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Blackberry Z10 UK Sim Free Smartphone - Black
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on 28 October 2013
The Z10 is a very well designed phone. It is very fast, the camera is excellent, the browser is great and I am happy with the application selection. I have bought a variety of good apps, including various games (Boggle, Need For Speed UnderCover, a variety of Tower Defence Games (e.g. FieldRunners 2), ZooIsland, AngryBirds, Little 3 Kingdoms and SimCity Deluxe to name a few, I have got a got a good SatNav app (Navigator) which was quite cheap but works well using maps that you can download for free for offline use, but it also streams maps well. I also love qPdf app which is a fantastic PDF editor available in the app store. (but nonetheless, the native Adobe PDF Reader has good annotation features that are perfectly adequate). I personally think the Facebook and WhatsApp applications work well. I even have the Stocks app which is quite interesting to follow stocks and share prices. I find the native DocsToGo app is perfectly adequate for editing MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets for my needs.

Furthermore, there are some really neat features which I did not have on my old Samsung Android phone. For example, I love the Hub where are all emails, texts etc. Are very conveniently in the same place. The search feature is also fantastic because it integrates so many different parts of the phone and the internet, and it is fast!

The grouping of all email attachments in one place is also fantastic, and the integration of all attachments with the search facility is also so useful. For example, if i want to find an attachment from an email from ages ago, I can use the phones general search facility (which intergrates with searching all parts of the phone and the internet if you want it to) to find the attachment so easily.

The native calendar app is excellent - which is synced with my Gmail, Hotmail and MS Outlook calendar at work. I also love the notification previews which are displayed as soon as you turn the screen on (i.e. Before unlocking the phone) - this means you can very quickly preview who has texted or emailed you, or when your next appointment is.

I have a long commute everyday (4-5hours in total) and I find the Z10 perfect for music, videos, games and reading research papers for work (excellent high resolution screen). I would highly recommend this phone, especially given its price now which is very reasonable!!! I also find the Z10 a good size, having a sleek design, and I have a 32gb SD card which provides plenty of space for music and videos. Also, for the size of the screen and the amount I use it I think the battery is adequate, but nonetheless for the long commute I bring a spare battery (these are pretty cheap now) which works well just as a backup.

I am very pleased with it!! Give it a go!
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on 17 January 2014
I've been using smartphones for more than 10 years now (starting with the Sony Ericsson P800, way back). In the mean time I've had many different smartphones and the last few I had were Android ones. While Android is a nice platform, my Android phones started to annoy me more and more recently. Specifically, the fact that my phone wasn't necessarily slow, the speed was generally fine, but it was unresponsive at times when you really needed it. For example, my Android phone often wouldn't respond when I was trying to pick up when someone called. Or it wouldn't respond when I clicked the camera button when taking a picture... Some of the real core features that I wanted from my Android phone simply didn't deliver - and that with a quad-core device!

So I decided to try the Z10. In the past I was always a BB-sceptic, didn't really like their old phones and I certainly don't like push email ;)
However I heard good stories about the Z10, especially since it was based on BB's recently acquired QNX real-time operating system.

Well I can say that I'm really pleased with my Z10. The experience is *very* smooth. When you click the camera button, there is hardly any lag for making a photo. Especially, when you select 'action' as the mode photos are instant. Also like the fact that the camera has built-in burst most and 'best pic' selection... So the camera is great, and I fine 8MP enough...

There aren't really that many BB apps that I use on the Blackberry Appmarket, which is certainly a bit limited. However the good news is that you can run most Android apps on this device too! Currently you have to convert them using a tool (either use a conversion site, or download the toolkit and DIY), but I have heard that in the very near future the Z10 will get an updated OS where you can install Android apps without even converting them yourself. I've had a lot of success with converting Android apps, e.g. Google Maps works, my VOIP client works, and even ScummVM works!

