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4.7 out of 5 stars144
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 May 2013
This handy little gadget is the answer !
Portable between machines, you can now check any disks left lying around and and reliable decide whether to transfer precious material to other media - or bin them.
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on 24 July 2014
This drive is basically "plug and play" on Windows 7. I bought it to recover files from some old discs (which Windows doesn't understand, as it turns out) because there is no floppy drive in my desktop computer. As it turns out I had a spare drive in my electronic bits and pieces box, but hey... that's not eSynic's fault. Their product works fine! And it's not like it broke the bank. I remember paying sixty quid for an external drive in the Nineties [smokes pipe].
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on 18 May 2016
On the plus side it connected to my Windows 10 laptop and PC and it worked straight out of the box.

It was also great to jump back in time and hear the sound of a floppy disk again. The unit read all my floppies quickly and easily

Having had loads of these floppys when my dad was given loads of freeware and shareware games back in the 90's it bought back a lot of memories, however i must say that most would not work correctly as i did not have DOS 3.1!!! Who'd thought!

However, it served it purposes and bought back some great memories.

All ESYNiC Product Comes With 18 Months UK Base Warranty
Now that many computers do not come with floppy disk drives, this affordable device is perfect solution for accessing information you have on floppy disks. This external disk drive simply connects to your USB port and your computer is ready to access the information. It reads/writes 3.5" floppy disks with 1.44mb capacity.
This super-slim, lightweight and attractive USB Diskette Drive takes its power requirements from the USB port. No external power adapter required makes this diskette drive fully mobile.

External Diskette Drive with USB interface.
Read/Write 1.44 MB floppy disk.
USB 1.1/2.0 compatible.
Super slim and light weight, easy to carry, ideal for Desktops and Laptops.
Plug & Play with MAC Windows 10 Windows 8 7 VISTA/XP/ME/2000/SE/98.
High quality hard plastic enclosure, durable and very nice looking.
Powered directly from the USB port, no external power required.

3.5 inch 720KB/ 1.44MB FDD.
Available USB bus supply current: 500 mA or less.
Date capacity: 720KB/ 1.44MB (Formatted).
USB Data Transfer Rate: Full speed / 12 Mbps.
Data Transfer Rate: 250 Kbits (720KB) / 500 Kbits (1.44MB).
Number of Cylinders: 80.
Rotation speed: 300 rpm, 360 rpm recording method: MFM.
Media: High Density (2 HD) or Normal Density (2 DD).
Acerage Latency Time: 100 MSEC (1.44MB mode) 83.3 MSEC (720KB mode).
Operating systems supported: MAC Windows 10 Windows 8 7 VISTA/XP/ME/2000/SE/98.
Cable Length: about 40cm.
Size: 11.7(L) x 10.6(W) x 1.9(H)cm.
Weight: 350g.

Package content:
1 x External USB Floppy Disk Drive.(No Floppy Disk Disc included, only for illustration.)

This is a USB 3.5" FLOPPY drive. It is NOT a USB CD-ROM or USB DVD-ROM.
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For those of us who remember what life was like when you had an “A:” drive as well as a “C:” drive, this is a handy little device to get if you suddenly happen across some 3.5” discs with important-sounding labels on them and you realise that it’s been over 15 years since you owned a PC with the right drive in it.

And the good news is, it simply works. Attaching it to a Windows 7 PC (because I read one of the other reviews which claims that Windows 10 doesn’t recognise it) and putting an old 1.44Mb floppy in, it reads. Floppies were never fast, so there’s a bit of suspense while you wonder if it really will work, but it does. Not only can you read your old Windows 95-era office files, but you can even write files to floppy as well- though it can be quite tricky to find any files that are small enough to fit onto a floppy nowadays…

The device is fine. It whirrs quite loudly- I’m sure some floppy drives used to be quieter than this- but it seems fast and it’s got a durability to the build so it will withstand an accidental drop or two.

