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4.3 out of 5 stars74
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 March 2013
Having been very impressed with Happiness and having seen Hurts grow live over 4 gigs, I was expecting something mind blowing but that hasn't happened. Don't get me wrong it's not a bad album but there are a few tracks where they seem to just throw the distortion pedal to 11 and it washes murk over what could have been something special , it's just not needed. The start of Sandman and Blind are terrible, what were they thinking? They sound like something from a cheesy piece of europop drivel then slides out and into a typical Hurts song, why have they put those awful intros on these songs? The Road I think is a really poor track and just an excuse to rock things but it sounds to self indulgent. However there are a few awesome tracks and I'll stick my neck on the line a say that the Crow is an absolute classic,Miracle is a great track and a worthy single, Heaven, brilliant with a great drive.. Cupid and mercy sound very like they were lifted from Depeche Mode but then that's a compliment because they sound fantastic. In fact just buy this and let it grow and it will, it needs several listens (other than those horrid intros' ;-) )
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on 3 June 2013
The older ones amongst us will remember that heady summer of '77...we queued round the block to see Star Wars. And boy it was great!

A few years later and we were back for The Empire Strikes back... but this time, we initially thought "ummmmm". You see, it felt like the first Star Wars, but somehow it wasn't quite the was a bit darker, a bit more grown up. But, we loved it because it was the next chapter of Star Wars. Over time, we went back to it again and again - and it got better with every showing. Today, some folks now say that it's the best film in the franchise.

Back on topic (stay with me) and with our lightsabers tucked away safely, we put Hurts' Happiness on our CD & MP3 players and it was great - boy, was it great! It was fresh, yet felt reassuringly familiar. And we listened...oh, we listened.

Now, with Hurts in Exile we listen some more ...but this time, we all initially think "ummmm". It definately feels like Hurts, but it's a bit darker, a bit more grown up.

And so the critics crow ..yada, yada...sounds of Coldplay, ...blah...blah... threads of Muse throughout...Depeche Mode waft in and out...harumph...harumph... the 80's retrospective flows through all of it... And I can agree to all of that. In a good way.

Clearly, Exile isn't an immediate ear-warmer, like Happiness was. So I did the decent thing and stuck it on in the landspeeder ...and now it gets played again and again. Guess what? It's definately a grower.

So, has the Exile Struck back? ...tell you what, in 10 years time, it could well be the best album that Hurts ever release.
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on 21 March 2013
I loved Happiness, it was a perfect pop album with some truly outstanding tracks on it, so i was very much looking forward to Exile (Even though title track "Miracle" left me feeling a bit grey.

This album is a grower though, it took a few listens but eventually the darkness of the album fades and slowly little chicks of light start to shine through until eventually it hits you, there are some cracking songs on here, The songwriting can seem a bit amateurish at times but it doesn't distract from the overall feel of the album, On first listen i was wondering why they had moved into Muse/Coldplay territory but after a few listens it does make sense and they have evolved into a really good "live" band as some of these songs are stadium anthems.

1 Exile - It's an ok album opener i suppose, some nice bass beats and sets up the listener to what is to come

2 Miracle - Sounds like a coldplay rip off, I'm not overly keen on this one.

3 Sandman - Wow, who knew Hurts could pull this off, Kanye West soundtrack, It's an average track for me but likeable

4 Blind - Another track which could easily be covered by Coldplay, but this is a fantastic track with an uplifting chorus, contender for track of the album...for me.

5 Only You - A nice nightime driving song this one, sound quite haunting in parts

6 The Road - This could very easily have come straight from the Happiness album, very Hurts

7 Cupid - Where did those guitars come from, sounds like a muse track in parts, like this but doesn't seem quite finished.

8 Mercy - parts of this remind me of Muse but also bits of remind me of Invisible by Pet Shop Boys, nothing wrong with that but this seems a bit weak to me, Not keen on the chorus for some reason.

