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3.6 out of 5 stars30
3.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 June 2013
A group of random people are taking part in a drug trial for "pro 9". It ends up being more than they bargained for.

Not wanting to give anything away, but this drug has some pretty bad side effects.

Actually that's all you need to know about this film. It's ok. It's not particularly original or innovative, and the ending is a bit of a let down, but it was ok to watch once. The acting was not bad at all. It's a british film, which I did not know before I watched it.

As for the content, there is a bit of swearing, no excessive gore bit quite a bit of blood, and a small amount of nudity which is in no way sexual!

I would give this film 3.5/5
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This is a very low budget indie from the UK (hurray!), written and directed by Ian Clark. It was originally called "guinea pigs".


It tells the tale of seven volunteers who sign up for a clinical trial of a new drug, at the out of the way "Limebrook" clinic. It has a nice set up; the isolation piece is credible, given what they are doing and the introduction of the characters (name, age occupation), revealed as they are each in turn given the first dose of the drug, is a clever way of introducing the characters without a lot of unnecessary chat (though it does have a draw-back later).

They are taking part in a "double blind" clinical study, which means neither the participants, nor the researchers know who has been given the drug and who has been administered placebo. A few hours after the trial begins the first patient administered has a very bad reaction to the drug. Then second patient administered then attacks the doctor running the trial - so he can't help.

The remaining patients spend the rest of the film wandering around the corridors or barricading themselves in various rooms, most slowing succumbing to the drug's affects.

There is rather a lot of "shaky cam", but the acting is fine, as these things go, with the standout performance from Steve Evets, as the unemployed "Morty", who seems to be an old hand at taking part in, ahem, "clinical trials".

There are, however some major flaws and too much is left unexplained, which I think is down to a poor script, rather than any deliberate plot devices;

For example, they find a list in an office saying which of the remaining five has been given placebo (and so will be fine, phew!), yet those same characters then creep around the corridors with fellow patients they know have been given the drug and are about to go crazy at any minute. Also, the trick at the beginning of introducing the characters as they each given the drug in turn, also inadvertently gives the rough order in which they will succumb.

Much is never explained; Why do none of the phones work? Why can't the "trial coordinator" (safely locked upstairs while all this is going on) help? "I can't intervene while the trial's still in progress" he tells them, through a locked door. Before closing the blinds. Why don't the "placebos" just leave and get help? Surely the sick people, before they succumb would be running to find the neatest help, not withstanding the motivation to leave provided by their killer cohort wandering the building......

At the end, it all just seemed to run out of steam and ends with no answers, which was disappointing.

Quite a neat little premise, decently acted and directed, but let down by the script.

3 indie stars out of 5
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on 27 May 2015
OK I guess but the plot seems to be a compilation of various other films rather obviously sewn together. Hardly original and some of the scripting/acting is a bit lame in places but still worth watching once.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 November 2013
To be perfectly honest, after just viewing Ian Clark's (director/writer) The Facility, I jumped onto IMDb to find that the rating for it was exactly as I predicted. At the time of writing the film sits at just under 5/10, perhaps not a true marker since it's largely under seen and very few people have bothered to review it, but not a surprising score thus far since familiarity of formula breeds contempt...

Plot basically finds a group of human guinea pigs enrolling for a two week trial at a remote research centre. They are to be injected with a new drug called Pro-9, and after their two week stay they will pocket a cool £2000 each. The group consists of the needy, the inquisitive, the bold and the stupid, and sure enough once night falls and the lock down commences, some of the participants get a reaction to the drug...

It follows the standard trajectory for such a set-up. Characters are introduced, we get to know them for half hour, you quickly learn who the A-Hole is, and then it's drug reaction time and we are thrust into murder death kill and locked in siege panic. Tis a time for heroes, maybe even some interesting revelations? Who will survive? If anyone? Maybe there's a twist in the tale as well?

For his debut feature film Ian Clark has played safe and utilised the low budget wisely. The pic shows him to have great promise in the horror genre, his keen sense of claustrophobic atmosphere is evident and carries the story well, and he knows how to construct a horror scene. He also gets more than solid performances from his lively cast, where Alex Reid (The Descent/Wilderness) is a reassuring presence.

It isn't over bloody, or even terrifying and full of boo jump shocks, but it tickles away at the nerve that doesn't like to be unhinged, and it has a good ending to boot! If you are searching for something new in the sub-genre of zombie/infected siege movies you will be disappointed, but this is actually better than some of those bigger budgeted sub-genre movies. While it marks Clark out as someone British Horror fans might like to keep an eye on. 6.5/10
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on 6 October 2014
A little slow to start with but great when it gets going. For this type of film it's actually quite realistic in terms of what would or could appen in reality. Few jumpy scenes, on the edge if seat moments
The acting was also good
Good film :) glad I bought
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on 7 July 2014
Nothing spectacular here, not really anything new but a nice take with a low budget. End i found a little disappointing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 23 January 2015
This is a really good movie, more of a chiller thriller than a horror but it does have a good twist at the end.
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on 21 September 2015
Very good condition it looked like it had not been used, very pleased.
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on 28 February 2013
The Facility was shown at various festivals during the second half of 2012 and I saw the premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival where it was chosen to be part of "The best of the Fest" programme. The film relates the story of a clinical trial that goes terribly wrong when the drug being tested, PRO-9 produces horrific side effects. The Facility of the title is the remote medical centre to which the volunteers are invited and the action is compressed into a few hours at the single location.
The atmosphere and tensions in the isolated medical complex are well realized and in some ways "The Facility" itself is the real star of the film. Imaginative cinematography and superb sound design coupled with a very fast edit all help create an uneasy and claustrophobic world. Steve Evets as Morty and Amit Shah as Arif deliver the stand-out performances though Aneurin Barnard and Alex Reid are engaging and credible leads.
In summary The Facility is a very well crafted, disturbing and exciting film. It is so refreshing to see a horror film firmly based on reality with a totally plausible story and no zombies, vampires, extraterrestrials, paranormal activity or monsters of any kind.
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`The Facility' is about a group of middle-to-upper class people who volunteer to test a new drug called Pro9. If you can get over the fact that all but one appear far too well-to-do to feel the need to be human guinea pigs, then you have a reasonable premise for a horror/thriller movie.

Naturally, things go wrong. The drug makes people go crazy and look like they're suffering from extreme sunburn. I'm sure the writer wanted to convey a message about how bad pharmaceutical companies are. However, if that was the `hidden message' then it's a little too well hidden.

What transpires plays out like a low budget zombie film (almost like a rough prequel to 28 Days Later). When the side effects start to show themselves in the test subjects, they just go crazy (think `The Infected' from 28 Days Later) and, due to the `sunburnt-effect' make-up, appear like zombies.

What's left is people running and hiding from their former colleagues all the way through it.

That wouldn't be so bad if the characters were a little more defined. However, half the test subjects are pretty unlikable and the others (even the good ones we're supposed to root for) are just too bland for us to be bothered about. The acting is as good as you can expect, but it isn't the actors' fault that they have so little to work with.

It's not the worst horror/thriller film out there, it just probably could have been a little better.
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