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4.8 out of 5 stars117
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2013
Having watched the TV series on Alibi a few times it was refreshing to be able to fill in some of the gaps and put some things into context by watching the scenes that Alibi had cut out in favour of the adverts. The pace of the burgeoning relationships develop more naturally and with less intensity in the DVDs and some of my continuity questions have now been been answered!

It's not a serious period drama but its not intended to be. I love this series, it's enjoyable, set in a period and country I know little about and is well told, well acted and the costumes and sets are a joy to behold. I can't wait for series 2.
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on 7 October 2013
Came across this series a little over a year ago and was stunned when I realised it was Australian made. This is the first of three superb period detective series produced through Australia's ABC network. Other writers have already given you a taste of this exquisite series which is now part way through its second season on TV here in Oz.

The lead actors, fronted by an exceptional performance by Essie Davis as Private Detective Miss Fisher, offer a most enjoyable romp through the early 1920's Melbourne and many of its events known well to those living in this country. The sets are first rate and the story lines all worthy of this brilliant series. It has a sense of the British Poirot, Marple series styles but with a definite Oz flavour.

But as I said it is merely the first of three excellent series under the ABC banner. The second is Dr Blake's Mysteries. This is set in 1950's Ballarat, a large town north of Melbourne, and a war veteran doctor, played brilliantly also by Neighbours ex star Craig McLaughlan (you'll barely recognise the blond surfer from Neighbours, and later character in the British series B.U.G.S. in this role). He's the son of a loved doctor returned from WW2, who has that uncanny knack of being able to understand the motives of people and the processes of death and murder. This series was also so successful its about to start its second series here.

The third series has just started here and is an Australian-Singapore produced series, 'Serangoon Road' set in Singapore in the 1960s, and revolves around a small detective agency run by a well off Chinese woman Patricia Cheng, also brilliantly acted by the very well known Joan Chen. She is supported by the part-owner of an import-export firm, the tough guy ex Changi Prison detainee as a child, Sam Callaghan, played by Australian actor Don Hany. Callaghan, an ex pat Aussie decides to assist Cheng when her husband dies, and does much of the grunt work for her agency. This series is rich in setting and story lines of a time when Singapore was at the cross roads of its development after WW2. The characters, a broad mix or various Asian and European cultures, and the narrow but very colourful street marts, make this a very rich tapestry upon which these story lines develop. It reminds me a little of a British series from the 1950's called Hong Kong, which sent Rod Taylor on his way to fame. But its much richer in complexity of scenery and story line. A pearl of a show.

Both of the first season of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and Dr Blake's Mysteries are available on DVD and I think blu ray. Look out for season two of these shows soon. Serangoon Road is yet to be released to DVD but should appear on one of your TV networks I would suspect. All three series are well worth looking out for.
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on 7 June 2013
Brilliant - high production values (the setttings and designs - using turn of the century houses and buildings in Melbourne) are only matched by the costumes. The cast led led by the exceptional Essie Davis are superb right down to the bit players. This is a DVD and series I wholeheartedly recommend to any lover of costume drama. Why this series was not snapped up by the heavyweight UK broadcasters is beyond me - Well done Alibi.
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on 24 February 2013
If episode two is anything to go by, this series is a winner. The Aussies certainly know how to produce great tv. The sets, costumes and music of the roaring twenties are all perfectly represented here.
Essie Davis is every inch the Flapper, she was born to play Miss Fisher, absolutely gorgeous and witty with it. I am preordering this today!
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on 3 June 2013
I was already a fan of the series from watching it on Alibi.

1928 Melbourne is the setting. Phryne Fisher is the main character supported by Dot (her maid), Mr Butler (funny enough her Butler), the Doctor (her friend) and 2 cabbies who really add the colour to the programme. Also in the mix are Jack Robinson a Detective with the Police and his assistant Hugh.

Dot is sweet on Hugh and vice versa but in the Alibi version much has been cut from the programmes and much of it was Dot and Hugh's relationship.

