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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars32
4.4 out of 5 stars
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 29 January 2014
As a new mum to a 10 week old girl, this book was perfect. Scrap that. It was Good Enough!!
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on 14 June 2014
This is chick lit for mum's. It made me laugh and there were elements where i thought "That's my life". A readable book that you fit in around any mum's life.
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on 20 January 2014
Brilliantly witty, not to mention very original. I loved every minute of this. She's a funny girl is Kemp. Thoroughly recommend :)
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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
The book began quite well, although from the beginning I struggled to get over the very bizarre narrative that I just did not like at all. It was written in the first person from the point of view of Stella, the chairwoman of 'Mums Like Us', a new mums club based around the idea that no mother is perfect and we're all just getting by! The narrative is addressing the members of the club, which is really weird and I found it hard to like it, I couldn't settle into it and that was a shame right from the beginning. She was directly addressing them throughout, even so far as to point out where the biscuits were in her kitchen and other things that just didn't work for me.

Oddly though, Stella's husband Matt makes infrequent posts throughout the book, on his dad's football club blog and I really enjoyed these. Actually, I enjoyed these much more than Stella's story, and for some reason, his narrative worked so well. He was funny, and kind and I really liked Matt. Stella on the other hand, well. She tries to be the 'every woman' but I just didn't like her. Yes, some of the things she said ran true for me but others were written just to be inflammatory or to really poke fun at the mum's who do like to dress up, have the best for their kids, and I didn't particularly enjoy that side of it, although I have to confess 'smugaboo' did make me giggle.

My really huge problem with the book was its unrealistic story and progression. Stella went from being a normal mum doing normal things with her life, to a virtual media magnate, with exclusive access to the Prime Minister (!!), appearances on national television and a million pound selling calendar, all in a ridiculously small space of time and for silly reasons. I found myself getting more and more annoyed by it as I was reading, and there were times I was ready to give up on it. Yes, I know it's fiction, but I like a certain amount of believability in my books and I didn't feel that was there at all in this book. I disliked Stella the more I read on, and as things got completely silly, I just wanted to get to the end simply so I would know how the loose ends would be tied up, and also what would happen to Matt, probably the only one in the book I liked.

I was so disappointed by this book, especially as I had such high hopes for it. I found the narrative annoying, the main character particularly detestable and I didn't enjoy how unrealistic it was at all. As I said, I do know its fiction but it really wasn't for me simply because it wasn't a believable look at a parenting club, much like other books I've read on the subject. While it was at times funny, and I could relate to several of the parenting quips made in the book and I did laugh a few times, the bad far outweighed the good for me and I was left with a bit of a sour taste in my mouth afterwards. Sadly, it wasn't a debut novel I enjoyed that much, and would struggle to recommend!
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 25 January 2014
I've never put down a novel (or very rarely) but this one I stopped reading about a quarter of the way in. It is neither smart nor clever. The cliches fall off the pages thick and fast. I literally cringed while reading it and in the end decided life is too short. I am a HUGE fan of chick lit and will defend it as a genre to the death (almost!) - but this isn't a great example of it (or the sub genre yummy-mummy lit). To balance out this rather brutal review I do however like and enjoy the author's pieces in the Daily Mail. First time mums might enjoy a push. Sorry definitely not for this lover of chick lit.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 16 March 2013
A very honest, funny and insightful look at parenting which will resonate and entertain all those that struggle to juggle the demands of motherhood.

A great book which I would highly recommend.
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on 20 February 2015
A fun book to read again and again
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1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 18 March 2013
When I heard about Mums Like Us, I wasn't sure if it was really the book for me. I'm 22, no where near being a mother (if I ever will) but I really, really liked the synopsis for the novel. I loved Stella's open letter to all mothers out there, and I admit, I was intrigued about mothers who aren't perfect, because at the end of the day, that's 90% of mothers, isn't it? Yet the only mothers you ever read about seem to be the so-called Mother Superiors, so I was really looking forward to reading about a normal mother for a change.

Mums Like Us is possibly one of the most uniquely written books, ever. It's written in a way I don't even know how to describe. In fact, I asked Laura how she would describe it and she said chatty, as if you're there in Stella's kitchen and that sums it up perfectly. It isn't written traditionally, the way a normal book is written, the entire novel is pretty much in the same vein as the synopsis. It's like you're sat there in Stella's kitchen, like you're part of the Mums Like Us group. I'll be honest, it's a bit weird at first, but I soon got used to it and it definitely makes the novel stand out because it's not a writing style you'll come across very often.

I found the novel a bit overwhelming if I'm honest, not having any experience of being a mother, this book sort of put me off. It sounds awful - sure, kids are undoubtedly the best thing you can ever have, if you're that way inclined, but man! It sounds like hard work. But I liked the book, it didn't resonate with me the way it will resonate with most, and mothers EVERYWHERE will be nodding at everything Stella believes in, because it's very real. I love the idea that mothers don't have to be absolutely fantastic at everything, and I loved that there's nothing wrong with feeding your child fish fingers (I love fish fingers, grew up with them in fact). I also liked that we didn't just get Stella's point of view of being a mum, but also Matt's view on being a Dad, I thought that was ace, and I would have liked more of him because I thoroughly enjoyed his emails to his brother and his pep talks for his football team.

I really enjoyed Mums Like Us. It surprised me, and I loved it. I loved the writing style, I enjoyed the Mums Like Us campaign, though I had my ups and downs with chairwoman Stella, she's a bit intense. And perhaps a bit bonkers. But overall I enjoyed the novel. I'll definitely be checking out Kemp's second novel when it comes out next year, Mums on Strike, it'll be interesting if she carries on the same writing style from Mums Like Us or if it'll be more of a traditionally written novel. Either way is fine with me. This is a book that will resonate with mothers worldwide, and I love that, I love that this is a book that speaks to real, normal people, and if I ever have kids, I will definitely be a Mum Like Us and not a Mother Superior.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 22 April 2013
Very funny anti yummy-mummy brigade. I laughed every few pages as Laura Kemp takes the piss out of being po-faced. Like is messy and babies treble that.being able to laugh at it makes it much more bearable (as a grandfather to 4 young kids I so empathise with her point of view). Essential reading for every young mum and dad and for all grandparents who may have forgotten exactly how it really was. Just read it for the laughs.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 10 March 2013
At last, a book that reveals all the ins and outs of an everyday mum - warts an' all! An hysterical read which will make every mum snort with recognition and sigh with relief! With easy bite-size chapters, it is a pure delight for those of us who only get a brief chance to read between removing babyfood from our hair and lego pieces from the toilet bowl. Enjoy!
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