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3.9 out of 5 stars736
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 4|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 21 October 2014
Great game...Quick delivery,good price.
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on 2 August 2014
Bought this for my fiancé. He loves it.
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on 1 June 2014
The game is amazing great graphics I would recommend. The game was delivered the next day so it was very good delivery. You should buy.
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on 18 February 2016
could of been one of the best games ever made if it wasn't for the sloppy controls and crappy camera angles. what was meant to be a revolutionary game just isn't, the graphics are not what they said it would be though they aren't terrible, it's more the camera angles and sloppy controls that let it down. if you want to play a game where the camera will disappear behind a bush while you are driving and make you crash, then this is the game for you. if you want a car that is uncontrollable and steers all over the place no matter how fast you go (not to mention every mission it wants you to go top speed with perfect controlling of the car), then this is the game for you. if you want a stealthy guy who will run into action and fail your mission because he automatically runs to cover but instead runs into the arms of the enemy, then this is the game for you. by now you may have noticed the satire, while the idea and missions are amazing, the major let down is the controlling of your character, which is a real shame.

i'm not one to get game rage, i normally just put the game down but this game is an exception, if i was to put it down i would never play it again and it would be a waste of £30. i like playing the game to an extent, the missions are exciting, exploring is deep, the gadgets and ideas behind them are really fun but the controlling of the player is just so bad it drives me crazy. the cars you drive feel terrible, the slightest turn sends your car flying in the direction, normally when driving in a game is unrealistic it's easier and more fun, not in Watch Dogs, it is terrible, it is the major let down of the game, i could handle a bit of sloppy cover controls that don't make sense but to destroy a game with sloppy driving mechanics.

this game is nothing like GTA, it was the main reason i brought this game, other reviews claimed it was like GTA so i thought "great, i enjoyed GTA, maybe it's not as engaging but will have similar layout and controls." how i was wrong... if you want to say every open world in 3rd person is like GTA, then sure this game is like GTA, if you want a realist point of view, it is nothing like GTA. GTA was a masterpiece compared to this, this is an incomparable game to any i have ever played and i have a lot (around 300)... while your car controls terribly, the police who are chasing you seem to have power steering (don't think you can jump into their car and have great control either).

would i recommend anyone this game? maybe if you pay around £4 for it, otherwise no, do not even touch the game. i have purchased much better games for £2 from CeX, if you haven't played GTA V yet, go buy that instead, if you have play Just Cause 3, if you played both get Far Cry 4. you can buy amazing games for a fraction of the price and are all vast open world games, watch dogs isn't even that vast as you are constantly being dragged into missions that you have no time to explore.
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on 13 October 2014
Everybody is so keen to compare this to grand theft auto, it is not trying to be GTA but I can understand why the comparison is there, free roaming, car jacking etc but it is a totally different game! Graphics wise ive seen just as good from a ps3, its nothing special and doesn't show off the ps4's capability in any way, its quite disappointing in that respect. The hacking is ok but gets boring after a while, it sounds better in the write up than it actually is, you will spend most of your time on your phone like an unsociable teenager and with doing so you will almost wear out the square button on your control pad as it's all you seem to press. Mots of the game is spent swapping from one cctv camera to another and making phone calls, don't get me wrong some of the things you can hack are good but they are the same on every mission, blow this up, blow that up, distract a guard by opening a gate or blowing up a fuse box to kill them through a cctv camera. It gets boring "profiling" the public to listen in on pointless phone calls or to get their bank details (which you can use to withdraw cash from the ATM). The soundtrack is also a bit poor, most of the time when im in a vehicle I will just switch it off, its that bad. Some missions are better than others and dare I say it "enjoyable", the only thing that ruins some of the better ones is where you have to "intrude" a ctOS box and turn certain points to complete a circuit, its sort of a puzzle section and can really, really become annoying, especially on the timed ones, oh and the last mission of the campaign mode is absolutely ridiculous, you'll see what I mean when you get to it. The actual story behind the game and the cut scenes are more interesting than actually playing it, I found myself really interested in the story behind it all but the game play lets it down, you feel as though it's just another boring, repetitive mission that you feel obliged to do just because you want to see what happens in the next cut scene so in that respect it does keep you gripped and keeps you playing the game. I think it deserves 2.5 stars but as I don't have that option I think it doesn't deserve being rounded up to 3, its closer to a 2 star game than a 3 hence the rating. To put it simply....its ok! Would I pick it up and play it again after completing it?, never in a million years, it passes time and keeps you occupied for a bit (or a long time if you do all the side missions, with these included its quite a big game but these are almost all the same too). I paid £15 for this off a friend who also thought it wasn't very good (and against the advice of another friend who sold it back to the shop because he didn't like it either). I think that is the maximum anyone should pay for this game, if anyone has paid the RRP for this new I feel sorry for them. If you can pick up a cheap pre-owned copy, and I mean cheap, give it a go but don't even think about buying it new, it really isn't very good.
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on 11 September 2014
Takes a while to get used to whats what but in no time your be running around hacking inocent passers by and causing mayhem with hacking traffuc lights etc

