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4.3 out of 5 stars24
4.3 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Enterprise Drives|Size: 4TB|Change
Price:£854.78+ Free shipping
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on 3 June 2014
Worked very well until I needed to change one of the drives. NB A little slow when accessing via Mac due to AFP speeds.

The ReadyNAS configuration was 2 x 3TB and 2 x 1TB all as one volume Raid 6. So I replaced a drive 3TB disc with confidence and waited 7hrs for it to rebuild. On completion I was informed that the drive was now made up of 2 volumes, 1 x 3TB which was Raid 1 and 2 x 1TB Raid 5 with the other old 3TB drive, not being used and all the data lost. Not great!

Now I'm rebuilding the 4 drives as one volume and will have to copy the data back from a backup.

I had hoped that Raid 6 would give me the confidence that my data was safe.
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on 30 January 2016
I own the ReadyNAS 2xDuo, DuoV2, 312, 314 and 316. The 3xx series is by far the best for this price range. If you effectively want a mini computer then the 5xx series is more for you at substantially more money (and at that price range I'd question whether it would be better to just build your own server/computer).

The 3xx series is a marked improvement of the Duos in a number of areas (software, CPU, RAM etc).

My favourite feature of the 3xx series is the snapshots. Each day your share can back up the changes that occurred and in the event of you deleting or over-writing a file you wanted you can return to the previous snapshot.

The software is bullet-proof stable (unlike a lot of NASes I've seen other people use). I've spotted a few annoyances (e-mail notifications about 80% disk space usage cannot be disabled or the threshold altered, snapshots always occur at midnight which will wake the disks up at midnight which is a bit annoying if you sleep in the room with it) and only 1 edge case bug (it doesn't like being shut-down during a snapshot being taken which for a daily snapshot means midnight to 5 past is a bad time to try to shut it down) but have never lost a file or have it go unresponsive.

Netgear try to push their app eco-system (i.e. making the NAS a web-server) but I'd recommend against doing that on grounds of security. I used none of the cloud features and am not sure how popular that is (considering I imagine most users buying NASes want to store their files locally)

The difference between 312 and 314 is the number of bays and the chucked in LCD screen on the 314 (which you'll only ever look at if you're booting it and pretty much ignore all other times), the performance seems otherwise identical and the software is the same.

Be mindful of the disks you place in it, some of the "green" disks (i.e. Western Digital GREEN) lead to substantially lower performance and can then cause people to complain the NAS itself is slow (which it isn't). Western Digital RED drives are by far the most popular to install (despite them being slightly lower performance than normal desktop drives like Western Digital Black, the differences aren't that noticeable compared to the power savings they give). The best indicator of performance is that I get read/write performance resembling the specs of the drives, what more could I ask for?

It's so incredibly easy to use and understand that I encouraged my slightly less technical dad to buy one and he's got the hang of it. Netgear's FlexRAID effectively chooses the RAID levels for you and allows a migration from smaller disks to larger disks if you incrementally place a larger disk in at a time and wait for the RAID to rebuild before inserting the next.

If you need to buy a NAS, don't go for a cheap unstable potentially insecure alternative, just get this!
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on 9 March 2014
I bought this NAS 2 weeks ago and was so looking forward to using it (to replace an aging Buffalo TeraStation). I bought the disks separately & everything installed smoothly (after watching a couple of YouTubes on how to install the disks - very easy when you know how).

After a couple of days I thought I'd install one of the applications it lists - Plex Media. After installing it and playing with it I found it wasn't working very well & tried to uninstall it. That's the start of my problems. Netgear have an extremely good Live Chat service which I've now used about 6 times. However, the end result was I had to restore factory defaults to fix the problem. Problems over, I thought? No, next time I installed Netgears own Photos11 application. Creating photo libraries/slideshows is very well thought out. But can you get friends to view slideshows - no, it doesn't work. Very flakey at best - invite emails sometimes don't get sent out, if they do the links provided don't work.

In trying to sort this one out the ReadyNAS eventually gave up on me - I couldn't even log into it to check my disks/data! The first suggestion was an OS re-install, this didn't work. At the moment it is in debug mode with Netgears support people trying to fix the device. I'm almost at the end of my patience. The support people are very helpful and Live Chat is a godsend (no way would I get this support via emails or phone calls), but at the end of the day the hardware & software issues are driving me nuts.