As I said much has been left out and it is all on the DVDs which really makes it worth buying even if you have seen it on Alibi like me. It shows more between Phryne and Jack there are many scenes missing from their relationships too. Some of the bits left out are the more gory bits but they are not too gory.

I love the DVDs and think that if you like history, detective stories or love the 1920s it is worth looking at. If you are still not sure look up the series on Alibi.

If you have an early version the filmographies of the cast are not there and Ashleigh has been spelt Ashley. The company have been wonderful in explaining the reasons. They didn't know the Ashley was mis-spelt but assure me they will correct it for the next run. The filmographies were left off but the printing of the cover was already done so they released it. There is a mass of information even down to the car and locations from both Cast and Crew and you get behind the scenes from them. There is a wonderful behind the scenes with the author of the books, Kerry Greenwood. They are just as good as the series and if you prefer to read them instead of watching them it is certainly worth a look. They give you so much more, that the filmographies were truly not needed, not these days with the internet. So the company were very kind and understanding and have quite a few DVDs worth looking at if you like detective stories old and new.

Who could pass up the wit and the fun of this programme. I certainly could not. If you get it, I hope you love it as much as me.
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on 12 May 2013
As an Australian I have rarely thought the local television offerings compared well with the British product. There have been exceptions and Miss Fisher is certainly one of these. The effortless style, the accuracy of the 1920s settings, appropriate 1920s music and plenty of good acting performances make this show a pleasure to watch. There is an attention to detail that one takes for granted in British television but has often been lacking in much of our own. The stories are good for the genre but it is the polished production as a whole that makes this a series well worth owning. Miss Fisher,vivaciously played by the attractive and talented Essie Davis, returns to Melbourne (a very good choice of scene)from a sojourn overseas, with hints of having a shady past and a private fortune, to play the amateur detective utilising her sparkling wit,keen intelligence and a sympathetic understanding of all classes of society, to augment the stolid resources of the official police (so often the case with private investigators!) in solving a series of baffling crimes. She is well supported by Nathan Page as the police inspector caught between his official procedural strictures and the reckless but effective free-lancing of Miss Fisher.
Very good viewing!
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on 4 October 2013
For any fan of the show this DVD is a must as it fills in a lot of the back story and follows through on the story arc of characters like Bert and Cec. Since owning it, I realize how much of the story had been edited out to make way for commercials. I'm currently highly dis-chuffed with Alibi (the UK channel showing Miss Fisher) as they cut out her fan dance from Ep. 1 Series 2 - so what else are we missing? Roll on the second series on DVD!

Sell everything, buy this DVD!

Ps I've just pre-ordered Season 2 (released February next year)via Amazon. I normally wait for the price of things to come down, but for Miss Fisher ... just can't wait! BTW ABC are umming and ahhing about producing series 3! Yes, I know! There is a facebook page for Phryne [...] join up and learn how to petition ABC for a third series.
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on 24 March 2014
I watched series two on cable (missed series one) In the first ever episode, everything is put together and you understand just how all of the principal characters got together.
The series is well written, clever, not too deep, never nasty and explores the almost unbelievable (to us today) attitudes of the time towards homosexuality and abortion, amongst others.
And Miss Fisher's asides and quips are on a par with Mrs.Bradley (if you haven't seen Mrs Bradley and you like Miss Fisher, it is essential viewing. Sadly only the pilot and 4 episodes were ever made and it is not available to rent, but the complete series is available for £5 from Amazon at the moment and I am sure that you will watch them more than once). The series is worth watching just for the magnificent old buildings, cars and other '20s memorabiliar.
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on 25 July 2013
I happened on this dvd by accident and decided to try the new Australian series. Am glad I did: the different characters were great and so were the stories. I eagerly await the next series.
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on 27 April 2014
The 13 episodes of the series are on two discs and are accompanied by a making of on how the period effects were created. Miss Fisher is ably assisted by her companion and other sidekicks whilst assisting or more accurately re-directing the police in the right direction to solve the murder. Also running through the series although it will not mar the enjoyment of the individual stories is the thread of what happened in her past which she must eventually face and the various trials and tribulations of the cast which rounds out their characters.
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