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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Machine
I was undecided whether to get this or a PS4. I chose the Xbox 1 because my favorite console of the last generation was the 360. The console is pretty big but it looks good and the controller feels like a much improved 360 controller. It was easy to set up and move my gamertag across and menus are much better than on the 360. The games are great and look amazing...
Published 3 months ago by RedXIII

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3.0 out of 5 stars Microsoft Xbox One Review
Well.... I've owned the console since launch day and I have a Day One Edition, it's now time to write my review and share my thoughts.

Unfortunately my console was one of many that was a Day One Disk Cruncher and it took me 2 MONTHS (65 days to be exact) to get a replacement. I could still play download games and since getting a replacement I've played quite a...
Published 7 months ago by T. W. Marshall

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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Machine, 12 Jun 2014
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
I was undecided whether to get this or a PS4. I chose the Xbox 1 because my favorite console of the last generation was the 360. The console is pretty big but it looks good and the controller feels like a much improved 360 controller. It was easy to set up and move my gamertag across and menus are much better than on the 360. The games are great and look amazing (TitanFall, Dead Rising 3, Watch Dogs) and as this is a new console they're only going to get better. After E3 there's going to be a avalanche of new games (Evil Within, Destiny, Evolve (OMG Evolve looks AMAZING!!!!), Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and more) later in the year which is cooool! B-)
Online multiplayer is as brilliant as always with Microsoft, that was one of the things that I felt let the Playstation down in the last gen as I'd always be waiting ages to get a game.
The thing that really surprised me was the kinect, I always thought it was pointless but now realise it is integral to the Xbox one. Voice commands and Skype are cool and automatically signing in when it recognises you is great. Using it in certain games like dead rising 3 is fun too, if you make a noise in the real world it alerts the nearest horde of zombies.
In conclusion, it's a great machine, great service and I feel ready for the new generation of games!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very impressed with this console, 2 Sep 2014
M. MCCRORY "it's good to talk" (Frankfurt, Germany) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
First of all, I have always been a Playstation fan and player and had every intention of buying a PS4 when it came out as by all reports this was a superior system to the Xbox One. I live in Germany and my son, who still lives and studies in Scotland, convinced me to buy the Xbox one as he had one and loved it. So I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought the console with few games, Battlefield 4, Tomb Raider, Forza 5 and Titan Fall. All I can say is that this console is absolutely brilliant. The games mentioned look amazing on this console and I really love the Xbox controller, even though I've bought a Venom X controller to play the FPS games (I know this is cheating). I plan on buying the PS4 next year when Uncharted 4 comes out but I would thoroughly recommend the Xbox one console. I've noticed that there are a lot of one star reviews on this but I think this is either people who bought their consoles when it just came out and there were a few teething problems or that they are just PS fanboys who would hate this console no matter what.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best., 14 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
The voice controls become more and more effective as the system is updated. Most recent example - UK TV (Sky) boxes are now supported - so we have full voice control over the set top box other than for finding recorded programmes. Excellent. The games are stunning in every way - and continue to get better with patches and frequent DLC. Some have remarkable graphics (Ryse) some take the established gameplay mechanics forward (Titanfall) whilst others are just a blast to play with friends (Kinect Sports Rivals). there are new entries in beloved franchises (Dead Rising 3) and the prospect of exciting NEW franchises arriving soon (Sunset Overdrive). Live for online play is astonishingly smooth - and the recent announcement that the XB1 is going to benefit from "Games with Gold" improves the value proposition further. For me - this is the future of console gaming. Not jsut "The same, but faster". We are still at the very beginning of the lifecycle, but the developers are learning fast and delivering EXCELLENT experiences already.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Unbiased Review, 14 Sep 2014
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
I didn't buy my console from Amazon but the sheer amount of lies in the one star ratings is disgusting (anyone reading reviews before deciding should read up on the ridiculous console fanboy war first) . And almost none are verified purchases. So here's an unbiased review.

I bought the console on day one and to be fair it was a bit ropey to start. The build quality of the console is to the same high quality as the 360 (apart from the controller) and every component feels like it's high end. If I had one complaint about the build it would be that it looks rather uninspired in my opinion.

The day one controller broke within a week so had to be replaced. However the next controller felt much better and is still going.