I may update this comment in the next few days - either I keep the device (if they fix it properly & explain to me what exactly was wrong) or it goes back as unfit for purpose.
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Style Name: Enclosure|Size: Enclosure|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This four hard drive Netgear ReadyNAS 314 is on techie magazine PCPro's 2014 A-List for best NAS storage solution, being listed as the alternative to the cheaper 5* rated Synology DS214Play DiskStation 2 that has two NAS hard drive slots. I had intended to use this Netgear ReadyNAS 314 storage device at work but chatting to the IT guys they refused to connect it directly to the works network, as someone connected a cheap NAS without asking and brought down the entire buildings network for 36 hours. This means I could only privately network this NAS to our lab server PC (an old HP workstation) and then no-one will be able to see it from the main works network - so ironically an eSATA or USB3 external hard drive system would be better as the PC server could happily share drives like that. This Netgear NAS has two USB3 ports, one USB2 port and an eSATA port all of which are only for adding extra drives - you can't access the NAS drives via USB or eSATA, you must attach the NetGear to a DCHP router (that can assign network addresses) and access the network drive via a web-browser and the NetGear's IP address for setup, using the supplied ReadyNas OS 6.0 software. So I now use this NAS drive on our large family home wired/WiFi network instead, where it appears on the network like another workgroup PC but functions the same as a PC USB2 external drive for all network users. Once found by our home Billion 7800N router, I assigned this ReadyNas a fixed IP network address using the routers DCHP 'Fixed Host' option.

The ReadyNAS drive has two 1Gbps network sockets, and I simply installed the ReadyNAS software on my PC (which auto-updated to the latest version), cabled in the NAS unit to our home Billion WiFi/cable router and the NAS system duly appeared via the browser address for setup. You setup the ReadyNAS 314 online (for Cloud if wanted), and then for the network via the local install setup wizard. You end with a local admin page just like the one for a router. The Netgear informed me it had connected via its LCD as well. By default X-RAID2 auto-sets the second hard drive for failure backup (RAID 5), with the final two drives being data storage (giving me 6Tb storage and 2Tb dedicated to data protection as I had four 2Tb hard drives fitted). If you want it, RAID 1, 5, 6 and 10 is offered or RAID 0 with no protection via FlexRaid. You can hot-swap an on-line drive with the system powered up, and with X-RAID2 Raid 5 enabled the system should rebuild with no data loss. Under Netgear's proprietary XRaid-2 (Raid 5) apparently all the hard drives should be the same size, as I tried replacing the 4th 2Tb drive with a 4Tb one for more storage and it formatted to 2Tb just like the other three hard drives. Swapping these two drives around a couple of times managed to corrupt the device, so I lost all the data on all the hard drives as I had to do a default restore that wipes the disks and resets the RAID formatting.

The NetGear ReadyNas RN314 comes with the install/manual CD, Power adaptor and cord with 13A mains plug, and an Ethernet cable. There's also a 4 page quickstart guide. There's an on-line list of compatible drives and you must use one of these in the case - I chose 4 x 2Tb Seagate Barracuda 7,200rpm ST2000DM001 hard drives, as they were cheap (£200 for four), but they do only have a 1 year Seagate warranty against failure. Fitting the 3.5" drives was quite easy, lift up the door and slide the hard drive in, and no screws were required. Once formatted I had 5.4Tb free for file storage. The Netgear case can take a total of 16TB internally and up to 56TB including external drives. This Netgear can consolidate, backup and share files across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android devices. I largely use it as a backup for all our home video hi8 and MiniDV files, our family digital photographs/video, STEAM/iTunes folders and documents/purchased software downloads, plus it functions as a simple media streamer for video and photos. Although I already had Acronis Trueimage 2013 backup software I don't really need to have active backups as my files rarely change once written, so a simple drag and drop of all the folders overnight is OK for me. If I had changing files it would be a simple matter to backup automatically, but my folder of Photos from 2004 never changes. No backup software for the PC is included with the Netgear, but the Netgear can take snapshots of your PC drives, and backup/restore files by itself. I have multiple copies of my data on other PC and NAS (Seagate Central) hard drives. I don't backup the Windows 7 OS or software files as I'm happy to reinstall Windows 7 on the rare occasions things go awry. For £475 you can buy a 5 year maintenance plan for software+hardware support from Netgear, not bad for a small business who starts to rely on this NAS device I suppose, but it only costs $448 (£279) in the USA and the ReadyNAS has a 5 year warranty anyway (chassis not hard drives). There's a variety of free/paid for Netgear apps available for the NAS, including media servers and a decent free anti-virus, although the general x86 app quality seems a bit variable and there's only a relatively limited choice at Netgear's app centre - we use this ReadyNAS more for file backup, download and storage, i.e. small office chores, and less as a home media server. Our lounge Samsung smart TV and Philip Blu-ray player found the ReadyNAS on the wired HomePlug network straight away and works perfectly for manual media file video & photo TV searches via folder, as ReadyDLNA is already embedded within the ReadyNAS, but we haven't much interest in setting up the Netgear for things like Firefly iTunes streaming as we stream our music direct from our iPod's/iPads via Bluetooth & Kleer wireless, rather than to our portable devices (although the ReadyNAS iTunes app works fine on our PC/laptops).

