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This KiwiBird 3000mAh Power Case will double your iPhone 6's battery life without much in terms of size or weight - it weighs in at less than 100g . In the pack you get the Power Case, USB to Micro USB charging cable, a headphone socket extension plug, a USB powered charging stand and instruction guide. The "out of the box" impression is of a high quality product which carries the official "Made for iPhone" logo and it comes with an 18 month warranty and good quality support from KiwiBird. Please read this review in conjunction with the photographs I've uploaded.

The best way to describe the Power Case is that it's very similar to those protective cases like the Griffin Survivor Slim Case - it's basically a high quality jacket for the iPhone with an ultra slim 3000mAh battery built into the back. The iPhone fits inside the jacket and connects to the case's battery output via the Lightning Connector built into the case. Fitting and removal of the phone from the Power Case is easy. The case adds only about 8mm to the length of the phone. All the iPhone controls and apertures line up perfectly with the case and the "feel" of the buttons etc. is preserved. A headphone socket extender is provided as if your headphones have a particularly big plug it might not pas through the port in the case but in my experience most will. The Power Case is a good looking jacket with a sophisticated rubberised matt finish which also provides plenty of protection for your precious phone.

You can simply charge the Power Case before fitting it by using the Micro USB socket - the level of charge is indicated by 4 LEDs on the rear of the case each of which represents 25% of charge/discharge. Once fitted to the phone you can also charge the Power Case by putting it onto the well made wireless (but not contactless) charging stand which is supplied. The charging stand gives priority to the phone battery and will fully charge that first and then the Power Case battery. A full charge of the battery pack takes 4-5 hours and there's overcharging and short circuit protection technology to prevent damage to your phone.

In use as I've mentioned this case looks the part and considering its power capacity it adds very little to the bulk of the phone especially if you've been using a jacket type case already. in terms of extra usage time this case definitely lives up to its claim to double the life of the iPhone's internal battery. in addition, it can charge the phone from flat with capacity to spare.

In summary, this a quality Power Case which looks stylish, adds little bulk and weight but gives the battery life of the iPhone 6 a huge hike through at least doubling it. Recommended

(This case was supplied for my review).
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on 26 November 2015
The package comes with an outer sleeve with 2 boxes held together with an adhesive sticker. The first box contains the actual battery case, an instructional manual and a small 3.5mm extender cable. The second box contains the wireless charging pad which has a fixed USB cable attached to it.

As I opened the first box, I firstly took out the battery case which is a single unit compared to many other units which is split into 2 sections. The instruction and user manual outlines step by step how to put the phone inside the case, take it out again, and instructions on how to keep the case working at its best. After that I took out the small 3.5mm adapter which is there if you use headphones that has a connector that is larger than the width of the case’s space then you can just plug this into the iPhone’s connector and then plug your headphones into the adapter. Lastly we have a micro USB cable.

The second box has a wireless charging unit; this is a black circular disk which has a slit in the front which allows you to put the iPhone. The slit also has 2 metal strips which are the contact points for the metal prongs on the iPhone. Inside the box there is also a plastic section which fits into another slit towards the back of the circular disk and it is there so that your iPhone can be propped up when charging.

Taking a look at the actual charging case unit it is made of a soft touch matt material which is a fingerprint magnet, but on the other hand it can be cleaned very easily by a cloth or just by rubbing it against your trousers. The case unit itself is around 2x the thickness of the iPhone which means you will have to sacrifice the thin sleek phone which Apple crafted. On the back the antennae design from the iPhone comes through on the case, on the bottom antennae section we have the power button and slightly above that we have 4 LED’s which are there to inform you of the charge of the battery case. 1 LED means 25% or less, 2 LED’s mean 50% to 26%, 3 LED’s mean 75% to 51% and 4 LED’s mean 100%. Above that we have the Kiwibird logo.

Towards the top of the case where the top section is split off by the antennae we have the cut-out for the camera and then there is just a gap next to the camera where Kiwibird have chosen not to put any of the battery. There is ample space for the camera to come out and it also means the risk of scratching the lens by placing it on a surface becomes very hard. The back of the case although looks straight it is curved towards the top and bottom sections of the phone, and so rocks slightly when placed on a table top and if you try and type with the phone placed on a table it may be a bit harder but as the curve is gentle it doesn’t affect the usability much.

