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on 7 August 2013
Easy to apply, good quality, doesn't affect the touch screen responsiveness. Quick delivery. Good value for money. Apparently Amazon needs three more words for me to be able to submit this review. I have nothing else to say about a plastic cover
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on 4 May 2013
I'm amazed about the delivery time given ,should have got this item by 10th May 2013 , it got delivered by 3rd MAY 2013.
Brilliant !!
The Screen savers do their job ,no interference with the sensitivity of the screen , leaves the phone looking smart and tydy , very happy .
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on 23 August 2014
Just applied one today and this is how I do it:

I take the phone to a window to get the best light.
Spray a bit of window cleaner on kitchen roll and wipe the screen, then wipe the fibres off with the cleaning cloth provided (watch out for freyed particles on the cloth).
Lightly blow any particles away.
Lay the phone on a flat surface, take off cover 1 (watch out for fibres attracting to the static).
The cover automatically wants to stick to the phone so take care when positioning.
Position squarely from one end then the cover will start stick to the rest of the phone.
Work madly by pushing out any gathering bubbles on the way with your finger working from the middle outwards (like smoothing wallpaper & I don't bother with the card).
Take off cover 2.
And you have another 4 in the pack when you see that inevitable microscopic fibre stuck to the centre of the screen.

I can't recommend these covers highly enough. My phone screen smashed 2 days ago from a fall and it was this cover that saved it. When I took it to the repair shop they tried to sell me a protector for £15, no thanks, not when I can buy them at this price.
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on 4 April 2014
These are the worst screen protectors I've ever bought! I have applied many protectors in the past so have some experience of other products and would say I'm quite proficient at applying them however applying this one was a nightmare!

First of all I wasn't happy with the cut-outs, instead of holes to go round the 'Home' button / speaker etc. there are just big chunks cut-away from the edge of the protector which doesn't look great.

Then, when I tried to apply it, the protector wouldn't stick to the screen - I did eventually get it to stay put but it was not easy!

After eventually getting it to stick I pulled on the tab to remove the outer 'protection' layer and the tab came off (this has never happened on any other screen protector I've used) meaning that it was very difficult to separate the top layer and remove it, also when removing this outer layer it was pulling the screen protector itself away from the screen again!

All in all I'm very disappointed with these protectors - save your money and buy another make (Tech Armour HD ones are pretty good).
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VINE VOICEon 7 April 2013
Decent enough as you get a few screen protectors in the pack (Not sure why you would need so many I mean how many phones do you have?) And a cleaning cloth. The screen protector is not bad its fairly easy to apply but doesn't have a card or something to get the bubbles out when you put the screen protector on.

Other than that not bad really.
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VINE VOICEon 28 May 2013
I have always found that with mobile phones, camera screens and alike you need to give them some form of protection cover the `glass' from scratches and smudges. Like other reviewers I too learned the hard, way and let's be honest these smart phones are not cheap! One plus point with this brand is the fact you get five `screen protectors' for your money. Maybe my manual dexterity is poor but boy are these difficult to position without getting resultant bubbles and other mishaps. The instructions that come with this pack are really printed small and the explanation on how to apply a tad confusing. Now I know why we are sent five in pack!

Only long term use will tell how good this product is, for now I would rate it a good four stars.
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on 21 January 2014
Arrived as indicated, does the job well with easy to follow instruction and with 5 in the pack, they are valuve for money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 July 2013
This kit does exactly what it is supposed to and protects the phone screen from minor scratches, abrasions and grease marks from fingers. It comes with 5 screen protectors, two cleaning cloths and an applicator card to help remove air bubbles during application.

Screen protectors are always a bit fiddly to apply, but I found this to be no better or worse than all of the other kits I have used. The technique I use is to make sure that the screen is cleaned properly first, using the supplied cloth, then peel off part of the lower outer protection film (1), from the bottom of the screen protector and slowly work your way up the screen, using the little applicator card if necessary. Once the protector is in place, then very gently ease off the upper coating film (2). This will sometimes lift the screen protector off the screen slightly, but it is not a huge problem, just gently press the protector screen back into place and try again. Once the upper film is removed, then go over the screen protector again with the applicator card to remove any residual air bubbles. The trick is to work in one direction only (well, I have found this the easiest way) generally from the bottom to the top of the screen.

I have used these screen protectors for two years on my older Galaxy Mini phone and never had to replace one, or on my wife's phone either. They simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. This pack could do with an extra cleaning cloth or two, to make it more useful, but that is being a bit picky. You do have to be careful with the initial alignment, as I managed to partially cover the front camera lens with the protector. Not a concern for me, as I don't use the front camera, but for others it will be annoying. I got the alignment right when I did my wife's phone, as I double checked the line up before removing the outer protection film.

Overall, less than £2 to protect the screen of a £220 phone seems like a pretty good deal to me. Screen sensitivity does not seem to be a problem with the protector fitted on the S3 Mini (this is just my initial experience).

With 5 protectors to play with, you are going to get it right with the application of the films, before you run out of films!! I have done two phones and still have 3 films spare - a bit of patience is the key for these.
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on 2 January 2014
This pack of screen protectors fit relatively easily on the S3 Mini. They do not fit right up to the edge of the screen, but cover the whole area which is used. This is actually an advantage if you have the sort of cover/case which fits round the sides of the phone, as there is no overlap between the edge of the case and the screen protector, so no peeling at the edges. It also makes it a bit easier to apply if you have a little leeway when lining up the edges.

The kit comes with a small microfibre cleaning cloth, which is fairly effective at removing specks of dust and dirt from the screen, and a small piece of card for smoothing out bubbles. It is worth spending time on cleaning the screen very carefully - I end up doing this in the bathroom to get away from pet hair! I found the screen protectors a bit stiffer than others I've used for iPhone and iPod, and therefore a bit trickier to apply. The final top layer was a pain to remove, and first the screen protector peeled away with it (so needed to smooth it all back down again), and then the sticker tab peeled off leaving the top layer behind. Eventually though it worked, and the results are good, no problems with touch sensitivity or visibility of the display.

Delivery from Techgear solutions was impressively fast. It's useful having a pack of 5, as they don't last for ever and also you can afford to discard one if you get dust and bubbles underneath that won't go.
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on 14 January 2014
Firstly the good news : the five pack arrived quickly and the screen savers do go onto the S III mini screen quite well - no significant bubbles, It only took two of them to get the job done satisfactorily. Overall I'm content.

So why one star off?

Well, unlike the screen savers I bought for my earlier Samsung (the Ace 2) these do not cover the entire front face of the phone. Instead of holes to take the main function button, the loudspeaker and the front facing camera, these savers simply stop short of these features - leaving small unprotected areas at the top and bottom of the phone. Probably not serious and one could argue - for the top at least - that it would have been too complicated to go for the hole option on the S III face,
One other slight niggle : when fitting it, be careful when pulling cover 2 off the screen saver (the one still on the outside of the saver once fitted). The whole thing can come off again quite easily. It would seem that the adhesive between that cover and the saver is actually a little stronger than that between the saver and the screen itself. However, once that has been removed carefully, the saver does stay on,
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