I received a sample of this product in return for an honest review. There’s one other thing I want to try, but I haven’t been able to do it yet and I wanted to get the review posted. Somewhere I still have a fairly big pile of Acorn ADFS-formatted discs, with some of my early attempts at programming (and some terrible teenage lyric-writing) on them. When I manage to find them, I have a secret hope that I’ll be able to plug this into a Raspberry Pi (via a powered hub) running RISC OS, so that I can relive my teenage years and then quickly regret that idea. I don’t yet know if this device will handle ADFS, but if I get a chance to find out, I’ll come back and update this review.

So anyhow, this is hardly a “wow” product but if you’ve got old floppies and you need to try getting the data back, this will do the job, if it’s possible to do it.
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on 17 May 2016
This item was delivered in frustration free and recyclable packaging. This is a well made and very compact external portable floppy disk drive that has a slim profile and is very portable. It has a rugged design that should withstand a few knocks, and is the perfect size for fitting snugly into a side pocket on a laptop bag. The device is powered off the USB lead which is permanently attached to the rear of the device. This is the only downside with this product, I would have preferred a detachable cable.

I will be using this device for accessing legacy software which we use on old style industrial machinery as part on my job with the intention of archiving it. When testing the device on a modern laptop with Windows 7 the device was recognised by the operating system and installed without any intervention. The disks I tested it with all read correctly, and the speed was similar to what is experienced when using an internal floppy drive.
To summarise, this is a decent device for those that need to access their old disks and I would recommend it.

Please note that I have received this item either for free or at a discount direct from the supplier in exchange for an honest review. All comments are my own, and I always point out any negatives I encounter during the review. If there are any issues with this product in future then I will update the review accordingly.
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on 10 May 2013
I only needed it to read ONE disk. Read it perfectly. The file I wanted wasn't on it though, bummer
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on 23 January 2016
I bought this drive to install F6 drivers during Windows XP installation. After some fiddling with BIOS settings I managed to get to read the disk, but not when I pressed F6, only later in the process. I have computers with Windows 7 on which it works fine and Windows 10 on which it is identified as a DVD drive and does not work at all. Overall I am satisfied with the build quality and performance though if the cable became faulty it is not easy to change. I noticed that disks get caught on something when ejecting so I have to pinch the small part of the disk revealed and pull it out though it is a small inconvenience for the price.
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We found we had no floppy drives left in the office; and suddenly needed to read a decades old floppy disk. After a huge debate about finding an old drive a quick search on amazon found this very reasonably priced drive. Fulfilled from an Amazon warehouse it arrived next day and plugged into a Windows 8 PC it read the disk without drivers or fuss. The unit feels robust and takes all its power from the USB cable so no need for a power brick.

The eSynic is very reasonably priced - I like that mine was also shipped from Amazon so qualified for prime - if you find yourself in the need to read an old disk this should be fine.
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on 28 April 2016
 This is a handy drive you might come across a old floppy disk from years ago that has documents or other files on it that you want to get of and on to you new PC or Mac but all computers now days and for the last few years have not been sold with floppy drives so unless you have a really old machine you will not be able to read the disks.
I know some people who still have hundreds of floppy disks but no way to read them so this would be just what they need its at a good price it won't break the bank and will get you old files in to the 2016.
A lot of computers do not even have CD drives anymore so they will be the next item that your need a external drive for.
This does what it is designed for reads and writes to floppy disks.

I received this from the manufacturer and asked to give my unbiased opinion, which I have done, I want to be clear that I was not paid nor given any other incentive other than the product at a free/discounted price
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on 9 September 2015
Simple, straightforward & cost effective (£10).

There's not much one can write about this 3.5" USB floppy drive, but here goes:
Simply plug it into any USB port and Windows 8.1 recognises it very quickly. After that it appears as Floppy Disk Drive (A:) on File Explorer under Devices & Drives. After inserting a floppy disc, double click on the floppy drive icon to see the contents of the floppy disk. Transferring files was carried out at about 50kB/s - thank goodness the floppies are small! I'm using it for some very old (legacy) files on an infrequent basis and it suits me perfectly.

Self contained including flying USB lead.
Compatible with USB3 (but clearly can't run at anything other than slow!).

Flying lead is only 0.5m long, so won't reach the rear of a PC located under a desk.
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