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4.5 out of 5 stars830
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2014
EDIT: The review I wrote below was about 2 days before this mouse stopped working again! I had read other reviews on Amazon where people had had a similar issue. Conveniently, Anker got in touch to ask how I was getting along with the product. I politely informed them about the mouse issues and they immediately got back in touch apologising for the issues and asked for my shipping address for them to send me a new one. The new mouse arrived within 2 days and so far works perfectly. Top customer service!

Thanks Anker, highly recommended.

I saw someone at my workplace with this and they highly recommended it when I mentioned my existing conventional mouse gave me wrist strain.
Fast delivery and great quality feel. One word of advice i will give is make sure you have some decent AAA batteries. I used some cheap Asda Alkaline ones initially but the mouse kept freezing so I guess they weren't providing the proper voltage or current. I then purchased some Lithium AAA (Energizer & Duracell do these) which I am a big fan of for other devices anyway as they last a ridiculous amount of time, so that was £4 well spent as it now works perfectly. Just something to bear in mind if this happens to you.
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on 1 March 2016
This is quite a comfortable mouse and I'm using it to replace a Kensington Expert trackball as my ergonomic device of choice.

As can be seen in the photo it has a grey stripe instead of a red one advertised (I'm not really bothered by that). Whilst it does have a pinky-finger support in this updated version I often find the end of my pinky is scraping across the mouse mat when using it. Which isn't always comfortable.

Prolonged use of a middle-finger scroll-wheel can also be a bit uncomfortable after a while, but that is a problem with most mice and I don't know of a good solution to that.

Overall it is a good mouse and I'm going to keep at it, at least until I can find something better than the Kensington Expert.
review image
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on 10 April 2016
Well... This mouse definitely requires some getting used to. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and I think I've given it a fair amount of time. So - the pros first:

+ The upright position definitely feels more natural and less straining
+ It's big enough so my pinkie doesn't feel squashed out alone - it rests together with all my other fingers
+ Seems well built, works straight out of the box, didn't have to install any crapware

And the cons:

- I tend to stiffen my thumb when I left-click which is somewhat tiring, but not a huge problem.
- The thumb position is kinda low for me, I'd prefer it to be a little higher, where the left-side buttons currently are. Maybe just leave more thumb space to accomodate different people's preferences.
- Movement accuracy is still a problem, and it's nothing to do with the mouse itself - just the different position it's held. I've been trying to play Diablo for a while and it's still not as easy as with an ordinary mouse. It's fine for browsing though, and most of my daily work doesn't require playing games, so...
- Seems to turn itself off too quickly - 5 minutes maybe, I haven't timed it. Then you have to click to activate it, just moving it doesn't work.
- The USB transmitter slot on the bottom is a little too tight, you really need to work your nails to get it back out of there.

Now, the cons may be more, but that's just because I'm listing everything I could think of. The accuracy thing might just require more time, I've had 20 years of practice with a regular mouse... But if you hope to use the mouse for gaming, watch out for this. And it will be worse with shooters! I don't even want to try Counter Strike with it yet. But for office work it should be just fine.

Another thing which is neither a pro nor a con - I had to start scrolling with my middle finger because it feels more natural. This is another of those things which feels straining at first but then you forget about it.

So the bottom line is - might work for you, but don't expect miracles and be patient, you need to get used to it.
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on 17 March 2016
I love Anker products, I feel they generally make a great quality product, a beautiful design, and most importantly it does what it says on the tin.

So while browsing one day I came across this vertical mouse… I had a quick read and thought it would be a nice mouse to carry with my laptop, especially with its RSI preventive ergonomic design. (I unfortunately already suffer from carpel tunnel/RSI in my left wrist so I want to minimise the risk to my right wrist.

Throughout my many years I have used trackpads (don’t really like them), trackballs they are alright and standard mice. Yes I have usually gone for gaming Razer mice with extra buttons and a nice adjustable. However I thought for my laptop this vertical one might be a nice change, and also when out with clients maybe showing them something they didn’t know existed.

Anker Vertical Mouse

The Specifications
•2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse (with USB 2.0 dongle, can be stored in the mouse) (Wired Version Available)
•Optical Resolution: 800/1200/1600 DPI
•5 Buttons and a Scroll Wheel
•Product Weight 95g

The Review

I got home from work to open a parcel with the mouse in it. It was in a clear plastic box, showing the full style of the mouse, with a full information card at the back. Reasonably good minimalistic packaging.

I opened it all up and plugged the dongle into my Windows 7 laptop and it installed in seconds… The longest part was me having to go find 2x AAA batteries for the mouse.

The mouse itself has an On/Off switch which is good for transporting so the mouse keeps the battery use to a minimum, rather than thinking it is active when loose in your bag.

