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4.1 out of 5 stars126
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Blu-ray unit itself has a good feel. Simplistic look with clear lines ... not too light (which could denote cheapness) but not too heavy so I would say the quality is right.
Little bit chunkier than your standard DVD player but as it has quite a lot of other functions this is acceptable.
Fits snuggly and is not over-intrusive into the room.
Set up was simple (after what seemed like continual unwrapping!) and I liked the fact that all the connections were colour coded at the back as this takes the guess work out what goes where.
Did wondered why the HDMI connection was at the front but could be because the "back" was filled up!
The Small speakers are small enough to "hide away" but give excellent quality of sound.
Getting the optimal surround sound is a case of trial and error to see how it fits in your living room but it's not an onerous task.
Sometimes with larger systems you get "loud" rather than "purer quality of sound" so it was pleasant to have a good pristine sound without having to turn up the volume too high.

Liked the fact you can change the settings to watch sports.
Connecting to the WiFi was easy and my internet connection coped with the additional burden and Bluetooth set-up was simple as well.
The picture quality when playing DVD and Blu-Ray discs is excellent and did not disappoint.
All in all, an excellent Home Cinema system - looks great, sounds great and functions great - if you have a flat screen cinema display and want the sound and picture to be optimal without coughing up much more for separates?


Connect TiVo or Sky box to TV via HDMi, and route sound from Sky/TiVo box via Optical through the Sony for Dolby 5.1 sound.

Has no video input socket such as HDMI, component, composite or S-video. Connect HDMi directly into TV and for sound it has no 3.5mm audio input jack You'll need USB or Bluetooth instead.
Has 1 set of RCA audio input jacks.

Digital Audio Optical input jack which can be used to play audio from your TV or Virgin TV/Sky box (if your TV has a Digital Audio Optical output jack).
It also has 1 set of left and right audio-in.

ONE HDMI output jack which is used to send video (from discs, internet streams, some Bluetooth devices and some WiFi-connected devices) to your TV screen, it can send video through its composite video connections (lower video quality than HDMI).

Speaker wire Length and Power (reference)
front left 7' 9" 125 watts @ 3 ohms, 1 kHz
front right 7' 9" 125 watts @ 3 ohms, 1 kHz
rear left 22' 6" 125 watts @ 3 ohms, 1 kHz
rear right 22' 6" 125 watts @ 3 ohms, 1 kHz
front center 6' 4" 250 watts @ 6 ohms, 1 kHz
subwoofer 9' 4" 250 watts @ 6 ohms, 80 Hz
You can change the "Sound Mode" to customize the outputted audio.

The set up has adjustable and custom EQ pre sets (Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Football etc plus Movie, Digital Music etc.

The interface is similar to a PS 3 one.

I'd like to state that with the Limited number of Input - if you can stretch your budget go for a separates AV Amp with speakers, as that will have more Input Output slots - e.g., if wanting a system for a PS3/4/Wii U/Xbox
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on 14 February 2015
I have the system now for almost a month and tried to use it in different settings with different sound sources. I didn't buy it from Amazon but from a shop with a decent discount.
Considering the price, it has a stylish design and build quality is very good. Unit itself has a dark bluish color which in a low light would look like black. It was very easy to connect the speakers with the help of colored sockets. You will need to buy a separate HDMI cable (ARC) to easily connect your system to you TV.
There is a USB input at front of the main unit which makes it easier to connect any USB devise to the unit. It looks fine when there is no USB hard disk connected but whit a connected hard drive it ruins the looks of your system.
Picture quality is brilliant. I played movies from connected HDD as well as Bluray-3D disks and i was very happy with it. Moreover I didn't have any problem in regard to the sound synced to the movie.
About connectivity, you can play music from you smartphone or iPad via Bluetooth, though you should wait every time for almost 20 second till the Bluetooth turns on. Then with Android devices it is always connected and you can stream music easily but with iPhone or iPad you have to connect them manually every single time which is not convenient at all.
WiFi connection to the internet is fine but direct WiFi to the non-Sony smartphones is more of a joke! I tried third party application such as SongPal which works but it is not as easy as you expect, and Apple TV or Google chrome cast would be the solution I think!!!
Finally the sound quality! Very bad! There is almost no sound when the volume is around 50 percent, and when you give some more volume, what you hear is not what you call acceptable quality.
It is not even enough to be a good companion to your tv as a sound bar. It takes a while between switching from TV sound to System sound and when you switch, the difference is not that much.
Overall this is a good system for watching movies in 3D or bluray , but do not expect anything more in the music field.

