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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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The 'White House' becomes under attack from both air and land.
a substantial terrorist force led by 'rogue' North Korean activist
'Kang' assisted on the inside by a trusted agent who's job
is to protect the in the White House bunker where
the president is being held hostage.
the demands.....withdraw the 7th fleet and troops that are stationed
in protection of 'South Korea'
the Commander in Chief 'Benjamin Asher' doesn't even know if his son
'Connor' is safe.
'Mike Banning' previously serving alongside the president once trusted
to protect both the president and family now appears to be the only agent
who is in a position to resolve the crisis.
an electrifying and action-packed thrill-ride,a little far-fetched perhaps,
however certainly well worth a spin.
Additional features include...'Gag Reel'(always worth a watch) 'The making
of Olympus has fallen' 'Deconstructing the Black Hawk sequence' and 'Ground
combat: fighting the terrorist' ...and more.
Hugely entertaining, certainly on par with 'White House Down'
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on 22 January 2014
There is a crazy trend in Hollywood of two similar films coming out one after the other, supposedly independently of one another. The latest situation was `Die Hard' in the White House. Historically, one film usually stands out as better and more successful, in the case of `Olympus Has Fallen' and `White House Down', the Gerald Butler vehicle was the more successful, but they are both pretty awful in their own way.

Butler plays Mike Banning, a guard who used to be detailed to the President (Aaron Eckhart) before an accident saw the death of the First Lady. When visiting the White House he becomes embroiled in a terrorist plot as a group of rogue North Koreans aim to take on America. In terms of empty headed action, there are some great sequences in `Olympus'. There is a lot of brutal deluxe, more `Under Siege 2' than the master class that is `Die Hard', but none the less, still fun. Butler is decent and actually pretty believable as a special agent who can kill with weapons or his hands. It is not Butler who is at fault in this film, but some of the absolutely ridiculous scripting.

The dialogue for one passes fun cheese and ends up in awful, but it is the plotting that fails the most. The President is held hostage and is forced into a Catch 22 situation of his own making; spot it yourself, but he basically hands over the reins of power to the bad guys - stupid. Not just stupid, but so poorly written that it ruins the film. All of Butler's work is kind of entertaining, but in between his bits you are forced to watch absolute bilge. Could have been a decent film had the script writers actually paid attention.
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on 29 March 2013
I have to be honest, I really wasn't expecting much when I went along to see this film. However, given that this project was helmed by Antoine Fuqua, the man responsible for Denzel Washington's Oscar winning turn in Training Day, I thought Olympus has Fallen might be a little edgier.

There's a nice bit of pre-amble, setting up Butler's back-story and it's not long before the bullets start flying and the bodycount goes through the roof. There's certainly no shortage of violence in this film and I was actually quite surprised at its "15" certificate, given the scenes of torture, stabbing, mutilation, suicide bombers and copious amounts of death by gunshot!

In effect, what we have here is Gerard Butler taking the lead role in a movie that, if made 25 years ago, would have went to the likes of Arnie, Sly or Bruce Willis. Olympus Has Fallen is a straight-up no-nonsense action movie where the good guy can't die and is always a better shot than the numerous villains he despatches!
This film lays it on pretty thick with the flag-waving and patriotism but I guess that with a movie that has as its central premise the White House being stormed and the President of the USA being held hostage, it comes with the territory!

Rick Yune is a suitably menacing screen presence and Aaron Eckhart is convincing as the American as mom's apple pie President while Morgan Freeman adds some gravitas to proceedings while Gerard Butler bumps off terrorists like he was in a video game.

This type of film has been done before (see the title of this review!) and if you've seen the trailer for this movie, you'll know you're not in for any big surprises but there's no doubt that Olympus Has Fallen is an entertaining and competent action film.
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24: Season Seven DVD Collection [DVD] had a scenario where extremists captured the White House and held the female President hostage; it was a spectacular segment of a spectacular series.