My laptop table by my sofa is one of the Black Tempered Glass tables, I was expecting to have to go hunt a mouse mat as when I used my standard optical mouse on it, it doesn’t work. I thought I’d give this a try before getting up and trying to find a mouse mat… and it worked perfectly. No stuttering, no jumping, no inaccurate control, it was fantastic. (As a side note, throughout the night with cats and kids knocking me around, the mouse was used on the surface of; a black leather sofa, a teenage mutant ninja turtle fabric PJ trousers and the cover of a glossy magazine and all the time it worked perfectly.)

The mouse felt natural to use, not quite like a joystick, but not like a mouse, but sort of in between, with a angle that made my arm feel rested. The photos of muscle/bone twisting from normal mouse usage clearly made sense now.


The buttons are ideally placed for use by your fingers and the scroll wheel is easily accessed too, just like on a regular mouse.

Going from typing to mouse I find is easier, it is like your hand just slots into a natural position with the vertical mouse rather than having to pounce upon a regular mouse to take control.

The only thing that concerned me after this quick embrace with this new style mouse was how accurate it was. When I am creating visual basic interfaces and am moving items by pixels with the mouse, I need a good accuracy. Track pads have never offered this, but a normal mouse and track balls have been good… So I immediately launched into a product to see how I would get on with this new mouse, and I have to say there was no difference. This were just as easy to move around accurately, it just felt more comfy to use.

Occasionally it does feel a bit weird to have your hand slightly upwards when using this mouse, but I think that’s just due to nearly 30 years of regular mouse usage, after 24 hours I’m more than happy to have this as my laptop mouse. Yes my main desktop will still use my Razer Naga mouse, but that’s because I have so many functions for work and games mapped I don’t want to lose them.
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on 30 November 2015
This is the second vertical mouse I have and this one is more for travelling about. The other one is good but this is more compact and the finish is better. Lovely smooth texture to the body of the mouse and it appears to be precision engineered, with all the pieces aligned and fitting snugly. The hold is quite good with the shape very similar to simply turning a desk mouse on it's side - fingers are extended in a slightly odd way for my feel, but not so much to be a distraction. That is being picky though. I find the wheel falls under either first or second fingers and I use either to scroll.

I'm transitioning from normal mice to vertical as arthritis is now a part of my life and I work with graphics so fine control, pixel by pixel, is sometimes needed. Neither is especially good at this, but neither was my control when I started doing this work with a normal mouse. I expect to be able to develop fine control as I use it.

Wireless is brilliant and I've not used a wired mouse for years. I do like that you can fit the remote receiver into the body of the mouse so it doesn't get lost in transit. I currently have three mice connected to my machine (surely there's a usb socket spare somewhere?!?) so I can move from one to the other on whim & fancy. Others have mentioned the auto off and having to wake up it up with a click - not so much of a trial I think.

If you're thinking of a vertical mouse consider this one as the quality is very good and at the price, a real deal. Recommended.
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on 15 November 2015
I bought this to address an RSI issue I was having with both conventional mice and roller ball types mainly because I have long fingers and many devices are just too cramped for me. I was initially wary of the change of hand position but my fears have proved unfounded as, even after prolonged use, the wrist issue has improved considerably and the more upright position for my hand is feeling more 'normal'. I find I am actually using the mouse nearer to the keyboard because of the change of hand position and like other reviewers I occasionally give the mouse a side-swipe when moving across to do typing, or when returning to the mouse. So far it has survived its trips across the desk and floor but I am sure I will master this with time. I am finding that using a mouse mat, rather than roaming free on the desk, is helping to keep me from drifting too close to the keyboard with the mouse and helping keep my shoulder position better.

The weight is no worse than other wireless mice and the feel in the hand is good and button and wheel action are reliable. My work position is close to my PC so wireless range is not really tested, but I have trialled it at about 6ft from the PC base and all works well, just can't read the screen at that range! I expect it would be OK if using a TV or large screen monitor.

I use Excel extensively and am not finding any problems with precision of movement. I have tried drawing freehand with the mouse and it seems no worse than conventional ones, which probably is more a reflection on my artistic abilities than the devices!

