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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars

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on 28 February 2014
I spent a while looking at Chinese phones, wary of problems with chinese version of play store & having to root phones.
finally I took the plunge & ordered the Foxnovo S7189. I wasn't sure what to expect from such a cheap phone (around £100) delivery from Amazon's stock took 7 days from order.Thankfully the PlayStore is your usual version and all the apps you would expect are available, it doesn't look like I'll have to do any of that rooting malarky after all
Yes you get 2 batteries, one was already fitted, the battery life is ok, on a par with most branded phones. also with the phone you get a rather naff flip case & a very nice smoky grey clear soft gel case. a screen cover came fitted.
I ordered a black phone, the front fascia is black but the rear case is an attractive gloss grey with a chrome band between the two. the material is all plastic, well made, no creaks or poor fitting, the back case is a little flimsy but sturdy enough when on the phone. overall it looks & feels quite good.
the screen size is 5 1/4 inches so they are being a bit naughty with the description there, resolution is 960 by 540 and is very good, I doubt if most would detect the difference between this and a higher spec display.
the dual sim slots are standard size, my micro sim card needed an adaptor - free from o2, I taped the sim into the adaptor so it would be less likey to come loose. it is advertised as 1.2 GHz quad core but is actually 1.6GHz & runs very smoothly, apps open quickly without any fuss. wifi works well & is quick, 3G mobile data is no slouch either, but of course that is dependant on your carrier. the android version is stated as 4.2.1 but is actually 4.2.2 i suspect this is just a minor bug fix. One good thing there is no bloatware to hog memory or slow down performance. so common with most western sourced phones.
The usual Apps are included, just enter your google account & the google apps work just fine, when i switched off the phone & restarted the google apps updated, there is no problem with the likes of gmail & maps, essentially for me the GPS works great, alarmingly when i switched it on chinese maps loaded, but as the GPS got a lock that reverted to in my case Irish maps. navigation is as good with any other phone, i rarely use my old sat nav now. The phone is preset to US English, i changed it to UK English, the are 2 standard voice options,google's own and a pico version a little mechanical sounding but not unpleasant & do the job, when the app updates occurred, the male google voice was replaced with a more rounded female voice engine & it's pretty good.
The FM radio works well, although the auto scan picked up a few stations that were too far away for reasonable reception, there is only a 5 station preset memory. reception though is clear, there is an option to record directly from the FM radio, i suspect that will be a hit with kids. there is also some bass enhancing gizmo commonplace now so kids will like that too.
the camera quality is ok but not outstanding, I prefer to use a compact camera anyway.
The only real downside is the 4Gb memory this means you actually only have about 1.8Gb before you download apps or add music & photos. Do yourself a favour & get a 16 or 32 Gb mini SD card.
so what are my conclusions?
This is as good as any mid price phone I've owned & yet at a third of the cost. The only unknown is long term reliability & only time will tell. As it stands I am very happy with the purchase, Her Indoors is already casting envious glances & I'm sure it won't be too long before I buy a white one to replace her 4" HTC.
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on 30 June 2013
let me first say I am very dubious about reviews on Amazon and about Chinese products in general.
My last two Mobiles HTC hero and Sony Xperia were both great phones,both cost over £300 pounds and both lasted to just outside warranty, OK I am a little hard on kit.
So I decided I don't want to spend high end money to only find it lasts a year with that in mind I purchased this phone.

Firstly it comes with a spare battery a big upside all phones should have a spare.
secondly it comes with screen saver already fitted...again a big plus point
thirdly it comes with a case cheap and cheerfull but does the job.

OK so far so good turn it on it works like I expect a Samsung Sony HTC ets should, its quick does everything my other high end phones do and a little more, the screen is ok not wonderful in sunlight but no mobile is.

Everything just works I love android 4.1

I compared it to my brother's a Galaxy S3 and quite frankly could not see the difference except this one A. cost half as much and B, has a bigger screen.

Battery life is be honest I really can not see the difference between this and a phone costing twice as much, only time will tell if it will last the distance.
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on 13 September 2013
First point, I loved my Samsung 3 and was really annoyed when I dropped it and broke the screem. Took it to Vodafone, who wanted £200 to fix it! Cue tightening of bowels! So I had a good look through Amazon and found this phone. Unbelievable! I will never buy a Samsung with its bloatware again! This phone is incredible. Fast (quad-core), if you've used an Android before then you'll know how easy it is to set everything up. I could have got two of these beauties for the price of one Samsung screen.

