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3.5 out of 5 stars39
3.5 out of 5 stars
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 March 2013
Over the years I have bought many programs from Ulead - which then became part of Corel. I think my first video editing program was Ulead 8. We are now on to Corel VideoStudio X6 - some 8 versions later. I have to say I have had my ups and down with them. X3 was particularly a very bad program...full of bugs and so slow, it almost made editing a video a time consuming...error after error. I eventually went back to X2 then on to X4. I did not bother with X5 but having recently upgraded to Windows 8, I was forced to upgrade as X4 was no longer compatible with Windows 7.

I have to say that I am now happy with VideoStudio X6 as opposed to VideoStudio X6 Pro. The primary difference between the two versions is that on the "Pro" editions, you tend to get more transitions, effects etc. I am someone who does this as a hobby for family videos and personally, these additional effects, transitions do not warrant an extra £20 or so. I simply do not use them. I have learned the hard way as in the past I have tended towards the "Pro" editions at additional cost.

X6 is an improved program with several nice additions over previous versions such as the motion tracking feature. The hours I have spent trying to line up a bubble of speech on a moving target!!! This makes the job much easier. The program itself is very fast. Having said that I do have Windows 8 (far quicker at processing than Windows 7), a core i7 processer and 8GB ram.

Installation is easy and takes around 8/10 mins. Having used the program in one form or another for years, I do now find the program easy to use. Essentially there are three steps, import, edit and share. The program is intuitive but you still have to understand a little around what you are doing. There are some great free video tutorials built in to the program, so if you have never done this before, these are very useful. Unlike all previous versions, there is no paper user guide. I do find this disappointing as albeit there are tutorials and PDFs on the internet, I do like the paper versions so you can browse at your leisure. I guess as I have been using the program for so long, this is not essential. I was up and running in no time. You can import from a number of sources, video, DVD, TV, iPad, iPhone and so on. Once you have imported the footage, you move on to the editing suite where you have a whole array of tools you can use. Finally you share your masterpiece through DVD, email, flickr, and so on. I would like to see a feature where you could simply import the video and the program then literally puts this all together. I think we had that on VideoStudio X2 and albeit there are some "instant projects", work is still involved in putting this altogether. This could be simplified somewhat. One final point is that there are free templates etc that you can download within the program, albeit they take a good hr to download! Not sure why Corel could not put these on the DVD disc as it would be much easier to copy from disc to PC rather than download each item individually.

Overall, whether you are a first timer or experienced video editor, I think this program has sufficient capabilities and tools to meet your needs. Highly recommended.

P.s I pre ordered this through Amazon for £41.98, a day later it was £39.99 and a day later £56.14? No idea way but this seems strange. Thankfully I ordered when I did. I still think £56.14 is a fair price.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 23 August 2013
The new Videostudio X6 Pro Ultimate is REALLY IMPROVED!
I am user of several Videostudio versions, since early 2007 (9, X2 Pro and X5).
I had serious problems with the earlier versions (especially many crashes
during several stages of video editing and problems with synchronization).

I tried the new X6 (64 bit) for more than 3 months and i can ensure that this
is the FIRST videostudio i ever tried, without any functional problems.
The X5 was also working properly enough, but sometimes it could not read some
projects (created with X5!!!). That means losing my work!
BUT: When the X6 appeared, the same projects were loadable again (with x6!!!)

As i said, i highly recommend the X6 Version, but i want to emphasize that i
didn't tested the CREATE DISK yet.

Now, the MINUS points are less than in the X5 version:

1. After so many years of improving videostudio, it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE
that it's STILL impossible to work precisely with Gamma, Brightness, Saturation etc!!
There is no +- button (or less sensitivity) for increasing/decreasing the values.
We have to PULL the button with the mouse to change the value.
That makes very difficult or even impossible to make small and precise changes,
like +1 or -1, etc.
I's also impossible to copy/paste text into subtitles or to change the size and
other properties in multiple subtitles simultaneously!

