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on 27 February 2014
I've had this now for 6 months, used 4-5 times a week.

My primary reason for this purchase was to be able to play videos directly from my PC's external HDD over Wi-Fi on my personal home network. I had experimented with a few different ways of doing it, including other android 'tv boxes', which were either too expensive or didn't really perform My requirements were a powerful processor for decoding HD videos on the fly, decent Wi-Fi and crucially: HDMI-out! The Pipo is better than the Google Nexus which doesn't have HDMI out so I can plug it in and watch HD on my big telly. I can confirm that it works brilliantly at what I need it to do. It will decode 1080p films on the fly over Wifi, It also has an SD card slot which will take upto 32GB if you need to take it with you somewhere. Furthermore the sound quality is decent - I'm no expert but it works great with headphones for personal viewing, for example watching BBC iPlayer lying in bed!

I do have a few negative points however. Firstly the WiFi sometimes turns itself off when the in standby and then you can't turn it back on - you have to reset it. This is an annoying problem with some of these units (do a google search to find others with this problem) but I'm prepared to overlook this issue as I don't constantly use it. If I had bought this tablet for business or heavy use I probably would have sent it back, so beware. This doesn't happen when I'm in the middle of using it e.g. streaming or on the web.

Secondly, the tablet does freeze occasionally and you have to wait or close the app you're using. I don't know if this is the tablet, the app configuration or the android version or an interplay between these factors. I upgraded the android version when I noted the above problems but it didn't improve. Then I Rooted it with a custom ROM but it still has these issues. Like I said, on balance I'm not that bothered but I appreciate that for some people this would be a deal-breaker. It would be for me if I'd paid twice as much but, for me it does what I want it to do! I do also use it for web-browsing, social networking, games etc...

Thirdly, the cameras are rubbish. I accept that considering the price but I'd probably rather the manufacturer had simply not bothered as it's not good enough, in my opinion, for skype. Then again I may not have bought it if the spec didn't have a camera!

Overall this is a cracking bit of kit for what is an unbelievable price. The screen quality for films is really good, the Rockchip A9 is brilliant for playing games and it has a sturdy, solid feel. You can pay £300-400 for similar specification 'branded' tablets. I would definitely recommend it - and even with the cautions given above, give it 5 stars!
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on 7 September 2013
I bought mine from a UK source not Amazon, with the latest jelly bean 4.2 already installed. All the good things people say about the tablet are true.
Now the bad ! After only my second attempt at connecting with the micro USB port it is not recognised by either of my laptops, I have tried 3 different cables, no luck. Occasionally it does connect for about 2 sec then nothing. The Port itself does not generate confidence, it seems to be loose/bad fitting. Checking on Pipo blogs it seems to be, although a new model seems to be a common problem. So far no response from the seller (its 2 months old, they have only a 7day return period) but the Pipo comes with a 1yr guarantee
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on 30 April 2013
I purchased ths with the thought of having something lightweight computing wise to take travelling rather than lugging around my big heavy expensive laptop. I never imagined it would be able to do all the laptop could do or that I would end up prefering it. In fact, it does more, using software at a fraction of the cost for the PC equivalent. The PiPo is blisteringly fast, blink a couple of times and you will miss the boot up process. I was worried about storage capacity but in fact it seems to squeeze a quart into a pint pot with no trouble. Peripheral devices just plug and go with no trouble whatsoever. Delivery was from China and well within the target for delivery. Be prepared for a very skimpy manual and you will have a few tweaks to do to anglicise it. It had some apps which will be useful if you speak chinese but otherwise you can delete them, none of this took more than a few minutes to put right. It comes with a chinese power supply and a travel adaptor for the UK which works just fine. BTW, I have purchased quite a lot from China and so far have never had a bad experience. The quality of the display is extremely good with no loss of quality even at the most extreme viewing angles. The touchscreen is light, precise and responsive. Alltogether a good purchase.
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on 23 September 2014
I bought one of these tablets about a year ago as the specs were so good for the price but I had several problems with it.
Here they are:
1. It took about 10 mins for the tablet to warm up before those 10 minutes it would lag tons on the home screen
2. When I was downloading stuff from the play store it lagged soooooo much sometimes it had to restart itself because it glitched so much
3. I couldn't use a micro usb cable to exchange files from my computer to my tablet. Except from the first time I did it.
4. The charger converter (Because I live in the uk) broke after about 2 months
5. In the end it stopped charging, I went to a electronics store to get it fixed and they said it can't be fixed and it had to be destroyed (btw it was a problem with the tablet not the charger as i used several other chargers and all of them didn't work). I then looked on the internet about this problem and I noticed quite a lot of people had this problem.
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on 13 December 2013
I bought mine from eBay, but decided to write a review here to help others make an informed choice.