Hey,if you're going to 'copy that' you'd better do it well or people are going to put your arse in a sling.

I think that Antoine Fuqua has at least matched the visceral qualities of those several '24' episodes in this film at under 2 hours, which is no mean feat.

Gerard Butler plays the lone agent pitting his considerable physique against dozens of baddies(Korean for a change,not African):there is a lot of killing and violence, some of which is very improbable but this is pure escapism and doesn't pretend to be anything else----there are plot holes everywhere such as the military aircraft flying over Washington unchallanged until it's almost over the White House.

Morgan Freeman sleeps his way through his few scenes but even a dozing Morgan can lend gravitas to a film.

I found the whole thing entertaining,pure tart escapism.And it's easy to slot a different dvd into the player for more thought-provoking viewing,such as Fuqua's gritty Training Day [2002] [DVD] [2001].
Highly recommended.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 August 2013
Disgraced secret service agent Mike Banning (Butler) finds himself in the right place at the right time, as a Korean splinter group attack the White House & take the President & his staff hostage. Can Banning redeem himself & save the day ?

Overall Olympus Has Fallen is a macho action flick that you wouldn't be surprised to see Bruce Willis's alter ego John McClane as the fly in the ointment for these Korean bad guys. But it falls to Gerard Butler to put on a serious & good action performance as the no nonsense lead. As none before him can stand in his way as he brutally dispatches the terrorists with nonchalant ease, while slipping in & out of a Scottish/American accent. The story itself makes for an interesting backdrop, and pulls out every cliche in the book in the process, that you can see what's coming pretty much before it gets there, with the odd exception. Add in some suicidal secret service agents on the steps of the White House & how easy the baddies take over, and it will have you firstly in awe of the action sequences, with the fact it's a laughable & unbelievable scenario hitting you right afterwards. But you have little time to dwell on it, as you are tossed between action set pieces & under siege maneuvers. And it tosses in the usual, sugary, America is great mantra & North Korea painted as the baddies once more due to the current political climate.

Gerard Butler (300) as the hero of the movie dealt with the action set pieces like a pro & Rick Yune (The Man with the Iron Fists) made for a decent baddie, menacing in an intelligent & sadistic manner. While the remaining cast were left to be a bit subdued in they're wake due to the structure of the film. The authoritative Aaron Eckhart (Battle: Los Angeles ) in the Presidential role trying to encourage his fellow hostages & snarl at the baddies, along with Morgan Freeman (Se7en), Angela Bassett (Malcolm X ) & Robert Forster (Jackie Brown ) who are the makeshift leaders, hanging on Banning's every word in a command room & generally looking worried at monitors & in fighting with each other. Are all solid in the limited screen time they have, but not pushed to the extent of they're acting abilities here. Melissa Leo (Oblivion), Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black), Dylan McDermott (The Practice) & Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy) co-star.

In conclusion, Olympus Has Fallen had us engaged through it's almost 2 hour run time. Good action first & foremost, if somewhat implausible at times. Contains strong language & graphic violence. Recommended.
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on 20 May 2016
Really good film if you like action adventure and a half decent story line. I won't go into the whole story line as there are plenty of reviewers that have done this so you can read them if you want in depth story lines. I would say it's very like the die hard films. Pretty good special effects and a rather nice American president and a great lone hero. If you want a evening of fast moving action then this is worth a watch and I will be getting London has fallen when it is released on dvd. One you could watch with your Mum and the kids as long as they are not too young.
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The winner in 2013’s Which White House Under Siege Die Hard Rip-off Can Get to the Screen First and Make the Most Money contest Olympus Has Fallen is a decent enough Die Hard rip-off, but one that follows its template so closely that you hope Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza got paid royalties by the producers. It may be the White House rather than Nakatomi Plaza that’s the target of a hostile takeover, in this case executed with a wildly OTT air raid and ground assault that takes out not only the entire Secret Service but half of Washington D.C. with comic strip ease, but everything else is present and correct. Hero in the wrong place at the right time taking on the terrorists single-handed and occasionally taunting them over the radio? Check. Terrorists killing hostages to get a vital combination? Check. Helicopter crashing on the roof and hero only surviving by taking a big dive? Check. Hero meeting up with nervous civilian we know is a terrorist but he doesn’t? Check. The authorities ignoring our hero’s advice and getting their men wiped out in a frontal assault because they underestimate the terrorists’ firepower? Check. All these favorites and more appear almost in the same order as they did back in 1988, with the only real novelty being the North Korean villains and the fact that Gerard Butler at least keeps his shoes and shirt on. Even Trevor Morris’ score is shamelessly derivative, at times threatening to turn into Jerry Goldsmith’s fanfare from Air Force One, at others a more bombastic version of Hans Zimmer’s The Thin Red Line.

