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4.3 out of 5 stars141
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PCEdition: Standard EditionChange
Price:£19.99 - £68.95
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78 of 79 people found the following review helpful
on 9 March 2013
Was interested to see how this would compare with the old Sims 2 University, and my verdict is that EA games has definitely made some improvements here. This expansion pack takes us beyond the "rabbit hole" which ate up much of the gameplay in the previous version, now we can actually follow our sims along to many of their classes, and use new objects (like the anatomy skeleton & the science research station)to improve their skills and grades. Your sim is also able to interact with objects like the whiteboard or the podium to give a presentation to other students.

I also liked the addition of new social groups nerds, jocks & rebels. You can gain position, rankings and influence in these groups by participating in various activities and using new objects. You can purchase a kit to gain skill at "street art", buy a megaphone to start up your own protest movements, and use the new smartphone to improve your social networking skills.

Adult and young adult sims can enroll for one or two terms at university via their phone or PC. They are then transported to the university town and can choose their residence (dorms, frat & sorority houses or private residences). A word of warning here, once you have made your choice you are stuck with it, there doesn't seem to be any "move" option. So if you are planning on building your own dorm, or just don't like your "roomies" - your sim won't be able to move, you'll just have to enroll again for another term when their course finishes. On a more positive note, if your sim has a career back home, they won't lose it while they're away at uni, in fact you may find that they gain promotion faster when they return (if their course was relevant to their career path).

In terms of value for money, this expansion pack adds quite a lot to the game. A university town, with a variety of new lots, new traits, new careers, new skills, new lifetime wishes, new ways to die, and even a new life state (the return of the Plant Sim). There's new party types added juice kegger, bonfire (also masquerade & toga in limited edition), 8 new hairstyles and 13 new outfits. There's 16 new interactive objects and 13 returning objects (including the welcome return of the bowling alley).

So it's a big thumbs up for Sims 3 University Life, and would have been full marks but for the irritating lack of a "move" option in the university town. As always new players should remember that this is an expansion pack, and you'll need the base game if you want to play it. Also a good idea to make use of the "Can You Run It" website before you buy, to make sure you have the right spec to handle the game.
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36 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on 21 March 2013
This game is really, really great. It's a lot of fun and it is a great edition to the Sims 3 expansion packs. Although, being English, the American set up was a little confusing at first - trying to get to grips with sororities and jocks was a little bit of a learning curve, but I suppose you're at University to learn! It works really well with the Supernatural expansion pack, just in one dorm we had a vampire, a werewolf and a fairy, which was a lot of fun, although being hunted all the time wasn't so good.
Some of my favourite bits of the game thus far are:
* The new town. I think that having a whole new town to play with is so much fun, especially the new shops and the bowling alley.
* All the new objects, clothes, etc. Having all these new things is really great, because they make the experience so much more fun, and you have loads of cool stuff to decorate your house with when your sims get home!
* I really like the fact that you can actually see your sims in some of their lessons, which makes it much more interesting, so you don't have to spend the day on ultra-speed.
* The street art skill is really great, especially as it makes the whole thing more realistic, and I love that the kit is called the "Banky street art kit" Had to refrain from calling it Banksy!
* The new smart phone again, makes the whole thing really realistic.
*The new traits! These are really,really cool.
*The new skills objects are really good, such as the sketch book and the radio station. Both of these objects are really good for boosting the progress on the fine arts and communication degrees.
*You can customize your whole dormintary! This is one of its best features, in my opinion. I thought that we wouldn't be able to change anything about the dorm that our sims were living in, but it turns out that you can change everything! Just watch out though, as all changes are paid for by the active sim, so if you don't have much money then it'll be a little harder to make the rooms look cool.
*I think that the addition of the new social groups is pretty cool, as that also keeps it more realistic.
There are a couple of things that I don't like so much.
*I think that there should have been more majors to choose from, because there are only four. But I suppose that those ones will get your sims better jobs, so I can see why they've done it.
* On my game, it takes a long time for the sims to actually get into their lessons/lectures, particularly the lectures, which means that they are effectively skipping class, so their progression bar goes down. Perhaps this is just on my slightly slow laptop, but it's still a little annoying.

Despite those two minor issues, I have really enjoyed playing this game, and I think that it's well worth getting because it's a really fun expansion pack that adds something really cool to the game and gives young adult sims something to do, just as generations enhanced the gaming experience for teen sims. I think that it's definitely one of my favourite packs so far and I haven't come across any bugs or issues yet. In other words: A fabulous expansion pack that is a great addition to the Sims 3 franchise!
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 16 March 2013
I ordered this product and it came within two days. It's amazing and one of the best sims 3 games yet. If you do not have this product, I recommend you do so. Perfect for any sims 3 lover!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 March 2013
The latest expansion of the Sims 3 series allows Sims to attend university. The university works in the same way as the holiday destinations in 'world adventures' (WA) - the relevant Sim(s) moves to a new neighbourhood with new characters and buildings, and automatically returns home after they have completed their degree. Any adult Sim can attend university, you don't have to go immediately after school. So far (fingers crossed) I haven't encountered the sort of glitches that World Adventures was (and still is to some extent) plagued by. The game does run a bit slower when loading/exiting/saving, but again the slow down isn't as bad as for WA.