graphics are good nothing really stunning but not as shabby as some make out (look up some you tube comparasons against ps3 version and you will see the difrence)
Missions are varied but ultimately will always require you to hack some thing or chase someone or be chased,the driving has come under some attack in other reviews iv read but i feel it is fine very arcady can wizz through traffic and can change views from interior to exterior is nice touch
The game world is large with trains to catch or boats to sail to visit the other side of the citytheres ,a large selection of cars and motorbikes to drive bit like gta smash n grab with the police usually not too far away
the game is fun and you do feel the need to play that one more mission,and when u want u can just take time out to free roam the city although buildings and attraction are limited to visit it is still fun and amusing to randomly blow stuff up causing mayhem and destruction to the poor inocent pedestrians,my only real gripe is the need to hack everything to proceed and the stealth missions can become rather hit n miss in places as the enemy learn to see through walls and round corners on some later missions and of course the obvious comparason to gta,gta this is not but at the same time if you loved gta and want a diffrent take on the genre then you cant go far wrong here
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on 17 August 2014
Watchdogs is a good game, I love the open world and ability to hack objects around the city. The problem with the game is repetition. I must admit I have yet to complete the game but this is largely due to the fact I am fed up with the missions. They all seem to start out differently but all end up the same, with you trying to ram some guy off the road in your car while being chased by infuriating hit-men known in the game as "fixers". The problem with fixers is that they drive large vans that move impossibly fast and in my experience seem impossible to escape from. I tried doing one mission in a car that strongly resembled a Ferrari but somehow the fixers still managed to keep up with me in their huge vans. On top of this, the player is bombarded every few seconds with their radio chatter usually with the same "lets knock him off the road" phrase being repeated over and over again.

As I said at the start, this game is not all bad, I still frequently play the game and just spend my time freely roaming the city, spying on random pedestrians and hacking traffic lights and watching the chaos unfold.

