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4.7 out of 5 stars237
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 10 October 2003
A film by far in a league of its own, a mix of funny 1 liners like " wanna play paper rock scissors?" "nargh" "Why?" "Because im tired of always winning!"
ok so maybe not 1 liner but still humerous, but its also got that side to it with ever vincent price flashback which has you near dreaming, the talent of danny elfman (the guy who done the music for ed scissorhands and other greats like Batman and Sleepy Hollow) is beyond magical, me and my friend Isabel listen to the ice dance and just sail away in our imaginied boats on a nice calm river, yummy, this film will captivate you! i ve watched too many times and im still in love with it, with another fantastic performance by Johnny Depp who is in my opinion one of the greatest actors ever to grace our screen, and suprisingly enough winona ryder i feel it to be her best film, from the first time i saw edward i could relate myself to him so much, if this film wasnt made i dont think id be who iam am today. Excellent film ppl unline no other probably has the top spot on my list!
so go ahead and buy and watch to your hearts content
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VINE VOICEon 21 January 2006
Edward Scissorhands is, in my opinion, a modern fairytale; the story is one to be re-told and remembered for decades to come. The core of the story is (as with all lasting stories) love, but more so, our capacity for love. Edward Scissorhands was created by an aged inventor who had surrounded himself with miraculous machinery, but could not love and care for them as much as he wished so created Edward. Tragically, Edward is left unfinished with crude and absurd blades instead of fingers.
Edward eventually is brought into a world far removed from that he was created in (or perhaps for). This really is where you need to see the film to appreciate the story fully. Tim Burton manages to create a cartoon world of pop-propriety where to be considered decent, there must be a film of conformity or pick from a determined range oddities (sexual promiscuity, religion, fatness, rock music). Edward is just too odd and his initiation into this world is filled with humour and pain. It is hard not to empathise with Edward, so sharply played by Johnny Depp, as he struggles to be accepted and deal with the consumerist attitudes of his new world.
Tim Burton does a stellar job, combining a magnificent visual feast (that hasn't dated) with a truly touching story, all of which is superbly acted.
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on 11 July 2004
Edward Scissorhands has got to be one of the best movies ever made. It is a beautifully told story of love, happiness and, of course, that its what is on the inside that counts. There are not enough words to describe how amazing Johnny Depp is in this movie. It is definately one of his best films. His acting is remarkable, moving and deserved an academy award! why he didnt get one for this role i still dont know! Tim Burton really is a truly amazing director and this movie proves it!
It is a must-see must-have movie for all Johnny Depp fans!
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VINE VOICEon 2 October 2007
*** This comment may contain spoilers ***

The movie that established Depp in our minds, in probably his best performance as the deformed, unfinished creation of an eccentric scientist. Rightly called a modern fairy tale as it has all the hallmarks of those classic stories- a strange character, some sort of moral, a dark side, a world almost like our own but slightly warped, a story anyone can enjoy. Edward Scissorhands combines this story with some wonderful acting and characters, memorable score, beautiful cinematography and imagery, which makes an excellent, tender film with the typical Burton trademarks.

The story is told by a grandmother to her granddaughter, and we get to hear it too, beginning with Edward's creation and development. He grows and is taught about manners, etiquette and other things by his father, but is alone, never seeing or interacting with the outside world. From his room he can see the nearby neighbourhood, within touching distance, but as he is different he cannot go to them. One day his father dies, leaving him unfinished- with giant scissors where his hands should be. He does not understand, and stays in his massive dark house alone. When a local Avon lady, annoyed because of the lack of interest by her neighbours in what she is selling, she decides to try the scientists house, unaware of what is inside. No-one has been there before, it is a typical small town haunted house in the eyes of most. She enters the house when no-one answers, meets Edward and decides to take him home to her family as he is alone and a mess. Looking past his 'hands' she accepts him, and her son and husband also try to. Soon he becomes a ray of interesting light in the bored neighbourhood, everyone wants to meet the new guy, and he shows his talent for hedge and dog trimming. However, Edward is enchanted by Kim, the daughter and falls in love. Kim is with a bully of a boyfriend, and soon he and the rest of the neighbourhood take advantage of Edward- he just wants to be nice. Soon though his novelty wears off, and most people see him as evil and dangerous, something to disrupt their daily lives. They chase him away, and the story looks like it will end in tragedy.

Everything in the film works perfectly, every corner of the cast from actors to set designers all do amazingly well. It is one of those rare times when everything seems to come together and fit completely. Dianne West is ideal as the mother Peg, only wanting to help Edward, not trying to score points off her friends. Anthony Michael Hall as Kim's boyfriend is also an ingenious choice as he emits that typical jock persona, believing he can get whatever he wants, trying to overpower everyone but scared of his father. Vincent Price is the inventor, and gives an admirable and touching performance, a fitting way to end his illustrious career, and the rest of the family and neighbours are all uniquely odd, made even more strange by the routine they live in and the idyllic place they live. Ryder as Kim is also intensely sympathetic, first scared of Edward, but growing to understand and eventually fall in love with him. But overall, in acting terms it is Depp's film, and no-one could have done better. He completely takes over the role, adding little touches, eye movements and such to add to the character, so that we too love Edward by the end. However, his performance is such that we too realise he cannot be part of the community, he will never fully understand them as they cannot understand him, whether he is in love or not, and this could be harmful for him and others. He does not want to hurt anyone, and so must be on his own. He is a tragic figure, and the movie seems to be saying that the outcast can be heroic, beautiful and tender, but must remain an outcast to keep these characteristics.