There is a raised section for the lock button and volume rockers, and ample space for the mute switch. On the top of the case we don’t have anything as Apple moved the volume rocker to the right with the introduction of the iPhone 6. The case has a small bumper edge at the front which means that if you lay the phone on the display then it will not get scratched by anything.

Finally, at the bottom of the case we have 2 metal prongs which are outfacing and are used in conjunction with the wireless charging stand, on the left hand side we have a gap from which you can access your headphone port and on the left Kiwibird have chosen to go with a micro USB connector rather than a lightning port which although means you can buy the cheaper micro USB cables. But if you are an Apple household then it will be a pain having to find and use the micro USB cable, which may be seen as a disadvantage of the product as some other charging cases use lightning cables so that’s up to personal preference.

There is a grill which is located just underneath the lightning port allows for speaker and microphone re-direction so when you use this case then your audio quality shouldn’t be distorted or negatively impacted, and I tested the difference in quality with the case on and without the case and there was no difference at all.

The lightning connector is MFI (Made for iPhone) certified which means when using this case, you will never experience the annoying “This product isn’t certified and wont work reliably with your iPhone” ever again. The lightning connector also feels very durable when inserting and removing the iPhone from the case and doesn’t feel like it will snap off.

The case is compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6s and I was using a 6s to review and I found no issues with the case not fitting properly, which means this is one of the very few cases that actually works with both models which is a big advantage.

The case has a 3000Mah battery inside it, and Kiwibird claims that it will charge an iPhone’s battery 100% even though the battery of the iPhone is only 1715Mah battery. From my testing the case can charge the phone 1.4 times. The iPhone’s battery life as a result becomes more than doubled as a result and it meant I was able to always have a full battery if I needed it.

It takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery case and if the phone is also plugged in, and if both the case and the iPhone are fully depleted then it would take around 4 hours to charge them both up to 100% battery life. If the battery case is left for a few days without charging or use, then it does discharge some of the battery but a quick charge will refill it back to 100%.

Kiwibird says that the case allows for 14 hours of web browsing, but I got around 10-12 hours of usage but that does depend on network connectivity as weaker networks use up more battery life, and I don’t have the greatest signal most of the day so that may be why.

The amount of time it takes to charge from the micro USB port and from the wireless charging is very similar and sometimes I found that the wireless charging provided a faster charge which I found was very good.

The wireless charging pad has a small rubber foot on the underside and it has a built in cable tidy which allows you to wrap the cable around the base to have a more compact tidy unit.

Overall I feel that Kiwibird have provided a product that might be slightly over the average price of iPhone 6/6s but on the other hand it provides a lot more value for what it does, a durable build with full protection for the iPhone 6 and 6s and the addition of wireless charging for an iPhone and lastly the great 18 month warranty from Kiwibird makes this an amazing all in one package.
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First the case itself. The case itself is made of a matte, in my case black, material that is smooth to the touch. Personally, I am very fond of matte cases and this case is at the top of my quality list. This case screams out quality when holding it helping it feel like a premium product. The feature that differentiates this case from others is that it is not prone to fingerprints. Typically, matte finish products are prone to fingerprints so this is really good to see on this case.

The capacity of this case is 3000 mAh which can charge your phone approximately twice to 100%. This should be more than enough power to last you a day of heavy use. Without the case, my phone would just survive a full battery after a day of moderate use. With this case, my phone could last more than a day of heavy use. As I travel a lot using public transport, this case is really convenient for me as I like to either play games or watch videos to pass the time during my travels.

As for the size of the case, this case does not add as much bulk as I anticipated it to be. After using the case for a while, the additional bulk is tolerable. You basically sacrifice the size of the phone for the capacity of the battery. I think that is worth the sacrifice. Within 2 hours of charging the case, it was 100% charged. A feature I like that Kiwibird have included is that they have a light indicator for the battery percentage. Basically, each LED light corresponds to 25% hence why there is 4 lights. This is very convenient when using it throughout the day.

The lightning connector to charge your device is Apple Certified which will prevent an unsupported message from appearing on your device. This shows that this product is premium and legit. All the buttons are accessible and work fine whilst the case is on. Installation of this case is easy as the top half other case is a gel material that is flexible to a certain extent. This makes it easier to put the device in.