I went trough the settings and found out that the level of the speakers were not set to maximum out of the factory, I increased them and now the sound volume is much better. However, the quality of the sound remains the same, my 13 inch laptop has a crispier sound than this.
One thing that i noticed recently; You only get voice from all the speakers in "music"mode but not in digital music or movie or night mode...
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on 21 December 2013
I have owned the Sony DAV500 for some years and it cost me £500.This new one is far superior in sound and cost a lot less. As I had bought a new Sony TV I thought I'd upgrade my cinema system to this one. Firstly the price is great for the quality of the sound and the system. Being black it tends to be in the background rather than overtaking the room as silver ones do. You can set up quick start when initially setting the system up which makes a huge difference to loading discs. The blu ray picture is amazing and it up scales normal dvd's to brilliant picture quality (some films seem like a blu ray)The sound is simply brilliant and the sound when playing music is just ridiculous. To me this is a no brainer so if you want my advice, go buy one. I can't understand people dropping stars because it doesn't come with HDMI/Optical leads as you are really reviewing the system. It has loads of functions and works well with my internet, so YouTube is great to play through the system. It means you are getting a smart system without having to buy a new TV albeit I have both. If you buy this just remember you will need a HDMI cable and if you have an Optical socket on your TV (this means that if you have a PS3, Sky receiver or any other electrical items) you can have cinema sound through them as well including your TV regardless of what you are watching. I have bought some fantastic HDMI and Optical cables for around £10 on Amazon so make sure you buy what you need at the same time as buying the system. Finally like others have said the rear speaker cables are quite short so if you have a largish room you will need to buy extra cable. The system is easy to set up as well. I have even been able to mount the rear speakers (with a bit of thought) on my original tilt/swivel ones. If you are considering a soundbar my advice is to go with this as it does so much more and of course you are getting the full cinema experience pretty much.IBRA® 2M Master Gold Digital Optical Cable - suitable for PS3, Sky, Sky HD, LCD, LED, Plasma, Blu-ray, Home Cinema Systems, AV AmpsIBRA® 2m High Speed PRO GOLD RED 1.4a HDMI Cable 3D 2160p PS4 SKY HD 4K Ultra HD
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VINE VOICEon 14 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Everything about this was excellent. From taking it out of the box, connecting and setting it up to the strong crisp clear sound and the excellent picture. Connecting it to our WIFI was straight forward, and the normally painful to set up Bluetooth connection to our portable devices proved easy. I wasn't sure what 5.1 surround sound and 800w output would give me, in what is a medium sized living room. I wasn't disappointed, with no turning up to max for the `rock stadium' treatment; I was able to `indulge' in a sound quality that I haven't experienced from TV or DVD / BVD before. I have adapted the positioning of the speakers to meet the layout of the room, rather than perhaps their ideal position - but it works for me. The quality of the picture with both Blu-Ray and DVD is excellent, and I bought into systems ability to upscale the latter. Visitors comment on the sound and vision quality rather than the loudness.

This is a system that provides enough without the need to be used with a 3D television, but its specifications mean that I want to upgrade to 3D to get the full benefit out of it. The stylistic shape of the player didn't cause me any problems with other units `plugged' in under the TV - but as a thought it may be worth considering the shape / size if you plan to put it on other equipment or vice versa.