The ReadyNAS setup software shows you pictorially what drive bays have drives installed and what they doing (Status). ReadyNAS can do full backups (everything), and incremental backups (only files that have changed). You can create backup and recovery jobs to protect and recover your data from any PC or device on the network. The ReadyNAS software is actually quite simple and the on-line pdf manual is helpful in explaining it all (you don't have to be an IT network specialist to follow it, but I guess you have to know a bit about PCs for it to seem easy). You setup the NAS to email you if it gets problems (like you forget its admin password) or to tell you its status. I got iCloud and ReadyDrop remote access up and running for 6 users quite easily (nice, but our home 6.5 Mbps countryside internet is simply too slow for upload transfers above a few Mb). The ReadyNas device does run quite warm and makes quite a noise with the cooling fan as it's basically a small PC, although you can set it to automatically switch itself off say overnight and weekends or whenever you want, although if set my ReadyNAS crashes when shutting down occasionally freezing the OS with 'Shutting down' permanently displayed - needing a manual forced off & rebooting at the box with no data lost, but a bit worrying in terms of system OS stability. Fortunately I prefer simply manually shutting down the ReadyNAS (three quick presses on the front button) when it's not needed, and me or the kids switch it on when we want to use it.

All it all, it's a very well implemented NAS storage solution and not too expensive compared to the value of the data stored on it. It was no use to me installed at work within my large organisation, but I could see the ReadyNAS 314 being very useful for small office networks/small businesses and for larger home networks (the ReadyNAS systems are designed for 5 to 25 users). It's certainly in another league to my 3Tb Seagate Central consumer NAS drives, as it should be given the £700+ price tag including drives. Other highly rated NAS units to consider are the QNAP TS-453A-4G 4-bay Network Attached Storage and the two bay Synology DS215+, which both score well on function even if the latter can't quite match this Netgear's build quality. I'm happy with this Netgear ReadyNAS 314 though, it was fairly simple to install, setup and run, it seems well built, and it has the five year warranty. So 5* for the hardware, 3* for value/price. UK techie magazine PC Pro gave this unit a 'Recommended' rating, with 5* (out of 6) for build and features, 4* for performance (fast for random access read/writes but with a disappointing peak sequential read speed), and 5* for value for money, saying it may not be the fastest, but this Netgear 314's unlimited snapshots could be the clincher for small businesses that want good data protection. I found the 314 read/write speeds to be similar to a USB2 external hard, i.e. not bad, but that was via the 1Gbps cable connection - wireless WiFi transfer speeds will be a fraction of that.

Update Nov 2014. One year on and the ReadyNAS is telling me the third 2Tb hard drive is failing, just out of its 1 year warranty, which may account for the 'freezing' I observed earlier, i.e. the system is having to rebuild owing to the errors. I started getting loads of emails from the NAS saying the drive was failing with write errors. Soon the ReadyNAS stopped responding saying 'Data degraded' on the LCD screen and I could no access any files or folders. I switched off the ReadyNAS, swapped the failing drive with the same 2Tb model and switched on, and after a while I got '%data rebuilding' and overnight the system fully recovered, and all the files are now accessible again - so great, I didn't lose any data. I am going to replace the 4 x 2Tb hard drives with three specialised Seagate ST4000VN000 4TB NAS hard drives (8Tb data + 4Tb data redundancy protection with X-RAID2 Raid 5). I have the 4Tb NAS drives now and they have a 3 year warranty - but as the system is working fine again I'll take my time to backup the ReadyNAS data first.
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on 12 December 2014
Really impressed. Ages ago I had bought a couple of Buffalo TeraStations but this is leagues ahead in terms of features, functionality & data security.

We've got BitTorrentSync installed so it's making a backup of web servers, databases, mail servers and our personal files in near real time. The snapshot every hour feature for 48 hours is great, so is being able to take out a smaller hard drive, replace it with a larger hard drive and the data will sync without missing a beat. This pretty much future proofs it as bigger and bigger hard drives become available.