2. The "zoom" button has been placed into the right side of the panel.
That makes me to move often the mouse over a long distance: right-left-right-left
and it makes me nervous. I prefer the old location of the X2 version.

I am not sure if i will buy this version or wait for the X7, because i really wish
some functions to be improved and some others to be available (more color/brightness
control) etc, as in CyberLink PowerDirector 11 (which is great but it seems to have
significant problems in stability and also significant speed problems even in the menus).
So, if someone can't wait for the (possible) upgraded X7 version, i ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND
the X6 version.

For all what i wrote above, i evaluate this program with -2 stars.
COREL: It' should be very easy now (and it's time!) to make a "big step" in X7 and get 5 stars!

I hope the next version will be crash-free as well and then.. the only thing left are some
improvements and adds for more control for color AND for Video mixing.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I reviewed the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X6 (PC) last month and while I praised it's ability to render movies in 4K resolution I still believe it is a rather frivolous feature considering few filmmakers who will buy the package will actually have the technology to shoot in 4K. This basic package eliminates that feature and is cheaper as a result. If you are stuck choosing between the two, just go for this one.

The layout and presentation is more or less the same, though I would consider, in terms of the layout, that VideoStudio is superior to the PowerDirector range from CyberLink. Anyone who has used several video editing packages before will recognize all the usual tools and options available in VideoStudio X6, from contrast and color boosts to noise reduction, but where Corel really exceeds CyberLink is in the amount of special effects options available. Corel seems to be geared more toward 'film-making' in this regard while CyberLink seems to aim much lower toward 'video editing'. You get so many more filters, transitions, and options with VideoStudio Pro X6 it's a no-brainer to choose this above the others.

Amateur filmmakers will find it very easy to use, with a mellow learning curve. The software is very stable with virtually no shortcomings. If you're making short movies then VideoStudio Pro X6 will not disappoint.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 24 June 2013
Corel bought over Ulead some time ago and I would have thought they would have enhanced it quite a lot by now but there are a lot of issues with this software.

For starters the software does not work with TSST Super Writemaster Speed Plus drives. Why? I contacted Corel about this issue and they finally admitted that this was the case. Considering these drives are not new to the market and this issue has been around since X5 it should have been sorted out a long time ago. The drives firmware is up to date, I tried different SATA cables, connections on the motherboard, different brands of DVD (including + and -) re-installing software etc. and still not working. Luckily I have another drive in the system that does work. I suspect it is to do with the lead out process when making DVD's as this is extremely flaky compared with Ulead's Video Studio 9. A lot more work needs to be done with this. I should add that Nero works perfectly with this drive so it is not the drive at fault.

One of the problems encountered with Video Studio 9 was when the video was too big to fit to the DVD and sometimes Video Studio 9 would not get the bitrate correct in order to fit to the DVD. Has this been fixed in Video Studio Pro X6? No! In fact it's worse now because it will merely say that it cannot be certain that it will fit on the DVD and then ask your permission whether you wish to proceed or not. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. However unlike Video Studio 9 where it would say there is not enough space to continue and stop it will attempt to do it anyway and then run out of space creating a Frisbee in the process. This is a step backwards. Come on Corel you should have this sorted out by now. It's a common problem to have video that is too big to fit especially if you have recorded at the best settings possible for editing and then burn to DVD once you are finished.

Likewise the creation of menu's is a dogs dinner. I thought Ulead's attempt at this was bad until I tried this version - none of the menu's make any sense. They are poorly laid out and overall practically impossible to edit. The music that is put on by default is cheesey and sounds like an old 1990's DOS game.

What I would like to see with the menu creation is a much more simplified version. You don't need an overall menu - just your footage. It's completely unnecessary. Firstly - no music. Its annoying. Secondly, choose how many thumbnails you wish to appear in any menu (2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12). Thirdly what frame you prefer around the thumbnails. Fourthly with or without text. Fifthly either a picture from the footage I am using or one of the videos animating (with no sound). Much, much more simpler and effective.

