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4.6 out of 5 stars160
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2015
Wow prepare for your mind to be blown, esoteric masterpiece. Just finished it and brought both other books from the trilogy.
Seriously the best book I've read since the alchemist, I'm in love with it!!!

I love the way facts were intertwined with the story to make you unsure if this were just a story or based on fact.
I'm pretty speechless, I can just say this book spoke to my soul and I'll be rereading it very soon.
Thank you Brandt for more than you know.
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on 2 July 2014
This book, OUTVIEW (by Brandt Legg), right at the outset, promises much. It is, first of all, (quote) "the best selling first book of the Outmove (The Inner Movement) Book 2 & 3 - A mystical fantasy thriller." (unquote) It is also Great Fun. It is Thrilling. It is Eventful. The premise and title of this suspense, supernatural thriller caught my attention and promised a very enjoyable read. I was not disappointed. Not at all.

From the beginning, the characters are great and easy to relate to, especially Nate, who has visions of dying, repeatedly, again and again, in all sorts of ways. Nate serves the purpose, for me, of making me appreciate living. Death is going to happen, and it is a good idea to live first, since you only live once? Right?

Anyway, this book is in a class of its own when it comes to suspense and plot development. Take a break from whatever kinds of novels that you're currently reading and read this one - there's nothing else like it. For fans of the genre, you are going to be in for a real treat. As you can see, this book will appeal to readers at all levels: for teenagers, young adults, adults like me (middle-aged), on and on to the most advanced ages. There is truly something here for everyone. Enthusiastically recommended.

Reviewed by Thomas Jerome Baker
Author of How to Teach Debating: Theory & Practical Handbook for the Non-Native Teacher,Debate Coach & International English Language Learner Worldwide
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on 10 September 2013
Outview by Brandt Legg is a refreshingly different YA urban fantasy full of mysticism and spiritualism. 16 year old Nathan Ryder has been suffering for years with what he calls Outviews - vivid and often painfully realistic dreams. He is terrified he is going insane like his older brother Dustin, now locked up in a mental institute by their mother. His father also had the same visions and died of a heart attack. Nathan is desperate to solve the puzzle of his visions and slowly he is shown what they mean by strangers who burst into his life warning him he is in danger. As Nathan learns to handle his flashbacks so he realises what they are telling him - that he has a dangerous quest to fulfil and he must face an insidious enemy so powerful that all seems pointless and futile.
But Nathan has great friends who rally around him and help him through his trials and as he comes to understand the power at his fingertips - healing, time viewing and controlling consciousness through mother nature, he decides to confront his enemy and save his brother. Little does Nathan realise the terrible cost he must bear. Every page was a must read. Every chapter flowed into the next seamlessly and the book had the perfect midway turning point that upped the ante and the stakes.
This FIVE STAR fantasy is a must read for anyone who wonders what is out there - is there more to this mundane existence? If you want to be gripped by the scruff of the neck and dragged breathless to the last page then this book is for you.
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on 2 September 2013
Nate, a sixteen-year old boy, is tormented. Each night he is having "Outviews," how he calls them, painful experiences of someone's death. Shot, drowned, succumbed to a painful disease, the end is always the same--he experiences someone's death. Talk about nightmares.

Nate's father died when he was twelve. His older brother Dustin was committed to a mental institution when Nate was fourteen. Nate's mother busies herself with her work, running a fashionable restaurant; for all practical purposes they are estranged.

Life is no peaches for Nate, but it is more bearable because of his close friends: Kyle, who is slightly older and Kyle's cousin, Linh. However, Nate cannot tell everything that troubles him even to them. At least at first. When he does let his friends in, just a little bit, it leads to the unraveling of events that would make the lives of everyone who is involved change forever...

Whose deaths Nate experiences? Was his father's death a natural one? What was the real reason Nate's older brother was committed to an institution? Is there more to see than what we perceive around us? Would the Nate's very existence put the people he cared for in jeopardy? This novel takes it's time answering all these and other questions through a well-written narrative of self-discovery and adventure.

Outview (The Inner Movement) by Brandt Legg is a book that qualifies as a YA novel because of the age of most main characters, however, it does have the sophistication that is usually reserved to more mature novels. Serious philosophical, cultural, and ethical issues are raised and examined throughout the book. It is based heavily on the New Age mysticism and philosophy, yet firmly grounded in a modern-day, relatable happenings.