Now for the cradle. The cradle for this case makes charging both the case and device so much more convenient. It is kind of like the wireless Qi chargers as you have to just lay the device on the connectors. The cradle is made of a high quality durable black plastic and the stand part is made of a clear plastic. This design looks highly professional on a desk. Also, the cable is able to coil inside the cradle to hide it and make it look more clean.

Overall, this product has my utmost respect for both its practicality as well as the quality is cries out in regards to the look and feel of the product. I would definitely recommend this to all iPhone 6 users. Props to Kiwibird for creating such a great product.
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Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

Phone cases with built in batteries are not uncommon but vary hugely in price, this offering by KiwiBird is aimed at the higher end of the market and it shows in terms of the manufacturing quality and though that has gone into not just the case itself but the charging stand, it's an all in one solution for iPhone 6 users who are looking to extend their battery endurance, protect the phone during normal use and not add greatly to the size of the phone.

The main case has a "tough" rubber feeling consistency with a softer feel to the outer layer at the bottom inside is a built in lighting connector slot the iPhone 6 in and it fits perfectly with the case wrapping around the edges. The expected cut out sections are there for the camera and other areas, the side buttons have a slightly raised area and it doesn't feel out of place operating the phone. At the bottom a micro USB port for charging (you get cable in the box), two brass contacts which enable charging via the USB docking station and a port where you get a supplied extension for the 3.5mm jack. On the back is a power button and 4 LED lights this shows the battery status.

Onto the "dock" this small round base has two metal plate contacts which engage with the brass section on the case, there is a small smoked effect panel that slots in at the top to hold the phone in place when charging. The USB cable is just under 1.2 metres fully extended but this can be "wrapped around" on the inside to shorten the amount of visible cable. It's a nice touch and useful for avoiding cable clutter. On the underside is a rubber pad peel the protector off and it stops it slipping around. Max output is rated at 2.0 amps you can plug this into a USB charger and you have an easy to use dock with wireless charging.

The iPhone 6's battery is rated at 1,810mAh, the case squeezed a 3000mAh capacity into a low profile greatly extending battery life if like most users you are getting about a day or so off the phone this will ensure if you forget to charge it you're not left short on power. It took about 4.5 hours to charge the battery case from flat via the dock.

In terms of quality hard to fault this the build is excellent on all the parts, the case is about as small as you could imaging for a battery phone case it does add a little length to the phone and a bit of depth but it's far more refined that most battery cases I've looked at. One point to note whilst this is "wireless charging" of sorts it's not QI wireless as it uses the two contacts on the phone case I don't feel it spoils the product but they do protrude slightly maybe a recessed design would work better (the docking might be less easy though)

Overall this high end offering does a fine job of delivering a genuinely well made and thought out product. Easy to recommend for users who want a good case and require additional battery stamina.
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This is a quite stylishly designed, (military “Black Ops”) case for the iPhone 6 with a built in 3,000 mAh battery. Great way to have some extra juice to keep you going just when you need it.

What's it like?
In a sentence, beautifully designed using top quality materials. It adds a little bit of weight and depth to the iPhone, but my wife loves it - and wouldn't be without the extra battery life she gets out of it. You simply un-clip the top of the case, and slide your iPhone into the cool matt black plastic case, snap the front back in place, and off you go. It protects it remarkably well, covering both the back and all edges.

In terms of additional weight, my iPhone 6 comes in at 133g and with the case on, this increases to 228g. With the case on the phone in my pocket it felt like it didn’t really add much. I have to say, I also love the finish on this case which has a rubber feel around the edge, but the back is smooth and silky. One of my personal complains is the iPhone 6 is just too slippery. This case has a lovely “velvet” feel to it, and not slippery at all as the original iPhone 6 is.

Of course if it does, it looks like it would bounce in this rugged case. Just add a screen protector for 100% all round protection.

One of the benefits of this case is it’s a single item. My wife’s iPhone 5 case had a top which clipped off, and after 9 months it broke off permanently. With this case, you carefully slide it into place and the rubber sides cover the edges of your phone. Nice design touch.

Because it adds additional size, it comes with a headphone extender which worked fine. It's also good to see from a quick read through the instructions (not needed - like most blokes I just ignore them), it is an Apple certified product. This is reassuring as it means you won't get the dreaded message "Accessory not compatible with iPhone" message.