On the other hand, stock apps are really good! I like the music player, browser is excellent, calendar integration with google calendar works great too.
And of course the basic functionality: the phone works fine. Call quality is great. Additionally, if you're texting a lot, the BB comes with a good keyboard that autocorrects typos for you, kind of similar to the android swiftkey keyboard...

All in all - a breath of fresh air, would recommend to everyone!
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on 28 November 2013
The design is superb!
Good battery life, nice screen, good sound!
I like the size of the phone.
It's perfect in the hand, with a screen a little bigger as the Iphone 5, with same quality.
I come from android and I like the interface of blackberry 10 OS.
There's not the "return" button , but it doesn't need it! The sensitive experience is much better with this OS!
I found the apps I need, except Viber, wich I liked very much for international calls.
But there are some others equivalent that I have not yet tried.
A lot of android apps can also be sideloaded.
The most reputed are now all available (foursquare, instagram, etc. etc.)
I don't understand why this phone doesn't have more success!
I think blackberry is victim of desinformation publicity, from testers who didn't take the time to discover Bb10 OS.
The Os is reallly good and a lot of functions really very practical, I can choose the parameters for everything.
Privacy is much better protected as with android.
And the price is now really good for a 4G LTE device ...with sd card till 64 Mo, Hdmi port, Nfc,.... !
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on 29 November 2013
Coming from a apple 5s and before a blackberry torch. I decided to take the road back to blackberry.
Having used this for limited time this is a very very good phone. Quick, nice clarity when speaking to people and great operating
system. Well made and above all simple to use. Blackberry provide a link program for your PC etc to transfer data from your previous blackberry phone which I used on my old Torch phone. This worked with out any problems which was a bonus. Email setup
a breeze and updates simple. The subject of apps is like buying a roof rack for a car, use once and store in the garage for a year,
enough said on apps. If you want a mobile for what ever reason i would recommend the Z10.
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on 1 July 2014
Fed up with massive security gaps, buggyness and lack of control of Android App permissions? Not sure about Blackberry as they might be going down the pan? Well don't hesitate, take a chance on a Z10 while you can. If you can find one, they now retail for less than £200 new boxed in the UK.
Price isn't everything, and I could have gone for any of the usual top of the range power user smartphone suspects - iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8.
The key features of the the Z10 for me are build, security, screen image quality, reliable high performance and keyboard input. It scores highly in all these areas. It handles all the functions I need it to, since the first software update it has been totally reliable.
Battery life is just fair - but no worse that my HTC One S or iPhone, and it offers the very useful additional features of replaceable battery plus expandable storage via microSD card.
The build quality is very good - the feel maybe not quite as luxurious and rock solid as the metal case phones, but in practice it feels just solid, like it will handle being in your backpocket, just right in fact and in no way cheap. The most imediately noticable plastic is the rear battery cover. This has a good quality feel, but attachment is by clik-fit, so how durable it will prove after gazillions of uses is uncertain. If you don't plan to change the battery often, or play with the microSD card or micro SIM you'll probably not be affected.
The buttons are metal, very smooth in operation, and well positioned, on-off is located in the centre of the top edge of the phone, and volume up/down and function buttons on the left edge near the top.
While the absolute performance is probably no better in any one area than any of the other top range high performance smart phones, the balance of the Z10 is spot on for me.
In day to day use it is combination of a very good screen plus truly excellent virtual keyboard with the other good key features (reception, call quality, v.good message handling) that makes it work for me. The keyboard works really, really well, and if you have to use this often, will be biggest plus point as I have have found.
Camera quality is not great in comparison the best top range smartfones, performance with flash in low light conditions isn't the best, nor are close ups handled very well, but the Z10 camera is pretty quick to activate and the features easy to use, so if you are buying the Z10 mainly for the non-camera features or are handy with retouching it will probably be plenty good enough.

Having used the phone for several months, it's a good time to review the review. It's gone from a new user zealot 5 stars to a more realistic 3 stars - it's still has some great potential but in practice has serious performance issues as a real world device.

