pretty watchable. You'll notice I said `watchable' not good. Sadly, the special effects are pretty awful (CGI sharks just don't cut it) and even some of the acting is pretty wooden.

However, that said, it's a fun - if incredibly silly - ride. If you think `sharks in a supermarket' sounds like a good film, then you're probably the sort of person who can appreciate a daft little B-movie like this. But if you think it sounds totally ludicrous, then you're probably best bending a selection of wire shopping baskets all around your body in an attempt to put as much distance between you and the film as possible (seriously, that's what someone tries in Bait).

Personally, I loved Bait. It was silly, cheesy, fun and totally stupid. A bit like me (I like to think, anyway). I can't wait for the sequel (yes, there's one on its way, if you believe the online rumour mill). I'm hoping this time we'll have either `sharks in school' or `sharks in an old people's home.' Classic. I should write those ideas down and copyright them before they're stolen!
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on 26 May 2013
I am so glad I can read other people's reviews but not be swayed by them. This film was getting a universal panning, and after seeing I do actually understand why - but totally disagree! This sort of film is never going to win over the critics, or win awards. It's a 'creature feature', and should be treated as such. Also, every time a shark film comes out someone decides that comparing it to Jaws is the only way to get their point across. Please, people, stop doing that! Jaws was lightning in a bottle. It's never going to happen again.
Also, please re-watch Jaws before saying it's special effects were better than films like BAIT. They weren't. Bruce was a plastic shark who kept sinking and looked like a rubber bath-toy at the end. What Spielberg did so effectively was craft a suspenseful film out of the problems he was having.
Now BAIT is never going to be thought of as highly, but it IS a very entertaining film with some great set pieces and some pretty decent effects. The actors fit nicely into their, predominantly cliché, roles and all perform adequately. The director even manages to create some decent suspense.
Deep Blue Sea is the only 'recent' shark film I can think of that was a success (albeit with a totally barmy plot!). I watched Shark Night and enjoyed it. I've also sat through the abysmal 'Mega Shark vs...." and 'Sharktopus' films.
Go into BAIT with an open mind and wanting to be entertained for 90 minutes and you're sure to have a good time. Go in expecting a high-budget blockbuster with amazing special effects and you will be disappointed. Not every film has to be an Oscar winner or another Jaws, Rocky or Lord of the Rings. Film is meant to be enjoyed - maybe people should try that, instead of perfecting their armchair critic skills.
Just a thought.
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Bait follows former lifeguard Josh as he arrives to his present day job at a supermarket, where he soon comes face to face with his ex Tina and her new boyfriend. Also having a less than great day is Josh's co-worker Ryan, who is fired after his girlfriend Jaime is caught shoplifting - oh, and the police officer called to the scene happens to be Jamie's father.

An awkward day gets more dramatic when criminal Doyle and his accomplice hold up the supermarket, wrongly believing that the manager keeps the previous day takings in the office safe. The two gun-wielding robbers are soon locked in a standoff with the pissed-off officer and there is no resolution in sight...

At which point the coastal community is hit by a tsunami, which completely floods the supermarket. The handful of survivors gather on top of the shelves and take stock of the situation, and soon notice that the water level is still slowly rising and inching closer to the now exposed electrical cables. So should everyone simply swim to safety? That option quickly becomes a NO, when our unlucky group realise that they are sharing the flooded and crumbling building with a 12 foot great white shark. So the question becomes whether to stay out of the water and be electrocuted/crushed/drowned before eventual help comes, or go into the water and risk getting munched on?

Meanwhile... The supermarket has an attached underground supermarket, which is where Ryan was when when the tsunami hit. Climbing onto a pile of overturned cars to look for a possible exit, he comes across a young couple who also escaped injury or death and a unflooded stairwell. However there is another shark between the second unlucky group and said stairwell, so they are also left with the same choice as the group in the supermarket.