Another problem with the software is to do with interlacing. Most DVD players work well with full frames as opposed to top frame or bottom frame interlacing. Who still requires interlaced video these days? 1080p or progressive is far more common than 1080i or interlaced. The same is true with standard definition TV. So why is it that when I go into preferences and choose frame based (progressive) that it overrides this and puts upper field first? Likewise why is it when you export the video it ignores your choice in the preferences and insists in doing upper field first? This worked with Video Studio 9 so what happened Corel? Fix the bug please. If I want interlacing I will choose interlacing and if I don't want it I don't expect your software to override my choice.

Time-wise the transcoding of video is a lot slower than Nero - what on earth is the software doing? This process needs a complete overhaul. I compared a video being burned to DVD with Nero 12 and Corel Video Studio X6 and while Nero took minutes to do, Corel's Video Studio X6 took over half an hour for the same video. There's something not right there!

Don't get me wrong - I still like this software for editing. It works really well and I find the timeline very useful. I like all the additional filters available (although still no unsharp mask feature which is useful for enhancing camcorder footage). Issues aside, the overall potential for this software to be great is high - it's just not there yet. Its more like a Beta version than a proper release and Corel really ought to get their act together and fix all these problems.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
On first glance, this software offers a lot but is infuriatingly complex. For my test piece, I wanted to sync up an old live song with existing unofficial VHS footage to cut together a live video. How hard could it be, to select the four seconds you want from a three minute MPG, and drop it into the correct part of the file, just by cut'n'paste? I have no idea, but it seems to be absurdly hard. All I really need are two video channels (for the odd cross fade) and an audio track. The ability to upscale smaller footage into bigger format, for example, or to crop existing footage to remove a watermark set by a TV station? I have no idea. Unlike the other versions of Corel Pro this does not have a paper manual, and, as is the usual wont of companies, instead of including a help file on the disc or install, it's all online. Data harvesting is no fun. It doesn't help that this programme is rampant with DRM software, which doesn't even tell you when its been installed to snoop on you. Fundamentally whilst this may be a good programme, it is far from intuiative to use, and simple acts - selecting a shot from another file, and inserting seems to be at best, practically impossible. Which therefore makes it pointless to use this. I'm sure I am missing a trick, but the programme does not contain a self-loaded programme or tutorial, so I am a little lost.

Ideally I want some software that easily opens a 100 minutes MPG file, allows me to select any part, and drop it into another file at any point I want. It would be even better if I could, in effect, stream several files simultaneously and then pick the footage I want from the options in 'real time' but this is probably a bit ambitious, even for this. So I'm not sure why or how I have it, or what the point of this actually is.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Corel Video Studio PRO X6
About me.
I run a web and design based company and have over 30 years experience in photography, software design and small business online presence. Over the last 5 years we have used video more and more for product demos, within websites and for small online adverts. We own just about every piece of photography and video software out there so can make a balanced observation on this latest version from Corel. At work I use high end equipment and software which is out of the reach of most people but one thing I have learned about video editing is that it is very time consuming.

What is it ?
This is an affordable comprehensive video editing suite from Corel. It is an upgrade from Corel X5. This software is designed for amateurs who want to go that bit further with video editing than then software supplied with cameras or within Windows etc. The basic editor in Windows is a good place to start but it is very limited but will give you a start in video editing.

In the box
You get the software disk and a slip of paper detailing how to register and download the manual for the software. Registering also gives you access to various Corel forums and 'how to' videos on the Corel site.

Loading and set up
My machine is an Intel i5 based machine with 256 Gb SDD, 2TB Hard drive and 16 Gb of 1600 Mhz RAM. Loading is simple, just put the disk in the drive and it will auto load providing auto run is enabled on the DVD drive. If it is not navigate to the DVD drive and click on the application called Autorun.exe. On my machine loading took around 5 minutes.