Again Burton gives the Gothic look he has become famous for, and this is undoubtedly his most visually beautiful film. Batman had more stunning sets, camera work and stunts, but the charm factor here is almost overwhelming. The Gardens, snow, the ice sculptures, the picture perfect coloured houses and cars all juxtaposed against Edward and his habitat. Edward himself is a work of art, scarred but not horrific. Edward's home is a wonderful excuse for Burton and the designers to show off, full of shadows and weird inventions. The music adds immensely to the film, raising our emotions that much higher, and it is probably Elfman's best. Favourite scenes include Kim dancing under the falling ice, and Edward sitting on the pavement with the dog, but every shot and scene is excellent.

The only fault i can find with the film is that it isn't long enough, or rather, i wish it was longer just so we could be part of that world for a few minutes more. There could have been more scenes between Kim and Edward. It leaves you with a good feeling, and I cannot see any other faults with it. Some may feel it is overly sentimental, but it isn't, some may feel it is simple, but it is meant to be. A film for outcasts everywhere, but one which should be enjoyed by all, as we all feel like outcasts at some point.

The DVD has two good commentaries, and a featurette which are worth watching/hearing. A must for any collection
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on 29 April 2013
A warning for anyone wanting to buy the steelbook version of this film, its limited edition and the case is fantastic but thats all thats special about it, theres no menu on either the dvd or the bluray or special features. You put the disc in and the movie starts, thats it. Very disappointing and if you dont care about the case then not worth it at all.
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on 14 January 2013
An amazing Blu-ray transfer, stunning picture quality and sound, can highly recommend. Also great to see Vincent Price in his last starring role.
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on 11 June 2004
When I first saw the trailer for this film when it came out at the cinema, I was tiny and was very scared of the man with scissors for hands. As I have grown up and my appreciation for the very talented Depp has grown, I decided to buy this dvd to check it out. All I can say is I was totally wrong- this film is not scary, but in fact heart warming and touching. Depp gives a fantastic performance of 'Edward', the man with scissors for hands. Winona Ryder (who I don't usually rate) acts well and there is definitly chemistry between them (shown clearly by the fact they got engaged soon after the film was made). Vincent Price also gives a good albeit short performance as the inventor, the man who invented Edward but who died before he got to finish his hands.
Although the plot sounds scatty and irregular it is joyous and entertaining, if not a little sad. The ending made me cry with sadness and joy at the same time. Classic Burton wierdness, but genius.
The extras on the dvd are impressive, with good interviews with the cast, although I would have liked a few more things from Burton apart from the commentry. The menus and drawings are beautiful.
Whether you're young or old, Depp lover or hater, or fan or not of Burton's quirky style, I truly recommend to you this film: it will become a classic in your house by no time.
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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2007
like some reviewers here,i am new to this film,its 16 years old and i never watched as a yapping ween at all,nevertheless i found plenty to admire as a grown up.
The film is essentially a fairy tale,one that you cant be sure is based on any real substance,the film starts with a granny like winona ryder telling her grandaughter a bedtime story and with that is the first clue that this is fictional.
The story involves a scientist played with glee by b movie actor vince price,who creates a man from scratch and before he gives him human hands dies and the man is left with scissors for hands,and he is all alone,through a series of events he is brought to suburban surroundings and adapts quite well to his surroundings,even if the surrounddings are a bit kooky.
When the town find fault in him then a mob like mentatlity wishes to end his days and with that i will say no more.The film explores town like mentalities and how people think the same and can adapt to differences but faults are always to be found in the end so no one really changes.
The film is dark in parts without ever edging too far from comfort and there are wry laughs and warpey moments but all in all a fine film with a great performance from johnny depp,a great film,is the events real or not,you decide.
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on 25 August 2004
Tim Burton could never be accused of pandering to Hollywood studios by producing bland, mainstream, blockbuster films. He is known for his quirky, weird and individual style of film making. Edward Scissorhands is a typical Burton film in its originality and is probably one of the best he has made to date.
The story centres around Edward, an isolated, shy and socially naive young man who was created by a scientist (Vincent Price). Unfortunately his maker dies before he has completed him and so Edward is left with scissors for hands. For years he lives alone in an old house on top of a hill. Edward's isolation is interrupted by the local Avon lady (Dianne Weiss) who decides he needs to be taken under her wing and promptly moves him into her home and attempts to integrate him into the local community.
Initially all goes well as his 'novelty' appeals to the locals who flock round to have their hair cut or hedges made into fantastic shapes by the wonderfully artistic Edward. As the film progresses however, things turn ugly as the locals turn against this all too different young man. Burton takes a magnificent swipe at middle class suburban America in his portrayal of the neighbourhood (identical houses, cars etc.)where everyone acts the same in an effort to belong and anything new or different is rejected.
Edward is brilliantly portrayed by Johnny Depp who demonstrates a tremendous ability to show his thoughts and emotions without speaking. His confusion and hurt at what is happening around him are so palpable and his doomed love for the daughter of the house (Winona Ryder)is heartbreaking.
This film is a magical fairytale for adults and will make you laugh and cry in equal amounts. Highly recommended.
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on 11 September 2015
i can't see why he is called Edward, but yes I can confirm that this guy does have scissors for hands. Tragic. Here is s picture of my fingers as if they were scissors.
review image
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