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on 19 January 2014
I'd tried a couple different clip-together cases for my Pi before, but was never particularly happy with them, always seeming rather flimsy. This screw-together case is a huge improvement. I can take my Pi with me in my bag now without any concern that the case will pop open and leave the board exposed to damage.

The Pi fits snugly inside the case, the cutouts for the ports fit so well that it seems the case and the Pi were designed together from the outset.

The light pipes for the LEDs are a nice touch, and in fact provide for the only point I have that even approaches a criticism... The indicator LEDs on the Pi are pretty bright by themselves, but somehow bringing them to the surface through the light pipes makes them nothing short of dazzling! Maybe a slightly LESS transmissive medium could have been used, as even a glance at the indicators whilst in use leaves spots dancing in front of the eyes!

In summary, absolutely the best and most secure case I've had for my Pi thus far, wholeheartedly recommended.
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on 18 January 2014
The case looks nice and provides good protection, fits together snugly and the light pipes work well, making the indicators easier to see. There's a slot in the side (not visible in the photo) to allow a ribbon cable or wires to connect to the header pins. The SD card protrudes from the case when it's assembled, which obviously allows the card to be replaced easily but also exposes it to damage or theft. I guess you could superglue it in if you wanted to prevent removal.

Apart from the side slot there's no ventilation at all, which might be a problem depending how hard you're driving the Raspberry Pi. I'm running Asterisk (a phone application) and it barely gets warm, but I imagine it might overheat if you tried streaming video, for example. The safety information leaflet that comes with the Raspberry Pi says "This product should be operated in a well ventilated environment and should not be covered", so be careful!

The two halves of the case are held together with four small screws, not shown in the picture. I would have preferred a snap-together design that was faster to open and close repeatedly and didn't require a tool, but at least it's secure and doesn't fall apart accidentally.

Update: The safety information leaflet is being a bit over-cautious. It appears that in "normal" operation (and even with some overclocking) an unventilated Pi won't get above 45°C. So unless you do something silly like wrapping it in wool it should be OK in an unventilated case. See [...]
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on 3 March 2013
This case is smart, robust, easy to assemble and does the job nicely. Holds the Pi board snugly whilst allowing easy access to all the connectors (even has a slot for a ribbon connector if you want to use the GPIO interface). Great product.
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on 29 July 2013
great case to keep your raspberry pi in
very happy with it, and a fair price too
has mounting holes on the back so it now hangs on the back of the TV
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on 16 January 2014
The case is good looking and strong however I did find that the screw holes were a bit tight to start with plus if you plan on removing the PI from the case at any point it does destroy the screw holes pretty quickly making the case lose(within removing the case on two occasions). Also, I was missing a screw from the box.
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on 23 July 2013
This is the second case I have bough of this brand.

The fact that you can see the LED status lights on the outside of the case, you can use it for Model A or B and that you can connect to the GPIO port through a slit in the side made this a very well thought out case.

Other notable additions is the screw mounting hole on the back to tag it onto a wall somewhere.

The only draw back over other cases I have had are the missing rubber feet to keep it on the desk. Still five stars though.
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on 18 December 2013
There are a number of cases out there for this product.
I wish to recommend this product for a number of reasons one is it comes in two parts making it so simple a 5 year old could assemble it with a hint of guidance, some others come as a kit of parts which is fine if there were instructions and you wanted to put an airfix kit together.
Its also thought out better making the leds which signal such things as power visible to those who may not see the tiny leds on the printed circuit board.
The most important thing for the experimenter has been though of, you can fit a ribbon cable through the side to a breadboard for experiments or directly to your project be it a robot or what ever you imagine.
This was not true of another product where it had a hinge lid and tipping the lid made access to put the plug in the Printed circuit board not so simple.
If you really look for something you could say was not perfect I think another small slot above the sd card would be nice to put the web cam cable through instead of putting it in the existing slot for that reason I will give the product 9.5 out of 10.
But if you are realistic the real use of the raspberry pi is for the experimenter and is used by many like me for electronic projects and even amature radio projects.
So it is perfect for my application and 99% of other peoples.
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on 1 April 2014
I bought this for my second Raspberry Pi (my first has a Crystal Pibow case) and although it's not as pretty as the Pibow, the Pi fitted well into it and it looks smart enough sat next to my TV. The Pi's lights are well represented too. It was a lot easier to assemble than the Pibow and only took me 2 minutes to assemble as opposed to half an hour. I would definitely recommend this case as a budget solution.
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on 12 March 2013
as topic suggests!

The case is a 4 screw affair, with "snap-outs" for A/B compatibility (single/dual USB and ethernet socket - the differences in connector profiles between A and B models), it's a 1 minute job to fit. It fit my "B" without any issues - a close-n-tight fit, but not cramped to the point you have to wedge the thing in there.

Whilst logo on the cover is nice (wasnt really after that, but hey!), what "sells" this case for me is the light guides/pipes for onboard LEDs of the PI, as many cases leave the holes "open to the world", or dont bother with them altogether (i.e. see-thru acrylic cases) : this case brings them out to the front nicely ... if wathcing the LED's on you PI is your "thing" ofcourse :)

for just shy of 10 quid for this case, is it worth it? i think it is (i'm currently ordering my 2nd): solid build, good and tight (but not cramped) fit, low profile design and the LED's are carried to the surface from the PI mobo ...

... oh and it has the PI logo :)
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This is a fantastic case for the RPi.

Excellent quality and a very good price.

I had my doubts from the other reviews I read before buying (especially since it was so cheap,) but it turns out there is nothing whatsoever to doubt, in fact!

There is no problem at all with the screws, which are definitely *not* too long and *do* work perfectly.

There is no problem with ventilation either: even overclocked, the RPi reports a CPU temperature of 53 degrees C normally, rising to about 55 degrees on a hot day in the UK. That's nowhere near the 85 degrees up to which the chip can happily operate. The case is slightly warm to the touch - no more than slightly warm. Black is a good colour for dissipating heat too, so even better.

As other reviewers note, there are some thoughtful design features, like wall-mounting fittings on the back, status LED transmission through the case, and a port to access the GPIO pins via a ribbon cable.

All in all, you can't go wrong.
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