Kinect can be amazing, if you put the time in. It takes time for it to learn how to tell you apart from others (possibly four attempts) but when it does it's flawless. It also has a night vision and thermal camera so will still see you in total darkness. If you take time to calibrate the voice commands to your rooms ambient noise then those are very clever too. However unless you put the time in (about half an hour of messing with it) kinect can be frustrating, loading the wrong profile and not hearing you. However if you're one of the conspiracy lunatics that thinks the government is actually interested in watching you as you watch tv or listening to your conversations about Game of Thrones or are simply plotting to take over the world then a kinectless version is available.

At first the consoles software seemed limited, but almost a year after release and dozens of updates I have to say it's fast becoming a one stop media machine. You can even use it to stream tv to any device with smartglass.

The games play brilliantly, and quality issues aside the Xbox controller is still fantastic. If you keep the console in low power mode then a game will automatically load up where you left off and will be ready to play immediately. Furthermore, when playing CoD you can say "Xbox go to Battlefield 4" and it will switch games (as long as at least one of them is a digital copy) in less than a second. This for me is where next gen is. It's also worth reading up on the Snap function, which lets you watch a football game or whatever on the tv while playing FIFA or any other game.

However it has to be said that the console is far from perfect. Getting party chat to work can be frustrating one day and flawless the next. As someone has mentioned the updates can be annoying but again, in low power mode, it updates while you sleep. And in silence.

Personally I like the Xbox One and am happy with my choice.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Xbox One is a Top Notch Console, 25 Nov 2013
K. Sohal (London, UK) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
The following is written in the context of X360/PS3/PS4 -all consoles I own and enjoy in their own right.

I start with a summary in [1] and if you want more in depth coverage please continue on to the other sections:
[2] Improvements vs X360/PS3
[3] What's worse vs X360/PS3
[4] Exclusive Features
[5] Missing Features
[6] Debateable Features
[7] Useful notes if you are considering buying an X1 or have bought an X1.

[1] ***SUMMARY***
The Xbox One deserves 4.5 out of 5 as the games are gorgeous, the dash is clean & crisp and combined with Microsoft's attempt to innovate further via Kinect 2.0 & TV control, the X1 is worthy of a next generation label. Moreover, the console is impressively quiet even while playing games or watching blu-ray movies and looks wise, while it is just a box it is understated and what you might call a 'classic' design. A further innovation, that I haven't tested personally, is the ability to access games you have purchased digitally, on another X1 console while you are present in front of the Kinect. Very smart. Microsoft have also tried to future proof certain aspects of the console's capability with 3 USB3 ports, 1 HDMI in, 1 infra-red in, WiFi direct and 4K video capability.

There is however room for improvement on the small gaming library and apps, software optimisation to re-obtain certain functions from previous consoles, Kinect is only integrated to the gameplay in some of the launch games and there is the limiting factor of the console not being made to stand vertically. The first two are admittedly a non-issue for me as I still have my old consoles, as is the vertical orientation but I can see this being a problem for some people. Therefore I think it's fair to take off one star for these issues as they don't detract from the overall offering. The highlighted areas for improvement (app and gaming library) should drive your decision about when or if to consider a next gen console yourself, since most other things are terrific.

I personally think all consoles are too expensive when they're released as the better games and experiences won't come for at least 6-12 months, at which time the price may even have dropped sufficiently for the console to be a better value proposition.

As a technology junkie though, I couldn't help myself in buying day one. Think of me as your guinea pig =)

[2] ***WHAT'S IMPROVED vs X360/PS3***

CONSOLE LOAD TIME: the dash loads and signs me in to Xbox Live in 12 seconds from standby mode. This compares to previous gen of around 1 minute. FYI I am using WiFi n @ 5Ghz (built in this time) connected to 60Meg fibre optic broadband in case you're wondering about my internet setup.

DASHBOARD IS SIMPLE, organised and generally intuitive in relation to 360 and PS3; just three tabs (pins) (home) (store). The first of which consists of icons which are essentially a list of favourites and the others are self explanatory. You can choose the colour for the tiles/theme (away from green), which is a nice touch. Otherwise text and objects look sharper generally.

