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4.0 out of 5 stars686
4.0 out of 5 stars
Style Name: DTR-T1010 500GBChange
Price:£79.00 - £199.99
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 12 September 2015
Good points.
Easy to set up. Easy to use. Nice picture quality. Series programmes are put a named folder which means every recoding of the same title is in a folder so you don’t have one gigantic list of the same title. Programme guide very quick to update. Watch 1 programme, record 2 others. Basically Nice
Bad Points.
Reason for only 3 stars. There is no way you can tell if it’s recording except by turning it on and going into the recorded list. If you are watching a recorded programme it does flash up on the screen for a brief 2 seconds, which is easily missed, but if you are watching TV and its recording you have absolutely no idea it is working. There is a blue light which means it’s on and not doing anything. If its red it means it is off or recording but you have no idea which! Bizarre in the extreme. Very slow to start up from cold…a good 45 seconds. No 64x fast forward as in my old Humax.
Overall I like it but no recording information…all you need a recording light on the front. Simple !!!
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42 of 44 people found the following review helpful
on 4 February 2014
Bought this to replace my Sky+HD box, have had Sky for years but recently decided to try and wean myself off such an expensive way to watch TV!

This is a great replacement PVR, as others have said it is miles better than the Humax YouView box because the software actually works! If you want on-demand catch-up for ITV / Channel 4 / Channel 5 this isnt the box for you, all it has is iPlayer (although this works flawlessly) but this box excels at simply showing you live TV. The HD picture quality is great and the EPG is on par with Sky+. Nice touches like being able to search for programmes by genre - useful for quickly finding upcoming movies you might want to record make it a pleasure to use. You can pause/rewind and record live TV (as you'd expect) but you can also skip forward in 2 minute bursts using the next chapter button - really useful for skipping ads when watching a recording. As with Sky you get prompts to record shows and series during programme ads, just press the green button and it sets up the recording for you.

There are cheaper options but for the quality of the EPG and overall stability of the software I would highly recommend this, especially if you are used to the Sky+ EPG.
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34 of 36 people found the following review helpful
on 16 February 2014
We purchased this product after ploughing lots of reviews, guides and top product lists.

We wanted a product that was reliable, well priced and easy to use. This product ticked all those boxes (as i am sure many others do too)

Out of the box it was very easy to set up, and was good to see all the cables (including a HDMI) and parts you needed too, So often these days manufacturers skimp on what they provide with the product with a view to cutting costs but Humax delivered here!

The unit looks great and while you may never use the touch buttons on the front they are there just in case without being obtrusive.

The remote is well laid out although my only niggle is that the "guide" button is not more prominent as it is a well used feature but that said it is placed in such a way that a thumb can slide to it easily enough.

You can program the remote to control most new TV's using the manuals codes. which features it operates will be down to each TV but for volume, channels and standby/power it works. it even displays on screen as you press each mode button so you know the remote is set to control the right unit.

The Menus, user interfaces etc are well organised, and everything is easy to get at and control.

The system will easily let you record 2 channels at once and you can even watch a third channel (i think the limit here is that you can only watch a 3rd channel that is on the same "mux" as one of the channels being recorded, if you don't understand that then perhaps stick to watching/recording 2 channels only or have a look at the freeview website for more info.)

we haven't even half filled the hard drive as tend to delete programs as they are watched but it should be more than enough storage for most.

The unit displays Blue when it is powered up and Red in standby. it also displays Red when in record mode too. shame a 3rd colour or even a blink couldn't have been employed here.

If you have been tuned in to a channel for a while you can rewind as well as pause and record what you are watching, rewind is great should you miss something critical.

There are so many products out there that all offer pretty much the same thing but Humax seemed to have made their mark in the PVR world without the premium price attached to some of the larger mainstream brand names.

It has USB port too for viewing media and a network port for online features, currently we have not tried this out as the TV is connected to the internet for catchup/on demand services but we will try it out and i may update this review in due course.

We were so happy with this product that we purchased one for my mother too, not being tech savvy we knew it would be easy for her to use and she hasn't complained so far. (finally got her off VHS!!)

Bottom line - Product does all that you would want and probably more. is well priced in the market and is easy to use.
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37 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on 10 October 2013
Didn't purchase from Amazon but another respected retail source. I've had one for about a month now. Should point out though, I've never owned a hard-drive recorder before. It's a great little box. Can fully understand the mantra that 'No one watches live TV' now. You can record literally everything in advance and store loads of TV - and Radio - programs. A 500GB box should be more than enough. Though one good long film - and HD - can take up 2GB so consider a 1TB model if you watch a lot of TV. BUT I would warn people - if you have previously owned a Humax box (eg. HDR -FOXT2)or have had Sky+/Virgin Tivo in the past then I'm afraid this Youview thing is definitley not a step up in terms of tech DVRs. So think and compare before you purchase. Youview is perfect for first-time owners of set-top boxes with recording ability - but not, i suspect the veteran owners out there. Also you need to be fully aware of its online functions and pls check you availability for online services.