This is an excellent system - and whilst I haven't yet tried its 3D capabilities, its 2D performance is high quality. Whilst I am not a purist, and there may be higher specification systems out there, I found this difficult to fault.
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on 10 December 2015
I have tested everything on this system and works great. I think to get the best sound that some people say they are not getting you have to spend some time changing the system options like the distance the speakers to you settings and playing with the individual volume settings for front, rear, sub and centre as this makes a difference. Also an optic cable (sold separately) as well as hdmi which mine came with will enhance the sound. It synced easily enough to my tv and in turn via optic cable for all my other devices. Sound quality when all calibrated right (I am fussy and spent a good few hours doing this with loud and epic blu Ray films) was very good. I can only think people who say not very good have not put the effort in. Takes a while to start up as when you turn on searches for a disc. But it then realised there isn't one and switches to whatever devise u my be running. I like this system.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 10 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have a big old (4 years - prehistoric now) Samsumg LED TV which has an amazing picture but awful sound, needing constant adjustment of the volume to get it right. The Sony BDVE2100 home cinema system has solved this problem in a stroke.

Set up was simple. After a little bit of unwrapping, the cable for the speakers and subwoofer were colour coded so there was no need for trial and error. To use in the most effective way (I think) you need to buy an optical cable - I bought a 1 metre one for £5 XO Digital Optical Cable Premium Install Series - suitable for PS3, Sky, Sky HD, LCD, LED, Plasma, Blu-ray, Home Cinema Systems, AV Amps (1M (1METER) Optical)and it works perfectly (it would be nice if one was included). I didn't want cables trailingover the house so the sub is behind the TV and speakers are angled on the speaker stand. I was dubious as to whether it would work but it is actually perfect, with rich sound filling the room, I am sure we are hearing more detail than we have before (birds, newspapers rustling etc).

I am using mainly to put whatever is on the TV through the speakers (hence the need for the optical cable). As well as TV (which really is jaw dropping), we have had the Playstation and Apple TV through it and again it brings the sound alive.

We tried out some old DVDs and were surprised at the upscaling. It could be the placebo effect but they definitely seem to have more detail. Not quite Blu Ray standard but close enough.

A really nice feature is the Bluetooth functionality to play iPod and iPads through the speakers. My wife thought it bordered on witchcraft when I showed her how it worked - it is mad what you can do these days. It works very well and would easily be good enough for a party (with no need, obviously, to leave the TV on).

We haven't tried the online features other than Youtube. It works fine, we just needed to enter the WEP password and it was off. There is plenty of other internet based stuff there - not essential for us but some people will love it.

Overall I love this cinema system. If you need a simple, high quality Blu Ray and speaker set up, or even just speakers with an intelligent control unit, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Love it.
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on 18 January 2016
I've written this from a very untechy angle, ideally so everyone can understand.

This Sony surround sound system is well priced, offers 3D, the ability to play Blu-ray, DVD and VCD's. It's easy to set up, with an awful lot of wire allowing a nice set up across the room.

As far as ease of use goes it couldnt be simpler, though the slightly scary looking remote control filled with nearly 70 buttons might give the opposite view. To this day (I purchased 6 months ago) i've still not figured out what they all do.

I connected the player to my television so that everything plays in surround sound, I have a variety of items connected to my TV including another multi-region player, a variety of Apps from my television that give me Netflix etc, an android TV box, Sky, and Amazon TV. This was via connection of an optical cable (not included). If your trying to do this at home, set the option on the device to TV, then simply turn your TV to the option you want. If you have a smart TV already chances are when you turn your Sky box on, your TV, and surround system will all click into play together. The downfall, with it being an any device route is that the sound takes around two minutes to come on when you first turn your TV on, providing a quiet 2 minutes, it reminds of being back in the day when you used to have to "warm the Tv up".

Sound wise cannot be faulted for quality. The downside however is that about 50% of what you watch is out of synch when it comes to watching a DVD or Blu-ray disc. I changed the base unit with Sony, but it still happens on the new unit, so its clearly a design flaw. Everything else played on every other device is in sync 99.9% of the time. Having the out of synch sound does ruin some movies, especially when you purchased them for that big cinema sound and feel.

On the whole a good product, but I cannot help but wonder if i'd been that little bit less tightfisted and spend £50 more on my original purchase choice if i'd be happier.
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on 10 November 2015
I purchased this to replace a 1990's Aiwa AV stack system and I am generally impressed with its functionality for this low price.

Lots of functions including DVD/Blu Ray, FM Radio, Optical Digital Input (e.g. from Satellite or TV), USB, Bluetooth, Streaming Services (e.g. iPlayer, You Tube), Analogue Audio In.