KINECT VOICE CONTROL WORKS WELL ~90% of the time, as long as you learn the commands and the room doesn't have too much background noise/other people speaking. You can request "Xbox On", Xbox use a code, Xbox go to settings, Xbox go to <GAME NAME>, Xbox Turn Off. At the same time Kinect can read QR codes, useful for activating digital game codes, extra game DLC content or the X1 day one achievement! I hope all redeemable codes are issued with an equivalent QR format in future as it saves a lot of hassle and time, not to mention being very clever.

KINECT BODY TRACKING, is truly amazing. It picks up on every part of your body moving and twisting. Fitness, Dancing and physical action based games should be a blast. Kinect can even see in very low light, due to IR sensors. I hear that it can even track your heartbeat based on changes in your skin complexion!

GRAPHICS ARE A BIT SPECIAL! The amount of step up vs past gen depends on the game, Forza is real eye candy (if you didn't think it was before), Battlefield 4 looks amazing as are the physics of destruction and `levolution' events, FIFA 14 looks a bit better (improved player faces and stadium fans are in 3D now), COD Ghosts looks somewhat better but also like it was cross built for previous gen and touched up and maybe rushed in parts....I think the developers can do even more given where Battlefield 4 and PC exclusive games are at. Importantly though, each game I play is really smooth -no frame drops, no stuttering or slowdown....just smooth gameplay. That's how console gaming should be. PC gaming has always suffered a lack of consistency on this front (regardless of specs).

CONSOLE RUNS VERY QUIETLY, even quieter than the best in class Noctua fans in my PC at standard setting....and easily quieter than previous gen consoles and even the PS4 but by a fraction. The air pushed out the vents on top of the X1 console consists of slightly warm, very light airflow -think of the minimum amount of air you would have to blow to disperse dandelion seeds from the plant/flower and reduce that by half. Relative to last gen, the expelled air from an X1 is cooler.

CONSOLE LOOKS LIKE IT IS BUILT WITH QUALITY TO LAST. Reminds me of the original Xbox, but with visible vents contrasted with piano black surfaces over half of the console. FYI Microsoft claim that the thing is built to be on non-stop for 10 years. Make of that what you will. I can say that the 360 and PS3 to some extent looked like cheap plastic but the new X1 and PS4 look like they're made of durable stuff. Otherwise in terms of defining features, I like the way the Xbox's X logo glows white consistently on the console/Kinect/controller. A* for branding. I also like the minimalist approach to design.

NEW GAMES CAN BE BOUGHT DIGITALLY ON DAY OF RELEASE. If you are lazy, don't want to venture in to the cold/rain or you forgot to pre-order a copy of a highly popular game (GTA5 anyone?) you can now download a digital copy of the game on the day of midnight if you cant wait until the shops open!

GAMES ARE PLAYABLE WHILE THEY DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL, but only after you have downloaded a certain amount. My experience was that for Forza5/Battlefield4 I needed 10% completed but for COD Ghosts I needed 51% and if connected to the internet I needed to download up to 500MB of initial game patches before being able to play. Useful Tip: As of writing date, you should know that for some reason disc based games install much faster if you disconnect the console from internet first.

EVERY "TASK" CAN BE SWITCHED OUT OF AND THEN RESUMED QUICKLY. If you switch out of a game/movie/app to do something else (internet explorer, browse online store, run another app etc) the X1 keeps the original task in paused mode while you do something else -the home screen has a main window or a tile from where you can reselect what you were originally doing after your done with your secondary activity. Very very handy. You can also choose a setting, whereby you can resume exactly what you were doing after having switched off the console! Also quite handy.

YOU CAN HAVE TWO "WINDOWS" UP/SNAPPED AT THE SAME TIME. This means you can play a game or TV over four fifths of the screen and have skype or another app on the right. You can even have internet explorer on the right, but I found the window to be too small for general surfing the internet at the same time. It could be useful for Skype message/video pop up, xbox party chat or leaving self refreshing web pages open (such as BBC football) however.

TRIGGERS HAVE INDEPENDENT RUMBLE BUILT IN. If the game supports it, only Forza 5 appears to at this point, each respective trigger will rumble as necessary. E.g. When the car is wheel spinning because too much "gas" (or accelerator) is applied, the right trigger rumbles. When you brake harshly with the left trigger, it rumbles. But when you accelerate or decelerate smoothly the triggers don't rumble! This is a really smart feature.