Pros: Record a show or series in advance
Records TV and Radio
Set up timers/reminders for TV shows
Informs you of a recording taking place while you are still watching live TV
Pausing live TV - while you go make a cuppa...
VERY easy first time set up - make sure your router is nearby and online
TV listing lets you go forward 7 days in advance and 7 days back for catch-up TV...yes just like on the current TV ads...
Just like Freeview, will pick up new channels straight away and update them for you.
Freeview guide is very large and very clear - goes backwards and forwards for future recordings
Online content brings up new channels, catch-up TV and apps (iPlayer, ITVPlayer, Sky's NOW TV)
TV remote is very big with good clear buttons - a blue Youview main menu button in the centre

Cons: Online search can be picky for certain catogories - search for films will bring up all online content first (sky's NOW TV)
A good strong broadband conncection is I reckon, essential, for online extras
Visual quality on certain Freeview channels may change in comparison to terrestial TV (eg ITV4, UK Drama) Your TV screen suddenly shrinks! Is this Youview or Freeview? I don't know!
Takes up to 10 seconds to load up and display especially online.
TV listing pointers for Freeview on the remote are not super fast...
Audio may change frequently on certain channels
TV goes black on recordings??
Only 6 main channels on screen for Freeview listings cannot 'manual tune' just press the red R button on the listing, that's it
Numbers for channels on the remote are at the button not the top, sometimes with the remote not reacting fast enough to your actions.
The instruction manual is VERY basic, but the offical website for Youview is quite helpful

So really YouView is 'my first DVR' or TiVO and that's the best way to see it. Very handy if you're new to digital TV recording. Hope that all makes sense, wanted to give an actual postive review of the box. My very first Amazon product go easy on me!
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 14 June 2014
issues with the first release of the firmware on the unit mean it's a frustration to use;

RF pass through doesn't work properly you can't use your TVs digital channels unless the HDR-2000 is switched on.Humax promised a fix in april. still not release in June.

software's handling of back to back programs is poor. It sometimes reports a program finishing at 20:30 & with one starting at 20:30 *on the same channel* as overlapping and prevents recording on second different channel. I think this is due to automatic correction of finishing times without considering the automatic correction of the following programs start time

DLNA server is poor. Doesn't show up on the network if the unit is recording and often doesn't appear at all if unit is idle. This could be such a good feature - allowing SD recordings to be viewed from a tablet, phone of PC over the home network but its so badly implemented it's unusable and shouldn't be considered as a purchase reason.

Network connectivity is flakey. Playback of from our media server is often missing from the storage options until you go deep into the settings and click unnecessarily on 'apply' in the configure LAN page.

HDMI sound often drops out requiring the TV to be turned off and on again to reestablish the connection. This occurs once every couple of days on my unit.

Given past experiences with a Humax 8000T and 9200T, both of which had minor issues which were fixed with software updates I'd say this unit has the potential to be brilliant, but not on the initial software release.

Not really good enough for a unit costing this much.
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36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 7 December 2013
Bought this as my 2nd Sky box, which I was only using for free channels, started freezing up. Having looked around at what was on offer I selected this, a little more than I was hoping to pay but the EPG and features including the HD channels swayed me.
This was a few months ago and had no problems with it, the picture quality is excellent and the HD channels are superb, so much that I don't mind being banished upstairs to watch the football when it's on BBC or ITV! My wife mainly uses it and she thinks it's so much better than using a Sky box and having to utilise favourites to be able to know which channels we could receive.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 19 March 2015
Beware of this item! There is a known HDMI 'pairing' issue with some televisions (including my Samsung it seems) that means that the box loses sound whenever you switch to another HDMI input, or similar action. Humax apparently refuse to accept the issue and instead blame the televisions. All other products, including my old Humax pvr-9300t, have no problem with HDMI audio connection.

After finding on initial install that I had no sound, I looked to the internet for advice. I've copied a link at the bottom of this review to one of the forum threads that I discovered. Although the sound can be regained after a cold reboot on the humax, i'm not prepared to part with this amount of money to have to 'fiddle' with the system regularly in order to regain audio. It is an unacceptable quality issue and therefore I have returned the item to Amazon.

Forum link:
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24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on 8 April 2014
I had an old SD Humax PVR before buying this. This new model has lots of great features; for example, the programmes you've set to series-record are all stored in their own series folder automatically. Or you can create your own folders and organise your recordings however you like.

The addition of BBC iPlayer is great, but so far there is no ITV Player or 4OD etc. Perhaps they will become available in the future. The WiFi dongle allows you to connect to a network media server, and view photos, films or listen to music. I'm not sure why the WiFi is not built-in though.