Julian McMahon [Profiler, Charmed, Nip/Tuck] was the only cast member who I was familiar with, but almost everyone else holds their own too [even the Twilight guy]. I only found the guy playing Kirby to be a bit dodgy - he tended towards Nic-Cage-overselling-it territory. Then again his character is a bit borderline, so maybe that is how he meant to play it? Anyway his character tends to keep quiet most of the time, so I didn't find him distracting and/or annoying.

I don't know much about cinematography and stuff like that, so I can only say that I liked everything, and didn't notice any continuity errors. The sets were very realistic, the camera angle and underwater shots were great, the score was effective in it's minimalism, and the shots of the tsunami flooding the supermarket and carpark were brilliant - a big budget movie couldn't make the effects any better.

I didn't think the sharks looked any less real than they do in any other movie of this type - and yes, I'm including good old Bruce in that observation. I'll also point out that BAIT was filmed to be viewed in 3D for it's Australia and Asia theatre run, so maybe that makes a difference to how the CGI looks on the 2D version?

The only real problem that I had was how the film would suddenly go from serious drama when we focused on the group in the store, then swing to more comedic territory when we checked in on the threesome in the underground carpark. Sometimes this dual effect thing works, but in other parts of the film I found the effect pretty jarring. Maybe the script writers should have allowed a bit more humour to carry through to the store survivors too, as I kinda felt as though I was watching two films at times.

Also, can't we give the poor great whites a break from being the terrorizers in movies? Bull sharks regularly enter shallow water and are highly territorial and aggressive, so I'd have found it the sharks behaviour more believable if the filmmakers had used them instead.
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**** Slight spoilers ****

I didn't have particularly high hopes for this low-budget addition to the Jaws' legacy. A few minutes in though, after the spectacular tsunami sequence, I had to admit that this was turning into a pretty entertaining and gripping movie.

The twist here is that our group of survivors, each with their interesting back-story and accompanying personal baggage, are trapped in a partially flooded underground shopping mall and car park. The tension builds as the water level rises, but there's more than just water between the aisles and we are treated to some genuine make-you-jump moments and a fair bit of gore along the way.

The 3D is more subtle than spectacular, with a reasonable sense of depth throughout and just a handful of projection effects. CGI is quite good for the sharks, but rather crude for the unconvincing pasted-on helicopters and the aftermath of the tsunami. No matter though. This film works best as a claustrophobic horror and, if you don't expect Oscar material, you should be pleasantly surprised. A making-of documentary (worth one viewing) and trailer complete the Blu-ray package. Not bad at all.
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on 14 October 2013
Having watched a host of shark films over the years and been disappointed, I ordered this on Love Films. Only for my wife to send me the link to some terrible reviews. As a shark fanatic I thought I'd keep with it and try my luck and I'm very glad I did.

Yes the shark attack on the surfer in the first 15 minutes is completely CGI, but not sure why a couple of reviewers then switched off at this point. This film is so much better than "Jurassic Shark", "The Reef", "Sand Sharks" and "Dark Tide". I also enjoyed this more than "Shark Night".

The film contains animatronics (watch the special effects part) and real life great white footage and is quite realistic (especially when comparing to other shark films). I also didn't think the acting was as wooden as others have stated apart for the couple trapped in the car.
The store manager being ripped in half looked very good and it was interesting to watch this on the special effects.

Overall not too bad at all and better than most shark films.
If others are correct, the follow up film will be set in a high school in LA. Looking forward to it.
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on 20 August 2013
Bait is a curious film in that it doesn't seem to know if it wants to be taken seriously or not - so it goes for the middle line and does both.
Without giving away the plot, the film has 2 survivor storylines going on at once, one is very serious and contains Fantastic Four's Victor Von Doom, and one is definitely intended to be a comedy. Sadly the two different tones don't sit well together.
On the whole I found the film to be enjoyable and have an interesting premise - who wouldn't want to see a great white swim around a supermarket, but one with character's you don't really care about and full of mistakes - check out the cop who spends the entire film dangling is leg in the water as if he's forgotten there's a shark swimming in it.
The CGI wasn't bad (much better than the dated Deep Blue Sea), but there were a couple of occasions that it reached Asylum level.
A good little film, but one that you would wonder what they could do with a bigger budget and a larger location.Worth a watch, but you'll be trading it in soon after
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 October 2012
There have been loads of shark movies released since the success of Jaws, and apart from Deep blue sea and The Reef, none of them have been any good. In fact, most of them have been downright dreadful (Shark attack 1-3, Mega shark vs blah blah blah,and Sand sharks to name but a few).
So when I saw this one advertised I didn't come into it with the highest of hopes.