X1 PAD. The pad feels more ergonomic overall; thumbsticks have grains around the edge to stop them slipping during vigorous gaming sessions, the d-pad clicks in directionally (up down left and right) with more accuracy and less wobble, the labelling on the X Y A B buttons is clearer, the Xbox button (glows white) is further up the pad and requires a firmer press which has resulted in no accidental presses so far, buttons are a little closer together I think and the back of the pad is flush -no battery compartment sticking out.

SMARTGLASS SMARTPHONE APP. This upgraded app connects the X1 to Windows/Android/iOS smartphones & tablets much faster this time around due to a WiFi direct connection. The app allows you to control onscreen activity with swipes, button presses and you can even use your device as a keyboard input device (messaging or other text based input). More importantly you can use your device as a second screen -E.g. in Dead Rising you can view the in game map and as you move around in the game your position moves on the map just like it would in a SatNav/GPS system!

PLAY & CHARGE KIT (separately available) DOUBLES UP AS A "WIRED" LEAD. When the X1 pad is connected to the console through the provided wire, the wireless signal from the pad goes to sleep and data is sent directly through the wire instead, which results in a "lag-free" connection. This may or may not be the case with the PS4 (TBC).

CHAT/CONFERENCE CALLING, is clearer than before. Skype really shines in 1080p with HD audio. I hope MS provide for multi-person conference calling in future. I suspect it is a matter of time.

XBOX LIVE GOLD BENEFITS; provided the main console user's profile has an active Gold account, then the Gold benefits are extended to all other profiles on the console as well.

USB 3.0 PORTS instead of 2.0; there is one on the left side of the console and two at the rear. I see these as a future proofing measure for when Microsoft release a patch to allow connections of external hard drives/media devices. The only device that I am aware of, that utilises the USB port at present is the play and charge kit.

[3] ***WHAT'S WORSE VS X360/PS3***

LESS APPS; currently restricted to Internet Explorer, Skype, 4OD, Netflix, LoveFilm and Eurosport. One notable exclusion is BBC iPlayer. My understanding is that `high value' apps, such as this, are not available yet because they are being programmed to work with Kinect functionality (e.g. "watch Doctor Who"). Prelaunch MS have spent a majority of their time on US apps (thumbs down I know), but hopefully this will change in the near future.

OPTIONS AND SETTINGS HAVE EITHER BEEN MOVED OR REMOVED, for better and for worse, so there is some re-learning to do. Although things are generally intuitive, I didn't like certain things to change. E.g. The overlaid menu when you hit the xbox button on the 360 has been eradicated. But this used to be my go to place for redeeming a code, checking my achievements, playing a bit of music or seeing who was online. Admittedly hitting the button does now take you from whatever you're doing directly to the dash from where you can do the same functions, while being able to quickly resume what you were doing. The Kinect has also helped out at certain times when I couldn't find something, so I guess it's not too bad all things considered.

CONSOLE SIZE @ 33cm width x 27cm depth x 8cm height is larger than X360, X360s and PS3 slim and about the same as PS3. Against the PS4, the X1 is about 3cm wider and 2-3cm taller. Console sizes have never been an issue for me as I am not space constricted, but might be for you. Whether bigger means better airflow over the expensive internal parts/cooler internals is to be seen. But the airflow out the case is definitely cooler than previous gen consoles.

CONSOLE at ~4kg feels heavier than the slim version of previous consoles, but about the same as full sized PS3, X360 and PS4. Weight is also irrelevant to me since my consoles just sit in their allocated homes and when I do take them to a friend's place for some LAN gaming, say 3-4 times a year, I just take them in my car. Plus I am a mannn!

CONSOLE CANNOT BE PLACED VERTICALLY, only horizontally. This makes the console less versatile in terms of where you can put it. Obviously the reason for this is because MS want the hot air to rise directly out of the top of the console on the right side where the vented area is. The PS4 (and previous gen) can handle both inclinations, so this is a definite annoying limitation in my opinion.

PAD BUMPER BUTTONS (LB and RB), have to be pressed in from the front firmly whereas the previous bumpers could be pressed in from a front or side angle using a lighter touch. Sure it results in less accidental presses but that was never an issue for me in the past and now I have to readjust the way I press the buttons.

LACK OF CROSS-GEN CHAT. This isn't really part of what's worse, but it is annoying that you cannot have party chat with friends that are online on their X360.