What's changed
Overall Performance
This has deteriorated in many respects over time, although it may get better after a reset.
Reliability from perfect to flakey after about four months. Subsequent OS updates have improved matters, but is only just about acceptable now. Odd things have started to happen much more frequently, so that calls now frequently go straight to vm even when unmoving in a decent signal area.

Maps navigation/performance - the z10 is often reluctant to acquire a satellite signal and or/the data connection required to support this. While the data connection flakeyness can't be totally pinned on the Z10, I have tested other similar devices on the same network and at the same time when the Z10 is reluctant, and mostly they have worked when the Z10 wouldn't.
The Z10 when it does work often comes up with some unusual routing. This can be a very good thing, and seems to often work best in more suburban environments, however the sensibleness of the routes the z10 comes up with are not at all reliable and can't be relied on in isolation without checking, so unless you pull over and review the route, you really need to carry in your head a fair idea of the road network around you. Despite all this, every now and again it has some up with some very nice routes avoiding traffic. I am not talking about the official re-routing feature that triggers when the device recognises congestion on the route - just the standard routing in Blackberry officially normal (for the device anyhow) road conditions.
The biggest problem for me is that I have found that BE Maps can be relied on to just not work in too many scenarios. For me it is around the 60% usable level, which isn't good enough and it kind of defeats this potentially very useful feature. I'm reluctant to go to another app as I think navigation if offered by the mfr should at least work 90 percent of the time you need to use it, if not always providing the very best route - that I can live with. My hope for single mobile device nirvana is thwarted again.

This may underlie the navigation problem, but the phone often seems to be working much harder than it ought to for a mobile network connection even in a reasonably decent signal area (as judged by several other devices as well as the Z10). Of course if the device is working hard to maintain a network connection, it uses a lot more battery power..

Battery life
Quite variable but it has got worse. From a full 24h day with moderate use, it now can't manage much more than ten hours in most conditions with light use. I did partly go for the Z10 because of the battery change out feature. Even with the poor battery life, being able to have another spare or even two on the go really makes up for it. Two batteries gets you through 36 hours most of the time.

The Hub / messaging
Next to the changeout battery, the Hub is the next best and most useful and reliable feature. Email seems to be more resilient than texting, despite or because of poor mobile network connectivity in comparison to Wif-Fi (with the z10 wi-fi connection is just much more reliable, when attached to an access point the connection is so much more noticeably stable than the connection to the mobile network).
Hub search is great.

While the Hub generally really works well, the copying of data from messages to update contacts in frequently encountered scenarios can be awkward and not very intuitive.

Clunky much of the time, I guess partly down to the flakey connectivity, but also the browser seems to have some difficulties even with some main stream popular sites that work well with most Android /iOS devices.

App updating / Blackberry World
App updating / installation works well. Is now much better availability of apps and especially with access to Android apps, but not sure what that would mean for device security though and how much control over app system security / access functionality is retained in practice.

It's not good in most situations. At it's best (though even then just okay) in well lit situations / good daylight, the camera/video flunks it as soon as lighting levels drop. Very poor set up times to take a shot from a standstill - allow 15 seconds minimum to activate the camera and frame a shot. No shooting from the hip, though to be fair Blackberry never did big up the Z10's photographic performance.

Physical build.
The physical structure has really lasted - very few complaints about this. I was concerned about how the thin plastic / click clip retained battery cover would work after repeated removal and reattachment, as it doesn't look too sturdy, but it's proven to be fine in use with no sign of looseness or other wear.
The USB port is showing slight signs of wear and looseness, but this has been worked really very hard indeed.
The screen hasn't really been tested for scratch resistance, as it has been covered with a Terrapin screen guard (not great but not too bad either).
The shell has also benefited from a lightweight rigid Snugg case (great product).