5.1 surround, Dolby Prologic, DTS Neo 6 and more

Various sound modes (not available if it Pro Logic or other surround modes except 5.1)

Reasonable subwoofer

Very good picture quality even from older TV recordings

The Media Service using a PC or Laptop is excellent and works over WiFi

Claims to be 1000W RMS but I am doubtful as the old stack system was a mere 200W and is easily as powerful if not more powerful than this system.

Some services do not work without registration to Sony, however the web address it gives is not valid.

The FM radio can only be used with its own supplied wire aerial as it has a unique plug

Speakers are all hard wired so if you need to extend any cables the cable has to be cut and joined

Significant Issues:
'Sound Mode' which provides full 5.1 digital surround reverts to simulated surround when a non 5.1 source is used. It must be noted that only a limited number of HD programmes on Freeview are encoded to this standard. Other programmes are produced equally amongst all speakers (and sound awful). Programmes in full 5.1 are also very low in volume compared with normal Stereo broadcasts on this system which is really irritating when adverts come on. I have found that it is better to use another surround mode such as DTS Neo 6 which work well on all Stereo broadcasts and provide a reasonably accurate 5.1 surround on most occasions. However this mode prevents any other sound enhancements from being available.

When using it with a Youview box via Optical Cable the cinema system will often loose audio (particularly after channel changes or time-shifting). this can only be restored by changing the box to another function and then changing back to 'TV' mode or placing the Sony unit in Stand-by and then restarting. I am unsure if this issue is due to an issue with the Youview box or the Sony cinema system.
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on 28 January 2015
This is a very good product, however like anything it has it's niggles. I have this setup in a bedroom, about 7m by 4m connected to a Sony 32" TV via a HDMI cable (This supports HDMI ARC, that's audio return channel, meaning you don't need an optical cable if your TV supports it too) I also have an Apple TV connected via optical, however I have a minor problem that I will explain later on...

Due to the size of the room I have an 'all front' setup, with the front speakers to the left and right of the TV and the centre channel on top of the Blu-ray the surround left and right speakers are in the front corners of the room. I have never owned a 5.1 system before and was a tad sceptical but after watching a few programs on Netflix from the Apple TV and BBC iPlayer on the Blu-ray the 5.1 amazing, a door slamming in the background comes from one surround speaker for example creating a really immersive experience. Just a note, if you have a setup like mine you'll have to tell the blu-ray player, you can do this both in the setup and in the menu. On the topic of the menu, it's fantastically easy to operate, if you've ever used a playstation 3 you'll recognise the interface, it's very aesthetically pleasing.

High quality blu-ray and amplifier
Very good quality speakers
Smart TV features with built in WiFi
HDMI ARC (As explained previously)
Simple setup
Easy to operate
Batteries included for FREE
LED glow on the front makes the product look very classy
FM Tuner with 20 presets
Remote has basic controls for TV, preset for Sony but can be configured to all major brands
Has bluetooth so can be used with mobile devices (The LED glows blue too!)

Limited speaker cable length, although I knew that when I purchased and didn't expect them to be suited to the large room
Fan a little nosier than expected, but would be fine in a living room environment or when the volume is turned up a little more
Tad slow to boot up, but not an issue really

The issue I had faced is that ARC seems to overrule optical, so with an Apple TV connected to the TV and the TV connected via HDMI with ARC; what this means is that if the TV is turned off or not on the Apple TV as a source the audio will not pass through to the speakers, I had hoped this would work but it seems the Bravia Link of the TV and Blu-ray is a bit too smart for it's own good.

Despite it's issues I would certainly recommend this system. 5/5
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on 26 July 2015
Its pretty good as a blu ray player. However it's had a problem where it won't play two specific disks. Both were brand new and unmarked. The first one was replaced three time by Amazon so I assume it wasn't the disk. Symptoms were the film freezing and the chapter selection menu coming up, then it would play for a minute or two more before finally freezing. The second one had the same symptoms. I couldn't find any other people online who had issues with these disks so I assume it was the player.

Update this player now won't play any disks past 50 minutes poor.
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