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4.3 out of 5 stars72
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2014
Iv had a few versions of the burning over the years and can't recommend this one enough it's a top notch slasher that had some great likeable characters who you actually like not like the new horror film cannon fodder we get now. they dount do them like this any more it's great and has some of the best onscreen slaughter you will ever witness check this one out 10outa10
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on 20 June 2013
***This review is for SCREAM FACTORY'S BLU-RAY RELEASE*******

When a prank goes horribly wrong, summer camp caretaker Cropsey gets horribly burned. While it was an honest mistake, Cropsey naturally cannot let things go. After getting out of hospital he decides to try and relieve some of tha anger and frustration by visiting a hooker. Sadley it turns out Cropseys never getting a lady again, not even a lady of the night so after eviscerating the poor prostitute who turns him down he heads straight back to summer camp to begin the killing.

Banned on video in the 'video nasties' panic of the early eighties before being re-issued cut, the Burning gained somewhat of a cult reputation. A lot of films that ended up on the DPP list became cult classics mainly due to the noteriety of being banned. Some, like the Burning became cult classic by virtue of actually being pretty good. In fact it's still one of my favourite Miramax movies its produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein and based on an actualy urban ledgend told in summer camps around the New York area.

The Burning does nothing origional. It follows in the footsteps of the Friday 13th films and borrows a lot of the conventions of the summer camp slasher from parts 1 & 2 of those films, from the Summer camp setting, the Tom Savini gore effects (from the first movie, he turned down part 2 to do this) and the ghost story around the campfire. Its probably worth mentioning Savini claims the Weinsteins were developing this before the orgional Friday the 13th but I dont know how true that is. While the film may do nothing origional it does take the conventions of the genre and do them very well indeed. The film is suspensful. It looks great and its well edited by the hugely talented Jack sholder (aside from nightmare on elm street 2 of course!). Rick wakeman provides an excellent score and the film is a fun, gorey slice of eighties nostalgia. It even has the added bonus of an early role for Jason alexander (george Costanza from Seinfeld) and a small early role for Holly Hunter.

I got a bit worried before the disc arrived. I read on forums it 'wasnt much of an upgrade from DVD'. Thankfully i'd already bought the film and was waiting for it to arrive as in fact the Blu-ray represents a real noticable improvement over the DVD even on upscale. It looks sharper, has more detail and the colours look better. There is some print damage evident in places but it looks natural and 'film-like'. I ran the MGM release straight afterwards and its definately an upgrade, proving half of what you read on forums is probably bull****. Extras wise it ports over all the extras from the MGM dvd including the excellent commentary track from Tony Maylam and Alan Jones. We also get new extras in the shape of a second commentary and some added featurettes. I'm not so keen on the cover but thats my only real gripe with an otherwise excellent package.

Sadly like most scream Factory discs its region locked. So If you can't play region A it might actually be worth waiting. Not long back there was a UK screening of a 35mm print down in London. Sadly being a northern monkey I was unable to attend but hopefully it bodes well for a british release somewhere down the line from either Arrow or Second sight, both of who seem to be handling the MGM liscened material in the UK. Even better we might get the origional Thorn EMI sleeve art or the Vipco art, both of which I prefer to this releases.
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on 1 August 2013
First time I saw The Burning was on my grandads uncut VHS around about 1996.
Ever since then I've been a huge fan, and prefer it over Friday 13th.
If you haven't seen this movie already, and you're a fan of horror, the I highly recommend this movie.
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on 8 July 2014
Love these 80s horror flix. Well done amazon for letting us purchase these classics. The gore still stands strong today thanx to tom savini none of this cgi rubbish here:) if you've never seen this I highly recommend you do.
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2007
At last one of the best of the so called "video nasties" gets released on dvd. You will be relieved to know that the print is uncut with the notorious finger cut shot intact. The print is excellent and is in 1.85 widescreen and puts the fullscreen UK Vipco dvd release to shame. There is also a very insightfull audio commentry by the directer and a short featurette on Tom Savini who did the special effects.

The film was originally released on Thorn EMI video back in the 1980's, but the print they released was accidently uncut. As a result they had to withdraw all videos and get them replaced with the BBFC certified version. This didn't stop is being banned. As a result the uncut video release is highly collectable nowdays.

The plot is not the most original - a vengefull caretaker who was badly burned kills a number of campers in various graphic ways. It's rather like Friday The 13th with all the gore effects intact. This shows why Tom Savini is number 1 for special effects. No CGI in those days.

This is an excellent release and is very cheap on Amazon. So what are you waiting for ? Buy this dvd now is you enjoy a good slasher film.
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on 4 September 2015
The Burning. R1 DVD, R-rated U.S import. 1980.
The picture quality's outstanding, widescreen 1.85:1 & fills
all the screen on a modern T.V. A prank goes 'pear shaped'
& the consequences are dire, the kids (teens) at the summer
camp are bang in trouble. There's a reason horror addicts
love this movie, basically it delivers the goods & Savini's fx
are the icing on the cake. As far as i know it's uncut, did
some checking and this MGM release is meant to be complete.
A big thanks for the reviewers who have also stated this.
Extras: commentary, blood 'n' fire memories. Run time: 1hr 31min 22 sec.
ST. Catherines Hospital. RM 113
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on 29 March 2011
One of the most gratifying sights of cinema is when a batch of teen rotten acting is righteously punished by ferocious, bloody death ~ and that's basically 'the Burning.'