After the first 5 minutes, those hopes were confirmed when I thought "Great, another low budget shark film with really bab effects"

But I stuck with it and boy am I glad I did. Apart from one or 2 poor CGI effects (no where near as poor as sand sharks though) the effects were actually quite good. There's gore aplenty and lots of tense moments to satisfy even the most demanding of horror fans.

The story is summed up pretty easily, some crooks try to rob a supermarket and during thier heist, a Tsunami hits the town and floods the place. As people try to climb to safety on top of what objects they can reach, it becomes clear the the giant tidal wave has washed a 12 ft great white shark into the building. And the hunt begins. The film is kind of split into 2 sections, it focuses on the survivors trapped in the supermarket but it also focuses on a seperate set of survivors trapped below in the flooded car park.

This film could have been really awful but it wasn't. It's tense, exciting, full of thrills and really was a treat to watch, especially after viewing some of the garbage shark movies around these days. The acting was good, the characters believable and the action and (Most) of the effects were top notch. The film moves along at an electric pace and it was a really nice surprise.

Sure there's were plenty of cliches and it is predictable as to who is going to die and who will survive but that apart, it's a really cool film. Kudos to the Aussies for embarrassing Hollywood yet again. 8/10
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The title of the film is cleverly called Bait, because the writers couldn't think of a clever way to work "Shark" into a title that hasn't been used. The first 23 minutes of the film establishes the characters. Josh (Xavier Samuel) is our main character. His best friend is killed in the opening scene as he is engaged to his sister. She dumps him because... it makes for a better story. While all our main characters are in a grocery store and a robbery and shoplifting is going on, a tsunami strikes bringing with it a couple of very very hungry Great Whites. The scenes bounce between a flooded store with survivors on top of shelves and the parking garage with other trapped individuals.

It is a question of who will live, who will die and how high will sharks jump out of water. Kudos on the tsunami thing, but all in all it is just your average Jaws III quality film.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.
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on 3 April 2014
hi finally got round to watching this (thanks to lovefilm) pretty good as shark films go, the effects for some odd reason get better as the film progresses, so don't let the awful shark attack at the beginning put you off completely. Strange film really as better than shark night but not quite as good as deep blue sea (although sharks are slightly better done CGI has improved with age) lots of actors with faces where you're thinking you've probably seen them before (probably in old episodes of neighbours though). On the whole good film for a one time watch.
"slight spoiler alert" But could someone please explain to me why the dog gets to live? its a film and its not real, yet for some reason films cannot hurt animals even in make believe land I just don't get it, and it just didn't make sense you saw the dog get thrown to the shark as distraction yet it turns up 5 mins from end on a floating bit of wood or some such ??
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on 23 January 2013
Shark movies have become low budget Sci-fi movies that fail to hold my interest any more. BUT NOW, at last, we have a much needed boost to the flagging shark movie franchise. This is a basic story of survivors stuck in a shopping mall vs sharks swept from the sea by a tsunami. The tension is great fun, as the cast get to know each and wonder who to trust and the effects are pretty damn cool too. I've not watched it in 3D (yet) so I can't comment on that aspect BUT this, at least to me, is right up there with Deep Blue Sea, as a close second to Jaws. It's pretty bloody, there are some decent kills and a fitting ending. Highly recommended and I'm a shark enthusiast, so if you can't trust me, then who can you trust?
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