The only “difficult” bit was how to switch it on (I ended up reading the instructions for this). There’s a subtle button on the rear of the case near the bottom. Press and hold it (it’s quite stiff) for 2 seconds and it starts to discharge the power into your iPhone.

One final touch, which really makes this case (quite literally) stand out, is it comes with a separate charging stand.

Unwind the cable (it’s very long), and plug into your existing smartphone charger or laptop, and just drop your phone, in its case and you’ll hear a gentle “bleep” as your iPhone 6 starts charging. Terrific design feature, as you can simply charge it by dropping it into the stand (which angles up nicely to face you), and you’re no longer dependent upon the (rather expensive) Lightning cable (I’ve already had two of my Apple supplied cables break).

What's Good about it?
* Top quality build and a lovely “silky” feel to the product
* Adds a huge battery life bonus - just press the button on the back to start charging. To put this in context, the iPhone 6 is supplied with an 1,810 mAh battery, and this adds 3000 mAh.
* Protects your phone from scratches and knocks
* Comes complete with a charging stand. Just drop your phone in to re-charge over night.

What's not so good?
Not a lot reallly. The only other option I've considered is buying a separate battery pack (which means I can use it if I change my phone), but that means you've got to carry something else around with you - whereas this is always with you.

My wife absolutely loves it. Highly recommended.

Disclosure: I was kindly sent this by the manufacturer to give an independent unbiased review. On the positive side, I get to review an awful lot of these mobile batteries, and this one is excellent build quality.
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on 27 November 2015
Arrived much quicker than quoted. Well packaged and presented nicely. Item is supplied with jack plug for headphones due to length at bottom of case. My jack plug doesn't work in one ear unless I wiggle the plug, it's not the phone or my headphones. The case feels nice and silky. The best part about this case compared, to others, is that the volume and on/off buttons are also protected. The phone feels sturdy inside the case. I use my iPhone as a clock/alarm so is on at night. I like the LEDS are at the rear of the case so the flashing whilst docked and charging doesn't light up the room. I had initially bought a different case charger but wasn't happy with it and saw this one. The case is obviously going to be bigger to house the battery etc. But in all fairness it's not too bulky and I know I have my phone with me, as the iPhone 6 feels rather light. I've only had the case about a week and used it to charge my phone once and it did the job and could possibly do a second charge. The dock is great for me as I said I use this as an alarm. I had a iPhone 4 previously and plugged it into the proprietary power supply, but the iPhone 6 has the small FireWire connection making it fiddly to insert a cable in the dark. With this item I just place it onto the dock. The dock looks nice and the cable can be shortened inside the dock base so not hanging everywhere. I'd say the quality of the dock is of fair build. Only given 4 stars simply because it's now a test of time how the product goes. Overall I am very satisfied and would recommend it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 July 2015
This case is perfect for anyone wanting a charger case that is slim and durable whilst being affordable.

Included is:
The charger case
A micro usb cable
Headphone extension
The charger dock
Charger dock rest plate

All of these items are made from tough materials which will last for a long period of time even when being used daily.

The charger case is all one piece and has soft rubbery sides to allow the phone to slide in and slide out when you want it too.

The bottom of the case has two metal prongs that extend slightly away to make contact with the included charging dock to charge the phone and case wirelessly but when placed on the dock.

The lightning port on the phone has some flex to it to allow the phone to be inserted and removed without damaging or breaking the connector.

The case has 3000mAh of capacity and that will easily charge an iPhone more than once.

The headphone jack with the case on is inaccessible so the included headphone extension comes in useful as it makes the headphone adaptor is extended away from the case.

There is a button on the back which triggers 4 leds that represent the battery percentage in the case. This is also used to turn the case on and off when the phone is connected.

The KiwiBird logo is on the back but it is small and doesn't overload the case.

The capacity and affordability of the case makes it a great purchase and with the charging dock being included for wire free charging it is a brilliant and useful purchase

+High Quality
+Large capacity
+Wire free charging
+Headphone adaptor included

This is a brilliant purchase!
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I received this case directly from the manufacturers to test out and write-up my thoughts on it. I currently use an Apple leather case for my iPhone 6, which has served me well since October last year. However, I have constantly run into the issue of running out of battery power, particularly when I have a long day. To this end, I have traditionally also carried a battery power bank with me, to allow me to charge my iPhone (and other USB based gadgets) when I need to. This was my first venture into the world of attached power packs, and needless to say, I am ver impressed!