To be honest i'm not sure if I would recommend this game or not. I don't recommend it for it's repetition but I do recommend it for the free roaming and the storyline. If you like open world games with a good story and don't mind repetition then this is a great game for you. But if, like me, you can't stand doing the same thing over and over again I do not recommend this game.
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on 17 August 2014
I was very surprised to see so many gamers not give this game the full 5 stars it deserves. Many people keep comparing this game to GTA V, however, this game is completely different. Yes, they are both open world games but that's where similarities end. GTA's primary objective is to create a game where the driving in it is un paralleled hence the name Grand Theft Auto and it does that perfectly. But Watchdogs primary objective was to create a game where hacking can be made fun. The stories in both games are excellent but I would give the edge to Watchdogs because the characters seem better developed. The variety and depths of the missions in this game are incredible and details of Chicago are second to none. It is impossible to get bored of the missions, even the little tedious ones. The customisation of the character in terms of gaining new skills and weapons is also incredible. There are two approaches you can make to every mission - 1: Go out gun blazing into enemy territory (Almost certain death, however, skilled players will enjoy this), 2: Take a stealthy root which does take time, but the victory becomes a lot sweeter and therefore you develop with the character. Driving in this does sometimes feel 'stiff' but it makes up for it by being able to hack into traffic lights, blockers and bridges which makes car chases all the more fun. This is the first ever game in which I got a platinum trophy and that is certainly not due to skill, but the sheer brilliance of this game. It does not falter in any way. I do hope they make a sequel but maybe this time you play as a member of DedSec and a City that isn't common on gaming platforms but still has plenty of history. Maybe a European City such as London, Paris or even Moscow. However, due to the storyline it would probably be set somewhere in the USA which in that case, I wouldn't mind somewhere like Detroit, San Francisco or maybe a whole state like California. Ubisoft have really outdone themselves with this Epic!
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on 14 August 2014
watch dogs was a game that caught my attention due to the interaction between the player and the game world, and it didnt really disappoint. yes there was not as much interaction as i would've preferred, you cant just barge into builds at your leisure but when you think about it that's not what Watch dogs is all about. You play a hacker, and by that very name would indicate that you're a person who operation in the shadows and doesnt draw attention to themself so that means no random burglaries or assaults in the middle of the street in order to pick up cash. This is NOT GTA and nor should it ever be considered similar in any way, Watch dogs is a great game in its own right and so if you want to buy it thinking its going to be no different than GTA V then this is definitely not the game for you. Now the story was pretty good for what you would expect it all to be about, hacking, uncovering secrets and shadowy underworld criminal activities, cyber warfare etc and it works well, your character doesnt inspire a great deal of sympathy because of what he does for a living but given that he gets the chance to atone for past sins (as well as putting down gangsters and other criminals) makes you want to go along for the ride and see what you can do to make the city a better place. with great power comes great responsibility and all that. The gameplay is pretty solid and easy to master, though i have to admit the driving is a bit of a nightmare because at times it felt like i was driving a concrete block rather than a vehicle. but persevere and you'll get there. I especially like the way your actions influence the people in the street, stop crimes from occurring and save lives and people will like you and allow you to walk around the street without any hassle, but piss people off enough and they'll shop you to the police faster than you can blink. The graphics were of amazing quality, especially the water, seriously it was the closest to real water i've ever seen in a game, but the city itself no matter if its day or night looks incredibly beautiful. One of the best things is that the game doesnt end with the campaign, there are PLENTY of side missions to do. The online quests are pretty fun however the main issue i take is that other gamers can "hack" into your game and annoy you, i'm playing the campaign and suddenly i'm told a "hacker" is nearby and taking my game data i therefore have a few minutes to track him down in the designated area and stop him before he succeeds. To help you the designated area the hacker is in shrinks the closer he gets to successfully stealing your data making it somewhat easier to find him, this doesnt always work and there has been many a time when i've actually got so angry at having to deal with this damn nuisance that i opened fire on everyone in the street as i figured that the law of averages would mean i would get to the hacker doesnt always work other than to make your reputation take a serious nose dive. The characters you meet are a mixed bunch, some creepy, some hilarious and all just a little crazy in their own way but they each help make the story feel just that little bit more alive and if that helps you to get drawn into the game then so much the better.

Overall Watch Dogs is a very good game that will have you enthralled for hours on end, yes there are one of two things that could have been better but i definitely recommend this to anyone...especially to those who are not GTA obsessed.
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on 18 June 2014
I first played this on the PC on release day and when I first started, was a little overwhelmed with all the information on screen. Playing for a little while, I stumbled through the first act then decided to restart.

I've now finished the main campaign and have to say it's an amazing game. Throughout the game, I don't think I saw a single bug - which is amazing for a game of this scale. You get used to driving (the first cars are a bit slow but later cars are much better). Combat is as good as it gets. The use of explosives, hacking techniques etc really add to the game.

I played a mixture of stealth and raw firepower and this seemed to work. Sneak into the zones, take a look around, thin out the enemies with hacking / cameras, then sneak in with guns! The police can be irritating but not too much do. Difficulty is just about right after you get over the initial learning curve.

I'm playing on a PC with an Ati 7950 on Ultra and everything seems reasonably smooth apart from a few jerky bits. Changing some settings helped.

So generally, definitely worth buying and playing. Lots of extra missions and multiplayer (which I usually don't use) is different and interesting so once you've finished the game, still lots more to do if you want - just driving around can be great.

One tip - trains are great to get around the city quickly at the start, try to open the ctOS towers and you can then fast travel to your hideouts quickly making travel around the city much easier.
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