To be honest, all the tablets out there are flimsy - including the iPad and iPad mini. Whether a tablet is made of plastic or metal, it WILL die if you drop it on concrete! Having said that, the Pipo M9 is robustly built out of hard plastic, and the back covering is metallic. As with any tablet, you should house it in a leather case (I daren't call them "protective cases", as I can't vouch for their protective qualities). The M9 is a large tablet, so you're advised not to use it for long periods by holding it in one hand.

I thought I'd mention sound to get it out the way. As with most tablets, the sound quality is adequate. It's basically physics at play- it's impossible to get amazing sound out of anything small: why do you think great quality speakers are big? Nevertheless, plug in headphones or a speaker dock, and the sound is on a par with any tablet, including the iPad. I've used iReal Pro (musician's app) on both an iPod and the Pipo M9, and the sound is identical.

There seem to be many different versions of Android, but 4.2.2 is the one I'm using. The Pipo M9 uses a bespoke version of Android 4.2.2, but it's not all that different from the vanilla Android. Apps load quickly, everything's very snappy, the GooglePlay app store has thousands of apps - everything I need. The operating system takes about a minute to load from cold: however, you can leave the device on sleep (remember to put it in Airplane mode!), and it'll hold charge for quite some time. Switching on from sleep takes a split second, which is exactly the same as on the iPad. Android is no less intuitive than iOS: in fact, the Android community is hellbent on improving the operating system on a daily basis. I have no bias for or against any operating system; but I do feel that iOS is still ahead of the game, but only marginally now than it was even two years ago.

The processing speed seems good, in fact excellent. The benchmark tests are all in favour of the Pipo M9 over rival tablets, and it's hardly surprising because of its quad core processor.

The M9 has 2GB RAM, which is on a par with the best tablets at the moment. In fact, the iPad 4 has just 1GB RAM. In defence of the iPad 4, most of that RAM is accessible by the apps. The M9's 2GB RAM isn't all accessible - roughly 1.5GB is available to play with, as the other 0.5GB is used to keep the Android OS running smoothly (which it does extremely well). Nevertheless, that's still 50% more RAM than the iPad 4.

I got the 16GB version - 2GB is partitioned for the Android OS, although the OS actually uses about 1GB of hard drive space. I believe it's a safeguard against a more bloated updated of the OS. 14GB is more than adequate to store hundreds of apps. But if it's not, the M9 has a memory card slot that allows micro SD cards. A WORD OF WARNING - I've read that SD cards above 16GB have had issues on many tablets, not just the M9. In light of that, I'm using a 16GB micro SD card, and have absolutely no issues with it. All in all, that's 30GB of space to store stuff! SECOND WORD OF WARNING - you really have to push the micro SD card in before it clicks into place. I had to use a straightened paperclip to achieve this, but it didn't take more than a couple of seconds - and everything works perfectly.

I've not used either of the USB ports yet - that's right, there are two USB ports. One is used as a HOST, and the other as a SLAVE. There's a mini HDMI port - I've not used this, but it does give the user the ability to transfer what they want to watch onto a larger screen.

There is only one way to charge the Pipo M9: straight to mains. That's right, you can't charge it via USB, which is one of the annoying things. But it's not a dealbreaker, as the M9 does hold a pretty decent charge anyway (unless you keep the wifi on continuously).

Overall I'm very happy with the Pipo M9. It does everything I want from a tablet, and I love its bigger screen because I do play a few games - I have fat fingers, so a smaller screen wouldn't work for me (I've tried, and I struggle to play games on them). I didn't care about the sound quality in terms of the built-in speakers, as I intended to use either earphones/headphones (earphones supplied for free!) or a speaker dock.

* Amazing price
* Extremely good processor
* Plenty of RAM/HDD, can be increased with micro SD card
* Comes with accessories - earphones, power cable, USB cable
* Full access to GooglePlay store

* Speakers at the back (but not an issue for me)
* Cannot charge with USB cable, must be with power cable
* Most likely need to import from China
* Instruction manual is in Chinese (a negative if you can't read Chinese!)
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on 19 August 2013
And just as good as the more expensive ones on the market. Quad core processor make multitasking good, and 2gb ram its just what the doctor ordered. Very pleased with it and came with English firmware and 4.22 android. i am over the moon with it. plays MKV,s via micro hdmi cable which are very cheap to buy. i would certainly reccomend.
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on 8 December 2013
I purchased the pipo m9pro after reading all the fab reviews at first I was delighted with it as it did all the things it was supposed to do,it is fast and handles every thing with ease but then I inserted a 32gig micro sd card and thats when things went wrong it just wont recognize it and makes the tablet very unstable I have tried everything pipo said to do ie. long format to fat32 all to no avail I looked into a few forums on this and discovered I am not the only one with this problem and that most android tablets have issues adding sd cards so i am using the built in 32gig nand flash and deleting movies etc. after watching overall im happy with the pipo just wish pipo would release a fix for the sd card issue.
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on 3 June 2013
I searched for a very long time for a great tablet that offered all the features of some of the best on the market, but at a low price. After a while, I came accross this tablet.
Let me start by saying it comes in very nice packaging for what it is.
Straight out of the box, works perfectly.