The Kiwibird battery pack/case ships in a very attractive outer packaging, and would make for a super gift. Included in the box is the battery case itself, a USB charging cable, 3.5mm headphone jack extender, docking station (more on this later) and instructions. The first thing I noticed about the case when I held it was the exceptional build quality. I had never heard of Kiwibird before, so was not sure what to expect, but this was the most aesthetically pleasing and well constructed iPhone cover I have come across. The back is made of a very soft-touch, smooth material. There are cut-outs for all the iPhones ports including camera, flash, lightening cable and 3.5mm headphone jack. Not much bulk at all is added to my phone, which was also a pleasant surprise.

Once my iPhone was slotted in place, I could directly charge the phone and case, without having to remove the iPhone first. Highly convenient. Priority is given to the iPhone first, and then the battery pack. There is also a 4-tier LED light on the back, which shows the charge of the case, by the simple press of a button. I noticed, on average and depending on use, a double increase in battery life. I now charge my iPhone/Kiwi case every other day, on average.

There is also a built-in speaker, as the iPhones speaker is blocked by the bottom of the case. This is not an issue, as the sound is just as good as the iPhones (if not better). I should also add that the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone is also made longer by the addition of the case, and to this effect, an extension is included (unless your headphones have a long than average 3.5mm jack).

One thing which really set this case apart for me was the included charging/docking station. Instead of attaching a USB cable each time to charge the case, I simply dock the phone on the charging cradle, which is powered by any USB powered station/plug. This is really handy, as at the end of the day, I can easily charge my iPhone by the bedside, so in the morning, I am at 100% capacity.

Would I recommend this case? In a word, yes! It is quite simply the best iPhone case I have had, both from a style and functional perspective. The protection it provides, battery life boost and charging cradle are all amazing. 5/5
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on 24 February 2015
I wasn't sure what to expect as I'm not a lover of cases for iPhones, usually preferring the beauty of the handset as Apple intended, but the combination of case and battery power was a huge selling point for me. I do travel, and the prospect of having an additional 100% charge of battery so I can watch a film on my way home, after using the phone all day, was exciting to say the least.

The case itself is sleek and well designed. It adds just over cm of extra length to the phone, and an edge all around. It adds a bit of extra weight as you'd expect, but I found I didn't mind this at all and aesthetically the phone still looks good. The iPhone with case feels sturdy and secure in the hand, being both tactile and grippy, and fitting and removing the case is easy.

The first question that came to mind was how am I going to plug in my headphones, but the case came supplied with a jack extender which solved the problem. The speaker, when used, is clear and doesn't seem to affect the sound at all. The gap for the camera is great and the volume and power buttons are easy to depress. The only vague slight is that you do have to remove the case to plug the lightening cable into the iPhone to connect to the car, but again the case removal is so simple it's not a problem.

The wireless charging base, which charges both the phone and then case once the phone is at 100%, is well made, looks slick and modern, and is a secure stand for your iPhone. Charger is connected via a micro USB to USB cable (again supplied) and plugs into a standard USB plug or laptop.

To check the charge is easy as there are up to 4 lights that light up on quick depress of the power button, one for lowest charge, 4 for highest. To charge your phone is a longer depress of the power switch where you can hear the audible iPhone charge tone and symbol to indicate it is charging.

It is great to not have to worry about battery life and have something as portable, nice looking and useful as this case. Would 100% recommend for anyone who needs a little extra battery life in their lives and it's so much better than carrying a separate battery. 5 stars from me.
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on 6 February 2014
Since my original review below the supplier agreed to not only replace the charger top but the whole case. They have fed back my comments to the manufacturer..... so top marks for customer service..... and still a very good charger with cover which most don't have. Hence uprating to 5 stars

Original Review .....
I chose this charger as I have had a few cheaper ones and the charger has stopped working very quickly. I was attracted to it due to the cover. Charger works well and is reliable. My main criticism is the cover masks the microphone (mic') which in turn reduces the quality for the person listening. If you removed the phone there is an immediate improvement. I have cut out some of the case around the mic' and it is better and made it quite evident the mic hole to let the sound in was by the ear piece hole and not the mic'. Hence as I kept pulling out I have now lost the top cover which is a little frustrating. If the mic' was sorted would have had a 5* rating!
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