One feature that energy conscious people will like to know about is that you can program when the device should turn itself on or off on a 7 day, 24 hour timer. We have no need for it to be on for 7 hours during the night so that's 49 hours of electricity saving during the week.

Absolutely love it.

There are a few issues and gripes but none make me want to drop it a star...

- I have found that the shutdown timer sequence got stuck the other day when I got in the office.
- I find it frustrating that it's got an HDMI port that doesn't do anything. Would be nice to have a few graphs come out of it or something.
- Encryption isn't an option after the volume is created, which happens when you first put discs in. I've ended up with a few TB of data on an unencrypted volume and it would have been nice to use this feature without moving the data elsewhere and back again.
- Not sure if it's me, but I didn't know where to look for documentation. It's fairly simple and logical though, but because this device does a lot I'm finding myself referencing the sales page so I know what features to look for.
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on 7 July 2014
I have one of those old ReadyNAS Duo's which is rather old now and I wanted a new NAS Device to also replace our huge media-server running Linux with a customized minidlna to fit to what we wanted here.

Had a few issues setting up the Shares and users, and had forgotten how long it took me last time with the Duo, so I ended up enabling SSH via the System->Settings page, so much easier via the console as root user.

Also having manual control over the system fan would of been nice, by default the fan will slow down to about 800rpm (slowest I have seen it go) however it does go up to about 1,700rpm when the temperature gets high, I have only seen the temperature go up to about 61°C (rebuilding the Raid) and as low as 34°C when first turned on.

Nice thing I did notice was it has a Dual Core +HT, so that's 4 core/threads show up in the console.

Please be aware that if you fix 4x4TB drives you will end up with 12TB (4TB RAID Parity) - partition over heads and the OS resulting in about 10.9TB not all bad I guess just thought I would mention it.

I also like the "ReadyNAS Expansion Chassis 5-Bay, Diskless" that you can buy for it, not needed to buy it yet due to plenty of space (10.9TB) to store all out backups and purchased software, drivers, ISO backups and all of our media etc.

Overall I rather like it, just don't like the Web Frontend and I ended up setting up the main stuff as root via SSH.
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on 4 May 2015
Not the first Netgear ReadyNAS I've used, but the first with this operating system. The reason I bought this was because I previously had a DUO and am familiar with the device navigation, but there is a limit on the storage options using a two bay unit and RAID1 (it is now being used as a backup device for this one) - and obviously storage is consumed so quickly these days, so needed more space, and the old NAS was creaking around the edges performance wise.
There are lots of RAID options available if you want to manually configure things, but using X-Raid fully automates protection based on the number of drives being used, and allows for concurrent horizontal expansion.
Having two network ports allows for redundancy options and if needed can be configured for link aggregation (as long as the back end switch supports it), active/passive or round robin
I have seen no issues with performance, and it serves media to everyone around the house, whether they are gaming, watching or listening to media or for the surveillance devices.
There is support for the usual suspects like CIFS, Samba, DNLA and ISCSI is also there
RSYNC and time machine are very useful additions also.
Definitely stick with the HCL for drives (I use WD) and you should have no issues
We'll recommended
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on 14 April 2016
The ReadyNAS, is a very good product. Combined with the WD Red drives they are fast and feature packed. the X-RAID unique to the Netgear means expansion is a doddle.
Want to increase storage? Buy 2 or more bigger drives, and the volume will expand automatically (add one drive at a time).
Want to run video files to your smart TV? It will do that.
Want to backup on line? the ReadyNAS will connect to the Netgear service and sort it - including accessing from mobile devices.

Have just bought for work to store some data temporarily off the main SAN, based on my use of them at home. Highly Recommended.
Just a word of advice, you will need DHCP running initially to setup as messing around with 169.x.x.x addresses is a kerfuffle.
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on 13 February 2015
An excellent piece of IT kit, straight forward and very easy to set-up, just pop in your hard discs and turn it on, the device will automatically format the disc's so make sure your not using disc's with your data on? or your loose it! because the system has to re-format them in a special way and any data on the disc's you use in this will be lost!.
Has a very good GUI however when accessing it locally via it's IP address you get a certificate warning! Can't see a work around on this yet, it's not a big problem but something to be aware of.
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on 9 October 2015
Not as easy to set up as I had hoped but still very very good. Separate app is required to use this as a video streaming device to the iPad at a cost but it's ok. Connectivity wise, access via tinternet and internal wifi is sound. net gear do have you covered if you aren't really IT savvy.
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