-Extremely fast, better performance than pretty much every high end major brand dual core tablet
-Compatability with almost everything on the google play store
-Usb OTG cable feature has worked with every usb device I have tried, including a stylus and drawing pad, plus USB sticks, mice, keyboards, etc
-Beautiful finish on the back, amazing looking tablet
-Battery life is astounding, can last for a day on heavy useage, leaving it at night, battery percentage doesnt go down at all.
-Multi tasking works very very well, especially when I updated it to 4.2.2
-HDMI cable outputs full 1080p, no ussues.
-Full flash support (Using Firefox)
-WiFi performance is more than adequate
-There is rooted firmware available
-Bluetooth devices have all worked thus far, including this keyboard I got for it

-The housing for the screen seems a bit creaky, when i press down, I can feel it is slightly loose, this has been the case since a few days in, but after having it over a month now, it hasnt come any more loose.
-Some high intensity 3D games do not run with such a high framerate, though are very easily playable.
-When playing some HD videos, it has stuttered in the past, but some video players work better than others, so this is probably a software issue.
-It had frozen up on me a few times when using high CPU usage apps, but when I updated to 4.2.2, it improved dramatically, though still freezes sometimes, rarely.
-You have to manually update it, which is risky, as you could brick your tablet, but it seems very easy, and the PiPo support team is very helpful, and speak English.
-When using headphones, there is some background interferrence which can be heared at low volumes
-The microphone is a terrible thing, get a headset.
-Back camera is low quality, but who uses a tablet for the back camera anyway, and it works perfectly.
-Lack of accesories
-Case can scratch quite easily, on the black outer bits, but the screen protectors it comes with work wonders.

It may seem I have included more bad points, but this tablet is definitely worth your money. The positives far outweigh the negitives. For this price, the tablet is amazing. I would expect something of this caliber to be 300+ pounds. Read the other reviws for the other positives, look up some video reviews, and look up reviews on other websites. You will see this is a very great tablet.
I know I have missed some things out, but if you have any questions, reply to this review.
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on 19 March 2013
This is my 2nd Pipo tablet, the first being the M1max,which my wife now has and is delighted with.This machine has a10.1 in screen compared with the M1 but is smaller in size. The rubber grips on the ends give a nice feel and make it comfortable in the hand.The off/on button is at the top along with all the other input/output connections. I prefer them to be on the sides as on the M1. Because of that I cannot fit it in the case I have with built in keyboard. This a minor issue, but my preference.The main part of the back panel is brushed aluminium with a square 5 megapixel camera and flash,a 2megapixel on the front. There are also 2 speakers on the back,giving good sound for a tablet.It does not feel too heavy and I can only use one arm.
I have used the tablet over the last 4 days and am delighted with it,the speed is much faster than tht I wish it was better e M1, the quad core processor does make a difference. WiFi connection is impressive in every room in the house and even out in the garden
The screen is very clear and sharp,touch sensitivity is good.I will keep playing and hopefully learn more

After several months of use the screen started to come loose, but it was still working. Bluetooth has become intermittent. I have the screen held in place by celotape.My M1 is still operating well and appears to be better built, and is still as solid as when it arrived. Overall I still like the M9 but I wish the build was of a higher quality

After 6 months the tablet has started to fall apart and gets very warm. I contacted the seller Dracotek through amazon and received an immediate response.,with an apology. They asked me to return the unit via Royal Mail
Air service. I sent it back on 16/9 and received brand new replacement by 27/9 with Android 4.2.2 installed. Thats what I call excellent service. I wish some UK companies would show the same level of service.

The new unit on first inspection appears to be better put together. Only time will tell. Once again full marks Dracotek
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on 21 March 2014
OK so I got this tablet as I was looking for something that would be good for when I was on the road with work, I was looking for:
decent storage, expandability for the storage, ability to plug in to a Hotel TV via HDMI and decent battery live it seemed to tick all the boxes, the screen quality was ok, sound quality again was ok. I used this for movies, books, a bit of email and the odd game.

the charger port is very flimsy, the design just isn't quite there.

I had to return my first pipo due to it not rotating tried factory re-set and also upgrading the firmware
my replacement lasted for 3 months the charger port went! 2 device failures not a great track record...

Also android is just a bit too clunky on a tablet for my liking some people love it, my view of android is its OK but could be better,
I think I should have gone with something like the first gen kindle fire HD 8.9 32GB tablet instead for a similar price, ok I do not get the SD card storage slot but I would have got a better device all round
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