The software
The program opens with the familiar grey background that appears on other Corel software these days. The program uses a workflow system with different windows open depending what you are doing.
The first workflow window is called 'CAPTURE' and allows data to be imported direct from camera or from various file types. I no problems importing video from a variety or sources including files, Nikon D800 video clips and AVCHD clips from my JVC camcorder. This module allows screen resolution to be set and various capture tools are included. You can save imported video to a disk file or burn it to DVD using this module. The import module is as comprehensive as any other package around the same place. For most users everything you ever need to import and manage files is here, only pro users might want more.

The second window is the EDIT window., Here you can apply all manner of edits and effects. Corel has included enough to keep most users happy here. A new feature over X5 is the motion track and motion paths functions which automatic motion tracking of an object. This is very easy to use and the results are great. It works by allowing the user to draw a track between two moving g objects and link them. Once linked titles, comments and graphics can be added to the track. Corel have also included a motion track library where common tracks can be saved and reused. If you can make use of this feature it's great .

Other new additions to X6 include better support for DSLR video input and manipulation. I was surprised when this software downloaded and displayed the broadcast quality footage from my Nikon D800 SLR.

Basic editing
All the functions you need are here for traditional editing including brightness and contrast, the ability to add titles and subtitles along with transitions and merge tracks facility. A simple drawing package is included so that you can add simple annotation, arrows and animations within the video clips. The function here are all most people will need and are relatively easy to use if you have a little experience of this sort of software
Special effects
There are plenty of visual effects you can apply to footage. Lots are just filters but can be useful for transitions or special effects. The slow motion function seems greatly improved from X5 as it produces a nice smooth slow-motion effect now rather than the jerky ones it used to in previous versions.
Corel has included so many new items in this release that it is now a pretty mature and easy to use editing software. For a beginner it's quite easy to follow although you will need to invest some time learning it. For the intermediate user like me there is plenty here to keep me happy and stretch my technique. Video editing is a slow and dedicated process but Corel have done a good job at balancing this software so that there is something for all users.

The final window is the SHARE window. This allows you to manage where the finished video clip goes. The output is comprehensive and there is a send to the web function where the video is optimised for web viewing.

I have given this software a good workout over the last few weeks and used it many times and it has never crashed on me. I read other reports of this software giving problems with stability but I have not experienced this despite using all of the functions to extreme.

A good upgrade from X5. Plenty of new items and the older ones have been improved and a few bugs sorted out. I had no problem with stability as reported by others mostly using the Ultra edition, I suspect some bad disks here rather than the main software being the problem. All in all a good program but I would like to see a 'getting started' booklet included rather than the download option. I personally have a basic reference alongside will help beginners much more. The competition offer similar function for the money. The completion is from Adobe Premier, Serif X6 Movie Editor and Sony's Vegas range. They all have their strengths and weaknesses but this new outing from Corel will be my editor of choice for the time being for home use.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 February 2014
Looking at the features of this software it seems to have pretty much everything you need to edit your video mareial then copy it to a format of your choice.

Unfortunately I can't give this software five stars because the how to do things instructions are poor. Sadly this is the case despite evidence that Corel has tried hard to make a good user manual. For an absolute beginner like me in editting video the manual is not very helpful at all. The problem is that the manual has clearly been written by experts very familar with the software who jump simple, but critical steps, assuming that it's obvious or that you know things you don't. I couldn't even get started although I loaded the software into my computer myself. I called on a relative who earns their living using this sort of software and it took them two hours to find a small box that looked like a decoration that needed to be clicked in to activate the software. The instruction didn't mention the need to do this and skipped over it by saying activate the software. Now I know, its obvious but it wasn't when I started. The online Instruction manual is like this all the way through. I have found it much easier to learn by Googling the action I want to do. After much sifting of dead ends one usually finds a user forum where the required action is explained in simple precise and clear terms. I am slowly getting to grips with this software and overall I like it. Just a shame the manual is so lacking, I think the software probably deserves five stars but not if you can't use it. I can usually find my way around most software but this is a fairly complex piece of software and deserves a decent manual.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 15 May 2013
What you really want to know
Is it any good? Yes, once you get used to the interface.

Lots of features.
Motion tracking.
Stop Motion capture (see caveat below).
4K ultraHD support.
3D support.
HTML 5 creation.
Subtitle editor detects start of speech.