Whilst your Sim(s) is away at university, anyone left at home is frozen in time and doesn't age up/story progression doesn't occur. This means most of the new features happen in all one go. However gaining a degree has positive benefits in your Sim's life. Graduates get higher salaries in relevant careers and start off partway up the career ladder. They also get an extra trait which can be chosen. There are three new skills as well, which can be built in the home town as well as at university. Science and street art are fairly traditional skill types. Social networking is a skill associated with the new and improved mobile phone - which is now a smart phone. The phone can do all the things the old conventional mobile could, but can also browse the web, send texts, stream videos, and upload to blogs. Doing these 'social networking' activities builds the social networking skill. There are lots of new achievements for players who enjoy working towards those.

The social aspects of university life are not neglected. Whilst at university your Sim can gain 'influence' with any (or all) of three social groups - the 'nerds', the 'jocks' and the 'rebels'. Influence can be gained by undertaking certain activities, or by socialising with influential members of the group. It's an interesting new aspect of the game, although the novelty wears off pretty quickly once you realise that gaining influence in fact involves doing nothing more than the familiar social interactions from the base game. However there are a range of new interactions that can become unlocked with increased influence, and a number of new activities to try out. Influence doesn't decay, and if you get to level 8 you get another selectable trait - meaning a Sim can have 7 user-selected traits. However when you return home you will be unable to encounter any of your new friends - or at least I couldn't. I'm not sure if this is a glitch that might get resolved.

University life can be a little strange, especially if you have only one or two Sims attending and you've been used to controlling a big family. Most of the lessons are 'rabbit holes' where you can't see or control the character, and even those where you can don't seem to give you any genuine options for interaction. It's pretty boring watching your Sim watch someone else give a lecture! I did find that the full class schedule, plus time for travelling around the campus (painfully slow at times on a bicycle), and keeping motives high, meant there was little time to do anything more fun. Some players have recommended taking fewer credits, giving more time to enjoy the other features and less ultra-speeding through lectures. I would recommend investing in some decent furniture for the dorm (e.g. a good bed), and stocking up the Sim's inventory with cheap edibles. The class schedule on three days of the week doesn't give sufficient time to eat out or make something - and sometimes there isn't even time in the dorm once you've slept and washed. If you have the Motive Mobile lifetime reward, taking it with you in your inventory might enable shorter travel times and full motives, enabling more time to enjoy the features (I did this for WA). I did discover however that on the day of graduation (Saturday of the last term) you can go into buy mode and select whatever dorm furniture takes your fancy and drag to your family inventory, and it will still be available when you get home. This is handy for high value items like the snooker table, as you can either enjoy back home or sell on. Likewise if you have nice furniture at home, as long as it's in the family inventory before you move you should be able to access it at uni. The dormitory is fully customisable, just like a house.

Going away to university and exploring the new university neighbourhood and associated features are enjoyable, but do relatively little to change 'normal' game play. However Sims can attend multiple times if they wish, so that is an option. It would take a lot of visits to fully exploit all of the possibilities. The greatest weakness of the game - the relatively isolated world of the university - is also a strength in a way, as unlike Seasons it does not have the same capacity to alter and impede familiar gameplay in the main game. I wouldn't rate it as the greatest expansion, simply because of the episodic nature of visits. If you haven't got any expansions yet, I would recommend Generations, Ambitions or Pets. But for Sims fans who are looking forward to new content and options to freshen up their gameplay, this won't disappoint.
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on 26 December 2014
Having got most of the expansions packs for the sims 3, I can say this is a favourite one of mine.

Your sim gets a chance to do one of five degrees and has the opportunity to start off at a higher level within a certain career depending on what degree you go for. the career level depends on what grade you get.

a term of university is a sim week with so many lectures and classes a day depending on how many credits you choose at the start. your character will get invited to parties and certain actions can give for credit with three peer groups.

it is pricey for the sim to go to uni for a term and you can get some money towards the cost of the courses, however your sim will need a certain amount of skills for this to be awarded. the sims will have to do several trips to uni for them to complete their degree.

if the character has a job at home then they will keep the job for when they get back.

its a good expansion with plenty to do, good fun to play
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 8 September 2013
The game was a bit hard to handle at the beginning but once it started working properly it was really great.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 6 September 2013
My daughter has been playing Sims for a very long time, but as usual it does have a habit of crashing on her computer, we have tried various ways of sorting this but it seems to be a general fault with PC games. She spends hours on it and I am sure this will not be the last add-on she buys.
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on 16 April 2013
This is similar in many ways to the University Life of the Sims 2. There are quite a few extras and a couple of new traits. I like the fact that upon completing the degree you can add another trait. Some of the new interactions are quite humorous and there are lots of new outfits for the characters. There is also some new furniture, electrical items etc. I have not experienced any major problems with the expansion pack.
Your sim can start higher up the employment ladder if they obtain a degree which is quite handy.
Don't like the fact that you cannot change where you live within the university housing once you have made your initial selection.
You could move from a dorm room to a private dwelling in Sims 2 which was better.
Overall good expansion pack.
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on 4 October 2014
This game is quite similar to The Sims 2 version (if you are that old to have played that one). It's good, but does take a long time to load the Uni campus, but that could just be my computer.

There is a new system called Influence which means the higher you go up your chosen clique, you get more influential. At first it is quite fun, but then if you befriend someone, you can randomly get accepted into the 'Geek' social club (if that person is geek) which can be quite annoying.

The degrees take forever to complete. Literally, I was waiting and waiting and waiting... just like real life I suppose!

Overall, I did enjoy the game, but once I had my degree with the Sim, I didn't go back to the campus which is a bit of a shame.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 6 February 2014
Brilliant game. Seller was very quick to post. Very good value! The university part is brilliant, lots to do. Shame you can't bring uni boyfriends/ girlfriends home but never mind. Overall a fun game!
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