+ KINECT 2 - already discussed. I would say however that the Kinect 2 does perform better than the PS4 camera. My short experience of the PS camera showed that the functions were limited to only a few tasks such as "Play <GAME NAME>" and "Start" to confirm, but when there was other noise present it would do random things that I didn't want. I think over time Sony may improve the PS camera, but right now it doesn't stand up to the accuracy of Kinect.

+ X1 HAS BUILT IN DUAL BAND WIFI, i.e. runs with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals.
Provided your router supports dual band wifi as well, 5Ghz provides a better more stable connection vs 2.4GHz (used in previous gen standard devices and ALSO THE PS4) but 5GHz has a slightly shorter range. I have had online gaming issues with 2.4GHz in the past (random disconnects or low speed) for previous consoles, regardless of my router's "channel" setting.

This problem is more likely in the presence of other 2.4GHz devices such as computers/laptops/cordless telephones/microwaves/mobile phones/etc. Not to mention neighbours' devices that can also cause interference / dropped internet connection. This may or may not be an issue for you, but it has been enough of a nuisance in the past that I bought a good dual band router and a wireless adaptor respectively. I am glad that I don't need any additional WiFi equipment for the X1.

+ X1 TRIGGERS RUMBLE, individually and separately to pad which also rumbles -this works nicely in Forza 5 (as discussed already), but other games such as COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4 haven't made use of this feature yet which is a real shame as it would provide another dimension to being shot while you are aiming for example.

+ KINECT ACTIONS IN GAME, such as peaking around corners by leaning your body to one side. I quite like this and didn't expect it to be helpful, but it is and it works. However I note that certain games have already started to feature leaning by simply facing the edge of a wall and then aiming down the sights (COD Ghosts).

+ HDMI IN PORT, you can pass through another HDMI signal; your X360/PS3/PS4 (with around half a second of lag, so not good for competitive online multiplayer), your Cable/Sky (choose a straight pass through or load a tv guide on the X1 and potentially use Kinect for voice commands such as change channel).

+ WiFi DIRECT, which enables extremely fast data connection to smartphone/tablet e.g. for smartglass app which lets you control on screen action. There are other possible uses of this technology such as wireless HD connections to TVs in the future, but this is unconfirmed at this point. As it stands WiFi Direct is overkill for current uses, as opposed to RF/WiFi used in X360 and Bluetooth which is the primary method used for wireless comms in the PS3/PS4.

+ SKYPE, you get 100 minutes of call free for 6 months after activation. The usefulness of this is situation dependent.

+ Dedicated Microsoft servers on the X1. Microsoft has made "300,000" servers for online services/multiplayer available for free to ALL games developers. (apparently this is equivalent to the total amount of servers globally, across all companies, back in 1999!) If the software developer takes advantage of this, for their game, then it should result in a smoother and more stable online multiplayer. Xbox live has always been exceptional for online play, so I see this as future proofing and levelling the playfield for games developers if anything. Online play on PS3 wasn't as stable as X360, mostly because of a lack of investment by Sony since they offered the service for free while Microsoft charged and made the necessary investment. Sony still wont have their own dedicated servers for PS4 (although games developers can make their own servers available if they so wish), but are charging for online play this time around so general online connectivity should be improved nevertheless.


- Touchpad(PS4)/Screen(Wii U)/speaker (PS4) on pad. Touchpad (per PS4) could be useful in the future, even though it's underutilised by launch games. The usefulness of having a screen on the controller (per Wii U) seems limited to me and is more of a distraction of what is on screen. Also, it will likely be negated in the near future given second screen functionality on tablets and smartphones that is being worked on for X1 & PS4, depending on the game. These devices can at least be put on a surface in front of you, but a screen on a pad requires me to look further away from the screen. Having a speaker (PS4) on the pad is a bit of a gimmick in my view as I want to either hear and/or feel sound through full sized speakers or via a gaming headset.

- Friends list is no longer a list on X1, but now appear as tiles scattered across and down the screen. The PS4 layout shows friends in a list (like the old 360), which is clearer in my view.

- You cannot view a live video feed of your friend's current activity and jump right in to the game with them. This is something the PS4 has, but the X1 doesn't appear to (at least I haven't figured out how to). I would have quite liked to see this feature on the X1 at launch, but I think we'll have to wait before Microsoft decide to upgrade the software.