The TV guide is simple to use, and easy for search and record programmes. Some other menus are slightly more complex to navigate, but it doesn't take too long to get use to them.

The 1TB hard drive offers plenty of space, useful if you're going to record lots of HD channels. The remote is well thought out, and very responsive. I noticed that the HD channels were much louder than the SD ones, but I found a setting under the audio preferences which balances them out, so it seems they've thought of everything.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. Really, the only down side is the lack of catch-up TV apps, but I can live without that, and I'm sure they will be added in the future anyway.
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84 of 92 people found the following review helpful
on 12 November 2013
I'm currently running this side by side with the Manhattan HD-S2 which is reviewed elsewhere, here is my take on this mid-budget offering.

Size is compact, not much bigger than the Manhattan and much smaller than the old Hummy FOXSAT HD boxes, I bought mine from a bricks and mortar where it was displayed besides the usual range of Freesat boxes, and nowhere did it mention this ones party piece and main selling point, which seems bizarre! Plug in a exteranl USB drive and you activate the video recording/timeshifting/pausing functions, which is fabulous at this price point - I'm not a big recorder of TV, but occasionally miss the late night movie or classic show shown in the early hours, or need to pause live telly, so this is a terrific feature, the drawback is it only has one tuner, so heavy duty recording may be out. But if you've also got Freeview through an ariel or only record when you're out or doing something else, its a great feature. Also, plug in an ethernet cable and you activate the catchup/<free time> functions with iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD etc built right into the TV guide.

The remote is a really nice size and weight and well thought out, it also reproduces the basic functions of most tv remotes which is handy. The user interface is rather lovely and modern, Always a "live" thumbnail/sound unlike the Manhattan. You only get now/next in the guide so looking far ahead or up/down the listings involves a lot more button pressing, so not as good as you may be used to, but it's so pretty, it's not a burden. Looks very friendly with its larger fonts and use of colours.

Picture quality is good, but not quite as good as the cheaper Manhattan on my set up, regular SD is a little blurrier and darker, but HD stuff is crisp and clean.

Comes with everything you need and the cables are very good quality, the PSU is separate "wall wart" unit. All in all, a great unit, is it worth twice the price of the budget Manhattan? To me yes, the interface and extra functionality are well worth it if you can stretch your budget.

One side note: I've tried two external drives, a 640gb S2 Samsung USB portable which I had sitting around, which works great, and a 1TB Samsung Spinpoint in a third party Seagate caddy, which works but then unsyncs from the box, an incompatibility somewhere. To format the disk you need to input your PIN code, if like me you never assigned a pin on the setup, input 0000 :-)

All in all, very pleased with this unit, and now a couple of weeks in have raised the review by a star, a great box!
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 2 February 2015
With over 1150 reviews of this product another would seem superfluous, but whilst I am generally happy with my purchase there are some user issues that just rob the unit of a full 5 stars.

Things I like:

1. Picture quality is excellent, but only after a couple of weeks of "running in" did the colour balance stabilise. (Colours were slightly off to start with and I couldn't correct using the TV settings.)

2. Recorded progammes are saved to folders in date order, so it is easy to locate series recordings.

3. The USB connection with the wifi dongle allows me to stream movies from an external hard drive connected to my laptop. I found this function extremely useful as I have been copying over my DVD/BluRay library to hard drives for loading up dongles for use with my tablet. I've got about 680 presently loaded and to be able to access them at will for replay on the tv is a great boon. It can access digital images as well, but this doesn't work as well due to the SD tv I'm using.

4. Although it is an HD unit, it will record in both HD and SD and replay either via SCART to my analogue TV. Yes, it even down samples HD to SD, something the instructions don't refer to.

5. It can connect to the internet for a number of subscription free additional tv channels or internet radio.

So, why not a full 5 Stars?
The EPG software is somewhat limited in functionality, and is missing two functions I really miss from my earlier SAGEM pvr.

a) It does not permit scrolling by channel selection for recording purposes. The EPG can only be scrolled horizontally for all visible channels, so it is a long-winded process to find out what is being broadcast over the coming 7 days for a particular channel. Being able to view by genre on the Humax is second best at the very least, although it can do a search on a word contained in the programme title. So, unless I do a daily check, I get to miss programmes that would have been of interest to me.

b) Whilst it has two tuners, it cannot resolve scheduling conflicts by suggesting an alternative broadcast slot if you select a third programme to record. It simply presents the three recordings inviting the user to select which two. So a previously scheduled recording may have to be lost. If you've never had a pvr which offers this functionality, the SAGEM did, you can't appreciate just how useful it is.

In the end, this is a good product let down, IMO, by a less than satisfactory EPG and programming functionality.
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