It's pointless being abstract - or even to get the brain out - for 'the Burning.' It is what it is: a great, stupid thriller set away at 'summercamp' (I've been to one of these: Glan Llyn, close to Bala Lake in North Wales. Run by an organisation called The Urdd ~ brutal fascists to a man. I was nearly killed when the canoe I was expertly and courageously manouevering over some 'Deliverance'- style rapids, suddenly tipped over...), with a maniac in the woods hacking at the kiddies with a garden-shears. Good.

It flies, has reasonable nudity, great gore-effects, a fab Rick Wakeman score ~ and vile, smug, bullying boys and vile, smug unsexy girls get diced and sliced by rote. Undemanding. A massive clunking film for idiots. The most sympathetic characters in the film are a guy who's unwittingly to blame for all the carnage.....and a sex pest.
'Cropsy' (chokes laughing), the burnt killer, is so subversive that he doesn't slaughter the sex pest when he has him at his mercy. Instead, he simply ties him up and starts playing with a welding torch until help arrives. Dumb pancake face.

'the Burning' boasts an air of slimy perniciousness which I adored. Cropsy has a vague vengeange vibe going on, but thankfully it's not explored in any depth - director Tony Maylem choosing to focus on big chunky violence and spurting cables. Stereotypical weedy smart-mouth loses his fingers 6 inches from the camera; stereotypical anorexic popsy has her forehead split open because she doesn't run away when she sees a disfigured, shears-weilding loonie staggering towards her; and a stereotypical meat-head gets (awesomely !) stabbed in the throat, carried through the air by dripping hedge-cutters before getting fixed - with an orgasmic, splashy thud - to a tree.
Come the dawn, one nuisance-slum family is one half-witted dependent down, and Cropsy's earned his corn (groan).

'the Burning' is classic lowest-common-denominator trash. A senseless, witless abomination ~ and thoroughly enjoyable.
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on 12 April 2008
I LOVE this movie- I was lucky enough to see the film when it first came out as a kid. Full uncut. Before it was added to the Banned list in the U.K and taken off the shelves. I have enjoyed it ever since- It is better than most of the Friday the 13th series if not all (personal opinion of course). The story is excellent- (remember this was still quite original at the time) 1981!! and the acting is top notch.The opening burning scene is cool as the caretaker already looks creepy without being burnt, then when he is released from hospital after failed surgery months later,(see pic to right!--->) the gore starts- Tom Savini's (surely i don't need to introduce him?!) FX work on this film is some of his best, and the scissors pushed into the prostitutes stomach skin is great- especially as you can see him twisting it in as the blood spurts. Yummy. It then gives you time to get to know the Characters at camp blackfoot, this is still entertaining in a Porky's (old school American Pie kids!) kind of way. Then Cropsy (the caretaker- starts to 'take care' of business- see what i did there! lol) - usual (now cliched) midnight swims at the lake- shower scenes etc- but with attractive babes- bullying hunks and dweeby nerd type (still likeable) mix with the camp staff for a trip down river for some camping in tents- this is when the real guts hit the fan so to speak. awesome gore slasher attack, throat slits, impalings, shears in throat (Cropsy's cool weapon of choice) fingers cut off, head chops, picked up by shears in throat and pinned to a tree.- (now) obligatory death whilst having sex in a sleeping bag scene. Axe in face- shears in back- this movie has it (especially the shocking raft scene which is difficult to beat)- and if you haven't ever seen it- you have missed out on a real classic- it still stands the test of time to this day. And one of my favorite all time slasher movies. (as you may have noticed) But don't trust me- go out and see it yourself- i'll be surprised if you don't enjoy it. You can get the uncut version easily now a days- also has a young Jason Alexander (Sienfeld) in it. for you comedy fans- also Holly Hunters first role-- . .no disguising the fact that 'The Burning' is a rip off of 'Friday the 13th' so I won't bother arguing about it. The most important thing is that 'The Burning' has more likeable characters and they are killed off in gorier and more flamboyant ways. This makes it one of the few knock offs that I can think of that surpasses the original.
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on 20 July 2015
Would you believe Harvey Weinstein had a Hand in the writing of this Flick?.Well everybody has to start somewhere but thats not an Insult.The Burning is Brilliant,A suspense filled,well acted horror with Great effects and a host of New Actors who went on to have Big Careers i.e. Jason Alexander and Holly Hunter to name but Two.Its a shame that The Burning was lost in the whole British video nasty "Just another Slasher Clone" file.Which it is not,Its Directed with Style and while,Yes,it add nothing new to the Hack and Slash Jason and Michael Genre.It does Kill With Style!!!!.
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on 19 February 2015
Just received my japanese region 2 Blu Ray of The Burning and if you are into horror films as I am then you have no excuse in not owning a copy of this slasher classic, well done to whoever did the remastering of the picture because for a 30 year old horror I was amazed at the picture quality. Usually when an old film is put on a new format all it does is show all the defects but not on this. I also have to say how much I liked the cover artwork.

Extras include:
Interview with Tom Savini.
Interview with actor who played Cropsy.
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