Sum up
A curates egg, good in parts, does not really function very well as a whole, but a restart may effect a cure of sorts. If the security benefits are retained in real world use, it may be worth persisting with the OS.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 22 September 2013
There are many other more competent reviews which will go into more tech and app references than I will here. I bought the Z10 because I needed a bigger screen, the reviews were promising and the price point very attractive. After 1 week of using the phone, I absolutely love the simple things. The casing is well built and square but yet it feels so comfortable in the hand. There are so many iPhones and Samsungs out there on their second or third screen because they easily slip out of your grip. They are designed to be difficult to hold with their polished surfaces and smooth metal edges. Something costing £500 that is difficult to hold, go figure!

I just did a long haul flight so bought the battery box and spare battery bundled together for under £23. Not only did it keep the phone topped up but also topped up my Sony noise cancelling headphones from the built-in mini usb umbilical chord. A bit of turbulence later and I see tablets and Samsung Galaxy phones flying off the tray tables while my Blackberry Z10 stays put. The back actually grips onto surfaces, so if you happen to put it up on the dash of your car, it's not likely to fly out the window on the first bend. Simple things. Yes you can buy a skin for a Galaxy or iPhone but then you can't holster it. The Z10 leather holster is ideal to protect your phone from all your other stuff but the thing I like the most is the little peek function. You just need to slip your Z10 the slightest way out of the holster and it wakes up to display the time of day, a little more and you get some notification icons. You can also set the phone to answer and hang up calls using the dedicated holster case. Simple things. I'm not making this up, this phone actually interacts with it's accessories, it recognises it's holster and responds to it. It can be charged at the same time as it's spare battery, no need to wake up during the night to switch batteries on the charger. And it can be boosted from the spare battery box if you have no alternative power source available. BTW the battery box is tiny, very compact and lightweight yet ingeniously simple.

I'm glad the boffins at BlackBerry are thinking about us old timers and making phones that are easy to use and easy to navigate or change settings on. The hub is just so simple it's crazy. See everything together or filter out the Facebook and Twitter or Email, you choose. It's simple.

My final accolade comes from my 22yo daughter who has just installed Apple iOS7. She hates her iPhone now and has been messing with my Z10. Now she is asking the question, why have complicated when you can have the same performance kept simple?