The main character, Nate, comes through as a typical teenager, and as such, he is very believable. He goes through some adventure, dangers, learning, yet his core of a very young man stays untouched. He is also not a stereotypical hero. Nate says at one point: "If I dwell on all that's at stake, then I'll run away and hide."

This book is a Sci-Fi, so have an open mind when you start reading it. The conspiracies are larger than life, the New Age philosophy presented in this book is very detailed and well-researched, and the possibilities, be it fictional, are as large as the Universe itself. Good read.

Disclaimer: I received the copy of this book for the purposes of a review.
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on 9 August 2013
I've always been skeptical of books that place their characters into supernatural settings but decided to read this one because of all the good reviews. And it was a great decision. This book is much much better than I could have expected!

"Outview" makes the readers think about many philosophical concepts but presents them in a very accessible way. One such concept is that of awareness. The author Brandt Legg makes us question our own lives and consider how aware we really are of our surroundings, of others, and of ourselves - and that's a great issue to ponder for a person of any age, teenagers included. Many ideas in this book and the eloquent way that the author expresses them feel like pearls of ancient wisdom in the modern world, and that's incredibly appealing.

Here's just one such idea (out of many more that I loved): "The unseen world is enormously deeper and much more exciting than the human world, but when the two were combined it was a million times more fascinating." This idea reminded me of the Little Prince, a character of one of my favorite childhood books by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who said that "eyes are blind. You have to look with your heart." And isn't that a great lesson for all of us, teenagers or not.

"Outview" by Brandt Legg is a great book! You won't be disappointed.
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on 19 April 2015
An interesting coming of age book at the higher level of complexity for a YA genre.
On the surface an exciting adventure story as young Nate with the help of teenage friends and "guides" has to come to terms with his powers to save his brother and himself from the people who murdered his father. The story took a while to get started but once it did it was a fast paced and compelling read and a promising start to the series.
I liked the idea the "powers" were an extension of the empathy and instincts we once all shared through our connection to the natural world but have been lost as we relied more on technology. There was a lovely section on the power of forgiveness and I felt many of the ideas were developed from Buddhist philosophies. I also liked the suggestion that youth had the power to change the world because they were open to alternative solutions and should learn to question what they are told.
The characters were realistically flawed and the plot was good, although I did wonder a few times about the freedom the teenagers enjoyed and the absence of parental concerns over their whereabouts.
Overall a good read likely to appeal to the YA audience.
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on 2 August 2014
Some if this book was written beautifully and made my cry with clear descriptions on past life's but I just didn't like the way the book was packed with so much information and flicked so quick from one thing to another.
It just wasn't a book for me thought it was more Science fiction than fantasy if love Science fiction you will love this book!
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on 22 March 2014
So strange in fact that I couldn't believe I'd finished this book. I have had the pleasure of reading many genres of writing and never judge anything until I have tried it. This is a little, just a little, like The Celestine Prophecies due to the spiritual principles inherent in the book as well as the chase. That's not a spoiler BTW! In every other way it is significantly different in character construction, cohesion and tension.

It kept me on the edge right until the very last word and I'm itching to read the second part which I've just purchased.

Outview is free on Kindle: you have nothing to lose so I implore you to put aside any possible prejudice and read a good old-fashioned suspense thriller with some New-Age Spiritual twists thrown in.
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on 10 November 2014
Every book is not only a tale but is also the way an author expresses his ir her beliefs about the world we live in. Sometimes these beliefs are subtly woven into the story and lead the reader to gently question their viewpoint. At other times it is more like being hit over the head with a hammer and this book demonstrates that quality.

This is a shame as the story is in many ways very well written. The story, which explores not only reincarnation but also most of the other 'psychic' powers features a teenager, his friends and relatives and the teenagers growth of understanding of his own skills and place in the world. There is also the classic good vs evil fight.

Some of what happens is a little far-fetched and tests your suspension of disbelief. However this is nothing compared to when the author is sermonising about the correct way to live. At points I found myself skipping bits to get back to the story. I don't agree whole-heartedly with the author viewpoint but that hasn't stopped me enjoying a story in the past.

I won't be reading the rest of this series.
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on 17 March 2014
One of the better books that I have read recently. A brilliant story complete with twists and turn that will make you want this book never end, at the same time you want to continue reading and find out what is next. Good Vs Evil story, with a no apparant loose ends. Some of the charaters might have been explored a little futher, but that just me want to read more, than any complains about the writing.

Only got the this one as it was being offered free on Kindle. Bought the next two books in the triology as soon as I finished this one.
Definitely recommended.

Enough said. need to start book 2.
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