Slightly quirky user interface, with a bit of a learning curve.
Stop motion capture only works with canon cameras via USB.
Slow to render the final video.
Only 21 Video tracks and 4 audio tracks possible.
Protexis DRM runs all the time on your PC.

Full Review
This package was pretty easy to install if a little time consuming because of the sheer amount provided! Which isn't a bad thing by any means. The software is plit into 3 tabbed areas, Capture, Edit and Share, which are pretty self explanatory. Capture allows you get your video, images or audio into the package and supports lots of input formats. It is also where you will find the Stop Motion capture option, however this is limited to certain models of Canon DSLR cameras only so won't work with a webcam. Edit is where the bulk of the work is done, from arranging clips, adding titles, effects, etc, and motion tracking. You get a wide selection of transitions, video effects, etc. The tools for trimming and rearranging clips are powerful and fairly easy to use. Finally, Share is where you are able to save to disc, be it HDD or DVD, and upload to the Net (YouTube). Again there are lots of formats to choose from including 4K UltraHD video and 3D video. The user interface and methodology is a little quirky compared to most other simiar packages and some options/features can be hard to find the first time.

Overall the package is pretty fast at editing and stable (it never crashed once for me) however it takes longer than most other programs to render the final video to disc etc.

One annoyance is it uses a form of always running DRM called Protexis. This does use up system resources and can't be disabled.

Overall it is a good powerful package, and it is only let down by it's slow render time and DRM.

System tested on
Windows 8 Pro x64
i7-920 @ 4GHz
Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Motherboard
Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition O.C.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are plenty of features to keep most users happy and it runs reasonably well on a well appointed system.

Its not up with some of the pro level software out there but then it is very good value for money and most home users will find it more than adequate for there purposes.

One thing that I greatly object to is its use of Protexis DRM which I believe you cannot uninstall as the software will only run if it is present. Needless to say if you google Protexis DRM you will find disgruntled users who encounter problems.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
...the digital video and audio recording devices in my bag store their content in nearly a dozen different file formats. In testing VideoStudio Pro X6 (VSP X6), it never balked at accepting any of them. My own video processing and editing skills are modest at best. And while I found VSP X6 feature-dense and not highly intuitive, I was able to compile content from three different video capture devices and files already on my computer and assemble them (with titles and a music track) within an hour of installation. While it was hardly art, it worked, and with time and practice, I anticipate improving results.

This software worked excellently from installation through export of my compiled content in its project manger to multiple output formats.

Installation on a Windows 7 machine (64-bit with 16 GB of RAM and a quad-core 3.4 GHZ Intel processor) took about 15 minutes. The VSP X6 installer included a progress bar that accurately indicated the install status.

The interface is based on a 3-part concept: capture (or import), edit and share (or output). In between are more options than all but the most proficient users will be able to appreciate. Output options are abundant, for both writing to physical media, creating many different digital file formats (of varying resolution) and sharing directly to multiple popular social media sites (including YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr and Facebook).

-Works with many source file types (I didn't have any on my machine it couldn't work with)
-Outputs to physical media, multiple digital file types (at multiple resolutions) and social networking sites.
-Includes a selection of audio files to populate soundtracks with the "Auto Music" feature
-Includes a computer screen capture utility: awesome (since the most widely used of these can cost hundreds of dollars)

-Interface is cluttered and not especially intuitive.
-No included help files., "F1" takes you to Corel's website. OK only if you have persistent online access (and vendors should NOT assume this); user guide and quick start guide are .pdf files that you have to download separately.
-Many of the effects and features (for both content and titling) could quickly tire viewers if over-applied. This is less a criticism of the software than of the potential for over-use of these tools by some users:-)

Although the rendering quality is deliberately reduced in order to accommodate Amazon's video file size limitation, the accompanying video demonstrates the result of quickly capturing multiple video and still file formats, adding titles, audio files and capturing a PC screen.

Overall: very impressive performance.
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