Yet as a no-brainer it works far better than it should for all its bombast, only starting to lose its grip towards the end as it becomes apparent that Butler’s semi-disgraced but actually perfect secret serviceman is really too boringly one dimensional to care enough about to carry a movie the way the action superstars of the 80s could. There are no rough edges, no hint of the humanity or fear that Bruce Willis brought to his superstar-making role, no vague possibility that he might not make it, his hero no fish out of water but supremely in his element as he effortlessly wins every fight no matter how outnumbered or hindered by officious idiots who think they’re really running the show from a safe distance. Even Superman had his Kryptonite, yet Butler seems truly indestructible. But since the role mainly calls for him to run around, shoot and occasionally stab someone in the brain and doesn’t call for much in the way of acting, Butler’s all too apparent ego and lack of range isn’t as much of a problem as it is in his other less successful starring vehicles even if he does unwittingly turn into a self-parody when even the Aaron Eckhart’s president is cheering him on in one fight scene. Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett add some dignity on the sidelines despite their part being limited to “What does he think he’s doing?” “His job!” exchanges, Robert Forster provides the self-important but out of his depth military mentality while Rick Yune shows rather more screen presence than the star as the ruthless terrorist mastermind despite having an equally one-note role.

Overfamiliar but efficient, it’s not as much fun as Die Hard On a Battleship (Under Siege), Die Hard in an Ice Hockey Rink (Sudden Death), Die Hard in a Futuristic Apartment Block (Dredd) or Die Hard in a Building Full of Indonesian Gangsters (The Raid) and there’s no reason to see it but it passes the time more enjoyably than you might expect if you do.

Lionsgate's UK disc has exactly the same extras as the US disc - self-congratulatory featurettes on how wonderful everyone and everything was and blooper reel.
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on 16 April 2016
Very entertaining film.Think' Die Hard' set in the White House. Gerard Butler fills the role of the hero very well. The bad guys are the North Koreans . The movie plot line is a bit far fetched ,but who cares as the whole pyrotechnic action filled 114 minutes keep you glued to your seat.Lacks the touches of comedy that Bruce Willis brought to Die Hard(which remains the superior film).However at this price you can't complain.Great entertainment.
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on 22 April 2016
My adrenalin was on the ceiling the whole time. I don't know what planet the 'poor' reviewers are on but this film is freaking awesome. Gerard Butler is the s*** (as they say nowadays)
Loved London has fallen aswell. This one only won the adrenalin battle as they had the president captive from early on but both films are going to be on my replay list along with the Taken trilogy!
Mike Banning is Bad Ass, love the president & Morgan Freeman is always a major plus in these films.....BRILLIANT!
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on 9 December 2015
A great film with a great He-Man style performance from Gerard Butler. He really is the boss (no parfum pun intended) in this movie, attempting to save the hide of the president of the USA, following a terrorist attack on the White House. Of course there is a sub-plot and it's that which makes the movie so memorable. Not a classic film but one to watch every now and again. I look forward to seeing London Has Fallen in due course. For this film I've rated it 4 out of 5 on amazon video (and 7 out of 10 on imdb).
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