- X1 does not have an inbuilt power supply. It comes with a separate power supply, just like the 360. Sony however managed to fit it in to the PS3 and PS4 chassis. I have seen inside an X1 and there is empty space in there....whether this improves the console's temperature/durability or not is to be seen.

- X1 does not have a replaceable hard drive. PS4 apparently does (I don't know what the size limit is or if it voids the warranty though). This may be more of an issue in the future if you decide to go discless in this generation. Besides game install sizes are ballooning this gen, ranging from 8Gb for Fifa to 39Gb for COD Ghosts, which could fill up the drive quickly. Admittedly most folks don't play `older' games again but some might. Microsoft said that they will allow external hard drives in future, but I don't know if that applies for game installs. I am also sure that new iterations of X1 will be released with higher capacity harddrive configurations, but right now you only have the option of 500Gb (=PS4 capacity).

- STREAM GAMEPLAY TO PS VITA, the PS4 lets you do this. If you own a PS Vita and other members of the household get their way over the TV connected to the PS4 you can stream the gameplay to your handheld instead!


= TV/other input - I haven't tested it fully, but being able to control the TV channel and volume via Kinect would be convenient. X1 did manage to show my Virgin cable guide and Kinect controlled a few channel changes. However additional features, such as viewing fantasy football etc, are (as announced) US centric @ launch. I am not as interested in this feature since I moved the X1 out of the living room and into my own room and I don't watch TV much these days -I prefer to stream using Netflix, Lovefilm, 4OD or BBC iPlayer.

= Dashboards on PS4 and X1 are an improvement over last gen. I personally prefer the X1 vs PS4 and it was the same with X360, I preferred it to the PS3's. The PS4 has admittedly closed a large part of the gap vs Xbox, but many things remain in one big horizontal line of boxes (or sometimes vertical list on left) on the PS4. I get the impression that Sony haven't put as much effort as Microsoft in to simplifying things for launch.

= Exclusive games, including indie games. PS4 has it's own and the X1 has its own. These come down to personal preference. I am looking forward to exclusives on both. More specifically though, in terms of multi platform games, Japanese RPGs have always performed better on Sony's consoles and I will continue to buy those on PS's always. Also the indie game selection on PSN offers a bit more variety, with more free games. I understand though that Microsoft will continue to offer free games through Xbox Live Gold, but I haven't seen anything exciting on X1 yet except 2 games that failed to entice me away...although that could be because I had other games waiting that I had bought.

= Friends activity feed, like twitter or facebook. I don't personally like this. I care about what my friends are doing right now, not about what they have been doing since I last logged in....(feature is a bit stalkerish in my opinion)

= The LS and RS (the click in on the thumbsticks) feel a bit better on the PS4's dual shock 4 controller, but I like the thumbstick placement and triggers on the X1 pad a bit better. Which you prefer will be down to how the pad feels in your hands.

= CONTROVERSIAL POINT ALERT......Horsepower difference vs PS4. Much like the PS3 vs X360 before it, the PS4 has been documented ONLINE as being the more powerful system due to extra GPU cores and potentially faster reading memory. But some sources say that the X1 has extra memory in the form of eSRAM (I have no idea how this works, PCs don't use it), a faster clock speed per CPU-GPU core, a separate audio chip to offload calculations and etc. This whole debate is um, debateable and I don't think we will know which machine runs games better or importantly what the bottlenecks of each are for at least 12 months. E.g. There have been reports of the PS4 dropping frames/juddering on COD Ghosts or Battlefield 4, I can't remember which of the two (source e.g. Polygon).

I personally have not been able to view the X1 and PS4 concurrently, side by side in real life to comment. I have however watched a few youtube clip comparisons in 1080p and the graphical difference isn't particularly apparent to me.

If you didn't hear about it already this was all brought to the forefront via "resolutiongate". It was all about (COD Ghosts on X1@720p native upscaled to 1080p vs PS4@1080p native) or (Battlefield 4 on X1@720p upscaled to 1080p vs PS4@900p upscaled to 1080p). During the separate time I have had with each console, game differences appear to be slight differences in colour palette and shadows. Certain extremely thin objects such as wire fences and pylons look slightly clearer on the PS4 while certain lighting looks slightly better on the X1. I couldn't really see any framerate differences across the systems. However, i'll end up with both consoles and will play a given game on the console on which whichever set of friends asks me to play, so thankfully "which console is better" doesn't matter to me. I just want to have fun! High-end PCs have the best graphical experience anyway so I will always be losing out graphically, that is until I upgrade my PC's graphics card or build a new PC!