Available now below £300 unlocked and sim free. What are you waiting for?
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 20 November 2013
By far the best phone ever! Forgot the iPhone, the potential of this device and what it's got now! 10.2.1 means you can download android apps from your phone. The phones keyboard rules and every swipe is enjoyed. Battery life was mixed however it should get you through a day which I suppose is the same as the iPhone etc. But for anyone interested buy it forgot BlackBerry's negative press feedback this device is my life!
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26 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 1 January 2014
The Z10 is a great smartphone that i would recommend to all. I bought it as i am actually tired to see my life patronized/dictated by Android and IOS (forget about windows lol).
1.OK, it is true the Z10 doesn't look very sexy (compare to an Iphone or a Galaxy S whatever..) but, the design is really nice, simple, and the device looks and feels sturdy.
2. The 4.2in HD screen is great. The colors are warm, clear and crispy (in opposition to the samsungs and Iphones Icy screen's definition). The sound quality is excellent; HD! Impressive on videos and music. The battery life is decent for a smartphone this size with that many functions (you will have to learn how to manage your battery; just google "how to save battery power on smartphones" to get some useful tips).
3. This is where it kicks A***s:
The Z10's OS and user interface are AMAZING thanks to a very innovative design never seen before on the market, with breathtaking features such as the Blackberry hub,BBM and all that... i can't describe or list them all, just get yourself one and enjoy the experience; YOU WILL BE SHOCKED.
Honestly, a really refreshing smartphone to possess after all those years of Android and IOS domination (forget about windows lol).
The Z10 User interface response to manipulations speed is impressive.
The connectivity to the internet speed is another great surprise, and the phone (at least the one i have) is 4G ready. (By the way, talking about connectivity, with the Z10, all the frustrations you've experienced with your Iphone WiFI connectivity will quickly become a nightmare to forget about lol).
People have been complaining about the lack of APPs... well... let's grow up a little bit and be reasonable. How many apps do you really need/use or wouldn't survive without?
The Z10 Apps list might not be huge but i can guaranty that you will find enough apps to make sure that your smartphones can handle every day tasks and more. Also, don't forget that the Z10 platform has only recently been created and we should expect that its apps market will only go crescendo over the years a long side with some software updates...
Enough talking;
The Z10 is a Great, innovative and unique smartphone with amazing features; It is a really fast device in all manipulations aspects with perfect connectivity. It is very useful and reliable and possesses great camera features...
My score: 99.9/100, lol, the Z10 only down side is its external look that doesn't match with its impressive, innovative and unique operating platform. This device deserves a better design; they should have give it the "premium" look.
Anyway, don't hesitate,to buy it! you won't regret it.
Bonus: You will definitely stand out with the Z10 out there in this android's dominated world... WHEN I HOLD MY Z10 IN A CROWDED PLACE TO ANSWER A PHONE CALL, I FEEL LIKE... A PANDA SURROUNDED BY A BUNCH OF PENGUINS LOL...ALSO BLACK AND WHITE BUT SO DIFFERENT...
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 30 September 2013
I've been with android (samsung galaxies) for the last 2-3 years. Generally good, but the flakey nature of updates gradually wore me down. You need the phone and provider to come up with a new version and then you find it conflicts with something key like Microsoft exchange server - and you have to sit and wait till its fixed. The final straw was an "update" to my Note which caused it to lock up during calls. Not wanting to buy from the Evil empire (apple) I was considering nokia/windows until someone pointed me at the Blackberry.
The guestures were so easy to use I was fluent in about an hour. I found the equivalent to the few apps I actually need and use in the app store and they installed fine.
The key board is great. I have never liked predictive text, but like the way the z10 offers suggestions.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 8 September 2013
Generally quality hardware - feels perfect in the hand, nice soft/grippy back.
The gestures are getting more natural the more I use it - in fact, the best touchscreen/phone OS I've used yet (previously the Palm Pre 2 WebOS held that title for me, followed closely by the Nexus 4 with vanilla Android.).
Beautiful screen - great for video, and renders some very high quality graphics in games with no lag.
I love how it's more secure than certain other OSes, giving you full control over what permissions individual apps are allowed to use when they run :)
Decent point and shoot camera/video, it's no N8, but will suffice ;) Plus the timeshift feature is pretty cool for selecting the best pose.
And the Pièce de résistance... the touchscreen keyboard is a dream come true for people like me who go nuts making typos and fighting with the stupid autocorrect on most touchscreen phones. If I just use it to type and ignore the brilliant word prediction then it's still the best I've used, as I almost never hit the wrong letter on this keyboard - amazing accuracy. But the word prediction has to be seen in action.. it is really good at guessing what word you want next and with a wee flick up it's there... when you get a good flow going and manage to type a whole sentence in a few seconds just by flicking up the words, you know you made the right choice getting this phone :)

And that is why this is the best phone I've had/used to date.
Kudos to BB for going back to the drawing board and coming up with something original and brilliant. I just hope enough people give the new BB's a chance as they deserve some success for creating this...

Only concerns are that the usb port seems slightly misaligned? and the connector doesn't go in easy... hoping I develop a knack for this before it gets damaged....
and after the first all night charge, from unplugging before heading to work at 8am it was at 40% charge by lunchtime o_O ....but later that night I hooked it up to WiFi and downloaded some big 500+MB updates, and the next full charge lasted 3 days with moderate use - lots of texting, few phone calls, bit of surfing the web, downloading and playing some games, watching about an hour of youtube, and much playing with my shiny new toy :-)

so s'all gooood. You won't get anywhere close to the bang for buck this phone gives you at it's current prices from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia, or Apple. If you're on the fence jump off and get it now! ;)
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