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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2010
...but it depends on your definition of great!

If you like those badly-acted 80s films, especially dodgy ninja films like the equally amazing Nine Deaths of the Ninja and any of the Godfrey Ho ones like Ninja Tiger or Ninja Terminator you will LOVE this!

The acting, the haircuts, the very very un-PC dialogue (Im not going into details for fear of being censored!), the swearing and the general awfulness make this an unintentional classic! If you are of a nervous disposition and are easily offended - dont watch this...its not for you.

How to sum it up? Well imagine Lethal Weapon - on a budget. Now halve that budget. And halve it again. In fact - get rid of the budget. This gives you an idea. Lethal Weapon crossed with the dodgiest Ninja film you have ever seen crossed with a bit of soft porn (nothing you wont see on TV these days though) crossed with some of the corniest lines and the dodgiest script you have ever seen.

In short - theres not too many women who will like this film (but there are probably a few). For a back from the pub film this is probably perfect. Its funny on your own. Watch it with others (who are like-minded) and you will probably be spitting beer all over the place laughing.

Its a classic. Dont forget you will need a DVD player capable of playing American (Region 1) films. This film will never be released again. Dont expect great picture and sound - its dodgy, VHS-like really. There are some very funny extras by the guy who apparently found this film. My advice is to watch his introduction - then watch the film - then listen to the commentary.

This isnt for everyone - but if you have the right sense of humour this will fast become one of your favourite dodgy films. For me this is right up there with Nine Deaths of the Ninja and Ninja Terminator in the all-time dodgy films.

Get it - you know you want to!
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on 22 February 2016
Japanese gang the Katana take control of the cocaine trade in Los Angeles, so the LAPD transfer in a cop from the San Francisco to help tackle the problem. Joe Marshall has been trained by the masters in Japan and speaks fluent Japanese, but dresses like Def Leppard.

Joe and his fourth wall breaking partner Frank confront the Katana at a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and attempt to reprimand them into obeying the law.

When that fails Fujiyama's right-hand man Yamashita wages war against them, executing his own men who fail to subdue Joe and Frank, thus maintaining the code of silence, and destroying a lot of unused cars.

Unable to contain his typecast anger any longer, Captain Rohmer sanctions an assassination on the Katana.

Joe and Frank head to Fujiyama's compound to gun down every living extra and of course, that showdown between Samurai Cop, and Maniac Cop.

To be honest, I was really fooled by the DVD cover of this movie. I was expecting another Maniac Cop type film with Z'Dar as another psycho cop, but this time wielding a Samurai sword.

But what I got was a gift from the gods.

I was bough up on a diet of straight to video Kung Fu movies, starring the likes of Billy Blanks, Bolo Yeung, Jeff Speakman, Richard Norton, and many more. So as soon as I saw the titular cop, and his partner, I knew that this would be something special.

It's not a good film, I cannot urge that enough, it's all over the place with its bad editing, poor acting, and terrible ADR, but my gosh, the makers having gone beyond their means to give us something so entertaining.

Karedas here is the titular Cop, who apparently knows nothing about the art of the Samurai, but is fluent in the art of the eighties Martial Arts done by a westerner, just kick really slow, and be impervious to any sort of violence that be-throes you, and he has great hair........and is your atypical sexist pig.

His partner does nothing much more than pull funny faces at the camera, and comment about the colour of his skin, but they pull off this really odd 'playground imitating' Lethal Weapon vibe that is as bad/good as it sounds.

There are wigs galore, and the fight between SC and the bad guy from TMNT is literally Hair Raising. If you thought Kate Maras wig in Fant4stic was poor, she has nothing on this hairpiece.

When extras get shot, they fall in the most wonderful way, and if that wasn't enough, there is the campest waiter trying to chameleon a Bronson Pinchot vibe from Beverly Hills Cop, and exceeds it.

It's a terrible film, but by George, it's one of the most entertaining things I've seen since this Friday nights back between 1988-1983.

The perfect Bad Movie....
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on 11 April 2016
Samurai cop has some awful production values, you know this thing was shot on a budget when they avoid night-time shots because they're too expensive to light and members of the cast have to wear their own clothes and drive their own cars.

The film is very light on story but heavy on action, though not all that well executed action. It seems to be a rip off of Lethal Weapon, and a couple of other action movies from the 1980s with the cheesy one liners and the big muscular hero. Tastes have moved on a bit since those days and now new action films have to be slick and intelligent like the Jason Bourne franchise. This film feels like a return to a simpler time. The plot in fact is very simple, Samurai Cop must take down a gang of Japanese criminals and also get the girl.

A couple of odd curiosities include uneasily long love making scenes and a complete absence of anything to do with samurai culture, which is unexpected considering the title.

