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4.7 out of 5 stars20
4.7 out of 5 stars
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David Ford. What a great guy. Proud of never having made it into the mainstream, of not having to compromise his artistic vision, of never being a puppet of the music industry - and rightly so. This, his fourth solo album, is possibly the least commercial of the lot, an eclectic mix of southern blues (I'm talking USA, rather than Sussex), heartfelt, sincere ballads, tongue-in-cheek humour and honest, autobiographical lyrics. You open a vein on Ford's arm and he bleeds these songs. They are him... that's what makes him, and this album, so lovable and remarkable. The sentiments of a song such as 'What's Not To Love', for example, would sound mawkish and trite in the hands of a lesser, more chart-friendly artist, but David pulls off one of the most beautiful love songs of the decade.

I'd heard some of these tracks before, in slightly less-polished form, both live and on the EP's David has released over the last year or so. All are improved on the album, all are the finished product and sound bloody brilliant as a result. Even the songs I wasn't quite sure about when I first heard them, such as the rocking blues of 'The Ballad Of Miss Lily' and the love song to Ford's favourite US city, 'Philadelphia Boy' have been transformed into firm favourites. The stomping opener, 'Pour A Little Poison' is already a live favourite of mine, as is the incredible finale of the album, 'Every Time', a truly magnificent six-minute epic which has a slight E-Street Band feel to the arrangement and which grows and builds to a delightfully profane sign-off, referencing both his autobiography and one of his signature compositions, 'Song For The Road'.

I could go on and rave about other songs on the album. 'Perfect Soul', for example, is funny and human, however, every single track on this album is excellent. If you want me to recommend the "picks" of the album, just read the track listing. I can't find fault, nor do I want to. It's a absolute delight to listen to and gets better and better each time you play it. This may just be the most accomplished album of his exemplary solo career. Is it his best album? I can't really say. I'd feel as if I was doing his other three excellent albums a disservice by saying that this one was better, but it's certainly a strong contender. If there was any justice in this world, it'd be number one in several dozen countries and Ford would be the most sought after star for interviews, product endorsements and... actually, he'd hate it. So, maybe the fact that David has the life he wants, being a hard-working, honest, ignored-by-many, adored-by-the-knowing-few, completely respected, authentic musician really is justice. But, still - you really ought to buy this album. Just don't shout too loud about how good it is, because people may just take notice.

All credit to Charge.
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on 21 March 2013
One of the few artists around, that I actually buy every thing he produces and in the real physical form of CD. To me thats a sign of a special talent. Most of the time I'm content to stream from Spotify or buy an MP3, but those things seem quite temporary and just a little disposable and Fords talent deserves a more permanent medium, something you can touch, something that will survive a failing hard drive.

So, as is my habit, I ordered this CD as soon as it became available.

Is it any good?

Well, for the most part you won't hear it on the radio. You probably won't see him singing "Every Time" on the Graham Norton Show and i'd probably die of shock if someone chose to cover "what's not to love" on X Factor, but that feeling of liking something that most have missed is probably why it resonates so strongly with me. So yes it is good, it's very good and you should definitely buy this CD and the others that precede it.

You should also see him live as that is an experience not to be missed.

Fame appears to have passed Ford by and he seems ok with that, "I'm proud that I never had whatever it takes" and maybe I am too, but I do want him to keeping writing great words and music so please buy this CD, or MP3 if that's your thing. You won't regret it.

I choose this.
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on 20 March 2013
One week after the welcome return of The Thin White Duke, comes a new album from a less well-known David. Ford's fourth is shot through with American influences, but with an English lyrical bent and a healthy dose of self-deprecation that anyone who has been lucky enough to catch him live will recognise.

First there is an upbeat tale of a US tour gone bad, "Pour A Little Poison", where he travels the Southern states to small but loyal crowds - "..tonight another dozen they'll be glad I came..".

He bares his soul on the piano ballad "Philadelphia Boy", relating the true story of how he suffered a near-breakdown on stage in the city, but was pulled through by the good wishes of the audience. Check out his memoir "I Choose This" for the full story.

The ten songs are a mixture of brand new compositions and some that have been performed live and released on EPs over the last two years. All of them have lyrical touches that make Ford stand out in the crowded singer-songwriter territory.

The album ends with the magnificent "Every Time", which summarises his ups and many downs in the music business. The moral- life is about chances taken and sometimes the hand of fate intervenes, and you can't live your life regretting what might have been.