= X1 has an over the head headset, similar to the X360, but the headband is flatter. This compares to an in the ear headset with the PS4. I care for neither as I prefer proper gaming headphones with a boom mic.

[7] ***USEFUL NOTES***

On day one, you will need internet connectivity to download and install a 500Mb software update, before you can do anything on the console. Download (@60Meg) took less than 30 seconds and install took about 2 minutes. Going through the console's initial setup (region, language, xbox live account login etc) and Kinect (video and sound calibration) setup took about 10 minutes.
Most if not all games need to be partially installed, even if you are trying to play them from disc.

Disc based games install faster if you disconnect from the internet first (not sure why).

A "high speed" HDMI cable and single ear piece headset are included in the box (similar to the X360).

The pad is wireless and takes 2 x AA batteries (comes with 2 duracells, lasted about 25hrs). A separate play and charge kit is available to buy, which consists of a rechargeable pack (which can be replaced down the line if necessary) and a micro-usb to usb cable. Microsoft claim a 30hr dissipation time.

The system outputs digital video and audio via HDMI @720p, 1080p and 1080i. There is no analogue video (SCART/component) or analogue audio (2x RCA phono) connection this time around. Your only options straight from the console are HDMI with the added option of outputting digital audio via an optical S/PDIF connection. Otherwise you will require video/audio adaptors.

Be sure to play with the display settings on the console dashboard, since you may be able to improve the picture just by making a few button presses. E.g. After selecting "Full RGB" instead of "Partial RGB", the colours on my display really came to life. You can also select "Colour bit per pixel", I upped it from 24 to 36 but I don't know if more really is more or not / noticeable in this setting.

If you already have a Xbox Live membership on your X360, it automatically applies to your X1 console as well. You can use the same account across two consoles at the same time, but I haven't tested whether you can play multiplayer games on both consoles simultaneously under the same profile.

A full set of Kinect commands can be found on Tumblr [...]

LASTLY I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE REVIEW - Kudos to you if you made it through to the end =)
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Xbox one, 2 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
was just what i expected and i love it, packaging was good, quick dispatch. was quite happy, amazing HD/Graphics high recommend console well worth buying. controller feels great in your hand easy to grip, love voice control kinect. Xbox updates quite quick can defo tell the different when playing Xbox one then going on Xbox 360, haven't stop playing Xbox one since got it
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars No hate., 27 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
I love it. I am not some console fan boy, I love pc as well but I expected less! I used this for the first time playing thief and I felt immersed in a splice of pc and console experience, a lovely OS and user friendly and for the hardcore tech fans, they specs are great, it runs smoothly and looks beautiful. Worth paying for live to use it. The controller is also lovely to use. My only criticism is the install time for some games:)
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars It's a great console, 5 Sep 2014
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
The console is the perfect games console/media system, although not as powerful as the PS4 the X1 is still a great console, if you don't want to spend the extra money on the kinect or are unsure about it get it, it is so much different than the 360 kinect the voice recognition is almost perfect, it works 9/10 time without fault, you do not realise how good it is until you use it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars it is fast and make my family fun, 16 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
it is really a good console.My son feels very funny on this game console.All my family members like it very much.
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29 of 36 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Really suprised, 4 Dec 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Xbox One Console with Kinect (Console)
Having been a gamer for 30 years, I was with xbox the last gen and was all set to continue with them until I heard all the ps4 stories and the horror of some games not being 1080p on xb1. I spent ages looking online at facts and figures about 1080 vs 720p and how people said BF4 looked better on ps4, and I also had no interest in Kinect. In the end I ended up with both conoles but the XB1 is the one I prefer, very impressed with the voice recognition and as for the games, they all look fantastic,ive played BF4 on both XB1 and PS4 and they both look fantastic, so all that ps4 power shouldn't matter. By contrast I found the ps4 bland and basically nothing new. Absolutely delighted with this item.
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