The lead character embodies many of the clichés from the period the indestructible, womanizing maverick who gets his superiors worked up into a fit and gets the ladies worked up into a steam. Some of the dialogue during the action sequences is just dreadful, for instance when they're in the car chase at the start we hear "shoot", "faster", "shoot", "go faster..."

For all it's a fault though the film was made with heart, with higher production values some the problems could have fixed, the film often did only one take for each scene, I guess because they couldn't afford the film reel for lots of takes. It has a low budget charm and some awesome little moments that are genuinely memorable. The film at times feels like a slight satire of action movies, though I don't think it was intended as a satire.
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on 19 February 2012
This is one of the best bad films I've ever seen. Unlike some bad movies there are no boring parts in this. Every scene is so incompetently shot it's amusing. Check out the clips on youtube. If you enjoy those you'll enjoy the whole film.
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2015
Ok first off this really IS one of those films so terribly made and executed, but with so much passion and desire for what it’s trying to do, that it comes over as being one of the few films fit for the title “so bad, it’s good”.

We’ve got wooden acting from the beefcake that is Matt Hannon, over-acting from the cherub faced Robert Z’Dar, care-free acting from cool dude Mark Frazer and can’t be bothered acting from everyone else. BUT, they bring out characters so memorable in their own way, their acting calibre is more real than any current Oscar winner out there! This film deserves the tagline that Jackie Chan's 'Supercop' used: "Meet the cop that can't be stopped!"

The editing, both visual and audio, was done by a drunk because there are disjointed cuts, strange dialogue and diegetic noise that doesn’t fit the scene it’s used in, and don’t get me started on the strange over-dubbing of many actors and overly-exaggerated fight noises and hits! It’s like a 1980s video game brawler come to life, thanks also to a wonderfully tacky theme tune sounding like a ‘Street Fighter’ reject.

With a simple plot, it’s not hard to follow, and there is very few limitations to what our director Amir Shervan has, because at times the violence is pretty grim (severed heads, throats and limbs a plenty) and even torture by boiling water. Of course, when you add this with the overly dramatic reactions of our actors, wonderfully fake dummies and limbs and dramatic music, it all becomes laughable for the wrong reasons! Camera shots are loose, focus is neglected, framing is out the door and the action scenes are just ridiculously staged and carried out.

It’s a real cheap man’s man movie; bad ass monologues with enough mother-f***ers and s***-heads thrown in for good measure, we have sexy saxophone music for the copious amounts of erotica sex scenes with plenty of flesh on show, and we have handguns that haven’t even had the cap-gun sound effect removed when firing. This is the best university 1st year movie project out there, at least that’s how it comes across; a bunch of lads making a dumb action film but couldn’t be too bothered about making it crisp and worthy before submitting it.

And we can’t even start on Matt Hannon’s wig, brought in for additional sequences filmed after he had cut his hair. But what gets me, is these wig scenes make up most of the backbone to the action sequences, so what the hell DIDN’T they shoot to warrant bringing him back? The wig is fantastically s***, so obviously fake and just needs to be seen to be believed – especially when another actor pulls it off during a fight scene and forcefully pushes it back onto his head to try and cover it up. Too late.

It’s great fun for ALL the wrong reasons, so don’t consider my rating up there with the other 3.5 star films I’ve reviewed. This is a 3.5 star rating that only applies to ‘Samurai Cop’ because it’s so bad, it really is so good and I can’t WAIT to see, hopefully, the same tacky crap in ‘Samurai Cop 2’!
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on 29 January 2011
This is a brilliant kung fu action thriller with gratuitous nudity, gore and a high body count. In between the action and sex scenes there's a lot of funny dialogue when it's meant to be seriouas.
Actually it's not brilliant. The acting is poor, dialogue is terrible, scenes often make no sense, continuity is pretty much hit or miss but it's a fun film only because of the com by Joe Bob Briggs which makes this an event not to be missed.
Extras besides the com, interviews and stills. USA Release. Region 1.
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on 12 June 2014
Watched this in good company with a couple of beers.
The movie started a bit slowly but when it really begun... oh boy.
Absolutely hilarious flick packed with hard-to-follow-but-so-awesome action, bad one-liners and unexpected "sex" scenes.

Only complaint: the movie could use English subtitles what with the alcohol you might need to fully appreciate its genius.
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on 24 June 2014
Good transfer of one of my favourite terrible movies, but it could have been better. Special features are lacking. Regardless, I'm very happy to add this to my collection. Plays on my PAL PS3 just fine.
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on 27 June 2015
Great film. So bad it's entertaining as has a slightly endearing quality to it. Actors seem to know they're in a bad film but at the hands of a bewildered director.
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on 18 January 2015
The best film ever made. Its use of wigs is inspirational.
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