His love of music, regardless of the riches that might have been his, shines through on this album. Buy this and then go see him in concert - as a live performer he has few peers.
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on 23 March 2013
David Ford's fourth attempt to grab the music worlds attention is again a near perfect collection. These songs have been around is various guises for over a year now but here are ten of them, in some cases reworked into full blown classics. There is nothing more to say that the previous reviewers haven't already said along with the fact that even as I write this I realize that only people who have bought the album already will read it. If you do happen to stumble across this please be brave and take a chance on Britain's best kept musical secret, I promise you won't regret it.
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on 20 May 2014
Having heard Philadelphia Boy almost by accident one day last year I found myself going back to it quite often, so often in fact that I decided to look into more of David Ford's stuff. I thought I would give the album a shot as music is a huge part of my life and I am always looking for something I haven't discovered yet. Well, what a find. There isn't a track on the album I would dream of skipping over and it is rare for me to find a full album I could say that about. Besides his obvious musical talent, for me personally it is the sincerity and raw emotion poured into every song, whether melancholy or empowering, you will be moved one way or another. My family and friends are music fiends and I have to say not one has escaped me this week without being made listen to 'Every time'. For me, it is a work of absolute honesty and genius!!! I would never write a review like this unless I meant every word and in truth the only time I ever have before was when I first discovered the legend that is Jackson Browne so I hope that speaks volumes. I can't wait to listen to everything else is Ford's back-catalogue. I think I have just struck musical gold!
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on 2 June 2013
I've got all his albums and seen him live countless times - and he is a lost treasure to our musical landscape. This album is good by the standards of singer-songwriter out there, but not by D Ford at his best, some tracks just meander by. But as usual the best tracks are way ahead of the pack - yet still no UK radio play, radio sessions, tv appearances. We will lose him to the States if we're not careful.
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on 20 April 2013
Another excellent album from the ridiculously unknown David Ford. Has two of my favourite songs of his ("Every Time" and "What's not to Love") as well as some other new ones that I know I'm going to grow to love. If you're looking for someone with talent who isn't afraid to mix up styles then buy this album... then go back and buy his other three!
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on 8 October 2013
Wonderful voice, wonderful songwriter and a very very good guitar player Ford is something of a throwback. Authentic, literate and engaged at his best there is nobody around better at what he does. Sometimes I think his 'cult status' (IE people who like him love him but there are not enough of them to lend him the prominence he deserves) turns his writing inward. His ode to Philadelphia on here is an example of that for me but other times he write and produces something that makes your skin scream for more. Every Time for example.
I get that we revel in his troubadour chic, his honesty and the fact that in appreciating him we feel better than people who listen to nonsense but I would love him to write an album that takes off and demands he writes another. I'd love to see what that made him produce. And he really ought to tour with Springsteen. One would imagine Springsteen would really get David Ford.
This is the best album of the year so far by the way. Just.
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on 19 December 2013
The headline of this review is my favourite line on this album. And this album is great. David Ford is easily the most underated and marginalised singer/songwriter of his generation. Unless you've ever seen him live and bought an album, in which case, he is the best kept secret of his generation. The songs on this album are excellent. Pour a Little Poison on My Good Name is one of the best songs about the frustrations of being a travelling musician, and the Ballad of Miss Lily has a great Santana vibe going on. At times Ford strays a little into generic love song territory, but his voice, sincerity, and passion see you through. My only criticism of this album at all is that the cover is rubbish. But hey, that's nitpicking, and to be honest, who judges an album by its cover? Buy the MP3 if you're sensitive.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 19 March 2013
Ironically released at the same time as Billy Bragg's excellent new release, Ford ploughs much the same furrow with an admittedly more American slant. My reference point would be the early Ryan Adams albums but other may beg to differ. Nevertheless this is an excellent album that just drags a tad in the middle section but still comes together for a strong finish. There are "typical" singer/songwriter ballads such as Isn't it Strange and Philidelphia Boy, a nod to Springsteen with Let it Burn and Moving On and a decent stab at soul with Perfect Soul. Mushy ballad What's not to love with its strings doesn't work for me, which is a shame as it's probably the only duff track on the album. The standout track for me is the angry closer Every Time, which almost reaches the heights of the Ford's best known track, the outstanding State of the Union (check out the video if you can). All in all this is a fine piece of work. Ford is a very very good singer and multi instrumentalist so for that alone, I'd have to say that I prefer this album to Mr Bragg's offering and if I were only getting 1 album this week this would be the one.
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