9 The Crow - Beautifully written, yes it sounds a bit like wicked game among others and that's no bad thing in my book

10 Somebody To Die For - Love it, fantastic track, huge anthemic chorus and will be a real crowd pleaser at their live shows

11 The Rope- A nice enough track but not enough to keep me interested, it's catchy though

12 Help - Wow, it starts of beautiful, but by the time the 2 minute mark comes in it takes your breathe away, the choir is fantastic, this will be amazing live, up there with their best...Elton John on Piano, and around the 3:20 mark you would forgiven for thinking that the Edge is on guitar.

13 Heaven - The "danciest" track on the album, this will produce some great remixes, and on it's own it would be a great single...and the most Coldplay sounding track on the album (especially the chorus which has a Charlie Brown feel to it)

14 Guilt - A great slow album closer for me, nicely written and nicely played on the piano.
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on 29 March 2013
This is a stunning follow up to Happiness and seems to get better the more I listen to it. The reviews on here are a bit mixed so I was undecided as to whether to buy or not. What really decided it for me was that some kind soul has uploaded the whole album on to `Youtube'. I listened to it three times and that convinced me to go and buy.

One word of warning. Do not judge the album instantly, give it a few plays and it will grow on you as it certainly did with me.
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on 22 June 2013
I accidentally came across Hurts on an MTV whilst channel hopping - and stopped! I love dance music (this isn't!) but their tracks just made me stop and take note, wonderful! Purchased their first album, mind blowing - against all my musical nature, but this album worked - talented guys, beautiful music and the lyrics - thought provoking. This second album - as another review mentioned, takes a few listens to - initially a bit disappointed - but after a couple of times playing it - can't put if off. I love "The Road" - "Somebody to Die For" and "The Rope". These guys are fantastic. I have watched a few of their concerts online and Theo singing live is definitely worth watching. They ooze passion for their music, are young, keen and eager, and definitely give it their all. Buy this album, listen a few times - every track is different - and enjoy - hopefully as much I have...
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on 19 March 2013
I was very excited to discover Hurts were bringing out a second album and was not at all disappointed. They are one of my favourite bands and I love the 80s influence in their songs, I only really discovered them last year. It is darker than Happiness but I really don't mind that as I didn't want a carbon copy of their first album, it's great that this is a bit different. Yes, there are elements of Depeche Mode, maybe a bit of Coldplay too, but if they are their influences it ain't no bad thing in my opinion. Favourite tracks are Miracle and The Crow which I just get lost in and Theo Hutchcraft's voice just sends me to places.....Fantastic all round!
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on 17 April 2013
This is just a brilliant 2nd album, not many artists manage this. After the first album being just awesome and being at Brixton academy THAT night (when Kylie came out) I thought it was going to be a hard act to follow but they really have showed what they are made of. Such a shame they are the so un promoted I didn't even know this album was out. My son happened to hear a song on the internet, I had to ask for the album as it wasn't out on the shelf in a big well known 4 letter word supermarket. They should be filling the O2 but I do prefer the smaller venues it feels a lot more personal. There isn't a bad song on there, same powerful stuff, excellent full volume, Well done boys!
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on 2 May 2013
This album has blown me away. The depth, complexity and subtlety of the musical arrangements is breath-taking and the vocal delivery is easily the best I've heard in years.

Rarely has a singer managed to fuse such clarity and range in their vocals with such deep and passionate emotion. The lyrical content is written very poetically; the subject matter is dark, bleak, menacing, tragic and tender. In short, this album is a showcase for a tremendous amount of talent!

It's very raw, and very powerful. It's fearless and flowing, there's not one awkward or difficult track on it. It is a tremendous accomplishment by its artists who have
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on 22 March 2013
A fan of the band since their first album, especially the track 'Stay', I bought this hoping that the 'difficult second album' would not disappoint...and luckily, it did not.

Standout tracks for me are 'Only You' and the soaring 'Somebody To Die For'.

The lead singer's vocals tower above weight orchestrals in a collection that is sombre yet strangely seductive.

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on 14 March 2013
Deeply luscious electro from the Manchester boys. Equally addictive as the first album. So similar to Depeche Mode in places but I love DM too.
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