Overall very happy with this, time to get one for work now but may need to be the wired version.
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on 18 July 2015
I used this mouse for 3 days and it's changed my LIFE!
I suffered from pain in my elbow joint and hand/wrist for over a year as I was using a mouse a lot for work (doing technical drawings), it was so bad at one point it was waking me at night. Initially I thought it was tennis elbow as I did play tennis and my physio told me I had the initial stages of tennis elbow. So after giving up tennis - and noticing little improvement, by some happy coincidence I saw this mouse and after reading the reviews - thought I would give it a try! I cannot praise this mouse highly enough - 3 days of use and my joint ache is 99% better! Amazing. I wish I had know about this earlier.
Don't let the price put you off - I did have a Logitech mouse that cost £45 and it is no where near as good. It was supposed to work in glass with its "dark laser" but only really worked on some surfaces and didn't work on my white shiny table. The Anker mouse seems to work on just about any surface - so is far superior.
So if you suffer from wrist/hand/elbow joint ache - BUY THIS MOUSE!
And even if you don't - I would still recommend this mouse as it's a far better ergonomically than a traditional mouse, is very easy to use and very comfortable...
UPDATE - after unsing this mouse now for a few months, I can still see a massive improvement in my elbow and wrist ache - its not totally cured and prolonged use does still cause some minor pain, but it is at least a 90% improvement. So I do thoroughly recommend this mouse
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on 3 April 2015
Over the years I 've used numerous types of mouse and have recently been using the Amazon Basics wireless compact one - It's about two thirds the size of a full mouse - and found it to be excellent. However, increased time on the computer had started to cause some issues with neck pain (I solved this by buying a Kensington riser stand for the screen height - very good) and a lot of pain in my arm / elbow. Having researched extensively I decided a vertical mouse (which I hadn't previously used) seemed to offer a solution - so as a fan of Anker I gave their product a go. Over a short period it has made a difference and was worth the purchase - however, be cautious of reviews that state it solved things over-night, clearly that isn't possible, but it is a useful addition if you are evaluating your posture etc. etc. in response to computer RSI and such like.

So that's the pseudo medical bit. How is it as a mouse? Answer is simply - excellent. I would agree with some reviewers that it's height takes a bit of getting used to as it's profile is higher than an ordinary mouse and you can catch it accidently as you move your hand across the desk, but overall first day of use was odd but then quickly adapted to the new configuration. Now feels much more comfortable than previous(standard) mice. Wireless connection is instantaneous, no issues with battery life, essentially everything as advertised - so a very good buy. I must admit to being a big fan of this company and have a number of their products - which I tend to find stylish, well designed and very functional - and this purchase fits that description. Their customer service is also very good - other companies take note!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 December 2014
I have rsi pain and have been trying the most popular ergonomic mice. For me this offers the best value of all the mice i tried and is also the closest to feeling like a normal mouse thanks to its slim design. The problem for me is that the two features that i like about it make it a compromise for me as i have rsi. I need a thicker mouse because part of my problem is that the grip you have on a traditional mouse has been part the problem, the claw like grip leading to overuse pain in the hand. This just isnt thick anough to smooth out that grip, yes its upright and takes the pain off the wrist but i have still have just too much of a tight grip to get the best relief from rsi. Depending on why you are looking at this type of mouse it may or may not be a dela breaker. For me it was and i ended up with far more expensive Evoluent 4. I have to say for me the bigger price of the Evoluent was worth the money for the best designed mouse i found for serious rsi pain. People have mentioned that your little finger slides along the table/mouse mat with the anker and this is true, but I didn't feel it made the mouse any less useable in any way.
of note for the anker is that many people at this price range are deciding between this and the ZeleSouris Wired Ergonomic Vertical Mouse. You will see comments that the anker is better for long fingers and bigger hands. Personally I only have medium size hands but the ZeleSouris was still too fiddly. It has a joystick feel and while comfortable its too fiddly when moving your fingers from the click left and right buttons to the scroll wheel. If you prefer a thicker grip then the ZeleSouris is the better buy.
Something i find annoying however is how the mouse goes to sleep after about 10 minutes, you then have to click the scroll wheel to wake it.
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on 17 May 2014
** An update to my earlier review.**

On seeing my review below I was contacted by Anker Customer Service. They were sorry that I was so disappointed with their product and asked me a few questions.
They said they have the highest quality control on their products but occasionally things can slip through and I may well have a faulty mouse.
They have sent me a new mouse, although this time I have a wired one at my request (I don't really need a wireless one).
What a difference. My new mouse is fantastic. It is comfortable to use, highly responsive, extremely accurate and quite frankly everything I had hoped for when I placed my order originally.
I now highly recommend this mouse and can only say what fantastic customer service Anker gives it's customers. Throw in with that the fact that all their products come with an 18 month guarantee and you can rest assured you are onto a winner.
Thank you Anker for a great product and fantastic customer service.


Ergonomics wise I have no complaints. This mouse is comfortable to use although it could be bigger to cater for those with large hands. However that said this is the worst mouse I have ever had. I require my mouse to be very precise and accurate and this mouse is neither. After using it for 5 days now it has driven me to utter fury and distraction.
It is highly inaccurate and extremely jerky and uncontrollable in use. It seems to only work when it feels like it and that applies to any surface.
I have tried it on the table, mouse mat, slouch pad, on wood cardboard. paper, painted surface and even on my laptop support tray and it will not work properly on ANY of them.
After only 5 days it has been consigned to the Junk Drawer where it will live until I have a clear out or pass it on to some poor unsuspecting sucker.
Extremely disappointed and thanking my lucky stars it did not cost a lot of money. I suppose this is a case of getting what you pay for.
I am now going to try a Wired Ergonomic Mouse from a different manufacturer.
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