I give this phone 10/10!
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on 8 February 2014
I broke my old Samsung Galaxy Ace and ordered this expecting it to be here in a few days

This came from China and that was at no point made clear

It took 3 weeks to arrive by which time id bought a Samsung Galaxy S4

Comparing the two id say the main things you need to know are

This Phone v Galaxy S4

Internal memory - 1gb v 2gb (this is the RAM memory which runs the programmes)
Flash memory - 4gb v 16gb (this is the memory you save stuff to)
Screen resolution - 540x960 v 1920x1080 (screen does not look sharp)
Camera - Rear 8.0mp & 1.3mp Front v Rear 13.0mp & 2.0mp Front

The screen its self is not as good too

Side by side pics show how poor the camera is

BUT £100 v £400, get this all day long, i got my S4 on a great deal from my phone company so its not costing me that much

For £100 you will love it, dual sim is a gimmick id never use

Also i do know this is a copy of the Note 2 but that is almost identical to the S4 other than having a slightly bigger screen
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on 12 October 2013
Had the handset for over 2 weeks, delivery took 6 days. Feel sorry for some of the reviews that state their unit is useless, I would demand a replacement, honestly its worth it, I have had no problems what so ever with my handset, still early days but so far so good.
Screen yes not as good as the s4 but it is NOT a disappointment, speakers work well, watched a film today while waiting for a ferry, speed of unit great no lags etc. I have rooted the handset with no bother, all the apps I have installed from google play no problems, using it for sat nav with copilot live, again no problems, battery life up to now great lasts a day easily. Dual sim cards brilliant, use my works orange card in slot 2 and had a giffgaff sim, but giffgaff had problems last week which at first I thought the phone was faulty, which it wasn't it was the network again, so I purchased a three all you can eat data, this automatically set it self uo with no issues and up and running again, bonus been to southern Ireland and the card worked data calls txt's without roaming charges used viber with great results, also have tried my toggle mobile sim again dead easy to set up and works.
Yes i was very very skeptical but I am a risk taker with tec, and I am more than happy with this phone, it has exceeded my expectations, for the price.. Also if I am unfortunate to drop, smash, damage it! I would not hesitate getting another one

So to sum it up
Gps works good picked up satellites on ferry to track speed (yeh i,m sad)
wifi works good
battery life good
screen good
sound good
blue-tooth good
camera not to sure its got 2 not checked the results as of yet
bonus it makes phone calls
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on 14 August 2013
I have to say after reading reviews about the data problem, there is no problem it works fine, it just keeps reminding you that you are about to go roaming and this may cost you, you can turn this function off, i did, your english sim wont pick up any other network, it works fine, it's quick, it's a bloody bargain, it has more function's than a galaxy note, it has a quad core chip for crying out loud, how much power do you need, it has dual sim, this is bloody useful, especially if you have two phones and don't want two phones, ( work phone in the bin ) video, photo's, email, facetube, all works great.
A really superb bit of kit for around £110 to £130, if you really need a named brand, make sure you're wearing your pringle pullover whilst you're on your iphone ( Yah ) whilst wacking your golf bats around the 18th, for those of us who don't like paying over the odds and couldn't give a shit about named brands
this is for you, highly recommended by me, who am I, a nobody who just took the time out to give you the heads up, enjoy
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on 27 February 2014
I've had this phone for only 3months and its already malfunctioned I cant even turn it on and also can't return the product due to the 90 day refund policy I am actually saddened by this and my opinion would be to not buy this product !!
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on 12 January 2014
Arrived before due delivery date. Came with all the extras and in perfect condition. Turned on and changed settings with no problem. Great screen size and brilliant for using net and terrific photos. Had blackberry and iPhone before but this is better. Have already told several people about this seller and product.
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on 12 January 2014
You would be hard pressed to find fault with this phone, it's very quick and whatever you're doing very fluid. The screen really is crystal clear, better than my galaxy s3! It supports two SIM cards and a 32gb memory card.
One thing that deserves a mention is the battery life, charged on Friday night it lasted a day and a half and now it's displaying 71%. It even comes with a case. If this was available when I bought my gs3, I wouldn't have thought twice about it! Superb!
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on 19 October 2013
Sorry to say this phone is rubbish, I havent been able to use it as it keeps rebooting and/or freezing every few minutes and is driving me crazy.

I have done a full factory reset which removes all data and apps, I have tried both batteries that came with it, I have replaced my micro sd and it still reboots after a few minutes use or freezes which renders the phone unusable! It doesnt matter what im doing, either in a call, texting, browsing the net, emailing it just shuts down and reboots. Ive tried various things to get it to work but no joy.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had the same issue of shutting down/freezing and maybe knows a fix, as I havent seen any reviews about this issue on here???

Also AVG has flagged up an app as malware which is pre-installed on the phone called Play Store (not Google Play Store) but it can not be uninstalled.

Ok I have been in touch with the seller PriceAngels and I have sent the phone back to them for a full refund! Will update when I get the refund. There may be some good examples of this phone in circulation but they are very cheaply made/poor quality control, so im guessing the majority will fail at some point, spend a little more and buy a decent phone, thats what I will be doing!

UPDATE - I have now received a full refund from PriceAngels for the phone and for the return postage, so top marks to PriceAngels for sorting that out but thumbs down for the phone.
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